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WTF Happened?.....

posted 4/20/2008 9:50:54 AM |
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There I was, having a private e-mail argument with someone we all know and love ( )...and "poof"...she was canceled......

And who among us will AVENGE HER demise?....

I would hate to think that I alone provoked such a response as to cause her untimely exit.....

Anyone know the "back story"?....

I hate to leave an argument unfinished...and although they would be BIG shoes to fill, anyone want to step up to the plate and assume the robes and responsibilities, thus allowing me to attain inner peace ?

(Sigh)......Just another on-line, unrequited love I suppose........

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Apr 20 @ 10:00AM  
I would step up to the plate but alas I am a lover not a fighter...

Apr 20 @ 10:09AM  
It is Sunday. The Pope will be saying mass at Yankee Stadium this afternoon. Perhaps the pontiff asked the Almighty to demonstrate the power of prayer to increase faith, and the request was granted in Pervia.

Apr 20 @ 10:12AM  
Those would be some tough shoes to fill, but I am sure that there will be somebody who will attempt to squeeze into them.

Apr 20 @ 10:23AM  
This story is appropriate at this time and place. It involves Vivian Vance who played Ehtyl Mertz on I Love Lucy, and her co-star William Frawley who portrayed her husband, Fred Mertz. The snippets below come from a wonder Web site involving the movie and TV that encourage people to check out.

Was offered to do a spinoff of "I Love Lucy" (1951) with her costar William Frawley, but the two did not like each other at all in real life and refused to do it.
Vance's "I Love Lucy" (1951) co-star, William Frawley, reportedly received a unique deal for early television. His contract called for residuals from "I Love Lucy" for years after the series ended production in 1957. Unfortunately, Vance did not have a similar clause in her contract.
"Champagne for everyone!" Dining at a restaurant, upon hearing of former costar William Frawley's death in 1966.

Apr 20 @ 10:26AM  
Aww geeze straightup.. I'll argue with ya but I doubt I can be quite that nasty. Maybe.. let's find out.

Apr 20 @ 10:30AM  
Ya poor man. That's gotta suck.... being poofed on. Back story.... while you two were going at it in private emails, others were emailing the mod.
Personally, I like IT better in black than pink.

Apr 20 @ 10:35AM  
I think "the squirrel" might have had it right. An "ugly" persona on here has previously been noted under the "broke-and-narrow" line...whose sole purpose seems to be to insult and fight.

Then "broke" started to have a new female supporter show up (who just so happened to share ALL of his views and praised him every chance she got. It was largely suspected that the two of them (despite being miles and miles apart) had the same IP address...after all, just about everything including their writing style was the same.

This time, it seems like "a vengeful" person showed up with their female persona first and then the "ugly" guy. As if we wouldn't notice if there was a simple gender switcheroo.

Apr 20 @ 10:38AM  
Oh, By the way...speaking of persons of great drama who can't manage to stay off our site no matter how many cancellations they get, did Elena re-appear while I was away?

Apr 20 @ 11:04AM  
I always have people cancel on me. I get a few messages that I ignore, then I finally send them back a polite "No thank you". Bam! Delete. I feel like they are probably someone I pissed off, which happens to be a lot of people. So, it is pretty difficult to narrow it down. Ha! I hope they come to realize that I can read between the lines :)

Apr 20 @ 11:43AM  
So do ya'll think there are in fact, two man and one woman, or only one person, being both?....

I get so confused when I smoke weed early in the morning....


Apr 20 @ 11:45AM  
Seems as though AMD has found the cure for mad cow disease!

Apr 20 @ 11:47AM  
Nope Big D, we are still awaiting our biannual visit from Aunty E. I'm almost looking forward to her.

Apr 20 @ 12:09PM  
So do ya'll think there are in fact, two man and one woman, or only one person, being both?....
seemed like the same person - same writing style
when ugh was accused of being avenger - he lashed out
she remained silent
no biggie
bettin' someone else will step up
and stir the pot
til then
just a buncha happy campers
in these here parts

Apr 20 @ 12:15PM  
ugh lashed out? Imaginate that crap wouldja? I musta missed that particular byplay.

If they are, indeed, the same person then he.. yes you heard it correctly.. HE.. went to a lot of work to misspell things that he can actually spell and write girly. Which leads me to believe there might be a few more undiagnosed illnesses in that boy's head.

Apr 20 @ 12:23PM  
What's your definition of igorance and apathy? Dont know, and I dont care.....but I sure am happy that IT"S gone!

Apr 20 @ 3:02PM  
I love to debate just as much as the next person. But THAT type of debate was TOO much. I'm glad IT is gone. Hope IT never comes back!

Apr 20 @ 3:04PM  
I am not so glad that the person in question is gone as much as I am happy that there will no longer be all of these blogs polluting the site that address her single minded "perspectives and issues".

I am glad that she was disposed of, but people engaging her and giving her attention, particularly in posting blogs on her solitary issue, just made the whole boogie a mess.

Apr 20 @ 4:03PM  
quickly, every one comment before this one gets erased.


Apr 20 @ 7:45PM  
I would hate to think that I alone provoked such a response as to cause her untimely exit.....

You needn't feel any guilt whatsoever. She brought it upon herself. The reaction to her and her belligerent persona's was predictable. I have been away for a bit but am pleased to see that she is gone. If she isn't here , she will haunt another site. Just search on her age and town and you will be able to find her.

Apr 20 @ 7:54PM  
And who among us will AVENGE HER demise?..

sure won't be me!!!!


Apr 20 @ 7:58PM  
I am glad that she was disposed of, but people engaging her and giving her attention, particularly in posting blogs on her solitary issue, just made the whole boogie a mess.

I'm guilty in only trying to explain to her the answers she was looking for.....and trying VERY hard not to totally lose my temper with her. And THAT was quite a chore I'll tell ya!

Apr 21 @ 10:08AM  
I would like to thank each and every one of you gentle people for your response to this blog...
For those who don't know me, This, as most of my blogs, was done "toungue in cheek"...
So, please, no one get their Panties in a wad (however, I have heard rumors that Borty offers a "Panty unwadding service", for a fee, of course)

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WTF Happened?.....