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posted 4/17/2008 11:11:42 AM |
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Spank Me, I'm a Deviant!

by Tracey Velazquez of SVANDCR

A study was recently released detailing the negative consequences of corporal punishment in child rearing. In it, the so called "experts" explained the terrible adulthood that likely awaited a child who is spanked by their parents. Do they become serial killers? Bank robbers? Kidnappers? No. Here was what the title of the article said:

Spanking Raises Chances of Unhealthy, Risky and Deviant Sexual Behavior
Physical punishment of kids linked to dangerous and problematic behavior, such as a likelihood to engage in unprotected sex or masochistic fetishes as adults.

And what types of things did they consider as "dangerous" and "problematic" masochistic fetishes? Enjoying spankings. You got it kiddies... When you lay your peachy little bum over your partner's knee and ask him to slap you to a rosy pink hue, you are apparently engaging in a dangerous and deviant behavior. Behavior apparently considered so dangerous that they devoted most of the study to it. Give me a break! What kind of sexually repressed prudes wrote this study, anyway?

I don't know about you, but I wasn't abused as a child. I was popped on the bottom once or twice when I was bad, but usually just my father's threatening, towering presence was enough to make me behave. Occasionally my mom threatened me with the dreaded wooden spoon, but rarely if ever did she actually use it... well, maybe once. Point is, I would hardly say I was spanked on a regular basis.

I was introduced to the art of spanking, and flogging, by a BDSM expert. If you have ever experienced this, then you know that it is not remotely similar to being threatened with a wooden spoon by your mom when you were little. Willingly presenting your bottom to a dominant partner is an act of pure submission and excitement. The pain he (or she) inflicts on you is a testament of the trust between you. The result is a burst of endorphins that leave you floating in a state of ultimate well being for hours afterwards. Well... if it's done right it does. These are the results that those who enjoy getting spanked are after. It's a sexual behavior with a partner who we trust to know our limits. How many of you experienced pleasure when your mom caught you shoplifting with your best friend in sixth grade, and proceeded to whale the shit out of you?... Not many, I bet.

“So scientists are telling us that hitting children is bad... I totally agree with them! But they should not do it by implying that the people who enjoy sexy spanking are masochistic deviants!”

Look, I could go on and on as to why I don't believe in corporal punishment for children. But that's not the point of this article. So scientists are telling us that hitting children is bad... I totally agree with them! But they should not do by it by implying that the people who enjoy a sexy spanking are masochistic deviants! Some of us simply enjoy a little fetish play here and there. Edgy, with a hint of danger and unpredictability – the way any good sexual encounter should be. It doesn't have to hearken back to some half buried childhood trauma. Why can't it just be what it is?... A bit of naughty fun.

While we're on the subject, let's look at the more serious findings of the study. Mixed in there with the "deviant" sexual behavior caused by spanking, was an increase in unprotected sex. Unprotected sex is indeed a very serious and potentially harmful problem that could lead to STDs or an accidental pregnancy. If spanking your child raises the chances of them having unsafe and unprotected sex, isn't that what we should be worried about? Personally, I don't see the connection between how spankings would keep someone from using condoms. That sounds more like lack of proper sex education to me than anything else. I mean, is it really so crazy to imagine that the same types of parents who think it's a good idea to regularly hit their children might be exactly the types of parents who also lack the proper foresight and communication skills necessary to explain the birds, the bees and STDs to their kids? But hey, I didn't write the study. I'm just saying, unprotected sex is actually a legitimate and serious issue, so let's deal with that problem and ditch the rest. Who cares if someone likes being tied up, ball-gagged and whacked on the ass with a whiffle-ball bat during sex, so long as they are practicing safe sex!?

“Who cares if someone likes being tied up, ball-gagged and whacked on the ass with a whiffle-ball bat during sex, so long as they are practicing safe sex!?”

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Apr 17 @ 11:12AM  
I am now heavily connected to the BDSM scene. I know many, many people who delight in inflicting and receiving pain, be it just some playful spanking, to those who take pleasure in hanging with hooks through their back from the ceiling. And I can tell you, it's not about whether or not they were spanked as a child. There are, of course, exceptions to every rule and I'm sure there are some fetish lifestylers out there who were abused as kids and now have some weird twisted way of replaying their trauma in a Freudian type manner. But they are few and far between. The rest of us just like to live a little edgier and take things a little further. Some people like to jump out of planes. Some like racing cars. Some like hunting dangerous animals. I like being spanked until I have welts on my behind. I also like inflicting that kind of punishment on others. They are all very similar rushes- adrenaline and endorphins are a heady mix. It's consensual, it's safe, and it's intoxicating. And by no means does it have anything to do with some childhood trauma or corporal punishment in my past.

So think carefully before you judge, just because you read about it in a "study". Life is far too complex to make such snap decisions. I don't necessarily disagree that corporal punishment is wrong, but to say that spanking in consensual adult sexual behavior is a deviant byproduct is just insane. It takes all kinds to make the world go wrong. Everyone has their own fetish or kink- some of them better hidden than others. We should all be allowed to indulge them safely without being called deviants. Address the problem behind the study, which is violence against children, without attacking our sexual freedoms in the process.


Apr 17 @ 11:21AM  
I never said playful spanking was whole contention when it comes to ANYTHING is about treating people with dignity and respect. Serving as a footstool and wearing a dog collar is anything but respectful.

I thought this subject was supposed to have died out? Why are you stirring the shit up again?


I do believe in spanking a child..NOT BEATING, mind you..spanking.

I think it is the lack of discipline (including spanking, if warranted) that leads to bad behavior, not vice versa.

Apr 17 @ 11:36AM  
Very good info Sport...


Apr 17 @ 12:02PM  
Oh yeah.. I forgot to mention teh adrenaline junkie bit.. lol.. many of us in the lifestyles are adrenaline junkies.

Apr 17 @ 2:31PM  
Avenger.... I read this post quickly, not once but twice, and no where did I see any mention of YOU. This has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU and SPORT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF THE PREVIOUS BLOGS, COMMENTS, NOTAFUCKINGTHING!!!

In fact if you had any common sense, you would realize the first comment on this blog is a continuation of the publication.

Please... go away, hateful little girl.


Apr 18 @ 7:15AM  
You seem to have the right priorities. Protected sex. Safe sex. Naughty and fun sex.

Apr 18 @ 7:22AM  
Piss off, WetSpot. No one said it had anything to do with me. The blogs are put out here for the site members to comment on, and that's my contribution to the discussion. Don't like what I have to say? Don't fucking read it!

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