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Don’t Worry Be Happy

posted 4/13/2008 8:00:42 AM |
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Hope you’re Happy.

Be Happy.

Are you Happy?

We say some mixture of these words all the time. Sometimes I’m sure it’s meant as something nice we really wish upon someone else. Other times, depending on how we say it, what we really mean is I hope you fall flat on your face and your refrigerator quits running on the hottest summer day.

Just what is being Happy?

As kids it seemed to be a pretty simple thing and it really only had one meaning. Then as now it was different things to different kids. It was Saturday morning cartoons with no chores to be done. It was helping unpack the groceries and seeing that special treat you knew was just for you. It was running through the sprinkler and not worrying that your clothes would get wet. It was sitting in school and the teacher called on the kid next to you and not you. It was lying on your back and trying to count stars. It was getting to stay up late to watch a scary movie. Heck for that fact it was just getting to stay up late for any reason. It was anything that caused the school to be closed an extra day. It was the light bulb moment when you realized the new kid next door was pretty cool after all. Yes we all had our unhappy times, some that we would carry through with us into adulthood. But come-on, when you were with your friends those times where happy.

So now, here we are all grown up and ‘Happy” seems to be something we need to be asked about. It’s not something that’s a given. Now “Happy” is not something we just know, it seems to be something we have to seek out. We have to make some sort of list it seems to know when we are “Happy”. Some sort of list that will start off with, “ I’ll be “Happy” “if”. “ (Ok so there are too many quotation marks in that sentence. OPPS) Why “if”? Why not because? Is there some sort of rule we all need to be following that will make us “Happy”?

I think I missed that memo.

I’M HAPPY! Nothing spectacular, just stupid little, everyday, mundane, things make me “Happy”. Heck I woke up! (If you’re reading this, surprise! So did you!) My neighbor didn’t flush the toilet while I was doing the whole rubber ducky thing in the shower. It’s not raining, or it is. There is a real good song playing on the radio, or it’s so very quiet I can hear my thoughts. All my bills where on time again. I remembered when I reached into the microwave that the cup on coffee is really hot and I grabbed the handle this time and not the side of the cup like I usually do.

Do ya all see a pattern here? You don’t have to seek it out. It’s all around you. You’re drowning in it. You can make it as difficult or as simple as you want. If you make a huge list, chances are pretty good you won’t ever “Be Happy”. If you count on someone else to make you “Happy”. Guess what? It will elude you again.

Each and every one of us can in our own little way “ Be Happy”and we should.

Go ahead, it won’t hurt, it won’t cost you anything.

Well ain’t that nice?

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Apr 13 @ 8:05AM  
Humans are animals... no debate... does anyone wonder how to make a lizard happy? Or a crocadile? Why do people think they NEED to
be happy...

Being unhappy actually lets you appreciate the times when you are happy...

Worrying about being happy now thats the problem!

Apr 13 @ 8:46AM  
Shiny, happy people holding hands.

I'm a very happy guy.

Oh, wait......I confused that with hapless.

Apr 13 @ 8:48AM  
Hold up.

Hey Canu, I'm not a animal. My mama said I was speshul.

Apr 13 @ 9:20AM  
Goodmorning J .....My glass is always full ....

Apr 13 @ 9:26AM  
I'm not always happy. But I'm content.... for now.

Apr 13 @ 9:49AM  
Good blog! I love your attitude! What I've noticed more and more over the past few years (and it's very apparent here) that people seem to gravitate toward that which is negative...I don't know why that is and, even though I will look at an accident as I drive by, I much prefer to drive right by looking at the scenery around me. I prefer to find that which makes me happy...I like smiling. I like feeling good. (Hmmm...I wonder if that's why I like sex so much...? )

I was doing the whole rubber ducky thing in the shower

Are Just askin'... My friend wanted to know!

Apr 13 @ 9:57AM  
I'm happy! I suppose I could be happier, but being an immortal optomist, I'm always happy!
Great blog!

Apr 13 @ 10:00AM  
Hey, I'm happy to see Sunshinegal! She so rarely makes an appearance, but see how the blog just lit up!?!

Hiya hon!!!

Apr 13 @ 11:05AM  
I'm frequently happy and almost always content. It feels so much better to be happy than miserable.

Oh and as for the rubber ducky thing, I'm with Sxze are you going to do a demonstration? You can't mention it without demonstrating it ya know.

Apr 13 @ 1:00PM  
I’m happy most of the time.
Not all the time, heck not even Ivory % happy yanno 99 and 44/100% but still in the 90% or greater most of the time.
You should be really happy now knowing how many girls want to see you play with your rubber duckie!

Apr 13 @ 1:55PM  
Love this blog! I'm one of those happy people and no one understands why I'm happy all the time. I tell them it's a choice, bu they still don't understand. You put it so well.

Apr 13 @ 3:43PM  
I look where I've been and where I am now...and I'm happy. Even when I grumble and growl, I'm happy inside where it counts. I may like for some things to be different in my life....but that doesn't cancel out happiness.

All I have to do is look around me and see that I am moments of discontent and growliness are still overshadowed with a contentment and a feeling of happiness down in my soul and spirit.

I remember those childhood days that you describe so well...brought back delicious memories. Sending you a kudo...thanks for my first smile of the day.

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Don’t Worry Be Happy