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Diary Day 1

posted 4/14/2008 1:56:20 PM |
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Diary of a new sub - Slave,

Day one

You know learning to be my Dark Lord's newest Slave is more difficult than I ever imagined. It is no wonder he goes through them like water. This is my first morning here, and I am extremely nervous.

I was making coffee for him while he stayed in bed, and decided that maybe some toast will be good. He has an old toaster that is hard to control and I did not know it. I was pouring coffee into his favorite mug when I saw this stream of black smoke coming from the toaster and the smoke alarm went off. I moved as quickly as I could to un-plug the darn thing, but in my haste I sent his coffee mug to the floor and it broke into many pieces sending hot coffee everywhere, including on me. So now, I have burnt toast, coffee all over the floor and a broken mug, and maybe burns on my arm, I did not have time to look.

Then I hear him. “What the hell did you do?” there was a pause as he glared “Answer me!”

I was crouching down trying to pick up the pieces of the mug, and then I felt his foot make contact with my shoulder and he pushed me to the ground.

“On your knees slave, NOW!!!”

Well since I was already on the floor, I scrabbled to the position he told me I must assume when he asks me questions. On my knees, eyes lowered.

“I was making toast when the toaster started smoking.” I answered in a soft voice.

“Did I ask for toast? What made you think I wanted any?” Dark Lord replied. “And you broke my favorite mug. Get this mess cleaned up. While you do that I’m going to think of your punishment.” He walked off towards the bedroom. I heard the shower running, so I knew I had a little time.

I picked up all the pieces to the shattered mug and threw them away. When I started wiping up the coffee, I realize the floor need scrubbed, so since I was down there I just did the whole thing. I threw out the burnt toast and almost threw out the toaster.

I was getting down another mug for my Dark Lord's coffee then he entered the kitchen for the second time. I knew I was in trouble as I handed him his coffee when I read the t-shirt he was wearing. "Why beat a dead horse when you can flog a live slave," was on the front. He took the cup in one hand and my hair in his other. He was heading for the sofa. The look on his face was not as severe as it was 20 minutes before, but I could tell he was not a happy camper.

He sat on the sofa and guided me to me knees beside him.He sat me with my back to him and started playing with my hair.
“You know, you disappointed me this morning don’t you?”

I knew my answer could only be one thing so I whispered it. “Yes, my Dark Lord.”

“I also know we are new to each other, but you’ve had a Master before little one, you should have known better. You are a slave nothing more nothing less. I want you to do what you are told, when you are told, nothing extra. You will also do it quickly, and with great pleasure. Your whole life now belongs to me. You must understand that you are nothing without me, and I am here to guide and train you to that end.

“OK.” I thought, “This isn’t that bad” and was listening to him speak to me. Then it was there as fast as lightening. He had my hair back in his hands and my face bent over on the carpet.

“Stay right there don’t you dare move.” I heard steps over to the computer and then steps back. He picked up the little coffee table I was sitting in front of and set it to the side.Then he positioned himself behind me.

“Raise your ASS in the air.” He ordered.

I knew arguing or whimpering would only make the punishment worse so I leaned forward onto my forearms and lifted my butt off my ankles. Wondering what I was going to get beat with was the next fear. Then it was there, the sting of the riding crop was all too familiar. They all seem to like that the most. There were three very quick strokes, and it did not feel like he held back much. I bit down on my lower lip trying not to make a sound.

“What did I say to you while I was instructing you?” he demanded.

My mind drew a complete blank, I shook my head trying to clear it, but three more strokes were on my ass quickly, burning like fire.

“I’ll ask you again, what were my instructions?”

I drew in a very shaky breath trying to speak. I must have muttered something correctly because he forced me to my hands and knees, yanked my head back, and told me to repeat it as I looked into those wonderful brown eyes that held my soul. I must have said the right words or close to them, because he then leaned over and placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

“Good girl, you learn quickly. This will make your training much more pleasant. Now you may show me your gratitude, then go take a shower if you wish.”
Well I pleased him, that is one thing. But he is a hard one to please. I bent over and kissed his feet. Spoke my thanks and started to my feet.

