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Story-Car Shopping

posted 4/20/2008 2:02:16 PM |
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I needed a new car, seeing as how mine had just broke down after 14 years. I made plans to go car shopping on Saturday with my girlfriend Ashley. We had been dating for a few months and over that time I had learned that Ashley had a wild side to her and liked to have sex in public and dangerous places and also flash men in bars, at the shopping mall and even while we drove down the road in the car. I wasn't sure, but I felt that Ashley was going to enjoy car shopping with me on Saturday.

Ashley picked me up Saturday morning and she looked hot. She was wearing a tight little pink skirt with a ruffle on the bottom of it, chunky pink cum fuck me type heels and a white tank top that was about 2 sizes too small for her 36 D breasts that had the word "Juicy" across the front of it. Ashley is about 5' 6", 120 lbs, Shorter brown hair, with a very ample chest, 36D and an even more incredible bubble ass, but the most incredible thing about her is her smile. It is beautiful, innocent and nasty all at the same time. She could look at you and smile and say "What?" at the same time she was about to suck on your cock and you would think that she didn't know she was actually about to give you head, and then devour your cock in one breath and not let go until you were flooding her mouth with a hot load.

She always turns heads no matter what she wears, so this morning I was sure that she was going to have the horny guys at that car dealerships drooling over her body. We drove to the first couple of lots and spent a little time looking at the cars there. Ashley showed off to a lot of car sales men. She would bend over to see the inside or to check the tires out, and I along with the sales guys quickly learned that she wasn't wearing any panties. Every time she bent over or got into a car, the car sales man could see her neatly trimmed pussy. It wasn't until the last dealership, a BMW dealer, where things got really wild.

We checked out two cars, 330's, a sedan and a convertible. On the first test drive, Ashley decided she wanted to drive the convertible, so I jumped into the backseat, leaving the passenger seat for the salesman. I figured if Ashley wanted to put on a show, I'd give her a chance to flirt with the sales guy. The convertible was a manual transmission and as Ashley drove it, you could tell she was trying to get her dress to ride higher on her thigh. From the back seat, I could see that the sales guy was getting a nice look at her legs, but I don't think he could see her naked pussy yet. When we got back to the lot we parked the car right in front of the showroom windows.

As we got out of the car, I could see a bunch of other sales men, about twelve, looking right at Ashley as she got out of the car. She later told me that she could see them as well and made sure that they saw her naked pussy, opening the door wide to make sure they would be able to get a good look at her getting out by opening her legs up wide and taking her time to get out of the car. These were all the same guys that came out of the dealer ship to get a better look at her when we first arrived.

We stood outside next to the convertible as we waited for the salesman to come back with the sedan keys so we could take a ride in it. We would later find out that he took longer than normal due to the fact that all the other guys were asking him if she was showing him her pussy like she did to them when she got out of the car. They told him to have us park in the same spot when we returned from the test drive so they could get another look at her pussy.

While we waited, Ashley asked me if I was ready for what she was going to do to the poor kid (he was about 24 years old, we are both 34). I asked what she meant by that and she replied "I'm going to get you an incredible deal on one of these cars... but you'll just have to wait and see...". We our sales guy returned with the keys, I again jumped into the back of the car for the test drive, Ashley drove and the sales man sat in the passenger’s seat. Ashley started asking questions about the car, same as last time, but when we got to the first traffic light, Ashley asked the sales guy if he got embarrassed easily. He asked her what she meant by the question, so she repeated it. Ashley looked for a place to pull over and found a parking lot next to a deserted warehouse and she parked the car.

The sales guy just sat there with a dumb look on his face as Ashley lifted up her tank top to reveal her sexy breasts. She then hiked up her mini skirt until her pussy was in clear view of the kid. He couldn't believe what she had done, and neither could I. Ashley looked back at me and then said to the salesman, "You can touch what ever you want on me!" The sales guy didn't even look at me as he leaned over and started touching her tits then he asked Ashely if he could taste them. Ashley just gave him a sexy look and nodded "yes" without saying a word. The sales guy took a nipple into his mouth and began sucking on it like a hungry man. He then slipped a hand between her legs and started to rub the outside of Ashley's pussy.

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Apr 20 @ 2:03PM  
Ashley parted her thighs a little wider, to give him more access to her pussy and he took advantage of the move to slip a finger into her. I could hear the wetness of her pussy from the back seat as he fingered her and Ashley's pussy made wet squishing sounds. He turned to look back at me, and asked me "Does she do this type of thing often?" I replied "All the time..."

The sales guy went back to enjoying her body. This lasted for about twenty minutes. Then we arrived back at the car dealership, and just like he was asked to, he had Ashley pull up right in front of the same windows of the dealership. When we parked, we could tell that there were more people then before. There were the same sales guys there, but also looked like men from the parts dept and service dept were there also.

