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Would you have sex with a one legged person?

posted 4/13/2008 9:09:57 AM |
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They say most men hump everything that moves, but how true is that? There are so many one legged people out there in this world, and to me they are no different than any other people. They have feelings like the rest of us. But some people will not date a person with only one leg, let alone have sex with them. Would you date, or even have sex with a person with one leg?

This is another Straddle classic blog from last year...

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Apr 13 @ 9:17AM  
One Legged, One Arm, Imperfections --- I think we all have something that would make us look different from another's eye or view point. I would like to think if a person connected with anothers mind, heart and soul that the imperfections that are there, visible or not that it would not matter.

Apr 13 @ 9:17AM  
Is her name Eileen??

Apr 13 @ 9:21AM  
Sure, I would

Apr 13 @ 9:22AM  
Many years ago I dated a guy who was a Vietnam vet who got his leg blown off while he was over there. He was no less a man because he was a victim of an unfortunate tragedy (if not an unjustifiable "war.") So the answer is yes, I would--and did.

Apr 13 @ 9:26AM  
Xien said it very well. If I was really into someone, it wouldn't matter.

Look at Rose McGowan in Grindhouse.

Okay, she's not really one-legged, but she looks hot.

Apr 13 @ 9:30AM  
Actually, a former member here has a prosthetic limb...his experience (in life, not just here) has been to be quickly turned down. He's actually nice-looking, if you ask me, but a bit hardened because of all the trouble he's had. He's young, though, and not even remotely a possibility for me! (And, yes, I know him in person...he was my boss's son.) Would it stop me if I met someone my own age, nope, I really don't think so!

Apr 13 @ 9:32AM  
I just realized this pic makes it look like I'm looking up the skirt or pant leg of the person above me. *giggle* Nice view!

Apr 13 @ 9:34AM  
Nomi, If you can't see what you are looking at up my pants leg, I will lend you my Magnifying Glass, OK

Apr 13 @ 9:35AM  
@ Nomi's last comment!

Apr 13 @ 9:40AM  
I gotta keep that pic up - I think I have the best view in the house!!!

Shawn...boxers, eh? Sorry, X - straddle's in my way!

Apr 13 @ 9:41AM  
Ahhhh shucks, He it the lucky one!

Apr 13 @ 9:41AM  
Ha! You're wrong, Nomi. I have on dark blue briefs.

Apr 13 @ 9:41AM  
it = is

damn Keyboard, so sticky

Apr 13 @ 9:49AM  
A very handsome, outgoing friend of mine lost his leg knee down in a motorcycle accident. I'll never forget... the charmer met some lady and took her home (he was then b/f's roommate). Charmer never told her... We heard a scream coming from the room and it wasn't sexual ecstasy. They stayed together after she got over the initial shock of it. Charmer should have prepared her.

Oh yeah, the answer is yes... sure... I'd have sex with a one legged person.

Apr 13 @ 9:56AM  
Yes I would. I have to say that I look beyond a persons outside appearance. What's inside is the deal maker or breaker for me!

Apr 13 @ 9:58AM  
Wouldnt bother me a bit.......

Apr 13 @ 10:06AM  
It wouldn't matter to me. Like jcarolina and xien said, if I was really into him, it would make no difference!

Apr 13 @ 10:21AM  
If you really care about the person things like this don't matter. And sometimes it shows depth, as the shallow people are more apt to go on looks only. Besides I'm one to talk, i have a prosthesis, no not a limb, and no longer can wear it.

Apr 13 @ 10:24AM  
The number of legs is not important, the number of available holes is!

Apr 13 @ 10:28AM  
The number of legs is not important, the number of available holes is!

Wow! You're making me blush!!!

Apr 13 @ 12:58PM  
Is her name Eileen??

Does she work at Ihop?

Ok,ok,ok...I kid,I kid. If someone didn't have a leg,it would be a non-issue..they're still the same person.I don't think its a problem.

