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Spend more money on the Wedding, or spend more on the Honeymoon?

posted 4/14/2008 9:20:21 PM |
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tagged: life, wedding, straddle

Would any of you spend more on your wedding, or would you spend more on your honeymoon? I know some put more into a wedding than their honeymoon, and vice versa. I know friends are at your wedding, and some say you should spend more in that area. Call me a little selfish, but I think I would want to spend more on my honeymoon than my wedding. What are your thoughts, would you spend more on your wedding, or honeymoon?

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Spend more money on the Wedding, or spend more on the Honeymoon?
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Apr 14 @ 9:24PM  
Skip the reception thing. Elope and head straight for Pervia.

Apr 14 @ 9:27PM  

Apr 14 @ 9:28PM  
Spend money on both but have both at the same time get married in cuba and honeymoon in cuba.... you have your trip and you can wear what u want at your wedding

Apr 14 @ 9:30PM  
forgot to add u can always make a small party for friends and family when you get back home ..........Leaves a koody and runs off

Apr 14 @ 9:37PM  
Between the two choices, most definitely the honeymoon. If I ever decided to get married again (has Hell frozen over yet?) then I'd just do a "J.P." thing, probably.

But if it was a choice between the honeymoon and putting the money toward building my dream home, I'd forego the honeymoon for the home.

Apr 14 @ 9:37PM  
Wedding....wait, no....honeymoon....wait! Ahhhh!

Good question, lol. Hmmmm....I'm leaning towards wedding, cause thats the part everyone else sees. The honeymoon can still be pretty sweet even if its budget....but then again, so can the wedding.....uhhhh....I dunno lol

Apr 14 @ 9:38PM  
Wait, scratch dat! I just marry some rich guy and have both! Lol

Apr 14 @ 9:50PM  
The way I see it, the wedding...well its just for the women folk. Men hate weddings (well straight men anyway). So why spend all the money on the part half of the couple hates.

When my sister got married, it was a small wedding followed by a trip to hawaii....I think I would follow that example.

Live hard, die fast, leave a mangled corpse and a large credit debt. Its the american way (you could in a way say that the Bush adminstration personifies that philosophy).

Now who wants to let me do blow off your ass? Any takers?

If you think this is bad, wait till you see my blog tonight.

Apr 14 @ 9:54PM  
Beefy, you did fine with your comment until you drifted into politics in it. Stay on the topic!

Apr 14 @ 9:56PM  
Beefy, you did fine with your comment until you drifted into politics in it. Stay on the topic!


Apr 14 @ 10:00PM  
spend it on a pickup, a boat and a motorcycle
don't forget that tats
and if there's anything left
a shiny trinket for the lady

yep - this oughtta get me some points here

Apr 14 @ 10:03PM  
Straddle, first of all I'd thank you for posting a wonderful blog tonight. I'd like to add that if any others are planning to post a blog this is the place to be stupid and promote it.

If I had to do it again I would swear I just went into backruptcy so I wouldn't do it again.

Okay, the honeymoon. I wonder what Hilary would have to say about this.

Apr 14 @ 10:10PM  
Well, if we're allowed to choose other options, then I want POWER TOOLS! Lots of power tools! (If you've ever had to cut a Christmas tree trunk with a steak knife, you'd appreciate my love for POWER TOOLS!!

Apr 14 @ 10:19PM  
personally i'd forgo the wedding and go for the honeymoon, or maybe even a different kind of powertool

Apr 14 @ 10:24PM  
...or not get married at all.

Sorry to sound like a pessimist,but the idea of marriage is dead,everyone takes it for granted now a days.Most just marry under societal or cultural pressure only to fall out of love and/or cheat...and then they come here.Don't marry under pressure or false impressions,if you ain't the money.Being single is less of a pain in the ass and will cost you less.

Ok,don't flame me,this is merely some insight...

Apr 14 @ 10:25PM  
I only had one 'honeymoon' sorta. Married --?-- times but only one honeymoon. We were strapped for money so we just went to the lakes and got a motel room...and they were having water problems..which meant we had none But it was so late we stayed there anyway. Sex and no water??? Not good.

Definetely would spend the most money on the honeymoon if I should ever be foolish enough to do it again.

Apr 14 @ 10:35PM  
skip the whole marraige things and just have the crazy wild after sex?

who needs all that glitz and high priced bullshit to make things "offical"

i guess the wedding, have it some place where u want to vacation anyway. and that way u can wrap it all in as the same lump cost... of just freakin expensive

Apr 14 @ 11:36PM  
Honeymoon....I'm not into the fancy wedding dress, church ceremony thing...gimme a nice outfit..j.o.p and use the cash for a kicking honeymoon in Cancun or the Bahamas.

Apr 14 @ 11:37PM  
Definately not wasting a pile of money on the actual wedding. There are only a select few I truly hope can be at my wedding, so I would say a nice Bahama wedding, combine it with the honey moon, and those really important to me will be there as well!!

Apr 15 @ 1:19AM  
I think it's ridiculous the amount people spend. It's crazy.
I got no answer to this......

Apr 15 @ 2:13AM  

Apr 15 @ 3:24AM  

Sex is free once you get married..

*runs like a mo'fo*

Apr 15 @ 6:39AM  
You better run.....

Personally....for me, skip the wedding....and just honeymoon the the cows come home!

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Spend more money on the Wedding, or spend more on the Honeymoon?