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Electric Bikes

posted 4/21/2008 2:02:42 AM |
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I know this doesn't have much to do with sex but does anyone have any experience with electric bikes? I have done lots of research on them on the internet but was wondering if any of the members have owned one or have operated one. They sound like fun.

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Apr 21 @ 3:31AM  
Yeah they sound like they would be a real blast in the rain....

Apr 21 @ 4:19AM  
The electric thats just silly.

Strapping a electic motor to your bike is like attaching training wheels to a motorcycle... not only is it kina makes you look like a douche.

The idea of a bike is exercise, when you take the hard part of bike riding out by attaching a motor to said vehicle...well its not much good to you anymore now is it? To top this off, in most cases its not realy any better for the envirement than using a lawnmower engine would have been. Most power plants in america use coal, and while its true that the scrubbers at the plant do cut some polution and the bike would infact initialy be more eco friendly...well this equation quickly changes as the rechargable battery ages and requires more juice. The more times you charge it the less power you get from the charge. Pretty soon its actualy worse for the envirement, and those things arn't exactly easy to recycle...infact batteries are such a pain in the ass that most scrap yards wont take them...others will charge you to take them off your hands (I spent two years working in a scrap yard, so I know the score).

You want a scooter, buy a vespa. You want exercise, buy a bike.

If you simply HAVE to spend this much money on a bike in order to make it easier for you to ride... ummm mavic? You know, lighterweight racing wheels.... you know, as to lessen the force required to travel... you don't have to peddle as hard... kinda like having an electic attached to your bike...but less douche.


Apr 21 @ 7:01AM makes you look like a douche.
.....kinda like that Kermit T-shirt of yours

Apr 21 @ 8:54AM  
the police have them for neighborhood patrols.. Smile, but I have to agree with goblin that a bike is for exercize and vespas are cool... I don't think he should have used the douch comment though..

Apr 21 @ 9:00AM  
Yeah they sound like they would be a real blast in the rain....

...oh, now there's an idea...

Apr 21 @ 9:10AM  
Bort you and I have talked about how you ride a bike everywhere and I have to have a car as I'd never make it anywhere around here on a bike! Too many tall hills to even consider it. But I find it an interesting idea nonetheless.
As for the "douche" comments, I totally agree with Ash on this one. People in Kermit t'shirts shouldn't refer to people on electric bikes as looking like a douche.

Apr 21 @ 9:54AM  
You know me, I gotta be the one dissenting whatsit..

You ride for the exercise and the delight of touring on bicycle right? And you live where there are numerous hills and mountains and even more mountains.. isn't Canada all uphill?

I think an electric bike might be the perfect answer.. it would enable you to make it up those many many mountains without overstressing your heart while still giving you the freedom to ride without the motor when you are able.. You make the decision YOU want Bort my luv.. and don't let anyone else make it for you.

Apr 21 @ 10:03AM  
I never ride a bike unless it makes a sound like....potatoe...potatoe...when sitting still.....Maybe that's just me.

Apr 21 @ 10:40AM  
Borty, there are electric "booster" attachments available.....After all, riding a bike should be fun, not work, and who can have fun if you spend a lot of time working to get up a hill.....

Apr 21 @ 10:44AM  
Hi Borty! I say if riding an electric bike is what blows your skirt up go for it. I is a interesting concept. I prefer to have 1200CC gas engine or more when I ride.
See you my friend.


Apr 21 @ 12:01PM  
If you're thinking electric versus gasoline powered then you have to weigh the pros and cons. Gas engines usually last longer and provide more power then an electric engines. Electric of course saves money over gas and you can get more distance out of a fully charged electric engine than you can with a full tank of of gas. Gas is everywhere. A place to charge your electric bike... I hope this helps more than beefys answer.

Apr 21 @ 4:24PM  
I have to differ on the range, PP. An electric with pedal assist on only has a range of about 20 miles. Scooters and such get around 40mpg or more.

Apr 21 @ 4:30PM  
Besides all of that....Wouldnt it be dangerous to ride an electric bike with tin foil boxers on? That would fry the hair right off your balls, wouldnt it?

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