Apr 13 @ 1:35PM  
I look at it this way...the kinesthetics of sex are based on how people can move against each other in a myriad of ways. The infamous "Kama Sutra" was one of the many attempts at trying to catalog those various positions.

But anyone who has hauled out the Kama Sutra and tried to work their way through each various position soon realizes:

1) Not every position in the book works for the people involved.

2) There's a couple of positions you might have found that worked better than anything you saw in that book (like that one girl I dated that could do amazing things with her knees.)

So here's what it comes down to...if you change the fact that the person is missing one or more limbs then the basic kinesthetics/ergonomics of the sexual practice changes. But that's normal anyway. Think about all of the "normal people" that still have great sex despite a bad back, or a hip replacement, or a broken arm.

Good sex is about finding what works for you and your partner(s) it seems that anyone who is a sexual explorer would love finding out about a new partner not just in spite of but because of their own individual differences.

Apr 13 @ 1:57PM  
Dom's back...*dreamy sigh*

Apr 13 @ 2:22PM  
Ummm grindhouse anyone?

Apr 13 @ 2:30PM  
I've heard a stump can be quite sexual, but Know not from experience. I'd have to look into it to know for sure. Well, look onto it, at least.

Apr 13 @ 3:10PM  
I don't see why not. I would have sex with a one legged woman. As long as she's able to get that leg behind her head, I fail to see a problem.

Apr 13 @ 4:22PM  
go no legged.... lock the wheels on her wheel chair and have at it...

Apr 13 @ 8:47PM  
Yes of course and I have, as well as dating a gentlemen with one arm..DAMN Viet Nam!!!

In both cases they were more traumatized by it then I was and it made relationships difficult. Both men eventually came to terms with their missing limbs and are well established professionals..though oddly both single again after going through a couple of marriages each.

The results of the disability were worse then the disability, if you choose to call it that, itself.

Apr 13 @ 9:14PM  
Now that is interesting...makes me remember an episode of Jerry Springer my sister was watching....(yeah yeah...I watched Springer once in a anyway...I remember this woman on there telling her boyfriend/husband that she cheated on him and was leaving him to be with her lover...and when the guy came out....he had NO legs at all! He got around by "walking" on his hands...and he was pretty damn good at it too....I had to lmao when he confronted the boyfriend/husband cause the guy was freaked out (obviously). Sorry...title of this blog made me remember seeing that. lol

Honestly...I couldn't say yes or no to the question if I would have sex with a man with one leg. Personally....whether a person has one limb missing or not...doesn't make them less a person, it's what's inside that makes the person.

Apr 13 @ 9:47PM  
I had a friend many years ago who was a biker, and he got his leg bitten off by a shark. Guess what his nickname was?


( I thought that was so cute! )

Apr 13 @ 9:59PM  
@ Avenger's last comment. Now that is funny about his nickname.

Apr 13 @ 10:16PM  
depends on how she looked... one leg can open a new world of possiblilities for positions... and if she could get all flexible with that one leg... Yea


Apr 15 @ 7:00AM  
Many years ago, I dated a man that lost his leg from the knee down in an accident on a fork lift....I wasnt aware until he told first it kinda freaked me out a little, but soon adjusted, and it was no differernet than someone that wears glasses, dentures,,,ect....just an extra thing to do when getting ready.

My daughter was about 9 or 10 at the time, and she and her brother also adjusted very quickly,,,we lived in a small house with a smaller bathroom....the boyfriend was taking a shower... and due to space constrance...set his leg outside the door, I was in the kitchen...and glanced up to see her, with the leg over her shoulder, heading for the closet....

when the b/f finished showering and opened the door, saw his leg missing,,,without missing a beat...shouted my daughters name,,,,I know you have my leg....bring it back....

leg...what leg....but she gave it back and we all chuckled,,

btw...prosthetics are really heavy.

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Would you have sex with a one legged person?