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Great weekend!!

posted 4/20/2008 11:42:26 PM |
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Friday morning I got up and went to work...intending to take off early so I could straighten up the house and take a shower before going to the airport to pick up Nomi and her niece, Megan. I got off around 2pm...came home and had to get a few things done...Billy was home but left shortly after to pick up his youngest and his dog who we were keeping for the weekend (yep...we had a housefull!)

So we left in what I thought was plenty of time to make the hour and a half trip to Charlotte...but ran into a traffic jam about half way there! OMG...we were stuck for 45 minutes! I finally sent a text to Megan's phone letting them know we would be late...turns out their plane was a few minutes late and they ended up sitting on the plane for a bit after we got there just as they were getting off the plane.

We get to the terminal, and I got out to find them while Billy went and parked in the free parking lot...I had to pick up the rental car we got for the weekend anyway. I'm walking thru the terminal...looking for a familiar face...and I see Nomi walking toward me...we both saw each other at the same time and just started running. Gave big hugs and laughed and giggled...

We got the car...a Ford Edge (nice car!!) and went to find Billy. He was still parked, I pulled up behind him and Nomi jumped out to surprise him...but of course he saw us and was already out of his truck.

After getting home (by this time it was almost 10pm) I realized no one had eaten we went to the store and got frozen pizzas for everyone...but still didn't get to bed until almost 3am...just sitting up talking and laughing! Of course silly me...I still get up at 6am...make coffee, check emails...leave a couple comments here and there...just relaxing for a bit while everyone was still asleep. Nomi got up...we started all over again. Pretty soon everyone was up, had breakfast (fresh NY bagels...from NY thankyouverymuch!) and we were ready to start our day. We had already decided that we were going to drive to High Point and pick up another AMD member...and bring him back here to the 616 to hang out with us. So that's what we did. Turns out...he's a musician as he and Billy headed down to the dungeon and made noise for a bit while I got my spagettie dinner started. Italian sausage, fresh mushrooms and garlic...along with garlic bread and a salad by was awesome! Even if I do say so myself!

We then decided to get a fire going outside...even though it was raining...and a little chilly. We went to the store and got stuff for s'mores...and sat out under the carport with our little firepit for a couple of hours. By this time I was getting tired and a little crabby (no...not moi!) I came inside and sat on the couch until everyone noticed I wasn't there anymore...then everyone else came in and we spent about 1/2 hour picking out a movie to watch. Well...if anyone knows me...when I get tired, I start getting a little crabby and a little irrational. I wanted to get the air mattress for our guest to sleep on...but it wouldn't blow up all the way. I was standing in the hallway trying to explain something...but it seemed to me that no one was hearing me. I finally said fuck it...I'm going to bed before I start screaming at someone!! And fell asleep immediately.

This morning I get up and everyone else was already awake...Billy was cooking this huge breakfast (which was mentioned in another blog...but that one got deleted...) and we started planning this day. We decided to drive up to Wilkesboro to show Nomi and Megan Billy's Mountains. Even though it was still raining off and on...the day turned out to be beautiful by the time we got to the Blue Ridge Parkway...and we got some awesome pictures!

OMG...we got about 500 pictures from the whole weekend! we're home...everyone is in bed and I just wanted to re-cap for those who are interested...

Yes...there are some who are interested. I'm sure those who aren't will let the site know.

We've had a wonderful time! I'm exhausted...but very happy to have had this weekend with my very good friend. I'm glad I got to meet her niece...who looks just like one of my cousins...and I'm so glad jcarolina got to come and spend the weekend with us too!

We'll be posting pictures on photobucket soon and putting the link here so everyone can see them.

Best quote of the weekend?

"I don't want to play with it...I just want to look at it!"

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Apr 20 @ 11:49PM  
Sounds like you guys had a BLAST!!! So happy to hear that, keep on having fun and cant wait to see pictures!!!

