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Story-Sin City Pick up

posted 4/11/2008 5:57:55 PM |
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A college buddy/ Fraternity brother of mine was getting married, so for his bachelor party, a group of us made arrangements to take the soon to be married man out to Las Vegas to celebrate. We found a great room rate at the New York New York, so we booked our little group into there. They treated us well enough, and in fact, they had us check in at the "High Rollers" desk and they gave us a few perks like show tickets, which we weren't expecting. Later on we found out that one of the guys in our group goes to NY NY quite frequently and is on their players list, so he helped pull a few strings to get us better treatment.

On our first night out, we hit Vegas pretty hard, going to the Hard Rock and the Palms and ending up at Ghost bar until we stumbled back in the early hours of the morning. We then met up around 10AM for breakfast and made plans to meet in the afternoon to see what to do that night. A couple of the guys headed back to their rooms to sleep off their hang-overs and some of the others went out to hang out by the pool. I personally headed out to the casino to see how my luck was.

I found an opening on a craps table and spent most of the morning there, playing safe bets like the pass/no pass line and come bets. I was actually having pretty good luck, and was up $300. After awhile, I started talking to the other players around me. The guy next to me, Bob, started to win pretty big too. We started talking while we were playing, after a while his wife, a pretty Latina lady with long dark flowing hair and a sexy round ass, which you could see in her tight sun dress, came up to ask if they could go get something to eat. Since he was on a roll, he asked her to wait for awhile.

During this time, we all started talking to each other and I learned that her name was Maria, and that they were from LA. Maria kind of got caught up in the moment because every time we won, she would give a high five to both of us and “buy” us drinks. This must have gone on for about an hour or two, until Maria finally said she was hungry and wanted to eat NOW!

Maria and her husband went and got something to eat and I stayed at the craps table for a little while longer, until I felt the luck change and I walked away from the table up $500. Pretty good for a few hours work! I walked around the casino until I found a $5 dollar blackjack table, I didn't want to loose my winnings too fast, besides, my buddies liked to play the $25 dollar tables, so I knew I had to save my money for later. I had been playing about 15 minutes at the blackjack table, when I felt a hand on my shoulder and figured it was one of my college buddies coming up to say something. I turned to see who it was and I was surprised to see that it was Maria.

She had changed into a pair of tight button fly Levi's and the top two buttons were undone, and had put on a tight crop tank top that showed of her stomach and breasts quite nicely. She smiled at me and leaned over and whispered in my ear "Are you busy? I have a question to ask you..." I wasn't really doing all that great at the black jack table and I finished the hand I was on and took my chips and got up from the table and walked away with Maria. Her ass looked very sexy in the tight jeans, nice and round with full ass cheeks. I could tell she was wearing a thong by the way her ass moved as she walked. Maria stopped as we got the steps of the sports book staircase and turned and looked me in the eye and said "Please don't take this the wrong way....But would you like to fuck me?"

I stood there for a second, looking Maria's body over thinking to myself about how much I'd love to fuck her and I then looked her in the eyes and smiled.

Maria began talking again, "If you fuck me, you have to know that my husband will be present and he may join in....I only play with his OK and with him in the room....." I just stood there and nodded my head, like I was trying to understand what she said. I had played with swingers and couples before, so this wasn't the first time I'd heard something like this.

Maria continued "I'm a Hot wife....Do you know what that is?" I shook my head no...I wanted to hear what she had to say.... "I'm a married woman, my husbands slut, and I like to fuck other men besides my husband....and he's OK with it. In fact, he likes to watch other men fuck me and then once their done fucking me, he fucks me....It's all straight stuff, nothing gay or bi.....I just like more cock than my husband can give me...."

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Apr 11 @ 6:00PM  
I again looked Maria over, and felt my cock start to harden in my pants, which she noticed also, and Maria leaned over and whispered in my ear "I can see by the front of your pants that you like my offer..." Maria took my hand and led me over to the elevators and we took a ride up to her floor. We walked closely together, with my arm around her waist. We stopped in front of a room door, which turned out to be hers and Maria knocked on the door. She then leaned into me for a kiss, which I started with a nice little peck on the lips. Maria responded by putting her arms around me and pulling me tighter against her and and putting her tongue down my throat. She wasn't wasting anytime with a "safe kiss" as she ran her fingers through my hair and over my back. Maria broke the embrace and licked her lips and smiled at me and then the door opened and her husband was standing on the other side.

