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A Family Outing...Redneck Style

posted 4/12/2008 9:42:11 PM |
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It all started out innocently enough...

Me, Canu and the angst ridden teenager (as opposed to the other teenager...the Wyldchild) had to go into town to pick up some stuff for the a few other things while we were there and got some lunch at a deli close to Wally World.

As we were driving home, I remembered a new tattoo shop just opened up on our side of town...I'd already stopped in there once just to check it out...met the artists and looked at some pictures of their work...

So, Canu had this tat...a really old faded "jailhouse" type, of his ex's name...he wanted to cover it up....sort of a divorce present.

We decided to go check it out...see how much it would cost to get a Phoenix on it...turned out it wasn't too he picked out the design he wanted and sat down to get it done.

Meantime...the angst-ridden one is sitting in the car listening to GodSmack and texting to his girlfriend of the week...when the WyldChild calls me asking where we're at. Well...last night he and I were talking about tattoos...and I told him I would get him one as a late birthday present....

So he's like "What? And you didn't take me??" Ok...I had to go to the bank (they only take cash at this place...) so I told him I'd come and get him...and take the angst-ridden one home since he was getting bored sitting in the car.

We get back...Canu has just finished getting the outline on his tat and was taking a break...the Wyldchild is making a life altering decision...and I'm thinking to myself...I really should get another one to balance my back...I have two on one shoulder...

So how's that for a family outing? Even the artists were like "It's a family affair!"

Here's the links...check 'em out! Oh...the Wyldchild isn't ready to share his yet...but he got a jester on his's cool! The artist took a picture of it for their album!

Sunny's Sun

Canu's Phoenix

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Apr 12 @ 9:48PM  
Very cool tats!!

Apr 12 @ 9:51PM  
Those are cool. OK I got a question, as i don't have tattoes, some people say they hurt a lot, and some say they don't hurt much. Which is true?

Apr 12 @ 9:53PM  
Love them both. Never could decide on a design, Heck I can't wear the same earrings all day. Maybe someday I'll get up the nerve and then really find the design I want.

Love both the sun and the phoenix. Great work. Tell the teenager we'd like to see his too. when it;s healed of course.


Apr 12 @ 9:54PM  
Very good!! Sounds like lots of fun!!

Apr 12 @ 9:55PM  
Love them!! Cant wait to get mine next month!!!!!

Apr 12 @ 9:58PM  
Wow....the sun's great, but the Phoenix!

Apr 12 @ 10:01PM  
Those are cool. OK I got a question, as i don't have tattoes, some people say they hurt a lot, and some say they don't hurt much. Which is true?

Lady depends on where you get it on your body...I've heard the closer to the bone, the more it hurts...
The out line is always the worst for me..but after a few minutes the area goes a little numb and it's not bad. This one wasn't bad at all...and the artist was very patient...asking if I was ok and letting me change postitions every few minutes...
I would say it feels like a mild burning sensation...more irritating then anything...but not terribly painful.

It also depends on where you go to get it...I got my second one...the banner with my son's a flea market studio...that was painful! I don't know why...but the guy said my skin wasn't taking the ink very well...this time I was told there were no problems...

BlueEyes...if you decide to get one...don't get anyone's name unless it's one of your kids...ask Canu why...

Apr 12 @ 10:05PM  
Love them!! Cant wait to get mine next month!!!!!

Ooh...whatcha gettin??

Apr 12 @ 10:06PM  
Thank you Sunny, i've wanted one for more than 20 years and that is the best answer i've heard, and gives me more of an idea where I would get it if i did get one.

Apr 12 @ 10:07PM  
Both are very nice!!! I love tats on other people, I can't get over the needles to get one for myself.

Apr 12 @ 10:09PM  
Cute sun, and very appropriate I wanna see the Wyldchild's, tell him Aunt Crissy said so, LOL I need to get mine re-inked, the yellow is fading baddddddd!

