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Story-Lake Michigan Lesbians

posted 4/12/2008 4:08:06 PM |
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The following story was told to me by a woman who's best girlfriend was on the boat recently in the middle of Lake Michigan in Chicago where this story happend. Granted it is third hand, but it still is a hot story! Sorry, but I have to leave names out of it to protect the guilty...

A group of medical sales reps went out on co-workers boaton Lake Michigan for an end of summer cruise and to check out Chicago at night. There were 5 men and 3 women. Two of the women were actually customers of the a couple of the reps, 1 was a dentist and the other was medical group office manager. The 3rd woman was a medical rep co-worker of all the guys. The other two women had never met before that night.

The wine and beer flowed pretty freely and soon all on board the boat were feeling no pain and the talk soon turned to sex. The average age of the men boat was around 38 and the women, the dentist was 32, the office manager was 34 and the women medical rep was 26.

The dentist let it slip that she and her husband were swingers and the guys I guess jumped all over the topic, thinking that maybe they could get their dicks sucked or even fuck this woman out on the boat. The dentist said she only swung with couples and only with her husband present when she had sex with men... One of the guys caught on to the opening that she had left and asked "What about with women?" The dentist, who was according to the female sales rep, a hot little blonde, blushed for a minute, took another drink of wine and finally admitted that she was bi. The guys immediately started asking the three women to make out and play with each other. The female sales rep is Bi, but she was not going to give the guys she works with a show or let them know. I only know this b/c the woman I know, her friend who told me the story, has played with her...

The guys were getting more and more obnoxious about the women making out that the dentist told them "How much is it worth to you to see us kiss?" The office manager,another blonde, agreed that if they wanted to see anything they'd have to pay. The guys gave them each 20 bucks to kiss and make out. It couldn't be a little peck, it had to be french kissing etc. The two girls really got into the kissing and even fondled each others breasts while they made out. Turns out, as I was told, the office manger was Bi also.

The guys were starting to get horny watching these 2 hot ladies make out, and since everyone was drunk, the suggestion came out next "How much to see more?" The dentist and office manager looked at the guys and said "How much do you have?" The guys came back with $100 each to see them go down on each other. The two of them agreed to play with each other for the money. The female sale rep would hold the money, so the guys couldn't reneg on the deal.
The ladies were wearing skirts, so they pushed them up around their waists and took off their panties. The dentist even gave her panties, a black thong to one of the guys. The two women started touching each other and kissing passionately, each one either unbuttoned the other shirt or took off their shirt, so they could play with each others breasts. I guess they both sucked on each others nipples and then they got real close together and began fingering each other while the guys stood around watching and drinking beer.

After a while the dentist had the other blonde lay back and the dentist began licking the office manager's pussy.
This went on for a couple of minutes and then the girls stopped. The guys agreed to pay the money for the show, but started to complain that they hadn't seen enough of their bodies to really make it worthwhile. The guys then tried to get all three of the women naked by offering more money. The female med rep said, no way, again not wanting to have people she works with know what she looks like naked. Not because she's shy or a prude, for she flashes complete strangers in bar, at concerts, etc and I guess does fuck strangers like a beast if she's horny enough, but she doesn't mix business with pleasure.

The dentist and office manager said that they wouldn't do it either. The guys tried one more offer. If the girls would jump into Lake Michigan for a swim, they would pay them each 50 bucks. The female sales rep declined again, but the dentist said, "If you give us both $75 each, we'll do it!" The guys threw the money down on the table and the two blondes actually got naked before they jumped into Lake Michigan, swam around the boat and got back in. The guys gave them both towels and figured that once they got dry, the two of them would put their clothes back on...Boy were they wrong. Once the dentist and the office manager dried off, they remained naked for the rest of the night until just before the boat docked back at the harbor. AND eventhough the dentist and office manager didn't fuck or suck any of the guys, they let the guys feel up their asses, fondle their tits, one guy got to suck on the dentist's tits and one guy tried to finger the office manager and even started to get a finger into her before she stopped him....saying that the boat wasn't the place to do that....So I guess the moral of the story is if you have enough wine, enough cash, a boat and a couple of drunk horny women, who knows what fun you can get into!

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Story-Lake Michigan Lesbians