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Story-Hey Batter Batter.....

posted 4/13/2008 7:17:22 PM |
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A couple of years ago my two friends and I went to a Cincinnati Reds game never thinking anything would happen besides going to a baseball game...Boy were we ever wrong!

We were sitting in Right Field stands. There really weren't a whole lot of people there, considering that the Reds aren't that great of a team and they were playing Milwaukee, which really isn't any better of a team than the Reds. But me and my friends all all big Reds' fans, so we didn't care, we were there to be there!

About the third inning, this couple, in their 30's, with an attractive dark haired woman in glasses, wearing a white tank top and black shorts walked into our section and checked their tickets and it turned out that their seats were right in front of ours. We made small talk and found out that David, the husband is a big baseball fan and was upset that they couldn't get to the game sooner, babysitter trouble, because he wanted to keep score and he had even bought a scorecard but now he had missed the first 3 innings. My two buddies volunteered to catch him up on the game and help fill out his card. My two friends are baseball nuts and they were both keeping score already. So while the three of them worked on the scorecards, I introduced myself to the wife, and found out her name was Allie. She had a very nice smile and "wicked" twinkle in her pretty blue eyes. The tank top was showing a lot of clevage and I tried not to stare at her breasts, but I wasn't too successful. They looked so damn good in the tank top, and as the evening went on, and it got a little chilly, soon Allie's nipples where standing at attention, just begging to be sucked...

After about an inning, David and my two friends were hitting it off great, brothers in baseball and Allie and I were getting along also, making small talk about the game, Cincinnati in general and a few other things.

At about the 6th inning, David said that he was going to get something to eat and asked if anyone else wanted anyting. Allie said she'd go with him and help. I decided to go with them to help also, since carrying back the drinks and food can be a pain.

We decided to split up and get into a couple of lines to get the food. If you've ever been at a Reds game, sometimes the service at the concession stands takes awhile... I got the pretzels and popcorn, Allie got the hotdogs and David got the sodas. The two of them were standing at the condiment stand talking when I walked up to them.

"Allie says you guys are staying over at the Days Inn, across the river.." David said.

"Ya, it seemed like a good place to stay, besides it's close to Willie's Sports Bar and they have a free shuttle back and forth to the game, so we didn't have to drive."

The two of them just looked at each other and nodded. Allie had a little ornery smile on her face as we walked back to our seats. While we were eating the food, Allie started to eat her hotdog in a very suggestive way, almost like she was planning on deep throating it.
All the guys made comments, including David, about her technique and Allie said things like "you wish, Maybe, and we'll see."

As the game drew closer to the end, David started to talk to my friends about going over to Willie's to hang out for a while and since they were heading over, would we like a ride. We didn't want to impose, but David insisted saying, "We've a sport-ute, so we have the room, besides it would be quicker if we drove."

We all finally agreed, and as the game ended, we made our way out of the ball park on our way to David and Allie's car. David and my friends were talking about the game and I let Allie walk just a little ahead of me so I could check out her ass as she walked. It looked incredible, nice and round... not too skinny, just right to hold onto and enjoy the ride. From time to time Allie would turn around and make a comment to me and I would catch a glimpse of her breasts bouncing as she walked. Allie even complained that she was still getting used to her breasts being so big after having a baby back in June. I tried to give her a compliment about her breasts looking really good, but it came out sounding stupid...Allie gave a little smirk of a smile and punched me in the arm saying "all men are pigs, all you can think about is tits and ass... and by the way, Thank you..." She gave me a wink and looked around to see if David or my friends were looking and lifted up her tank top and bra and flashed me. Talk about heaven. Allie's breasts were beautiful, nice and full, with really nice nipples and perfect aeroles, just begging to be sucked on....

She quickly pulled her shirt back down and we walked into the parking garage and got into the car.

We drove over to Willie's Sports Bar, parked and went in. We ordered a couple of appetisers and watched ESPN for a while. Allie got up and went to the bathroom leaving David with me and my two friends at the table.

David leaned over and said "I have a question to ask you guys...Do you think Allie's hot?" We all paused for a second, not sure what to say...Me and my friends all just looked at each other, and I finally said, "Ya, she's hot. You're one lucky guy. I love those glasses she wears, there's something naughty about them. And she looks really good for just having a baby a few months ago..."

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Apr 13 @ 7:20PM  
David then said, "I have another question for all of you...If I told you that it was alright with me, and Allie's Ok with it too, would you take her back to your hotel room and fuck her?"

I don't think that we could believe what we had just heard...I mean the husband of this incredibly sexy woman just said we could fuck his wife? I looked at David and said "Are you serious? We can take Allie back to our room and fuck her? And YOU'RE OK with that?"

David answered, " We are swingers and Allie's a Slut Wife, she likes to be shared and have sex with other men and I like to watch her and join in with the guys. Allie hasn't played since the baby and she's getting really horny and if you guys are up for it, she will rock your world..."

Allie came back to the table and stood next to it and put her arm around David and said "Well? Are you guys gonna bang me or not?"

We couldn't pay the bill fast enough and get back over to the hotel. Once in the room, Allie entertained us all with a sexy strip show, where she took off her tank top and bra first and stood infront of me and my friends letting each of us suck on her sexy full breasts and then turning around and giving us a sexy lap dance, grinding her ass into each of our laps, leaving us each with a raging hardons, straining against our shorts. David was off to the side taking pictures of the whole event.

After Allie was done with the lap dances, she said, "Here's the deal, no kissing, David is going to take pictures of the sex and you all wear condoms to fuck me. Other than that, you can fuck me all you want, cum in my mouth, on my face or tits and when David's ready he'll join in and fuck me while one of you takes pictures of him fucking me. ANY QUESTIONS?" We all took off whatever clothes we had left on and Allie started off by sucking my cock while one of my buddies ate her pussy and the other sucked on her tits. After that it became a big blur of sex and Allie was never left too long without a cock in her pussy or mouth and hands roaming over her entire body, fondling her breasts and ass constantly.

David took pictures the entire time, and decide that he had seen enough as Allie swallowed a load of my cum and one of my friends had just finished eating Allie to what must have been her fourth or fifth orgasm, David handed the camera to one of us and told Allie to get on her back and crawled between her legs and pumped her for all he was worth. My friends and I watched as David filled Allie up with cum and even took pictures of his cum leaking out of her well fucked pussy and down her ass crack.

Allie just laid on the bed with a content, happy look on her face, and said "Did I wear you guys out? My pussy has been needing a good fucking like that for the last 3 months..."

We all just laughed and began to feel the "good ache" of totally drained balls start...Allie had fucked the horny out of all of us....

Apr 13 @ 8:07PM  
Aren't you the fucker?? Seems like you are always running into Slutty Housewives, who knew there were so many husbands willing to let their wives get gang banged by strange men?

Apr 13 @ 9:21PM  
Val, you have no idea... and I still don't have batteries.. this bites.

Apr 14 @ 9:32AM  
You must be the guy who writes most of the stories for Penthouse forum. The GOOD ones!

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Story-Hey Batter Batter.....