My first morning of training went very well. I think he is pleased with me for now, but I must work harder to become everything he wants in a slave.

Slave – with no name as for now.

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Apr 14 @ 2:14PM  
Is this a work of fiction? Or is this a true occurrence?

Apr 14 @ 2:19PM  
To be a sub is a wonderful thing... Learn well my dear because the rewards are wonderful to recieve..

Apr 14 @ 2:21PM  
I'm asking the same question as A

Apr 14 @ 2:29PM  
*big sigh*

Apr 14 @ 2:34PM  
Too many fine details to be fiction....cant wait till she washes his clothes!

Apr 14 @ 2:40PM  
love is such a wonderful thing chuckle. :>)

Apr 14 @ 2:41PM  
To be a sub is a "wonderful thing?" And people call ME a prude with antiquated morals! LOL!!

Apr 14 @ 2:57PM  
Oh yes to be a sub. is a wonderful thing...... Avenger.. If you never lived the lifestyle you would never understand..
And says you don't have to have morals to be a sub. or to be a master???

Apr 14 @ 2:58PM  
Your first lesson should have been to never refer to yourself as "I"...always as "i". You are, afterall, only a slave...

Apr 14 @ 2:59PM  
Bravo! You said it, girl! Well, good to know there's someone else here besides me who is "brave" enough to "call a spade a spade." Now, I don't know if this is just made up intentionally to start an argument, or whether it's an actual occurrence; doesn't matter. Either way, it's completely beyond fathomable, to me. What woman in her right mind would EVER allow a man to treat her in such a manner? If my mate complained about the toast being burned, I'd tell him he sure didn't have to eat it; he could always reap the nutritional benefits by shoving it up his ass.

Apr 14 @ 3:02PM  
Not only should she have cleaned the kitchen floor, but should have waxed it too! I think DKW let her off too light! JMHO

Apr 14 @ 3:08PM  
In my opinion, and yes it is only mine.......but to me......that borders on abuse!! I am with Avenger and DS on this one NOT IN THIS FUCKING LIFE TIME!!!

Apr 14 @ 3:23PM  
It is only abuse if it is unwelcome... it is only demeaning if on believes they are above that to start with...

It is only wrong if you believe it is...

If you do not approve... do not live the lifestyle... Remember the blogger has chosen this of her own free will.... no one made her drive ALL THE WAY THERE....

Apr 14 @ 3:28PM  
Canu, not to take this out of context but...
it is only demeaning if on believes they are above that to start with

Are you suggesting that if someone objects to demeaning behavior they are placing themselves above everyone else.

Please tell me that just came out wrong.

Apr 14 @ 3:39PM  
And sweetpea (Canu) I did say that it was only my opinion!!! God bless them if thats the lifestyle for them,,,,,,,,,it's just not for me is all!! I know alot of people here love that lifestyle and I'm not saying they're wrong........And god knows if DK was here now I might enjoy the foot holding me long as his body followed next !!

Apr 14 @ 3:42PM  
Woman Rule...he must have an itty bitty penis to have to have someone bow to feel he deserves his knighthood...poor lil boy

Apr 14 @ 4:02PM  
I hope the rest of your time goes as well...happy for both of you

Apr 14 @ 4:04PM  
Aw come on! We all know that constant defiance is actually someone calling out in need of Dominance!

Apr 14 @ 4:19PM  
There's nothing wrong with it in theory.As always with the choices we make- they are our choices if that's what OP chooses,then who are we to say? Why do people choose the mates,friends etc they choose? As far as I know,it might be the ultimate act of love for her.

I personally prefer to administer the orders and discipline,not be the receiver..not like I am outrageously willful,I just feel its the right role for me because I feel I have a need to teach.

