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Would you french kiss and/or date someone with rotten teeth, or no teeth?

posted 4/18/2008 9:16:41 AM |
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tagged: kissing, humor, teeth, straddle

Would any of you actually french kiss someone with rotten teeth, or someone with no teeth? I have a female friend that lives up in Dover Ohio, and she's 33 years old, but doesn't have any teeth. That got me thinking about doing this blog. Did this same blog last year, but thought that I would do it again for a classic blog for the regulars, and the newbies on here. I have never been with or have dated any women with no teeth, or rotten teeth, and I don't think I could ever. I know there are many good people out there that have no teeth and rotten teeth, but the thought of kissing someone with rotten teeth, well, there's no fucking way I can. Now, someone with no teeth, the jury is still out on that one. It would honestly have to depend on the person, and even that I'm still not sure. What about any of you, any of you have a hang up with french kissing, or maybe even just plain ole' kissing someone with rooten teeth, or no teeth? Inquiring minds would like to know!

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Apr 18 @ 9:23AM  
No teeth on a female is sexy,,no biting giving head sorry

Apr 18 @ 9:25AM  
No. I won't date someone with missing teef. Understand, if a person loses a limb, there is nothing they can do. But teeth are a different story. Big turn off, and there's no excuse. Plenty of free dental clinics. Rotten teeth may be the sign of a crack addict.

Apr 18 @ 9:25AM  
Gee, how did I know one of you guys would say that concerning blow jobs?

Apr 18 @ 9:25AM  
Rotten teeth? Blech! No teeth? Not any at all? Probably not.

But what about someone who had dentures? Or bridges? Or braces?

Apr 18 @ 9:26AM  
Ahh, Sammy likes gummy jobs, lol.

Apr 18 @ 9:26AM  
Free dental clinics!!?? Where? Not in Tennessee, that's for damn sure!

Apr 18 @ 9:30AM  
Braces on someone wouldn't be a problem for me, that would actually be a little of a turn on while she's giving me head. Bridges, don't see it as a problem. Dentures, very iffy at best...

Have people actually seen a lot of West Virginans?

Apr 18 @ 9:30AM  
This is a very good Blog, Straddle.

One should always remember when you are walking around in your shoes in your protected bubble you never know what is going on with the person you are looking at. Try to look outside of the bubble.

Before making harsh judgements, I will share this with you and the group.

For years I always had excellent teeth. Only 2 cavitites my whole life. But underneath I had a bone structure problem which was destroying my teeth. I spent thousands of dollars to try to save them and was going to the dentist once a week doing different procedures to try to save them.

One day While doing some work out in the yard I get this horrible pain that brought me to my knees in my throat.

It was tonsil cancer. It took 2 months to get a final word on this. Because of my bone structure in my mouth surrounding my teeth, before accepting Radiation I had to have 15 teeth removed before the acceptance of radiation because of the problems that it would cause.

Now I have to walk around with basically no teeth except for 6 and have to wear dentures.

You never know what that other person has to gone through.

This does not mean if someone has neglected themselves to the point that their teeth are ugly and who in the world wants to stick their tongue down that throat.

But personally I live with the fact every day that I have to take these damn dentures out and then I have to look at myself and what a scary look that is, How could I expect someone to kiss me if they saw that but, I am alive and this is what it took to be able to see another day!

And what a beautiful day it is to see even if I don't have teeth.


Apr 18 @ 9:32AM  
Nope. Absolutely not. Teeth are the first thing that you see in when a person smiles and to me? Either have dentures or a partial but no teeth? Rotting teeth? That gives you very bad breath if they are rotting. It's a matter of self respect and pride in one's appearance.

I have met a couple of men who, in their pictures, their teeth weren't visible and when I met them, I was turned off by this. Very awkward situation..Very

Apr 18 @ 9:34AM  
French kissing can sometime lead to other things. And if she has rotten teeth other things could be rotten too. So no, I wouldn't.

But I'm sure that got you excited thinking about rotten "other things".

Apr 18 @ 9:35AM  

I'm glad you were able to get the radiation but at least in having dentures your appearance would still be so much nicer than no teeth

Many people have dentures and these days, sometimes it's a better option than teeth that are crooked or rotting. Hard to tell the difference

Apr 18 @ 9:41AM  
I suppose the point I was trying to make was this.

I was guilty of this also.

Before making harsh judgements or looking at someone and all the thoughts wandering through your mind.

Get involved, learn that person, you don't have to kiss them, you don't have to touch them.

Our life here is very short and gone in a blink of the eye. Take the time just to talk even if for a minute.

You never know when you are walking down an alley and you see that bum sitting next to a trash can with no teeth, no shoes.... and so on..

You just never know when you have met an Angel !

Completely off the subject, I know, but I was near death and I now have to look at life differently than many do.