Apr 12 @ 10:11PM  
I love them both. I have one on my lower backside and it needs retouching, but... it took alot of bravery for me to get through it the first time. I keep putting off. I treated my sister to one for her birthday. Elvis. She insists he's alive (the eternally young one).

Apr 12 @ 10:12PM  
VG...I don't even think of it as needles...for one thing it really doesn't look like a needle...and it doesn't feel like being poked with a needle...

It really feels like a mild burning after the first few minutes...but again it depends on who is doing it and where you get it.

Apr 12 @ 10:18PM  
I forgot to mention...they also do piercings...they have a couple of albums of piercing they've done, one guy got like 8 bars all up the shaft of his dick! EWWWWW!!!!!

The girl who did that said he was pretty ugly...probably not getting laid anyway!

Apr 12 @ 10:36PM  
Both are very cool but...OWIE!!!

Apr 12 @ 11:30PM  
Those are cool tats.. way to go....

Apr 12 @ 11:42PM  
Very cool Sundance!

Apr 13 @ 12:02AM  
I am getting a fairy on my left boob...nothing big and she is going to be a bit on the dark side...nothing sweet and i want hot and bad... I was talking to a friend the other day and she told me to put and I am not joking analeze over the area where i am getting it done...said it numbs it right up

Apr 13 @ 12:37AM  
At the risk of giving ammunition
to the agist pottymouth brigade:
I don't get it.
I don't get tattoos.
Not hot on The Thing to Do.
Generation gap.
Association with Popeye.
Religious prohibition:
Jews with tattoos can't be buried in consecrated ground.
Can't imagine that the women I've known
would look any better inked up.
Yadda Yadda Yadda.
What's the point?

Apr 13 @ 4:34AM  
What's the point?

I actually understand that point of view and do not take offense. No really I do...

All of my tattoos have significant meaning for me...

I have a balanced cross that is the part of an over all design I didn't get finished; it is supposed to have runes of protection around it.

Second on was Mjolnir or Thors's hammer. The god of thunder's symbol on th arm of a bassist.

This is one however is significant. When I was young and drinking heavily I had a jailhouse tattoo done of her name. It was faded to almost nothing; but Sunny mentioned it once.

I covered the name of my ex wife with the symbol of death and rebirth.

Apr 13 @ 8:48AM  
Very cool.... my teenage son also has a Jester tat on his right shoulder

Apr 13 @ 9:45AM  
Hmmm....Think I should get one of a small tiger on my outer right ankle?

Apr 13 @ 9:54AM  
I was talking to a friend the other day and she told me to put and I am not joking analeze over the area where i am getting it done...said it numbs it right up

Seriously...I wouldn't do may affect how the ink is absorbed into your skin and make it harder for the artist to do the tattoo...

Best thing to do is find an artist with a good who adheres to health and safety standards and who listens to their clients and explains the procedure and answers any questions they may have.

Apr 13 @ 11:05AM  
Ahh shit I forgot to comment on this one.. was so busy writin about crazy..

Both the tats are great!

I go back to bed now. zzzzzzzz

Apr 13 @ 1:10PM  
They look pretty good. Surprised that they aren't in color. I don't have any. Two primary reasons. One, is that what is a popular trend today often is out of style tomorrow. It is sort of like having to continually wear the leisure suit today that a guy my age might bought thirty years ago. But that is secondary.

The main reason is that the body will change and so will the tat. Jeff Foxworthy has a funny routine about that subject where a tat of a dolphin, butterfly, or heart today can become a whale, vulture, and liver in the future. Not that it is appropriate for me to say, but I would suggest only tats in places that don't change like on the ankle would be wise. Let me impart a story about why by pasting in a blog I posted last September.