Apr 20 @ 11:49PM  
Sounds as if you had a great weekend and enjoyed yourselves - not that anything else would have been expected, but still great to hear it!!
Yes...there are some who are interested.

Apr 20 @ 11:51PM  
So Glad y'all had fun. Can't wait to see the pics.


Apr 20 @ 11:57PM  
why is a breakfast blog deleted?
i am not allowed to "bash"
which I assume means criticize,
unresponsive, arbitrary and capricious company management here.


Apr 21 @ 12:07AM  
I don't know if the management was aware of it...but it seems as if the moderator is just responding to complaints without checking to see if there are actual violations...

They're aware of it now! And Online Singles will be too!


Apr 21 @ 12:12AM  
Glad you are having such a blast together..
Can't wait for the pics..


Apr 21 @ 12:13AM  
Glad you all had a great time. You're lucky the boys came out of the dungeon, When musician's get together that's usually all they think about.

Didn't see your other blog, I was probably on one of three planes on the way. home. Did see the few photo's that were posted. They look great.


Apr 21 @ 12:22AM  
I'm glad you're all having a wonderful time. Ok, I know... I'm a mush, but...

That's What Friends Are For

And I never thought I'd feel this way
And as far as I'm concerned
I'm glad I got the chance to say
That I do believe I love you

And if I should ever go away
Well, then close your eyes and try to feel
The way we do today
And then if you can remember

Keep smilin', keep shinin'
Knowin' you can always count on me, for sure
That's what friends are for
For good times and bad times
I'll be on your side forever more
That's what friends are for

Well, you came and opened me
And now there's so much more I see
And so by the way I thank you

Whoa, and then for the times when we're apart
Well, then close your eyes and know
These words are comin' from my heart
And then if you can remember, oh

Keep smiling, keep shining
Knowing you can always count on me, for sure
That's what friends are for
In good times, in bad times
I'll be on your side forever more
Oh, that's what friends are for

Whoa... oh... oh... keep smilin', keep shinin'
Knowin' you can always count on me, for sure
That's what friends are for
For good times and bad times
I'll be on your side forever more
That's what friends are for

Keep smilin', keep shinin'
Knowin' you can always count on me, oh, for sure
'Cause I tell you that's what friends are for
For good times and for bad times
I'll be on your side forever more
That's what friends are for (That's what friends are for)

On me, for sure
That's what friends are for
Keep smilin', keep shinin'

Apr 21 @ 12:33AM  
Awww...thanks Gina!

Here'sa few pictures from yesterday...I'll post more tomorrow when I've had more sleep!

Apr 21 @ 12:46AM  
Well ...that sounds like a pleasant about I come down there and play the drums...that will make you real cranky...we could call ourselves Borty's Head Bangers....

Apr 21 @ 1:04AM  
Great Photo's Love the photo of Billy with his double. It could have been him, that's for sure.

Looks like you all had a great time.
Thanks for the photo's

Apr 21 @ 2:28AM  
Glad ya all had a hoot........

Apr 21 @ 3:06AM  
For everybody that thinks AMD is only a lot of talk, you couldn't be more wrong. There are real people that have real friendships that are about more than "wanna fucks" and meaningless sexual patter.

I had a killer time with these guys, I was welcomed with genuine hospitality, and treated like an old friend even though I just met them in person.

Anyone here who likes to hate on people, instigate situations, and are just jealous, insecure types, should take the time to actually meet people before demonizing them.

Thanks Billy, Jeanie and Nomi for a great week-end, and for proving this internet business is as real as you decide to make it.


Apr 21 @ 3:42AM  
I am so glad you are all having such a blast. I know when I finally got to meet Nom's I fell in love with her. she is an amazing lady and a delight to spend time with. Hug her for me and continue to have fun.......... Kimmie.

Apr 21 @ 3:48AM  
Sounds like a fabulous time. Quite a few blogs got the axe for no apparent reason IMHO.

Apr 21 @ 4:34AM  
That blog got deleted again?? What a crock! Get em Sunny!