Ashley again acted like she hadn't noticed all the on lookers and again opened the door as wide as it would go, this time she even paused a little with her legs wide open making it look like she was still checking out the inside of the car. After about three minutes, she exited the car. She had asked the car sales man not to tell anyone that she let him see her and touch her. Ashley then asked for his number and said we would call him later that night to set up a meeting to discuss potentially buying one of the cars.

The sales guy asked us to come inside to fill out a questionnaire about the test drives. He said it would look better for him if we did, so we went in with him. Once inside, Ashley was checked out by all. She knew he had only asked us inside so all the others could get a better look. (in fact he latter admitted he was told when he got the second set of keys, if he could get her inside after the test drive, so they could get a better look, they'd give him a hundred bucks.)

Ashley did everything she could to give better looks, even checked out the cars on the showroom floor, making sure to bend over a lot. When we were leaving the dealership, the sales manager came over to introduce himself, said he liked to meet with all prospective clients and was wondering if we had any questions. He actually asked us to go back to his sales office to fill out a questionnaire on the dealership and our salesman. Ashley looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders.

Ashley leaned close to me and said "We have the time...Want to have some more fun?" We turned and followed the Sales Manager back to the office. We could feel every male eye in the dealership watch Ashley as she walked to the office. When we got there, the Sales Manager invited us in and shut the door behind us. We took our seats and he sat behind his desk. There was a window in the office, which were frosted, so no one could see in.

Once inside, the Sales Manager asked us if we were able to find anything we liked. He then asked Ashley if she had fun driving the cars, she said yes. The manager then said that he wished he drove with us, because the sales man who had been with us was young and inexperienced. Ashley said that the younger sales rep was polite and knew a lot about the cars. As we talked, I noticed that the Sales Manager was looking more at Ashley's crotch when he talked then her face. I looked over at Ashley, and figured out that when she had sat down, she had made sure her tiny dress rode up and her pussy was in plain view. The sales manager did all he could to get better angles of her pussy, even pretending to hunt for the questionnaire in the desk draw right in front of Ashley’s pussy.

Finally Ashley said “If you'd like a better look at it, just ask....You know I like to show off already...That's why you asked us back here right?" The sales manager just looked at me and I gave him a smile back. He paused for a moment and then asked "Do you mind?" Ashley responded "I always believe that if you want something, you ask for it...You want to see my pussy and I want you to take 10 grand off the purchase price of one of the cars we test drove..."

The Sales Manager sat there for a moment thinking about what Ashley had said and then he blurted out "Show me your sexy pussy, I want to see it!" Ashley looked over at me and then back at the Sales Manager and said "Do we have a deal? You'll take 10 Grand off the purchase price?" The Sales Manager nodded in agreement. Ashley continued "Then put it in writing and sign your name to it and hand it to my boyfriend..." The Sales Manager scribbled on a piece of paper and handed it to me. I looked at it and it said "Take 10 Grand off whatever car you want" and had his name on it. I showed it to Ashley and she nodded in agreement.

Ashley then looked directly at the Sales Manager and said "I'm his sex slave...If there's anything you want me to do or show, you must ask him first. If he gives me the OK, I will do it. Like today, he told me to dress like a slut and flash my pussy at every man I got the chance to show." Again the Sales Manager paused to think about what Ashley had said and then he looked directly at me and asked "Could I see her naked?"

Apr 20 @ 2:04PM  
I took a deep breath and shook my head yes and looked at Ashley. Ashley stood up and went over to where he was sitting and removed her dress. She now stood in front of him, with her pussy just inches away from him. The Sales Manager looked at me and raised his eyebrows and I said "Go ahead and touch her if you want to..." He reached out and gave her ass a rub and then put his hands between her legs and felt her wetness on his fingers. He then asked Ashley if he could finger her pussy. Ashley told him not to ask her, but to asked me. He repeated the question and I replied "If you give me free floor mats for the car, you can finger her." The Sales Manager quickly scribbled another note and handed it to me. It said "free floor mats" and his signature. I nodded at Ashley and she stood there and spread her legs a little more and the Sales Manager started to play with her pussy. He started out just rubbing her clit and then worked his fingers into her until he had three fingers inside of Ashley and he was thrusting them in and out of her. Ashley started to move herself up and down in rhythm to his hand, basically fucking herself with his fingers.

The Sales Manager then asked Ashley if he could lick her pussy. She replied that it wasn't her choice and looked over at me. I asked her if she wanted him to lick her and she said yes, so I told the Sales Manager I wanted him to throw in a free BMW hat, Jacket and Golf Shirt if I let him lick her. He again wrote down his answer and handed to me. I smiled at Ashley and she sat down on the Sales Managers desk and spread her thighs. The Sales Manager leaned over and began to lick and suck on Ashley's pussy lips and clit and soon he was fucking her with his tongue. Ashley put her hands on both sides of his head and pulled his face closer and tighter against her pussy and clit. Ashley held on tight and soon she was cumming on the Sales Managers face. She started to moan and scream out "YES! Lick it! I'm CUMMING!!!!!"