When my daughter was fifteen, she looked older. She was Goth, pagan, and in love with mythology. At that time she was a large girl with probably “C” cups and she got a tat on the inside of the left titty. It was about three inches long and about an inch and a half wide. It was some gothic looking grim reaper thing, or so I thought. Over time it changed and the change was not proportional as it would become longer but not proportionally wider.
By the time she was nineteen, she had grown considerably to “HH” cups (if there is such a thing). She came over one day wearing something revealing enough to show the cleavage that revealed the tat. It was now about six inches long and two inches wide. I moved closer and looked, and noted that the character’s face had changed and it sported a nose that almost looked like the character’s manhood was misplaced. Though mean, I couldn’t resist a Jimmy Durante “Ha cha cha cha cha” as the snazola was so pronounced. It looked like an obscure character called a goon from Popeye cartoons and many folks called it “the goon” there after as the name of the tat stuck.
I had noticed previously a nose piercing, a stud actually. She had a special stud for work that flesh colored. I quipped that she could pass it off as a wart at work. Pissed her off. Never saw that again.
Anyway, a year ago, a few days after my grandson was born, she was upset because he wouldn’t breast feed. My son-in-law said in reference to the one breast, “Why don’t try the other one and cover that one up, maybe the goon is scaring him.” She gave him the dirtiest look I had ever seen. By then, the damned thing was close to eight inches long.
Later when catching a smoke outside, I told him I never knew what the goon was supposed to be. He told me it was a dragon and he didn’t know what it was until he asked. Now, at the age of 32, she admits to it being one of the biggest mistakes of her youth.

Apr 13 @ 1:25PM  
This is part of a response I made in email to another comment...'s my thoughts on tattoos for me...

I always wanted one...from the time I was around 16 or one else in my family had ever had one, so I can't say they influenced me in any way. At the time tattoos were not that popular except with the bikers and gangs...except for a few that had the small "cute" ones on back or hip or ankle...

I did alot of reading about the history of tattoos...the Egyptians, Celts, Asians and early Native Americans all used tattoos to denote different things such as rank, position and family or clan ties. Priests and Druids used them to identify what type of training they had...such as healing or heraldry or just spirituality. Also some cultures had tattoos to mark different points in a person's life such as naming (Saining), coming of age, marriage, gaining an inheritance such as becoming king or chief of country or clan...

I decided to get my first tattoo shortly before going marked a turning point in my first true challenge as an adult. The tattoo I chose was a winged unicorn. At the time I liked unicorn...but the symbol also represented my heritage. The winged unicorn was once the heraldic symbol for the royal house if Ireland...or at least the chief clan at that time.

My second one was ten years later, and also marked a turning point. I was recently divorced and had just moved back to Michigan...was out of the AF by then and basically on my own, with only my own resources to survive...and I had my son who was 6 or 7 at the time, to raise on my own. I got his name on a banner, under the unicorn.

The one I got yesterday marks a third turning point...finding my soulmate and moving across the country to be with him. The move was made on blind faith...simply knowing without knowing why I knew, that this was meant to be. After a year I have no regrets, and I wanted to commemorate that. Why a sun? Well aside from the obvious (I'm Sunny after the sun is a powerful symbol, bringing light and life, warmth and comfort...and these are things I have in my life today.

Do I have them because I think the make me look better? No...that's not why I get them...and I would never get something like this because it's popular or the "in" thing to do. It's more of an expression of me...three symbols to denote different points in my life.

I hope this explains why I (as in ME...just ME) get tattoos.

Apr 13 @ 1:45PM  
thanks sunny, never thought about that

Seriously...I wouldn't do may affect how the ink is absorbed into your skin and make it harder for the artist to do the tattoo...

never even crossed my mind...i think i can handle it if it hurts a little..i mean heck i gave birth twice how bad could it be...

Apr 15 @ 11:56AM  
They should give you a group / family discount.

Apr 15 @ 12:09PM  
Very nice tatts I'll always admit to be a coward about getting one myself....but I've always fantasized about a little unicorn tatt on my shoulder...just too chicken to get one.

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A Family Outing...Redneck Style