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posted 4/15/2008 4:27:32 PM |
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Mama's blog yesterday was awesome. And also got me to thinking. There really IS a lot on here, both in the open, and also a great many who "lurk" that have a great many lifestyles which "differ" from what many have come to view as "normal." And thank you to those who have come out of the shadows to make comments of their own. Also a big thank you to any who, although they did not agree with the topic presented by BlueEyes, they said their piece, and them moved along, or else added to what was a somewhat lively discussion in a civil and respectful manner, free of implied insults or veiled accusations of mental illnesses..

I hope more come forth with either view, for or against, same as I have always supported. In constructive ways, of course. Too long have many been forced to lurk in the shadows, for fear of judgement or reprisals. I think enough at least HERE, have shown that although it may not be their cup of tea, they will more than support anyone who can show themselves with a little decorum.

It HAS however been presented by a few, both in the open and in private to me, the questions: "IS this stuff for real? DOES this really occur within two people's lifestyles? DOES it go this deep?"

So, to answer them my own view, mind you.

YES, it is most definitely for real.
YES, it most definitely occurs each and every single day, and for some it most assuredly is a 24/7 relationship.
And the most "scary" answer of all. YES, it goes that deep. But the scary part is, for some, it goes far DEEPER than anything that has been said to date.

I myself spent a year in deepest research to satisfy my inquistive mind, to find the answer to my own question....JUST how twisted is humanity in general? To what depths does it truly sink in its deviations?

The answer I found for myself. I am SORRY I looked. What gets discussed in here is kindergarten play by comparison. What is incredibly unbelievable by some concerning discussions here, barely scratched the surface by general comparison to the big picture. I am not going to post examples, as much of it sickens and disgusts me, do your own research. Just don't forget you were warned here first.

What I AM going to post is a few examples, for several who have asked me, is examples of some of the things I myself follow. And note there is NO "one true way," the lifestyle is as diverse as anything else. To me, what counts is a meeting of two minds, that then work together to find the path that they BOTH wish for, and that which gives them the absolute most happiness and contentment with each other.



Satin and Lace

Slave Training

Or, dont take my word for it. Google it yourself, "slave lifestyle."
You will only get 135,000 results, that's all.

So....please do discuss if you wish. And a note for any who still lurk in the away. Anything derogatory, insulting or inflammotory on my blogs will be deleted. As it always has been, and will always be.

Roll on, live life to the fullest, always.....
Just remember to let live, while you're at it....


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Apr 15 @ 4:33PM  
Not into personally, as I have said, but I will defend your right to live your life the way you want...Isn't that what Pervia is all about? I think it is.....

Apr 15 @ 4:45PM  
There is also a series of books...fiction but written from the point of view of a masochist who is also a highly paid courtesan, called Kushiel's Dart...I've recommended these books before simply because they are so well written and they also go into alot of the role playing and other aspects of the D/s lifestyle in great detail without making it out to be a perverted or abusive thing. In fact, the books draw a definite line between the two.

Apr 15 @ 4:45PM  
All 4 sites hold valuable info, thanks for posting it!

Apr 15 @ 4:51PM  
i'm by no means well read on this but while it's plainly obvious what the man gets out of this i can't for the life of me understand what the woman gets.

Apr 15 @ 4:59PM  
Thank you again DKW for another look into the minds of a different lifestyle, i applaud how you portrait it. your friend, TEase.

Apr 15 @ 5:08PM  
I want a pet girl.

That sounds awesome.


Apr 15 @ 5:13PM  
Thank you DK...
Also for showing the other side of this lifeslyle .......
It is scary to see some do go that far in this lifestyle....I for one do not..

Apr 15 @ 5:15PM  
There are also the Sleeping Beauty series written by Ann Rice under the name A. N. Roquelar that delve more into other twists on this kink. Fun to read too. (certainly made me think twice about pony boys)

So... need the viagra and snack foods yet?

Apr 15 @ 5:16PM  
Let me make sure I have all of this right....Does this mean that two consenting adults can get together any way they want and have a good time? Does that also mean that they should be able to do that without being judged by others that dont understand? Isnt that what this site is all about? Oh yes, I could also be multiples? Now where did I put that Wesson oil??????

Apr 15 @ 5:26PM  
OOOPPPSSS!!!! Almost forgot to leave a greenie!

Apr 15 @ 6:04PM  
Personally, I'm not into that kind of a lifestyle...but, I do know a couple who are friends of mine...and as far as I'm concerned..if it's consensual, and they are comfortable, it's their life..and more power to them. When out at the store, they look like any "normal" couple, one would never know they were into the "slave" lifestyle that others want to condemn.

I have always accepted people for who they's not up to me to judge anyone.

Apr 15 @ 6:30PM  
DK thanks for the info and how you live your life really only matters to you and you Blueeyes and thats what is important, I hope you two have a wonderful time!!

Apr 15 @ 6:43PM  
There is a giant bell curve of kink out there.
There are things I do others would not and things others do I would not dream of.
Is one more or less than the others?
No, just what fits each person and their partner(s).
As long as there are limits and safe words and many other safety precautions each to their own level.
Judge not others.
Simple words but they mean a great deal!
Safe, Sane and Consensual are more than just words they are a creed and a way of life.

Apr 15 @ 7:00PM  
A few years back I would have said I don't know what the woman gets out of a relationship like this either. I was curious, tried it and now there is no going back to being vanilla.

I have experienced what is in it for the woman..

You are right in saying that even the slave/sub training you have started with BlueEyes is tame compared to what some extremes practice in the lifestyle.

Now what I want to know, is are you thinking of adding an inversion table to your bag of tricks?

I bow my head with respect to you and BlueEyes (uppercase is still permitted I see) and leave a kudo.

Apr 16 @ 1:07AM  
lol...To each his own...

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