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Would you share your toothbrush with your sweetie?

posted 4/17/2008 12:41:31 AM |
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tagged: couples, gross, straddle

I am known for blogging gross blogs about what I like and don't like, but this one ranks right up there to what I don't like. I can never share my toothbrush with my sweetie. I could never ever share it with any person, that's just too gross, even for my standards. lol But hey, some couples don't seem to have a problem with doing this. Would you actually share one with your lover, or do you have a major problem with doing that?

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Apr 17 @ 12:49AM  
I don't think I'd have a problem with it....but I guess its one of those things that you don't know the answer to until it actually comes up in life.

Apr 17 @ 12:50AM  
Does someone out there share a toothbrush with their lover that has something like "billy bob teeth"?

Apr 17 @ 1:05AM  
you kiss your missus,prolly slip the tongue in occassionally ..and don't want to share a toothbrush with her .?
maan,you better hope she don't read this blog.

I would share a toothbrush with my missus if need be..long as she was only gonna brush her teeth with it. these days they use 'em for scrubbing brushes and all sort of things

Apr 17 @ 1:22AM  
Hell, she feels the same way.

Apr 17 @ 2:10AM  
Toothbrushes are pretty cheap. So why not keep some extras around in case your lover does use your toothbrush. I thiknk it's pretty gross,but that's me.

Apr 17 @ 2:44AM  
I have my mouth on every inch of her body, along with every orifice....
And she has the same for mine...

Kinda makes sharin a toothbrush a moot point.

Apr 17 @ 5:49AM  
what DKW says.............yeah thats it

Apr 17 @ 6:20AM  
I'm with straddle on this one. You use my toothbrush you don't come back, unless you a) replace mine and b) bring your own damn toothbrush.

Apr 17 @ 6:36AM  
Not typically, but if there was no other alternative, I would. Or I'd make him wait to kiss me until he ran to the store to buy one for himself. LOL.

Apr 17 @ 6:37AM  
Hon, if we can go down on each other, I'm not going to worry about sharing a toothbrush!

Apr 17 @ 6:39AM  
Ooops! My comment sounded like I was talking about me and Straddle! LOL I meant "you" in the anonymous sense!

Apr 17 @ 6:39AM  
I'm gonna have to agree with DKW... perfectly said.

Apr 17 @ 7:11AM  
Yes, I would have no problems sharing, especially when we had been sharing each others body and fluids. For each it's their personal preference, and I won't be offended if they didn't want to share. Course, I always have spares.....

Apr 17 @ 7:44AM  
Yes, I share mine with my husband & we all use the same tube of toothpaste...saves money on the batteries & toothpaste...also, I agree with DK's assessment.:>)

Apr 17 @ 7:53AM  
It is true that couples do exchange bodily fluids, but would you do that if you knew you were sick? Had the flu, for instance? Sometimes I wouldn't stop to think about it, if it wasn't so obvious, but if my mate were lying around in bed coughing and sneezing and basically miserable, then I'd stay clear of him, hopefully to avoid getting sick.

During those times you wouldn't want to use his toothbrush because it has COOTIES on it! Eww!

And toothbrushes harbor bacteria so if you're not sanitizing it, and then sharing it, you may have a higher risk for transmitting infection back and forth, for quite some time.


Apr 17 @ 8:01AM  
Whenever we get sick...I buy new sheets, pillow cases, & toothbrushes for the whole family so not to spread. ;>)

Apr 17 @ 8:19AM  
Umm....I use his....I don't know if he knows it.....

We have 2 bathrooms and our sink is broken in our bathroom, so I leave my toothbrush in the shower. He leaves his in the other when I'm not showering and brushing....I go use his!!!

Apr 17 @ 9:06AM  
I think I am with DK and others on this one! If we each have our own, then of course use it, but if he doesnt, then yes, he can use mine!

Apr 17 @ 9:09AM  
Whenever we get sick...I buy new sheets, pillow cases, & toothbrushes for the whole family so not to spread. ;>)

Wow! That could add up to some big bucks if your family got sick very often!

But not a bad idea!

Apr 17 @ 10:14AM  
Nope, now way no how...that's too gross!!

Hell...I even throw my toothbrush away if I notice one of my dogs put their nose too close when they're sniffing at it. So..needless to order to save money on toothbrushes...I keep my bathroom door closed.

Apr 17 @ 10:47AM  
yes I have, sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you don't have one with you what you gonna do?? Use what is available

Apr 26 @ 2:27AM  
Forcefully yes! I never thought about that shit when it came to a relationship til one day my ex stayed the night and the next morning walked out of the bathroom brushing his teeth with my toothbrush.... My first reaction was WHAT THE HELL? Then he had a point I couldn't argue with, I put my tongue in your mouth don't I! So I guess I'm cool with it cause at least he has a clean mouth!

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Would you share your toothbrush with your sweetie?