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Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

posted 4/20/2008 8:14:24 PM |
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Or so they say. My question is how does one know that someone is imitating someone or who is imitating who. The first time I recall thinking of this was when Kobe Bryant first arrived on the NBA scene. A commentator asked him if he was going to try and be the next Michael Jordan. Kobe laughed and said, “No, I’m going to be the first Kobe Bryant”. I thought that was a clever answer and I think it easier for a professional athlete to be themselves than try and emulate someone who happened to arrive before them. If one has that kind of ability or talent there is no need for them to try and emulate or style their game after someone else. In fact if they style their game after someone older by the time they arrive on the scene that style may be obsolete.

Now I can’t remember thinking about this again until I went to a retirement luncheon for a friend and former co-worker yesterday. Another former co-worker was also at the luncheon and they were serving as the emcee. In the process they brought me into the conversation by saying that they hoped my friend was going to enjoy retirement as much as I. That was fine but then he interjected something into the conversation that kind of took me aback. He commented that he knew I had to be enjoying my retirement because I no longer had to try and be like him. What the fuck; where did that come from?

Afterwards I caught him off to the side and asked him what he meant by his comment and he said, “Come on John we both know that you tried so hard to be like I was”. I don’t think I could have been more shocked if the director’s prudish secretary had come up and grabbed my crotch and said, “Wanna fuck”?

I regained my composure and asked how he figured that seeing as how I was over twenty years older than him. Hell I had already spent three years in the military and been out three before he was born. I was me and had always been me since before he was born or he had hired in to the organization. How the hell did he figure I was trying to be like him when I was the one who wrote the policies and procedures that he followed and enforced. That I could not remember a week that I was there that he had not come to me with some BS question and did he ever remember me coming and asking him anything.

I proceeded to tell him that being me came naturally because I did have to put any effort into that but it would have been too much of an effort for me to try and be a brown nosing, suck ass, cheese eating, whining, crying, complaining, know nothing like him. Be like you, I told him if I was like him I probably would go home and slit my wrists to put myself out of my misery. It was when people started to clap that I realized that I had raised my voice during the discussion and a lot of people had overheard what I had said. At first I felt embarrassed then I realized a lot of others must have felt the same about the arrogant, obnoxious twit. Then I got pissed at myself; pissed for not firing his ass before I retired.

As I walked away I thought, “Damn, it feels good to be like me”!

Since then I have thought several times about why anyone want to try and “Be like Mike”. Did that slogan brainwash us. Why not be the unique individual that you are and even go further and take responsibility for your own successes and failures. Then again I guess that would mean taking individual responsibility for your actions and we know how today’s society looks at that? Everyone seems to try and point fingers and blame everyone but themselves. I reckon if you are going to be a mindless minion and believe everything that you read on the Internet, hear on the news, see in the paper or have someone one tell you then maybe you aren’t to blame. After all couldn’t being a mindless minion be someone else’s fault?

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Apr 20 @ 8:19PM  
I like being me .... I do not think of myself as a follower .... Kudo

Apr 20 @ 8:30PM  
[I proceeded to tell him that being me came naturally because I did have to put any effort into that but it would have been too much of an effort for me to try and be a brown nosing, suck ass, cheese eating, whining, crying, complaining, know nothing like him. ] Go get 'em.... there is nothing more annoying than an arrogant co-worker such as he. Good for you for telling him like it is!!

I once had a similar incident where a co-worker decided to take credit willingly and knowingly for MY HARD WORK.... truly pissed me off!! I was freakin' livid and had to keep my mouth shut for fear of what would come out..... took a few days but I finally confronted this person and struggled hard to maintain my composure and professionalism - but I laid it out, put the bitch out on "front street" in front of everyone and she was suddenly at a loss for words ~ huh, go figure.

I can empathize....

Apr 20 @ 8:31PM  
I try and take the positive things I see in other people and emulate those things. It sounds like your former co worker was trying to get a dig in, either on you or the person retirering. Seeing as I wasn't there, I don't know who he was fireing at. Just my 2 cents.

Apr 20 @ 8:34PM  
borrowed from a nawti blog

for the finger-pointing
not my fault
whining, bitching, moaning little . . . .