He smiled at us as we walked into the room. Maria excused herself and she went into the bathroom. I chatted with Bob, Maria's husband for a couple of minutes while we waited for Maria to return. The bathroom door opened and Maria walked out of the bathroom with her top off, exposing her nice breasts! Without saying a word, Maria walked up to me and kissed me again. My hands roamed her over her body, stopping at her tits that were now fully exposed. We continued to kiss while I rubbed her tits and we moved to the bed.

Maria sat on the edge of the bed and started undoing my pants. While she was doing this, I looked over at her husband and asked “ Are you sure your cool with this?”

Before Bob had a time to answer, Maria had pulled out my cock and in one motion slid it into her mouth, taking me down her throat till her bottom lip was pressing against my balls. She just held it there, sucking on it for a minute or two. She then started to rub my balls while she sucked on it. Maria was an expert cock sucker and I closed my eyes and tilted my head back while she worked on me. Maria continued to suck on my cock for about 5 minutes or so, and then she put her hand on my ass and began pushing me forward into her mouth. I was now moving my hips in rhythm to Maria's head movement. I was now fucking her mouth!!

Maria next cupped my balls and began to milk and squeeze them as she sucked on my cock. She was swirling her tongue around my cock head and really working on me. I soon felt my balls start to tighten and I let Maria know that I was close to cumming. She took my cock deeper into her mouth and deep throated me as I tensed up and began cumming in her mouth... Maria opened her eyes and looked up at me and moaned in pleasure as I pumped my load down her throat.

After I stopped coming, Maria lifted her head up and removed my still hard cock from her mouth. She pushed herself up onto the bed and lay down on her back. I quickly joined her on the bed and began kissing her neck and full sexy breasts. I then moved down her body, licking and kissing her all over. I got to her jeans, and Maria lifted her hips up to allow me to undo her the rest of her buttons and pull then off of her. Once off, Maria spread her legs, pulled me close to her and she started kissing me again. I felt her pussy against my leg and moved around so my cock was now rubbing her clit as we kissed. I felt my cock head part her opening and slip into her pussy. God she was wet and warm!

Apr 11 @ 6:01PM  
Maria broke our kiss and let out a very loud moan as I penetrated her. She reached around so her hands were now on my ass and she shoved my cock all the way into her. Maria grunted a little as I bottomed out into her pussy and then she smiled at me and began passionately tongue kissing me. I began pumping in and out of Maria slowly with nice long strokes. Maria loved what I was doing, but she wanted more. She put her hands on my ass again and pulled me in deeper. She cried out into my ear "Fuck me hard!!! Faster!!!" I began pumping faster into Maria's pussy. As I moved in and out of her body, I could hear the sucking sounds of Maria's pussy around my cock as it pumped in and out of her.

Maria started to cum and she wrapped her legs around me, shoving her pelvis into me, driving my cock deeper into her. Her pussy started to quiver around my shaft as she lost herself in her orgasm. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and I couldn't take it anymore and I thrusted myself into her and grunted loudly as I felt the cum rush out of my balls and shoot into Maria's body, dumping my cum into her pussy.

After I finished cumming inside of her, I pulled my cock out of Maria's pussy and smiled at her. She smiled back at me and put her hand between her legs and felt her freshly fucked pussy. My cum was now visible on her pussy and she began to play with herself and my cum. She brought her fingers up to her mouth and tasted our combined juices and looked over at her husband Bob and said "I'm full...He came a lot...." Bob just smiled back at her and said "You looked like you had fun..."

Maria looked over at me and said "That was only round one! I still want to ride your cock and make you cum again before I let you go..."

Needless to say, with an offer like that, I ended up fucking Maria again and cumming inside of her pussy. I checked my watch and I had only 30 minutes before I supposed to meet my friends for dinner. I made my goodbyes and got dressed. As I was leaving, Bob was crawling between Maria's legs and began sucking on her pussy. I heard Maria cry out "That's it Bob...Eat my messy pussy...I know how much you like cream pie!" They never even knew I left the room as Bob shoved his tongue into Maria's pussy, sending her into another orgasm.


Apr 11 @ 6:37PM  
Yanno you're hell on batteries.

Apr 11 @ 6:39PM  
I've got stock in Duracell....

Apr 11 @ 7:19PM  
Damn I need a COLD Shower!!!

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