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50 Isn't Everything

posted 4/12/2008 5:32:13 PM |
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tagged: humor, story

What was she thinking? Ok, so there was freezing rain on the highway, she had at least an hours drive, on good roads, to the gig, and she was turning 50 today. There were already three strikes against this job, but she couldn’t pass it up. A top cover band, that packs the house no matter where they play, asked for her personally. They just landed a recording contract for a new CD, and national tour, and they asked her to be the photographer. All the publicity shots for their up coming events and the cover for their first CD was her big chance. How could she say no?

“A deal is a deal.” She muttered to herself. The band had called Pat, the leader of her Motorcycle club and said they would play 4 hours free at the bike run in July, if he could promise them that Shelly would do their photography work. He did not have to say much to convince her. She wanted to start tonight encase she had to schedule a re-shoot. The group playing just about guaranteed a huge turn out and one less expense the club had to worry about. Meaning there would be more money for the VA projects they sponsored.

She had spoken with Danny the lead singer at length about what he wanted in photographs. They did not want studio shot, only ones taken while they played. They would work with her for a posed group shot, but at the event only. They wanted their lighting, but she talked them into allowing her to bring a little extra. They used mostly colored gels and she needed white light for exposure reasons in a dark bar. So with $2,000 in equipment stuffed in the trunk of her car, she was heading up to meet the roadies at the venue by 9:15. Danny told here they always started promptly at 10:00.

Arriving at the bar, she found 4 inches of snow and slush in the parking lot, and the Roadie’s van was smack dab in front of the back door taking all the room. She found a spot close to the door, grab her camerabag, and started walking across the parking lot. She reached the back of the van and started around when her foot found ice and she started to go down. A hand reach out and grab her elbow as she grabbed for the door.“Easy Angel, you don’t have your wings tonight.”

She started to laugh at the pick-up line, but when she turned she looked into a set of deep brown eyes that were laughing too, and the face was that of a kid. Well he was a kid by her standard anyway. Maybe 21, short hair, almost military and a genuine smile that said he could cause a lot of mischief if he put his mind to it.

I’m Shelly I’m the…” she started

“Photographer, yeah I know Tom spent two hours finding the right shirt for tonight” Adam laughed “Just don’t tell him I told you. He brought a spare just in case you don’t like what he is wearing. Is that all your stuff, I was told something about extra lights”

“Yeah,I left the rest in the trunk of my car, I want to check out how you’re setting things up before I haul all my stuff in here.”

“Me and Tim will haul whatever you want in and out tonight. I’m almost done here and Tim is setting up the lights first. John got his drums set up this afternoon on his lunch hour so it won’t take long for us to do the rest as it usually does.
Adam slid to the ground from the back of the van, and closed the doors. He slid his arm around Shelley shoulder and started walking towards the back entrance “Come on angel I’ll buy you a beer.”

She just stood there staring at this kid, she couldn’t help herself as she started to laugh, “Where did you learn that line, I haven’t heard anything like that since college.”

“And that was what maybe ten years ago? Here give me that.” He took her 20 lb camera case and lifted it to his shoulder.

They walked into the bar, where the roadies and two of the band members were setting up. Tom’s eyebrow shot up when he saw Adam’s arm around Shelley’s shoulders. He looked over at Shelley who was just laughing at something Adam had whisped in her ear. “Adam, go get me a beer will ya?” he said to dismiss Adam.

Adam walked over and tucked the camera case behind the Band table. “Want one Angel? “

“No I’m working thanks, just a coke OK?”

“What ever you say angle.” and he walked up to the back bar.

“He’s not bothering you is he?” Tom asked.

No, he’s harmless, and once I start working he’ll get the picture and leave me alone. He’s a good kid, just trying out his animal magnetism.”

“Yeah, if you say so” Another boy walked up beside Tom ‘This is my son, Tim. He is our guitar tech, and runs our board. Tonight he’s also to help you with anything you need.”

“How are the lights coming?”

“Great almost done. I brought some different gels, I thought maybe Shelly might want to try them. I know Dave likes the darker colors but they might work instead of her white spots.”

“You know that’s a great idea” Shelley offered “And there are spots also on the ceiling, maybe one of you can climb up there and we can re-direct them. Can you find me a ladder?”

“I’m on it Angel, don’t worry” Adam handed Tom his beer and Shelly her coke. He sets his beer on the table and walks off to find the owner.
“What is with him?” Tim asked

“You’re bother is flirting.” Shelly said “And I’m going to let him, at least for awhile. It’s good for my ego if nothing else.”

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Apr 12 @ 5:35PM  
With quick work the lights were aimed. They worked great as white spots, some of the dark gels were changed out for lighter colors, and Shelly had taken some sample photographs to make sure everything look good, and she could still hold the camera, she didn’t want to have to use a Tripod. She sat down to finish her drink before the place got too crowded. Adam slid into the seat across from her and took her hand.

“Adam, this isn’t funny anymore.”

“What do you mean?” He laughed.

“Do you know how old I am?”

“35 tops, and if you say you’re older you’re lying”

“ I’m 50 today. When the rest of my friends get here, ask them, they’ll tell you.”

“Angel there is no way you’re older than my mom. But, tonight I really don’t care. You see, I’m your roadie, so tonight I’m sticking to you like glue.”
“I thought Tim got that job”

“I’m the oldest, so I told him that I was going to do it. I really didn’t give him much of a choice.”