I turn on the tube and what do I see
A whole lotta people cryin? ?don?t blame me?
They point their crooked little fingers ar everybody else
Spend all their time feelin? sorry for themselves
Victim of this, victim of that
Your momma?s too thin; your daddy?s too fat

Get over it
Get over it
All this whinin? and cryin? and pitchin? a fit
Get over it, get over it

You say you haven?t been the same since you had your little crash
But you might feel better if I gave you some cash
The more I think about it, old billy was right
Let?s kill all the lawyers, kill ?em tonight
You don?t want to work, you want to live like a king
But the big, bad world doesn?t owe you a thing

Get over it
Get over it
If you don?t want to play, then you might as well split
Get over it, get over it

It?s like going to confession every time I hear you speak
You?re makin? the most of your losin? streak
Some call it sick, but I call it weak

You drag it around like a ball and chain
You wallow in the guilt; you wallow in the pain
You wave it like a flag, you wear it like a crown
Got your mind in the gutter, bringin? everybody down
Complain about the present and blame it on the past
I?d like to find your inner child and kick it?s little ass

Get over it
Get over it
All this bitchin? and moanin? and pitchin? a fit
Get over it, get over it

Get over it
Get over it
It?s gotta stop sometime, so why don?t you quit
Get over it, get over it

damn - get over it ! ! !
accept freakin' responsibility
at least once in your lives

we now return you to . . . . . .

Apr 20 @ 8:34PM  
RR ~ I think it is good that you are yourself and not a follower. However, FYI I have heard rumors that you may have some stalkers around here.

Apr 20 @ 8:38PM  
partytimemary ~ Didn’t you feel good, nah GREAT after telling them off.

Apr 20 @ 8:39PM  
Keep kickin ass, buddy.

I'm a big sports fan. I love hearing media trying to compare two players to one another. I remember Ken Griffey Jr. being ask in one of his first interviews - "Who do you think you compare with past or present in MLB." Juniors answer - "My dad, we share the same dna." That was classic. Barry bonds when ask a similar question - "Have you ever seen anybody as good as me?" I bet your co-worker considers himself more like bonds then Junior. But in my eyes Junior is the better Man.

Great blog.

Apr 20 @ 8:45PM  
Yep...I like being like me. Trying to be like someone else just seems like a "lie" to me.

Besides...If I had tried to be like....say my best friend....I'd have been through 2 divorces already.

My life ain't what I'd call perfect..but....I like being me.

Apr 20 @ 8:45PM  
People that have no opinion of there own can't fathom how to be their own person and accept that everyone is like them. I say always be your own person and try to learn to be the best you can be. Know your good qualities and proceed!

Apr 20 @ 8:55PM  
But.. Swyeter.. I wanna be just like you when I grow up.. you know.. cept the whole having a penis and being a guy.. ok so I'll just keep being me but I really wanna be retired someday!

Apr 20 @ 8:58PM  
buatbu ~ I do not disagree with self improving one’s self. But that is not what I was referring to. Most of the positive in my character were developed early on by my parents and grandfather. If I have built on the positive and discarded the negative by the time I got to be 60 I think I must be pretty set in my ways of being me. After all they do say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Plus the reaction of the individuals who still worked with the individual tells it all. This is an individual just like the one partytimemary had the experience with above who wants to take credit for the positive his co-workers do but pass the blame for his mistakes.

Apr 20 @ 9:14PM  
clickedanad2 ~ how true. Some people need to get over it, whatever it is, and accept freakin' responsibility at least once in their lives.

PP ~ I agree Junior is a class act and I think he has the “sweetest” swing in MLB and also believe had he done steroids he would be past Bonds. Not just because of the ones that feel a little short of the fence but he would not have spent near as much time on the disabled had had he used to “juice” to speed his recovery/return.

SNS ~ Glad you said that because I had edited those same comments out of my blog so it would fit one the one page.

lilmanintheboat ~ Could not agree more. I tried to teach my daughter & son the same as I was taught. Everyone cannot be the same so decide what it is that you want to be and even if you decide to be a bum, doctor or trash collector be the best damn bum, doctor or trash collector that you can be.

Nacho ~ ya knows I lubs ya, but you really don’t want to be like me. After all I have been known to squirrel hunt on occasion.

Apr 20 @ 9:23PM  
Ya know.....ya kinda have to feel bad for this guy.
Apparently, there is a lot about you that he admires and instead of admitting that to himself, he tried to act as he was the one with the positive attributes.
Obviously, the guy was/is delusional.
As for his comment that was incredibly crass.

Apr 20 @ 9:38PM  
thank you for teaching your know they are our future!

Apr 20 @ 9:47PM  
SNS ~ Glad you said that because I had edited those same comments out of my blog so it would fit one the one page.

Thanks! Glad to get them in for you.

Apr 20 @ 9:48PM  
Yea though you have been a blasphemer in the past.. the Church of Foamy will save your soul.. once you put down teh squirrel guns and accept accept squirrels as your intellectual superiors..

that or...

we'll steal your nuts.

Apr 20 @ 9:56PM  
we'll steal your nuts.

uh oh!!!! Be careful....the squirrel is on the prowl tonight!

Apr 20 @ 9:59PM  
Sugar I would like to see her try cause I keep my nutz close to me in a sack.

Apr 20 @ 10:17PM  
I ain't picky, I'll take the sack too.

