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Story-Touchdown in Allie's Endzone

posted 4/13/2008 10:16:39 PM |
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After our incredible meeting with David and Allie from the Reds game, David and I kept in contact, chatting about possibly getting together again. David even shared with us the pics from that night and made sure he sent each of us guys pics of Allie blowing us that night in the hotel. The pics really turned out great and and after talking amongst ourselves, we decided we needed to meet up with Allie and David again ASAP.

I contacted David, and asked him about meeting up for a Bengals game. As luck would have it, they were free the day and night of the Baltimore game. We didn't have tickets, but we all agreed that if they didn't cost too much, we would just scalp them and then go to the game. If they cost too much, David was nice enough to offer coming over to his house and watch it on his new Plasma screen TV and we all could play with Allie while the game was on. We drove down early to Cincy and met them over at Willie's Sports Bar, at around 9am, three hours before kick-off and then took Allie's and David's SUV over to the stadium and parked over in a garage a couple of streets up from Pete Rose Way and the stadium.

We spent about an hour-hour/half looking for 5 tickets together from the scalpers and didn't have any luck. It was now about 10:30 AM and David suggested we just give up and go party at their house. So we all piled into their SUV and go get our car and follow him back to the house. on the ride back to Willies, Allie decided to sit, actually lay across all of our laps, in the backseat with us. My friend B lifted up her white Bengals T-shirt, undid her bra and started to suck on on of Allie's tits. R undid her jeans and pulled them down just enough so he could get his hand into her panties and started to finger her. I was stuck in the middle, and I'm not complaining, because I had Allie's ass planted in my lap and she was squirming this way and that way with B working on her tits and R fingering her pussy. I had a hardon and she knew it.

Allie looked me in the eyes and said "When I get a chance, I want to suck your cock..:" and then she moaned and lost her train of thought as R put another finger into her pussy and started to rub her clit with his thumb...

We got back to Willie's and continued playing for a minute, with David taking a couple of pictures in the parking lot of Allie getting played with. We all decided that we should stop and get back to D &A's place so we could all get comfortable. We all piled out of the back seat, with Allie pulling up her jeans and adjusting her bra back into place. David got out of his SUV and said, "Just follow me, we only live about 30 minutes from here, so you shouldn't have any trouble." Allie then got a little ornery smile on her face and told us to flip a coin. I got a quarter out of my pocket and Allie said" Flip the coin. Heads I ride home in my car with David and Tails, I ride home in your car..." We flipped the coin and it came up Heads, Allie was riding home with David....But she wasn't done making rules yet. "Who drove for you guys?" she asked. R said that he did. Allie then looked at him and made a little pouty face and said "Too bad. I'll make up to you when we get back to our place..." She then looked at myself and B and said "You two, Back Seat NOW!" I got in first followed by Allie and then B, so we made an Allie sandwich in the back seat.

Once the backseat doors were closed, Allie became a tornado of clothes. First she took off her t-shirt and then undid her bra and next kicked off her shoes. All that we could do was help her pull down her jeans, leaving her sitting in the backseat with just her black and orange tiger stripped thong on. She had worn it special for the Bengals game... Allie pulled down my zipper and fished out my cock, she got up on her knees and bent over and began sucking on me. Allie's ass was now kinda in the air and B leaned over and began licking her pussy and ass from the back side. Allie really seemed to enjoy B's eating her out and really liked it when he rimmed her ass, b/c she squealed and sucked harder on my cock. David hadn't even started the car yet, he just sat there taking pictures...R blew his horn in his car and snapped David back to reality and he started the car and drove away with R following.

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Apr 13 @ 10:17PM  
I'm sure that anyone we passed on the road got the show of a lifetime, here's this woman in the back seat servicing one guy and getting serviced by another....B took a break from eating Allie's pussy and started to finger her, ending up with two fingers inside her and working on her clit with his thumb. Allie was now sucking on my balls and licking my shaft. She then looked me in the eye and said, "Wanna tittie fuck?"

Allie didn't even wait for me to answer as she took her tits and wrapped them around my cock and started to jack me off using her incredible tits...B was still fingering her and started to lick her ass again, which made Allie cry out "YES, That feels so good..." B then pulled his fingers out of her pussy and started to lick her clit again. He then put his thumb up against Allie's ass and started to massage it while eating her out. Allie started to make a pouty face and started biting her lip and then told him to put his thumb in her and she'd cum...which she did screaming out in a high pitched whine that actually startled David and made him swerve as he drove. Once Allie's orgasam subsided, she Allie took my cock back into her mouth and started really sucking on it, milking the shaft with her mouth.

None of us in the backseat realized it, but we had arrived at David's and Allie's. David had pulled into the garage, waited for R to park in the drive way and come in and then he put the garage down down. Once the door was down, David began taking pictures again. I couldn't last any longer, with Allie really going to town on my cock and and let her know that I was ready to cum. She concentrated on sucking the head of my cock and swirled her tongue a couple of times, and that was it, I was filling up Allie's mouth with my load. When I had finished shooting, Allie raised up off my cock and looked at David, opened her mouth to show him the load and then swallowed it all. David of course took pictures of the whole thing...