Glad you guys had such a good time, next time i'm coming, I don't care if I have to stow away in someone's luggage!

Love you all!

Apr 21 @ 5:31AM  
Exactly 1 year ago I went to Tennessee to meet with a bunch of people I knew from party poker. 2 of them were getting married and they invited basically everybody we played with. Only 10 of us showed up and we had the BEST time. I never thought of myself as someone who would use the internet to make friends or whatever but now I can't imagine it otherwise. That was 1 of the best weeks I've ever had and the friends I made on that trip I will never forget. We still talk regularly even though we don't play anymore and are planning another get together for next month for 1 of the girls birthdays. I would love to meet some of the people I've talked to on this site but it hasn't happened yet.

Apr 21 @ 7:22AM  
this internet business is as real as you decide to make it
Exactly! People keep saying "this isn't real" and I keep saying "Yes, it is!!!" I've met several people from AMD, and every time I do this place gets more and more real.

I will save all of my thoughts and impressions for when I get home and can use both hands (Jeanie was kind enough to uncuff one hand so I could type this while drinking my coffee - shhhh! don't tell Billy), but let it suffice to say that I have not one regret - all the stress and fear and nervousness over flying was more than worth it! And, oh yes, I will do it again!)

"I don't want to play with it...I just want to look at it!"

All I'm going to say about this is I got to look and play with it!

Apr 21 @ 7:38AM  
Sounds like you guys had a blast this weekend!!! can't wait to see the pic you guys & I will talk to you later. Hugs & Kisses, Janet.

Apr 21 @ 7:44AM  
Sounds like you folks are having ball, and from the pics Billy posted, you look like your having a blast. Now off to see where your link goes. Keep up the fun and enjoy every minute.

Apr 21 @ 7:49AM  
I am so glad you all are having such a blast!!! Wish we could all get together and have one hell of a time!!

Apr 21 @ 8:38AM  
I'm glad that y'all had fun!! Can't wait to see more pics!

Apr 21 @ 8:46AM  
I'm glad you all had a really great time down there!

Apr 21 @ 9:43AM  
It's official...I'm envious! But happy, too, that you guys got to have a great time.

Isn't it cool how real the Internet is? Too bad so many have to rain all over that parade. I say, "Screw 'em" and create real relationships with real people...even if you met them on the Internet. Lucky are those of us that have done it.

Apr 21 @ 9:48AM  
A couple of times I've gotten to get together with a couple groups of people I only knew from MSN groups.. remember those? yeah... what a blast it always was.. I think I only ever really met one real freak and that was here.. (the one who stalked me to work and then had his wife stalk me too) Everyone else I have met were wonderful people with whom I had loads in common... kinda nice like that no? you get to know people from the inside first.

Glad y'all had fun but yeah.. I'm jealous as hell...

Apr 21 @ 10:06AM  
I am happy that ya'll got to spend some time catching up! Enjoy for we never know what tomorrow may bring!! Oh and Nomi, I told you flying was not that bad!!

Apr 21 @ 7:11PM  
Kudos for all of you! Looks like you had a great time. I loved the pics.


Apr 21 @ 10:26PM  
Wow, sounds like you had an awesome time....I'm jelous!! I can't wait to see more pictures.

Apr 21 @ 11:37PM  
I miss all y'all already!!!


Apr 22 @ 1:46AM  
Wow...this blog suddenly has a lot of page views...what's up with that? Somebody must really like it...

Apr 24 @ 6:34PM  
'I had a killer time with these guys, I was welcomed with genuine hospitality, and treated like an old friend even though I just met them in person. "
Sums it up nicely! BILLY, JEANIE, & THE BOYS ARE THE SHIT!!

Apr 24 @ 6:41PM  
Yeah, kinda hard not to love 'em.

Apr 29 @ 1:24PM  
I just want to say one more time...Thank you!!!
I had so much fun!!!

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Great weekend!!