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Diary Day 2

posted 4/15/2008 1:14:06 PM |
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Diary of a new sub - slave,
Day two:
This girl learned the errors of her ways yesterday after i posted my blog. Master made it quite clear exactly what this girl did wrong and how disappointed HE was with me. This girls punishment was swift and exacting. A lesson taught in how this girl needs to address her humble person in text. This girl would like to apologize to any Doms reading this girls humble blog if she offended.
After the beating yesterday,and this girls well taught lesson today. Dark Lord seemed to be in good humor. HE even let this girl polish HIS boots, make the bed, and cook HIM dinner, and last night HE gave this girl my own pillow and blanket for the corner of his room. Dark Lord said HE‘d buy a cage later.
HE also went out and bought a new toaster, admitting that the other needed replaced. This morning when HE came into the kitchen Master took HIS coffee, and actually showed this girl a little affection. A pat on the head is wonderful, and told this slave to make HIM some toast.
Our true training sessions started this afternoon. Master told me HE ordered this slave a present a couple weeks ago, and HE hopes that this girl will like it; because i will never be allowed to remove it. Then HE showed her this wonderful piece of soft black leather with a little silver trim. Master told this girl they were HIS two favorite colors and HE thought they would look wonderful with this girls red hair.
My Master bought this girl a collar. How lucky could a girl get? But, instead of just placing it on this girls neck like the last Master did, Dark Lord walked to HIS favorite chair and had this girl kneel in front of HIM.
“Do you know what this is?” Master asked.
“This girl will assume that is her trial collar.”i replied
“You could say that, but for us it’s going to be more than a trial. I want to know how badly you want to wear this piece of leather, what does it mean to you.”
“Well this girl knows by putting that on, she becomes your property. We are seeing if we think it will turn into a permanent arrangement. Master may set a timetable or may not. However once this girl agrees to wear it, she has no life from then on. Master is her life, Master and only Master decides everything.”
“That’s a good partial answer. You are a good girl. Your previous Master instructed you well. You need to answer the rest of the question, how badly do you want this.”
Dark Lord knows this slave is not good with words, coming up with answers is not one of her better points. This is why she is a good slave, she does not argue and this girl never offers explanations when she is wrong, this slave just accepts her punishment.
This girl drew a deep breath and lowered her eyes. This was going to be rough. Speaking out has never been allowed before.
“Wearing your collar will make this girl whole Dark Lord. It will remind this girl on a daily basis of just how lucky she is to have a kind and beloved Master that looks out for her complete care and well being. It will remind this girl that each day she must strive to do her best, no matter what the conditions HE has set for her. This girl must then earn the right to keep this collar around her neck to remain in Masters protection. That she is learning to be everything Master expects in HIS slave, and this girl is to train herself and turn her heart, soul and self over to her Master completely. Then Master may grace her with HIS offer of a permanent one, and claim this worthless slave as HIS for all time.”
This slave dared to raise my eyes and met Dark Lords. HE looked deep into them pondering what more HE could drag from this slaves depths.
“I don’t think that is enough” and Dark Lord started to get up and walk away.
“Master Please!” the girl begged and reached for his knee. This girl made the mistake of touching her Dark Lord without permission and Masters foot caught her in on the shoulder as HE pushed her aside with HIS boot.
“You are not allowed to touch me, you know better than that.”
By this time, this slave could feel the tears clogging her throat. This girl was feeling not only Masters's disappointment but His rejection as well. More than anything this slave wanted to be owned by this powerful Man.
Again this slave started, voice aching with tears, trying not to cry in front of Him. “Please Master, don’t walk away. What does she need to do, what does she need to say to get Masters approval?”
“You give yourself, totally to me? You are willing to take ANYTHING I wish to give, any punishment I wish to administer. Do as you are told, and work to improve yourself daily? You’re willing to do this?”
“Yes!” i cried, “Please just give me a chance to please you. This girl is nothing without your ownership.”

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Apr 15 @ 1:14PM  
He then walked to me, “Lift up your hair.”
When this girl did, He placed the collar around her neck. “You earned this collar because you begged. That is a sign of humbleness. A rare trait, one that usually takes a long time for someone to give.”
Master then offered me the back of HIS hands, which this girl kissed and lowered her head for further instruction.
Master then sat down and told this girl HE was going to watch the baseball game on TV. This girl was to get HIM a beer from the fridge, then come back and get down on all fours in front of HIM.. Master needed a footrest.
The life of a slave is not easy. But when you can make your Master happy, Life can truly be wonderful. Maybe soon Dark Lord will give this slave a name.

Apr 15 @ 1:51PM  
You got a collar! *dreamy sigh* I envy you...

Apr 15 @ 1:52PM  
I regret that I have but on kudo to give...

Apr 15 @ 1:57PM  
Your first gift for being a good slave....
A wonderful collar to show all you are owned....

Apr 15 @ 2:09PM  
I love it! I can't wait until I get my collar!!! i'm leaving you a kudo

Apr 15 @ 2:17PM  
Kudo for you my dear blue eyes. :>)

Apr 15 @ 2:28PM  
Kudos to you also for having the guts and the extremely high self-worth it takes for one to enter into this kind of relationship!

If he allows...please give your master a hug from moi!

Apr 15 @ 2:29PM  
Forgive me DK...I meant Master!

Apr 15 @ 4:04PM  
There are none so blind as those who will not see. And that's all I have to say about that.

Apr 15 @ 4:20PM  
Those who see too much and can't handle it are the ones whom run and cower...they are the ones who succumb to be mastered...

Apr 15 @ 5:09PM  
Kudos for sharing this publically....

Apr 15 @ 6:32PM  
Happy for you Blueeyes

Apr 15 @ 6:39PM  
Blue it takes a strong person to talk about a personal relationship such as this and deal with the stupid blindass comments. Good blog, and good for you, its your life and you lead it the way you see fit and its good to see your not letting the narrowminded nutjobs get the best of you.

Apr 15 @ 6:44PM  
Dark Knight is a much stricter Master than I thought. I know of slaves, I am not sure I could go that far, but I certainly understand the appeal.

My Master required that I read the Story of O before we met. At our first meeting, I went to a local State Park with him where he led me by the hand with my eyes closed. It takes an amazing amount of trust to do that.

When we meet, I am usually blindfolded and not permitted to speak.

It sounds like you two are on an incredible journey.

Apr 15 @ 7:20PM  
My Master required that I read the Story of O before we met. At our first meeting, I went to a local State Park with him where he led me by the hand with my eyes closed. It takes an amazing amount of trust to do that.

When we meet, I am usually blindfolded and not permitted to speak.

You should try it in the vehicle, so you don't know where he is taking you & have him feed you morsels of food while you suckle the juice off his strong hands...

Apr 15 @ 7:24PM  
Plenty of friends and family.....but only gets to see them on visiting day.

Apr 15 @ 7:27PM  
Fantasyfactory- I was thinking, "Oh god, there are MORE of them?"

Apr 15 @ 8:27PM  
I wish I has something clever to say but I don't. If this lifestyle gives you personal fullfillment and gratification, makes you a better person and better equipped to live in today's society with it's demands....then you are living the life you need to live.

It's interesting reading that's for sure.


Apr 15 @ 9:01PM  
Ahh... The Story of O. I never got to read the book which I understand was better, but... years ago, when I was in my early twenties and before Times Square was cleaned up, I saw the movie.

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Diary Day 2