We all stumbled out of the car, with a half-naked Allie only in panties leading the way into the house. We didn't realize it, but it was now almost time for kick-off. David turned on the TV and Allie had me and my friends sit down on the couch. Allie walked into the kitchen and returned with 4 pieces of paper and pens for David and us. "Make four boxes on the paper, number them 1 to 4 and write down what you thing the score is going to be at the end of each quarter. We are going to play a game....It's called Pussy Lottery. Whoever's closest to the actual score gets to fuck me for that next quarter." All the guys thought it was a great idea and quickly filled out the sheets with our names on it.

Allie spent the first quarter of the game going around to each of us and let us suck on her tits and finger her and then she returned the favor by sucking on our cocks and jacking us off. I was the last guy to get to play with her, since she'd given me the blow job out in the car...David again got some fantastic pictures of Allie sucking our cocks and her giving us lap dances.

As the first quarter ended, Allie who was on her knees between my legs looked over at the TV while playing with my cock and said, "Almost time..." and she gave my cock one last suck and got up and got the papers. Allie looked at the TV as she shuffled through the papers and at the end of the first quarter, Baltimore 10, Bengals 0, for a total of 10 points. As it turned out R was closest, he guessed 7 points. Allie decided that since he hadn't been part of the party in car on the way to the house, that she would give him a private party of his own. She led R up the stair to her and David's guest bed room, holding onto his cock and David followed to take some pictures. That left myself and my buddy sitting on the couch by ourselves to watch the next quarter. Since it was just us sitting there, without Allie, we felt strange sitting there naked, so we put our boxers back on and watched the second quarter. Just before the quarter ended and the game went to half time, the three of them came down from upstairs, with Allie having a noticeable amount of cum in her hair...

Allie picked up the three remaining score cards, she had taken R's out since he had just won the first quarter prize and looked at them At the end of the 2nd quarter the score was Baltimore 17, Bengals 3, for a total of 20 points.


Apr 13 @ 10:18PM  
As luck would have it, I won with a guess of 21 total points. That meant that I got to spend half time fucking Allie. I decided that I wanted to do her right there in the family room infront of the TV on the couch. Allie first got between my legs and sucked my cock to attention, and then I had her get up on the couch on all fours, doggie style and I sucked on her pussy and licked her ass for a little while, and then I got behind her and teased her clit by running my cock up and down her slit, and just barely sticking the head of my cock into her pussy and pulling out and then immediately taking the head of my cock and rubbing it right up against her clit.

Allie couldn't stand me teasing her anymore and asked me "To please fuck her already..." I placed the head of my cock against her pussy, took hold of her hips and pushed all the way into her until my balls slapped against her ass...Allie gave out a little moan and started to push her ass back against me as I started to thrust in and out of her pussy. David had come over and started to take pics of us fucking doggie style, getting in as close as he could to take some up close shots of my cock sliding into his wife's pussy.

We changed positions and Allie had me sit down on the couch and she sat down on my cock facing away from me and began to lift her ass up and down on my cock. I was in heaven... I had perhaps the hotest and sexiest woman in the Tri-state area riding my cock and I got to look at and play with her incredible ass as she rode me. I placed my hands on her hips and helped guide Allie as she work herself on my cock. Every few thrust she would stop, with my cock deep up in her pussy and she would grind her ass into me, giving me the best kind of lap dance... Again David was there taking pictures and encouraging Allie to fuck me...

David the suggested that Allie turn around and ride my cock facing me, so I could play and suck on her tits. Allie spun herself around, keeping my cock inside her and sat back down on it and then took her right tit and teased me with it by putting her nipple just against my lips for a moment before she pulled it away. Her breasts looked so good and swollen from being aroused and then the most incredible thing happened. Her right breast started to leak a little milk. Allie had just had a baby back in June and she was breast feeding the baby, so her breasts were full of milk...Allie noticed and said to me "Wanna taste?" I nodded yes and Allie ever so gently placed her hand behind my head and pushed me forward towards her breast, it didn't take much encouragement for me to take her nipple into my mouth and begin sucking on it, tasting Allie's warm mothers milk flow out of her breast, into my mouth and I started to suckle on her like a newborn.

Allie started to fuck herself on my cock while I continued to suck on her breast and if wasn't long before Allie started to cum and really squirm on top of me. I could handle it, between her pussy tightening on my cock while she was cumming and the fact that this sexy woman was allowing to feed from her breast, it sent me over the edge and I was lost in the extacsy of the moment and grabbed onto Allie's hips and really shoved her down onto my cock as I thrusted up into her pussy and blew my load... It was a good thing I came when I did, because the game had started again and Allie needed a break to catch her breath.