Adam was true to his word. For two and half solid hours, he was by her side, trading out lenses, watching her expensive equipment and keeping people from running into her. He held the ladder when she climbed up to get aerial shots of the band and crowd.

As she nearly started down the ladder her boot slipped on a rung. Adams hands were around her waist, and she found herself firmly planted with both feet on the floor. The band was so loud playing something from Alice in Chains that he had to talk in her ear. “What did I say about those wing?” He stood behind her holding her up as she caught her breath.

“I was never any good at climbing ladder. You can let go of me now.”


Apr 12 @ 5:39PM  
“Just stand here a minute, you’re still shaking.” And he rested his chin on the top of her head as they listened to the end of the song.

She stepped away quickly and gave his cheek a motherly pat, “Got to get back to work. And she turned towards the stage and walked away with quick steps.
It didn’t take long for her to get ost in her work. She forgot most of the time he was there. She had been around musician enough to know how to look for cords and stay out of the way. She was on the stage and off, behind the speakers, in everyones face, and catching candid photos of the guys as they played. The only indication she was around was the flash on her camera going off at certain intervals.

By the end of the second set she had over 150 photos and had another hour to shoot. Sweat made the back of her shirt wet, and her ponytail was coming out of this holder.

Adam walked up behind her and took her arm. “Dad & Danny said to make you sit down.”

“I need to get the group shot set up” she protested.

He set a beer in front of her and looked down “I’ll go talk to Danny, you rest a minute. It’s blasted work keeping up with you tonight.”

As she sat there Lynn and Kelley from her M.C. group sat down across from her. “You like them a bit young, don’t you girl? Asked Lynn

“Can it Lynn, I expected your husband to say something smart, but not you. “

“Well” Kelley said, “I was going to offer you our spare room tonight so you wouldn’t have to drive home in that mess outside, but you might get a better offer.”

“Thanks I’ll take your offer; I was going to ask and brought an overnight bag.”

Raising an eyebrow and looking at her two good friends. “And I don’t sleep with guys my son’s age.”

“If he’s 21 he’s legal, go for it”

“I’m not going to get arrested on my Birthday for contributing, let’s just leave this OK? Unlike you guys I have more work to do.”

“You probably have more than enough shots, come join us over there.” Offered Lynn

“No I have the cover shot to shoot yet, and Danny is giving me fits, he keeps looking away from the camera.”

“I’ll try to be better,” Danny said as the group approached the table. “Let’s get this finished, we have another set to play”

It took less than 10 minutes to take 5 shots, any one of them would have made the cover. Again, Adam was behind her, holding her shoulders and helping brace her as she stooped on the floor to get an eye level shot.

The final set went quickly. Danny announced the last song, and Kelly shouted BuckCherry.

“We’ve done that twice tonight already Kelly, I’m not screaming again.” Danny said into the microphone.

Adam gently started to remove Shelly’s camera from around her shoulders. “Hey Tom how about Hinder for a special Birthday present,” Looking down at Shelly.
Tom looked at Danny, and Danny shrugged and said, “That will work.”

They waited for Adam to place Shelly’s camera on the table next to Tim and a nod was exchanged in knowledge that it would be well looked after.

“But I’m not done yet?” Shelly protested as the first cords of the song started.

“Yes you are Angel.” trying to fold her into his arms.

As the first bars of the song started, nobody took the dance floor except Adam and Shelly. She looked at her friends for help, bracing her hands on Adams chest, trying to keep it friendly. Adam had other ideas and he eased her head onto his shoulder, and placed her arms around him. The first half of the song was hers, her birthday dance. The Motorcylcle people she was with made sure no one took the floor. At the second chorus the rest of the crowd joined in. When the final cord whispered through the house, Adam placed a soft kiss on the top of her head and said, “Happy Birthday Angel.” giving her a hug.

She stood there stunned for a moment, not knowing how to react to this kid, who was acting like a man.So she reverted to raw nerves. “Thank you for the dance Adam. It was very nice of you” and went to pack her stuff.

She reached the table, hoping to make herself busy and found Tim had already packed it up, and was closing the zipper. Adam swung the bag over his shoulder and tuck Shelly close. “Kelly let’s get her to her car before she finds something else to photograph tonight. He started to walk her out the back door, her friends following. The night was cold and clear, as he loaded the camera bag into the back seat of her car. Turning he smiles, closed her car door, and walked back into the bar to tear down the band’s equipment. He still felt the sensation of holding her in his arms tonight, he wanted to steal a kiss, but knew that would have never flown, and there was always the hope he might get the chance to dance with her another night.

Apr 12 @ 5:40PM  

Most excellent story, love.

Apr 12 @ 6:02PM  
great ....ummm i think...she sorta distracted me as i was reading....

Apr 12 @ 6:14PM  

Romance is still alive.

Apr 12 @ 8:03PM  
not really a reader but that was good. did you write that?

Apr 12 @ 8:32PM  
whooo good story and no batteries required!

Apr 12 @ 8:42PM  
Great story!!!

Apr 12 @ 8:56PM  
So just a chance….another time….very nice sweet story thank you!

Apr 12 @ 11:59PM  
Great story.. that was truely amazing girl....

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