Apr 14 @ 5:05PM  
Whatever floats your boat. I could never be a slave, but I do believe I could be the Master!!!

Apr 14 @ 5:35PM  
Ohh this is getting interesting. First sister lesson... its i not I and HIM not him.

enjoy your servitude... you know it means you own Him right?

Apr 14 @ 5:47PM  
Look out ya'll I think somebody is on the phone trying to call the area S.W.A.T. team...

Your crime... having a good time...
punishment... a big wet blanket!

Apr 14 @ 6:04PM  
I'm too strong-willed and independent to be in this kind of relationship. Nor am I one to have to be in control. I like a 50/50 give and take. But just because this isn't for me doesn't mean I can waltz in and condem the people who enjoy this lifestyle.
If it's right for BlueEyes708, then it's right for BlueEyes708. I don't think anyone else has the right to take issue with her self-esteem or anything else about her for that matter.
Lighten up, Francis(es)!!!!!

Apr 14 @ 6:11PM  
To all those expressing the opinion of "I'd never let a man do that to me!"...

I realize you are expressing your opinion...and that is your right...I'm not coming down on anyone for that at all... would never have to...

This scenario and others like it are well orchestrated by two consenting people who live this type of is never forced and is always safe and sane...the boundries and guidelines are normally set up before it ever begins...and either can back out at anytime if they don't feel comfortable.

Apr 14 @ 6:29PM  
Interesting, very interesting. I'm learning more and more about the BDSM lifestyle every day. Some are dominates, some are submissives and some are prudes.

I just can't get through the pain thing. I don't like to be hit with anything. You can pinch my nipples (but not too hard) and playfully smack my ass, but a riding crop or paddle, no way. I don't mind ropes or whip cream, but I won't lick boots or serve as an ash tray. I will not, never ever wear womens clothes, except maybe a thong. You can demand from me in a role playing scenario but not in a lifestyle manner. And although I prefer a more aggressive woman in bed, I like to be on top sometimes too. I will tie you up, I will tease you and I will lick you beg for me to be inside you. But it's all fun.

That's me as for you BlueEyes If it's fun for you then you live you life however you like. As if you needed my permission.

And for TheHater - I couldn't picture a man wanting to be around you let alone control you.

And as for you Nacho - Hi!

All we are saying is give peace a chance.

P.s. To the confused - It's a chosen lifestyle. It's not abuse. She chooses it. She wants it. It's her perfect relationship.


Apr 14 @ 6:48PM  
I regret only being able to kudo once

Apr 14 @ 8:12PM  
To the confused - It's a chosen lifestyle. It's not abuse. She chooses it. She wants it. It's her perfect relationship.

Right on.

Just imagine how much better the world would be if everyone we're willing to be educated and learn a little.

Apr 14 @ 8:29PM  
sorry i could only leave one kudo............ my opinion..........this type of relationship could be the highest.................LOVE...............

Apr 14 @ 10:20PM  

BlueEyes LIKES it.

It's not a male/female thing because in many cases the roles are reversed. I myself don't live that lifestyle but it's not my place to question it. Just the same way I don't question vegetarians.

Apr 14 @ 11:20PM  
Oops...forgot the *giggle* on my last post! Sorry - my bad! Carry on...

Apr 15 @ 12:59AM  
This all sounds very familiar...didn't we have this very same arguement a short time ago that went on for weeks about prostitution? Looks like its time to change the channel again.

Apr 15 @ 9:17AM  
"Momma always said, 'Life is like a box of chocklits, half of em are nuts and some are just down right nasty.' "

Apr 18 @ 1:19AM  
sorry i could only leave one kudo............ my opinion..........this type of relationship could be the highest.................LOVE...............

I do have to agree but must be agreed upon between two people..with both people knowing and understanding it as such.

These kinds of relationships require a phenominal amount of trust, beyond what "vanilla relationships" require

Hats off to you BlueEyes

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Diary Day 1