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for all the young shits

posted 4/17/2008 9:27:24 PM |
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tagged: rant, pissed

Just wanted to tell you its not what you can do in bed its what you do outside of the bedroom that counts. I dont' care what you got in your pants or what you think you can do with it. Now leave me the fuck alone.

Now I wonder how many others feel that way, male and female?

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Apr 17 @ 9:29PM guessed it...I feel the same way.

Apr 17 @ 9:29PM  

Why do they act like they are God's gift to women?? Why??? GROW UP!

Apr 17 @ 9:30PM  
They will Sunshine...grow up that is...eventually!

Or they'll be sad and lonely and wonder why they can't get laid!

Apr 17 @ 9:31PM  
You tell em Zara. hmm i wonder if i show her t h a t! get a clue!!!.

Apr 17 @ 9:31PM  
But....but....but, I gotsa green cookie in my pants....

Apr 17 @ 9:32PM  
So true Sunny which is why I tend to prefer mature men myself.

Apr 17 @ 9:41PM  
<--------- wonders i am old enough.......

Apr 17 @ 9:46PM  
Sum, I checked you do meet the age requirements, but what can you do out of the bedroom?

Apr 17 @ 9:46PM  
A Greenie for Zaralyon!! Got one of those type emails yesterday - what happened to raising males with manners of some time??

Apr 17 @ 9:50PM  
Sum, I checked you do meet the age requirements, but what can you do out of the bedroom?

He's an alright sexatary...gets a little distracted ya gotta stay on top of him.

Wait!! That just didn't sound right!

Apr 17 @ 9:52PM  
what happened to raising males with manners of some time??

Manners, ha no such thing anymore...I have an 8 year old who holds the door for woman & we are constantly told oh so nice that nevers happens anymore. couldn't agree with you ladies more. Tease.

Apr 17 @ 9:54PM  
Sugar yes it does sound right. Best recomendation for a guy i've heard in a long time!!!! And i could use a sexetary myself.

Apr 17 @ 9:57PM  
I have never doubted that I am God's gift to women.

The only thing I have really wondered about is which particular god would do such a thing.

Apr 17 @ 9:59PM  
Dom I can honestly say you are the only happily married man I would look at more than once. You offer far more than what can happen in the bedroom to a woman.

Apr 17 @ 10:01PM  
Dom, you know we all want you. Too bad Sprite already has you!

Apr 17 @ 11:15PM  

I guess those of us who do offer more are a dying breed.

Or to old to be wanted.

Apr 17 @ 11:20PM  
Hormones are making the young shits think with their other "head". The only thing us older guys can offer is experience, but that seems to be ignored. I think you are old to be wanted. Oh well I still have a pulse and a heartbeat..

Apr 17 @ 11:36PM  
Dam...I'm not good for much...fucking was my only shot. Now thats blown...

Well I suppose I could also fuck you in the kitchen, and the bathtub....shower... car, and hell lets do it in the yard. Sound good?

Oh and I can make you laugh...thats my trump card.

Apr 18 @ 12:08AM  
im tired of guys just sending me emails saying want to fuck
and not even getting to know me

Apr 18 @ 12:13AM  
You got it girl... Feel the same way too...

Apr 18 @ 12:19AM  
i am young.............and i am now tall enough to ride the roller coaster at six flags ............but its the tool in my can hammer nails........remove a tight screw........and lubricate joints........all outside of the bedroom of course

Apr 18 @ 2:42AM  

My girlfriend posts personals online, and she gets just as many emails with cock shots that say, "Hey, let's screw" from 40-somethings as she does from 20-somethings. I don't think your problem is with young people. Your problem is with people who are just looking for NSA hookups. You can't get too mad; the advertising for this site does imply that it's intended for that purpose.

I'm reading your essays right now, and there's a couple parts that imply that you're here looking for sex. I'm not sure if anyone reads essays before sending messages (I might be the only one), but you may want to put in a little clause in there saying "Looking for real relationship, not just sex!"

Apr 18 @ 6:05AM  
evild, my beef is with the ones who don't take no thank you but instead piss and moan that they are so wonderful in bed and how long they can keep it up. I don't get that from 40 year olds. Besides that I honestly do prefer men with a bit of life experience and maturity, and many men in their 20's and even some in their 30's and above don't have that yet.

Apr 18 @ 8:44AM  

Apr 18 @ 3:55PM  
Yep! That 'bout says it all! I have my own rule: If you are younger than my oldest pair of boots, you're just too damn young! (btw my oldest pair is now 32!) I've raised my kids, I need no more!

Apr 26 @ 1:28PM  

yup. this makes me feel great. ranks right up there with being kicked in the B.M.A (baby-making apparatus) with steel-toe boots on.

I can extract the frustration you feel from those who do this, but somehow the overall tide ends up becoming, stupid-assed young guys Period .

I'm sorry, but being online the last few days (both here and elsewhere) I've seen nothing but hay-makers and full-on nut shots to young guys. I had to step off for a while and say Damn, is it "kick a young guys ass " season. If so, I'm 6'2". let me move out of the way so I don't get shot.

Where do we go, those of us who are decent and who happen to be young ? It's not even funny how close I am to the edge of just tearing my own hair out from the roots over this.

I'm sorry I was raised right, but all too often, the backlash kicks up in my face, because of those who weren't, or were, but choose to deviate from it.

You're tired of being played with, or not taken seriously. I grasp that, and rightly so.
Me being decent, I have a qualm too. I'm tired of approaching girls, only to have my age thrown in my face, or paying the "bull-shit bills" of those who left destruction before I showed up.

I scare girls. Not for anything creepy, but because everything I am, and stand for, flies right in the face of the old tried and true battle-cry

you're all the same

To be honest, I'd be scared out my ass too, if I kept on and on about not finding a million dollars, only to turn the corner, and it was right there on the street. I'm not taking your anger and frustration lightly. you and any other girl on here fed up with the stuff you get sent and the psuedo-offers you get.

I'm just saying I'm on the last thread of my rope, twisting fiercly in the wind. There's only but so much you can take.

Apr 26 @ 1:34PM  
It has more to do with what kind of message you send to younger guys. If you want to be treated well, then don't base the relationship on sex in the first place. You should be able to make that sort of judgement of someone before you ever sleep with them. I don't think im gods gift to women but, I think I have what it takes to be a gift to atleast 1 woman on this planet. I wasn't specifically raised to view my self as a door holder for all women. There are many women who don't deserve to have the door held for them but, who am I to judge that? Also, guys can have the same tendencies to be assholes as women. It's 50/50 no one sex is better than the other. I do believe women should be treated well as should men. Why does it matter what sex you are to be a nice person? It's pretty much a generalization on both parts so, I believe we should look at the individual before we make any pre-conceived judgements.

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for all the young shits