Apr 20 @ 10:21PM  
See? Told ya she was on the prowl tonight.

Apr 20 @ 10:59PM  
you know.. cept the whole having a penis and being a guy

But Nacho we could play with it allllllll day long

Apr 21 @ 12:19AM  
Great Blog!!!

Give em hell babes!!! he deserved it after that comment!!!!

Apr 21 @ 2:36AM  
Roll on, Brother......

Only thing I woulda changed might have been one of these after ya roasted his pissant ass....


Apr 21 @ 3:07AM  
I reckon if you are going to be a mindless minion and believe everything that you read on the Internet, hear on the news, see in the paper or have someone one tell you then maybe you aren’t to blame. After all couldn’t being a mindless minion be someone else’s fault?

We have some of those on this site don't we?

Great blog Swyeter..Bueno!!

Now wouldn't it be great if say when you disagreed with one person, that that argument stayed between you two, and everyone else kept their noses out of it? That way it would be between two people and not "sides" as the case so very often is on this site.Let those two folks sort it out but if you're friends with that one person? Don't blow that friendship off because they had a disagreement with someone else.

That would be a "follower" or "minion' kind of thing to do.

oops..inner voice..sorry swyeter..

Apr 21 @ 5:47AM  
In my humble opinion, I hope I never stop learning or growing. You might not be able to learn "new tricks" but I learn everyday. In my humble opinion, you made some of the story up. I say this because the event was to honor a co worker, not for anyone to use it for a personal attack. It was not about you. If the people you use to work for reacted this way at an event to honor someone else, it explains a lot about how you became the person you are.

Apr 21 @ 7:54AM  
I found out that when I'm busy pointing fingers at someone else , I'm not paying attention to my own business...and after all ...what business is more important ..theirs or mine.

Apr 21 @ 12:35PM  
SNS ~ Yeah you warned me but you didn’t say she was violent!

Lisa ~ We men never said you couldn’t play with it……….as long as it stays attached.

Spunk ~ He deserved it alright, just wish it had been a different forum.

DKW ~ Dayum, knew I forgot something. Where were you when I needed a cue or is that clue.

Nawti ~ Really don’t want to go there or it may take over this blog. I do agree with a lot of what you say. I was never one for a “gang” mentality. Two people want to fight and beat the hell out of each other let them go. One will learn to leave to other one alone. But it does not work that way in life as friends always seem to want to join in the fray and take sides. One of the best examples that I ever saw was a husband and wife friends of mine who were having difficulties. Family and friends jumped in the deep end taking sides and everyone tried to get me to take a side. I told everyone best to stay out of it as it was between the two of them. Long story short after about 6-12 they worked everything out and now 6 years later they are happy as can be and everyone else is pissed at someone. Who would have "thunk it"

Buatbu ~ Not sure what your intent is but seems you are attempting to start a debate or fight and if you want to debate I suggest we take it to email as I see too many blogs that evolve into something hostile. Two things though you seemed to miss. One I do not expect you to know and that is that I am an outspoken individual who stands up for himself. Two you should have caught and that was that I got him off to the side where I had intended it to be private and did not realize others were listening until it was too late. And just so you know my retiring friend was one of the individuals clapping loudest. BUT, you are off topic. I never said I stopped learning. In fact I often tell people my grandfather always told me when you stop learning you die. There is a big difference between “learning: new tricks and “teaching” new tricks. I continue to learn everyday. My blog was not about learning it was about individuals trying to be like someone else instead of just being themselves. You can no more be like me than I can be like you. When someone tries so hard to emulate someone else they have nothing of their own to give. Who is to say that the one trying to emulate might be the better model but who will ever know if they are never themselves. But the PP already caught and said that.

Borty ~ Truer words were never spoken. It reminds me of this Sunday’s BC comic. The “fat broad” (not my words ladies, that’s what they call her in the comic) was about to club a snake when a mouse told it to hide behind a rock. The mouse then scared her away. The snake said thanks and asked what he could do for the mouse and the mouse replied don’t eat me. However the snake ate the mouse anyway. So just like you say if the mouse had minded his own business the snake would have been history and not him.


Apr 21 @ 1:47PM  
Imitation is the greatest form of flattery but so is copying and pasting my "Get over it" into Swyeter's thread

Thanks DUDE!!

Apr 21 @ 7:53PM  
I would have been with you, swy! Pissed off! That kind of arrogance is just unbelievable! It blows my mind! I work with a woman like now. She bitches and moans about every little thing, and spends most of her day doing jack shit- unless you count spending 8 hours a day on the phone with friends and family doing something....
I'm glad you stood up for yourself. I used to be a firm believer in keeping the peace- thinking it wasn't worth a fight when someone pulls something like this guy did. But I was wrong. If you don't stand up for yourself, no one else will.
Kudos to you!

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Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery