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Story-Balls Deep

posted 4/12/2008 12:57:40 PM |
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I had just moved to a new city and didn't know anyone, so I figured
I'd join a recreation softball team to meet people. I had played
competitive baseball all through High School and before I moved, I
had been playing softball on three teams, so I figured I could find a
team somewhere close to where I was now living and not embarrass
myself too bad by joining a team of strangers.

I applied as a "player at large", which the rec department used to categorized
anyone who didn't have a team to play on. I received a call a few
weeks later from a team needing a third baseman, which I played and
they gave me a call to come and try out. I was informed by the team
captain, Bob, that the rec department allowed teams to try out a
player before he was assigned to them. I agreed to the tryout,
feeling like I was back in High School. I hadn't tried out for a
team in about 10 years or more, but it sounded fun.

I went and met the team for one of their practices and after a few
ground balls where hit to me and I made a few throws, Bob the captain
looked at me and said "I guess you really can play third base. The
last guy who the rec department sent us showed up to play in jeans
and street shoes and hadn't played ball since grade school." I
assured him that I had in fact just been playing, before my move, on
an Industrial A ball team for my old company, along with a couple of
other A-B class teams. Bob said he figured I knew how to play ball
when I walked up to the bench carrying a ball bag and was wearing
baseball pants and "used" looking spikes. We both had a good laugh
at that and I settled into making friends on my new team.

We played games on the weekends and just seeing my teammates for
games, I still didn't know any of them really well. After a couple
of weeks, the team announced that it was that time of year for the
annual cookout and keg party and I made sure that I could be
available for that so I could get to know the team and other people
better. It was a party for the team and their wives or dates.
I didn't bring a date to the party, mainly because I hadn't met
anyone yet that I felt comfortable inviting, but I figured it was for
the best, since I could concentrate on talking to the guys on the
team and not have to worry about a date being with me.

It was a nice party, with lots to eat and plenty to drink and
everyone was having a good time. It was so nice and everyone was
having so much fun that even after some guys took their dates home,
they came back to join the rest of the team in an attempt at "killing
the keg."

By 2 a.m., we had all slowed down , and the guys were sitting around
in a great bullshit session. There ended up being 10 guys and only 1
woman left. The woman was Connie, the wife of the Team Captain Bob,
who's house the party was at. Connie was in the house somewhere,
doing I don't know what. Our talks out on the patio soon turned to
sex and a short time into the conversation, Bob the Captain and
Connie's husband, stated that he and Connie had an "open" marriage
and often "swapped." He asked Tom one of the married guys if he had
wife had ever swapped and Tom shook his head drunkenly "No,
never..."right away.

I found Bob's comment very interesting. Connie, his wife was a drop-
dead-gorgeous, hard-bodied, California blond type and the thought of
her being a swinger really turned me on. I got up and went over the
the keg for a refill and Bob came over to get one also. While at the
keg, Bob told me that every guy there had fucked Connie, at one time
or another, and that once she got to know me a little better, I could
fuck her also.

Well, my dick WAS thinking about the possibilities -- my mind was in
Beer-neutral! I was still sober (alright, maybe sober isn't the word -
- un-drunk) enough to wonder if he was serious or not about Connie
being a slutty wife. If it were true and she was a swinger, I was
jealous of the fact that every guy there but me, had had his shot
with Connie. It just wasn't fair, damn it! -- she was hot looking
with an incredible tight round ass, just made for getting close to!

Bob and I returned to our seats and it wasn't long before the other
guys were telling Bob that he needed to set something up for us with
Connie right then and there at our party!

Bob stood up and drunkenly swaggered and swayed into the house, and
soon returned with Connie on his arm. She had this silly grin on her
face and her eyes were sparkling. Bob said "If you guys have
something to ask Connie, go ahead and ask her!" We all paused for a
minute and then Bergie, the team's big first baseman looked at Connie
and said "We were all out here talking and we think you should let us
all fuck you tonight!"

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Apr 12 @ 1:00PM  
Connie just stood there next to Bob and looked around at each of us
and finally stopped to look directly at me and asked "What's the new
guy think?" I could feel the eyes of the rest of the guys burning
holes through me and I was a little scared that this might be some
bullshit test to see what I'd say and I didn't want to mess up and
say the wrong thing. I paused for a second and looked Connie
directly in the eyes and responded "It's not my choice. It's your
body...If you want to entertain us with the pleasure of your company,
then that's your choice. The only thing I will say is that you have
a sexy Ass!"

The other guys looked around at each other, waiting to hear Connie's
response. She looked at her husband Bob and finally said "What the
hell, It's been awhile since I've had a good gang bang!" The other
guys jumped and cheered while they spilled most of their beers on the
patio. Bob and Connie turned and walked into the house with a swarm
of drunken softball players running after them.

Bob put a few cushions on the floor and then, like some kind of crazy
clothes storm, everybody was getting naked in a hurry. I couldn't
believe it! In a flash, Connie was naked and on her back and one guy
was shoving his hard cock into her. The other guys were all nude,
hard, and waiting their turn. After the first guy finished, Bill said
something about being a polite host and giving the new guy his turn.
Connie looked over at me and smiled and said "You ready to join the
club?" I looked over at Connie's naked body. She was pinching her
nipples on her petite breasts, licking her lips and holding her legs
open for me. There was a drop of the first guy's cum dripping out of
her pink pussy.

I shrugged and I am sure I smiled like an idiot. I fumble to get my
belt unbuckled and dropped my pants and crawled between Connie's
spread thighs, thinking I must be dreaming, having this fantastic
blond waiting for me! I buried my cock into Connie's pussy on my
first shove into her. She was wet and loose and I slid right in to my
balls. But I was too excited to last too long. It only took me about
about four good hard humps into her before I was blowing my wad in
her pussy. Connie gave me a hug and a kiss and said "Welcome to the
team..." She then smiled up to the rest of the guys standing around
and yelled out "Next! Who's next?!"

I sat back on the couch and watched the next guy plow into Connie as
she laid on the floor. Connie put her legs around this guy and
really began to shove herself against him. They must have fucked for
a good ten minutes this way before he blew his load into her. Connie
decided that she wanted to take a break from fucking and dance around
for us, like a stripper.

Connie turned on the stereo and began dancing. She danced to the
center of the room and started to bend over and wiggle her ass at
each guy, teasing us by sticking a finger into her pussy as she
danced, playing with the three loads of cum already in her. As she
danced, you could see the cum start to leak out of her pussy and run
down the insides of her thighs. All the guys clapped and cheered at
Connie's show and she danced till the song ended and then stood
there. Connie's eyes were glowing with excitement and asked, "So,
boys, who wants to fuck my pussy next?"

The guys that hadn't fucked Connie yet jumped on her and formed a
circle around her. She had two guys on either side of her face,
feeding her their cocks for her to suck on and another guy had gotten
between her legs and was sliding his cock into her. They rotated
positions so all of them had a chance to fuck and be sucked by her.
When those three were done, another three took their place and
repeated the mini gang bang on her. By the time they were finished,
the only guy who hadn't fucked Connie yet was her husband, Bob. I
said something to him about that fact, and he replied "I get to fuck
her every when she's in a mood like this, I let her get
all the strange cock she wants first, and then I'll fuck her."

Apr 12 @ 1:01PM  
Connie had a lull in the action and asked me if I wanted to fuck her
again. I nodded and tried, but her pussy was so loose and sloppy-wet
from all the other guys that I wasn't able to come in her. I let her
know that I was "having trouble" and she suggested that I let her
blow me for awhile. I took my cock out of her pussy and Connie had
he straddle her head and she began to suck on my cock in a piston

I put one hand on my ass and used it to apply pressure, so
that I was basically face fucking her. She used her other hand to
massage and rub my balls, milking my load from me as she sucked on my
cock. Connie had an incredible mouth and my cock seemed to get
harder and harder with every stroke into her. She swirled her tongue
around my cock head and then used her hand to push me further into
her mouth. My balls were now resting against her chin as she deep
throated me and massaged my entire cock with her throat muscles. I
couldn't take it any more and I let Connie know that I was on the
verge of cumming. Connie let my cock return to her mouth, were she
sucked and concentrated on my cock head. I was about to cum and I
told her so, and she pulled my cock out her mouth and began to jack
me off onto her chest.

I shot 1, 2 and 3 full streams of cum onto her tits and neck and
Connie loved it! She continued milking my cock with her hands until
every last drop of cum I had to give her was on her chest. The other
team members had formed a circle around us, watching Connie work me
over. They let out a big cheer when I was done cumming on her and
said that I was officially apart of the team now!

Connie leaned up and whispered to me, "You're apart of my team
also....The guys have a softball team, and I have a hardball
team....Anytime that you need a good cock sucking, you just call over
here and if I have time, you can come over and give me another
incredible load!"

Guys started to get dressed and leave, until it was just me, Bob,
Connie and two other guys left in the house. I watched Bob finally
straddle Connie, reach back into her pussy for some lubrication and
then fuck her tits. He shot most of his load on Connie's face and
Connie looked at me as she wiped Bob's cum with her finger and then
sucked that finger clean.

Connie then took Bob's cock into her mouth and sucked it back to
hardness and then he crawled between his wife's legs and slid his
cock into her. I heard Connie whisper into his ear "I kept count.
You're my tenth different cock of the night, and this is the
fifteenth time I've been fucked. I also had 5 guys cum in my mouth
and one on my tits."

I watched Connie and Bob fuck for awhile and I must have dozed off to
sleep right there on the couch. I awoke around 8 a.m., to the sound
of Bob's hard cock slurping in and out of Connie's wet pussy. He
was fucking his wife on the floor right in front of me. As the other
two guys woke up, it became apparent that there was going to be a
repeat performance of last night with Connie. Once Bob was done
fucking his wife, Connie just smiled and took one guy into her mouth
to suck on while the other guy plowed into her body. It was a very
erotic scene to watch this sexy woman enjoy herself as these guys had
their way with her. Once they were done and the two guys had came in
Connie, they got up and got dressed and left. Connie looked over at
my raging hardon and said "That's what I really want for
breakfast..." Connie crawled over to me on all fours and took my
cock into her mouth and began slowly sucking on my cock. I could
tell that she wanted to take her time and enjoy what she was doing
and I wasn't about to complain.

Connie sucked my cock until she couldn't stand it anymore and then
she got up off the floor, straddled my legs and plunged her pussy
down on top of it. She put one of her breasts into my mouth for me
to suck on and she began to ride. It was her turn to control the
pace and she wanted to ride me at her own speed as she came. I
couldn't believe how tight she still felt after fucking 10 guys all
night. Her pussy tightened around my cock as she began to cum on
it. When she was done cumming, she looked down at me and asked "Do
you have any plans today or can you spend all day helping Bob fuck
me?" I replied "I'm all yours!"

Bob and I spent the rest of the day and most of the night fucking
Connie until we couldn't get hard anymore. She was insatiable. We
finally decided to quit around 7:30pm and I left to go home and get
some sleep. I was tired and sore and needed the rest. When I got
home, I quickly showered and fell right into bed dreaming about the
incredible time I had with Connie.

Apr 12 @ 1:23PM  
What a Party!!!

Apr 12 @ 1:27PM  
OMG! That was really hot!!! Wild, but hot!

Apr 12 @ 1:28PM  
WOW.....Is this a true story???

Pretty damn hot!!

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