My two or three cents worth

Apr 18 @ 9:43AM  
Xien, you're right, some people have gone through what you have, and I'm very sorry for that. I know it exist. Radiation I know can do that to your teeth. I wouldn't say it's people living in "a bubble" that are not too accepting of people with loss of teeth because of radiation, or any other health problems. I think in general people look at it for the most part as someone who hasn't taken good care of their teeth as to why people have rotten teeth, or no teeth. My friend told me she just didn't take care of her teeth. In no way am I making fun of people in your situation, and I'm sorry you feel like I am by doing a blog like this.

Apr 18 @ 9:45AM  

No offense taken at all. I know exactly what you are saying.

If a person just does not care how can you want to be around them.

If they don't have the money, then try to help.

Teeth are so important and you do have to do what you can to take care of them.

And again it is hard to have any respect for someone that just does not care.

Apr 18 @ 9:48AM  
Yes, my dear Avenger... there's plenty of free dental clinics in TN and there's even one that works entirely only with those who work 30 hours a week or more at greatly reduced prices. But since you're so intent on calling me an ignorant little bitch in emails.... I'll not refer you.

Apr 18 @ 9:53AM  
My Hubby has dentures.. And french kissing him without them in is just like kissing him with his dentures in...And well when he does other things to me without his dentures in is wonderful...
Good blog...

Apr 18 @ 9:54AM  
And what a beautiful day it is to see even if I don't have teeth.

And what a beautiful day it is for us to see you :) You have a good outlook on life, and you make the best of it. I'm not one without a disability, and often I will see someone here make a comment that directly affects my own, yet I will not comment. They just don't know any better.

Apr 18 @ 10:00AM  
I certainly hope no one takes offense to what I speak out on.

I enjoy humor and the lighter side of life also. I just try to bring out some of the reality of what life throws out to each and every one of us.

This is a good Blog, Straddle

and a Kudo for you

Sometimes someone like me does speak out and hopefully it brings out a different side of things to digest!

Apr 18 @ 10:03AM  
Thank you, Xien. No offense taken, my friend!

Apr 18 @ 10:05AM  
Unfortunately, teeth are my one requirement.

Rotten teeth, no way. If someone doesn't have the ability to care for their teeth enough to at least get them pulled, then no...

No teeth, I can deal with no teeth if dentures are in place or it is one or two missing.


Apr 18 @ 10:08AM  
LOL..well, don't wanna be called one, don't act like one, my dear WetSpot..but I don't need a referral. I know where all the dental clinics are in Nashville and not a one of them is free. There are one or two that are based on income, on a sliding-scale fee, but not free, nope. Even with Tenn"WeDon'tGiveaShit" dental services are not free, except for children, and that's only for prophylactic procedures, for the most part.

Apr 18 @ 10:12AM  
Straddle, the answer lies in a question......How horny or hard up are you?...

Everyone , and I mean EVERYONE, claims to have high standards....But we all know that standards have a way of fluctuating, depending on our particular level of need.

...and there is that deep rooted memory all of us have...buried in the back of our "closets", that we don't want anyone to know about (if you don't have one, trust me, you will by the time you reach my age)

Apr 18 @ 11:19AM  
I have dentures and have been with more than one man who NEVER knew it. Not after kissing me, or receiving other pleasures either...

Apr 18 @ 11:29AM  
I am one of these people that brushes their teeth maybe a little too often. It does eventually weaken the enamel and my dentist lectures me about it...
I picked up the habit because I once liked a guy that was sweet as could be, but he had extremely rotten teeth. He just never took care of them. If he was within 2 feet you could smell his breath and it was horrible. He asked me once if he could kiss me and I had to say no. But I didn't have the heart to tell him why.

On another note, my ex-husband had dentures. There is nothing wrong with that, it happens for many different reasons..Just like Xien (who I'm glad is alive and well) said..

Isn't it amazing that even such a simple question can be turned into a 'I know more than you' or a name calling, mud slinging session....

Apr 18 @ 12:55PM  
I've heard rumors of a waiting list in southern oregon for free dental care.. but no one seems to know how to find it.

However, teeth that rot don't always rot because you don't take care of them.. my uppers all hooked into my sinus cavity and the last seven need removing now and I will need a full plate.. Such is life. Just FYI, the teeth rot from the root down not from the enamel up. . the first sign I may have of the tooth being bad is when it breaks.

Apr 18 @ 1:05PM  
Isn't it amazing that even such a simple question can be turned into a 'I know more than you' or a name calling, mud slinging session....

Not when we consider the source.

It appears that some people don't realize... sliding fee scale based upon income starts at $0. How's that for ignorance?

Apr 18 @ 1:09PM  
In Dixie you kinda gotta People have more teeth in their pockets then they do their mouths

Apr 18 @ 1:40PM  
As long as she is never ever opening her mouth and you French kiss her in the darkest night... why not?
Is she breathing, or she had a car accident and you retrieved the body before the ambulance would take it to the morgue?

Apr 18 @ 2:01PM  
If they are rotten uh uh...but if you lose them & you actually took care of yourself sure why not, oral would be so much softer chuckle. thanks straddle.

Apr 26 @ 2:19AM  
Hell no! And I am pretty open minded when it comes to shit, but I don't kiss rotten trees for a reason...

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Would you french kiss and/or date someone with rotten teeth, or no teeth?