She sat down on the couch beside me and asked David if he had gotten any good pics. David answered "Oh my God did I ever." Allie noticed that David had a huge hardon in his shorts and had him come over to her and stand infront of her. She pulled down his shorts and took his cock into her mouth and begun giving him what appeared to be the most sensual blow job in the world. It wasn't too long before David couldn't stand it anymore and he flooded Allie's mouth with his load. When David was done cumming, Allie took his cock out of her mouth, gave it a kiss and looked David straight in the eye and said "I've had my shot, now where's my beer?" David looked over into the kitchen and saw B and R over near the fridge, eating chips and salsa at the counter and called out to them "We have a woman that needs a beer over here..." B opened the fridge and pulled out a beer and walked over to Allie and handed it to her. Allie looked at him and smiled and said "So do I get to fuck you after this quarter?" B looked at her and replied "God I hope so. Seeing you get fucked by these other guys had made me really jealous. I can't wait to taste you pussy..." Allie smiled back at him, took a drink of her beer and sat back and watched the rest of the the 3rd quarter.

Apr 13 @ 10:19PM  
At the end of the 3rd quarter the score was Baltimore 17, Bengals 6, for a total of 23 points, and no one was close to the score. B had guessed 35 and David had guessed 42. So B won the quarter by being closest. Allie came over to him and asked him if he was ready for his prize. B grabbed her around the waist and put his face into Allie's crotch and began licking her pussy. Allie put her hands on B's head and started to moan, showing that she liked having her pussy lips sucked on...

B stood up and told Allie to lay down on the couch, which she did, and then he looked over towards where I was sitting, which was on the end of the couch and B told me to move so he could have some more room. B the proceed to kneel over Allie's head on the couch and fed Allie his cock, which she was more than happy to swallow and Allie began to hollow her cheeks out sucking on B's cock. This went on for a couple of minutes until B let Allie know it was time to "69 Baby" and B proceeded to lean forward and dine on Allie's honey pot.

David started taking pics of the action again and realized after taking a couple of pics that his memory card was full. It was kinda funny to hear him start cussing and watch him run upstairs to his office to get another memory card for his camera. By the time David came back into the room, Allie was on her back laying on the couch and B was pounding into her missionary style. Allie then put her legs over B's shoulders and told him to pound her hard, which of course B was happy to follow Allie's orders. B only lasted a few minutes hammering away on Allie and as he started to cum in her, Allie wrapped her legs around his waist and gave him a tight hug. B rolled off Allie onto the floor next to the couch, looking like a guy who had just run the Boston Marathon, panting and all out of breath, and said "God her pussies still tight, even after all this fucking today." Allie just laid on the couch with a sly little grin and tweaked and massaged her nipples, while she watched B try and catch his breath.

The game finally ended with a score of Baltimore 23, Cincinnati 9, and by default since he hadn't fucked her yet, David was the winner of the 4th quarter lottery. As he came over to the couch where Allie was sitting, he looked at her and said "Well.." Allie smiled at him and replied "You are the luckiest man in the world today....These guys have gotten me so horny and have fuck me so much, that you get a special surprise for being the best husband in the world. I am proud to be your slut, and to show my thanks for letting me fuck and suck whoever and whenever I want....You get to score a touchdown in my endzone..." David just looked at Allie like a kid on Christmas, and said "You mean.." Allie interupted him before he could finish his question and said "Go get the Astro-Glide...You're fucking my ass."

David looked around the room and saw the lube on the kitchen table. R was closest to the table and went over, picked it up and tossed it over to David. Allie had already gotten herself into position, on her hands and knees on the couch, with her ass up in the air. David fumbled around to get the lid open for a moment, and then put a drop of the fluid onto Allie's ass. She then told him to lube his cock up really good, which he did, set the bottle down and moved into position.

David desparately yelled out "Will someone take pictures of this? Allie has never let me do this to her before!" I grabbed up the camera and took pics as David placed his cock against Allie's ass and pushed in slowly, letting Allie adjust to him for a moment. Allie then moaned "More. Slowly." Which David did until he was all the way in and then he started to thrust gently and slowly into Allie's ass. The tightness our her ass and the excitement of fulfilling a fantasy was too much for David and he was soon about to cum. Allie told him to pull out and cum on her ass, and David did just that, giving Allie atleast 3 good spurts on her ass and lower back. David looked over at me and asked "Did you get that on film?" I just nodded in response. Allie asked for a towel and David got up to go to the bathroom to clean up. When he returned to the room, he asked Allie "Well, how was it?" She kinda shrugged and said "Not too bad, but don't think that this is going to be an everyday thing..."

We said our goodbyes to Allie and David, with Allie thanking us for the fun time and David just smiling from ear to ear. As we were leaving, Allie called out, "See you guys next month!" David was a little surprised and said "Next month?" Allie just kissed him and said "Don't worry about it, just enjoy your wife being a slut...

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Story-Touchdown in Allie's Endzone