I'm sure anyone in the dealership could hear her orgasm, and she didn't really care.

The Sales Manager was now beyond turned on and he just said out loud to no one in particular "I want to fuck her!"

I looked at Ashley and she just raised her eyebrows and gave me a little smile. I looked over at the the Sales Manager and said "If you do that, then I want the upgrade Alloy Wheels and the complete sport package with the Xenon Headlights and the works, ground skirts and all and I also want another 5 Grand off the price!"

The Sales Manager looked at me and then back at Ashley, who had taken out her breasts and was playing with her nipples. The Sales Manager looked back at me and asked "Which car we talking about?" I replied back "I have decided yet....But either way, they both have the same options, except for the sunroof versus the Convertible top." Ashley had turned around and was now bending over the desk with her ass right in front of the Sales Managers face, and she was wiggling it at him. He sat there a moment longer to think and Ashley reached down between her legs and started to finger her own pussy. This closed the deal and the Sales Manager started to write down his answer and then paused and said "I get to fuck till I cum, or the the deals off..." I replied "You can fuck her till you cum, but you can't cum inside of her....You can pull out and cum on her ass and she will then lick your cock clean for your..." The Sales Manager agreed and finished the note and handed it to me.

The Sales Manager stood up from his chair and undid his belt and dropped his pants down around his ankles and got behind Ashley and started to rub his cock against her pussy lips. Ashley started to moan a little and urge him on by saying things like "That feels nice....put it in me and take me for a test drive...." This really turned the Sales Manager on and he took his cock and shoved it into Ashley and she gasped for a second as she got use to his cock being in her. The Sales Manager took a hold of Ashley's hips and began to pump in and out of her. He even spanked her ass, which Ashley loves, and she squealed out in pleasure and asked him to spank her harder. I really was a sight to see, my girlfriend getting fucked and spanked in a car dealership office so I could get a better deal on a car and it was all her idea! There was no way I was going to get in trouble for this and still get a great deal on a car!

The Sales Managers pace quickened as he held onto Ashley's hips and really drove his cock into her and soon he pulled out of her pussy and his cock erupted all over Ashley's round full ass cheeks, covering her ass with his cum. When the Sales Manager was done cumming, he collapsed back into his chair. Ashley knelt down in front of him and took his now shrunken cock into her mouth and sucked out the last drops of his load. When she was done, she didn't even bother to wipe his cum off her ass and just put her skirt back on and looked at him and said "We'll take delivery of the Convertible 330 today....With all the discounts and extra stuff or I'll tell the dealership owner that you forced me have sex with you...." The Sales Manager started to get flustered and his face turned flush red....

Apr 20 @ 2:04PM  
Ashley just looked at him and said "A deal's a deal.....You agreed to everything in order to have me.... And if you throw in Seat covers and a shirt and Jacket for me, when I bring the car in for it's first oil change, I'll give you a blow job and even swallow your load...." The Sales Manager quickly scribbled down this final note and handed to me.

Ashley then looked at the Sales Manager and leaned over and gave him a wet french kiss told him "We'll be back in a hour to pick up the car, have the the paper work ready for him to sign..." We left the Sales Manager's office and it seemed as if every man on the planet was standing in the dealership watching Ashley walk out to her car. We got in and drove away from the dealership. I looked over at Ashley and said "I forgot to give him my name and financial stuff for the car...." Ashley just looked over at me and said "I've got his card..." and she picked up her cell phone and called the dealership back and the Sales Manager quickly picked up the phone. Ashley told him that she wanted another 5 grand off the price or we would walk away from the deal. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.. Ashley was asking this guy to now take a total of 20 Grand off the sticker price plus all the freebies and add ons. I could tell that the Sales Manager was having some reservations and then Ashley said to him "Take the extra 5 Grand off and when we come back to pick up the car tonight, I'll let you fuck me again and if you're a good little boy, I may even let you fuck me in the ass!"

Ashley hung up the phone and looked over at me and said "You've got a new car!" I looked back at Ashley and said "That's not all I got....I've got a slut for a girlfriend also!"

Apr 20 @ 2:14PM  
Ashley, the gorgeous married woman, is always in these lurid stories. After a while, do you expect anyone to believe them?

I did love your Cubs, satan, wise guy joke!

Apr 20 @ 2:17PM  
I thought the saying was "sex sells"...not "sex buys".

Apr 20 @ 2:22PM  
The other stories I've been posting have been about a married woman named Allie...

but if a story is real or not, well that's up to the reader to decide or they can just ask me!

I've never claimed any story to be real, nor have I said that they are pure fiction. I have posted both real life recounts of adventures and pure romps of fantasy here, but you can decide!

Apr 20 @ 3:27PM  
Who cares if the story is real or not...I loved me and my dildo "BIG PINK" are going to have a real good time! Thanks...ya gotta love a girlfriend who will put out for you!

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Story-Car Shopping