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Talk about a bad day!!

posted 4/17/2008 2:24:19 PM |
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Have you ever read someone else's diary or journal? Me neither...well not until Sumdaysoon dropped this page out of his and umm ...well.....come on, it's Sums..I was just wondering what kind of umm things I might get to find out, so I went ahead and read it..
Sorry, Sums.....and not just for reading your diary page..
Read on , you will all understand, as we all know how much he loves hunting season..

1:00am Alarm clock rings
2:00am Hunting partners arrives at house and drag me out of bed.
2:30am Throw everything but the kitchen sink into pickup truck
3:00am Leave for "deepwoods"
3:15am Drive back home and pick up GUN!!
3:30am Drive like hell to get to woods before daylight
4:00am Set up camp>>> Forgot Damn TENT!!
4:15am Head into "deep woods"
6:05am See deer..
6:06am Take Aim
6:07am CLICK!!!!!
6:08am Load gun while watching deer go over hill !!
8:00am Head back to camp, CUSSING..
9:00am Still looking for camp..STILL Cussing !!
10:00am Realize "Camp" is lost... Stop cussing... Start Sweating!
11:00am I'm lost...Start firing gun every five minutes for help
12:00pm Gettin hungry...Find wild berries and eat
12:05pm Run out of bullets
12:06pm 8 deer return
12:07pm Watch deer eat berry leaves... but Not berries!
12:08pm Have "strange feeling in stomach". Realize I've eaten poison berries!!!
12:20pm Rescued AT LAST!!
12:25pm Rushed to nearest hospital, stomach pumped
3:00pm Arrive at camp
3:15pm Leave camp to "KILL DEER"
4:00pm Return to camp for BULLETS
4:07pm Load gun and leave camp again
5:00pm Empty gun on squirrel that has been bugging me all damn day!!
6:00pm Arrive back at camp. See 7 deer grazing at camp
6:01pm Load Gun..
6:02pm FIRE GUN!!
6:03pm One "Dead New Pick-up Truck"
6:04pm 7 deer go over hill
6:05pm Hunting partner returns dragging 8 POINT BUCK
6:06pm Repress strong desire to SHOOT hunting partner
6:07pm Turn around and fall into camp fire
6:10pm Change clothes...Thorw burnt ones back into fire
6:15pm Take pick-up..Leaving partner and his DAMN DEER!!
6:25pm Pick-up "boils over" from hole shot in radiator!!
6:26pm Load and EMPTY gun into pick-up truck!
6:29pm Start waling...CUSSING!!
6:30pm Stumble and fall over poison berry bush...Drop Gun in mud. REALLY CUSSING NOW!!!

6:35pm Meet BIG BEAR!!
6:36pm Take Aim
6:37pm Fire Gun!! Barrel Blows Up..Plugged WIth MUD!!
6:38pm Shit Pants!!!
6:39pm Climb to top of small tree to get away from Big Bear!!
7:00pm Bear finally gives up...after sliding down shitty tree....10 times.
7:15pm Slide down tree...WRAP GUN AROUND TREE!!!
12:00am HOME AT LAST!! big sig of relief
12:05am Roommate says "Stay in basement TIL AWFUL SMELL Clears!!!

Sunday Noon.... Watch Pro Football on TV in basement, while slowly tearing hunting license into tiny pieces.... Place pieces into envelope, mail to Game Warden with instructions "Where To PUT Them" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wonder where he's really been all these times he told us he was out hunting..hmm, maybe need more diary pages to find out.. lol

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Apr 17 @ 2:36PM  
Sums dairy page, or not.... that was hilarious.

Apr 17 @ 2:41PM  
LMAO....That was fuckin' funny!

Apr 17 @ 3:19PM  


Apr 17 @ 3:21PM  

Apr 17 @ 3:51PM  
That is pretty funny

Apr 17 @ 4:33PM  
To any one who took my edgy attempt at humor the wrong way.
I meant no harm nor was I attacking Sums.
I've read his blogs and remarks and can say I've enjoyed them.
So, please accept my apolgies if any one mis took what I said as an attack on Sum.
Sorry Sums, no harm intended.

Apr 17 @ 5:24PM  
Sums.. you shooted a squirrel??? I'm... well.. I'm devastated!

Apr 17 @ 5:25PM  
LMAO Now that was funny right there. Thank you Sister Trease for the laugh and a kudo.

Apr 17 @ 6:12PM  
wondered where i lost that page........ ......patrick i have no idea what you are talking about........ .........nacho......the damn thing took my nuts........and not like you do either........

trease this is for you.........

Apr 17 @ 6:24PM  
Good one, sure does fit hunting to a T.

Apr 17 @ 6:28PM  
Now that was FUNNY!!!!

Apr 17 @ 7:48PM  
Now that was hilarious!!!!!!!!!

My ribs are hurting from laughing so hard.

kudos CL for such a "wonderful" insight to Sum's hunting experiences.

Apr 17 @ 11:38PM  
Aw CL your killing me wonderful job

leaves greenie by the gun sums don't need anymore

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Talk about a bad day!!