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Would you go to the bathroom while your lover was taking a shower?

posted 4/11/2008 1:33:42 PM |
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tagged: love, couples, lovers, straddle

How many of you would actually go to the bathroom while your lover was taking a bath or shower? If you were the one taking the bath or shower would it bother you if your lover came in to take a piss, or yet worse take a "dump"? The pissing part is very iffy at best for me if she were to come in to do that while I was taking a bath or shower. The taking the dump part is totally out!

Would I go in while she was taking a bath or shower to do my business? No, I wouldn't. Some things are meant not to be shared in front of each other. Now if I was outside hiking out in the woods or something like that with her there with me, then I wouldn't have a problem pissing in front of her.

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Apr 11 @ 1:38PM  
Hey, if there's only one bathroom and you gotta go, you gotta go.

Apr 11 @ 1:40PM  
Gina, even if you had to take a "dump" in front of him?

Apr 11 @ 1:42PM  

I agree with Gina

Apr 11 @ 1:43PM  
hmmm only to pee...have done that many times...he on the other hand doesnt care, just comes right in...I guess he figures after 18 years it shouldnt bother me...yuck

Apr 11 @ 1:46PM  

I'm with gina.. You got to go you got to go...
We only have one bathroom.. and 5 people in my family so yeah we are all us to it..
Hate it but oh well.Helps when you have a sliding glass door on your bath tub....

Apr 11 @ 1:47PM  
lol Straddle. Unless I stand up, or the bowl is crystal clear, who's gonna see?

Apr 11 @ 1:49PM  
Gina, it's not about seeing it, it's more about smelling it.

Apr 11 @ 1:49PM  
Come on Shawn, That's what a shower curtain is for. And Lysol to kill the smell. And as far as urinating...I think everyone may do it except you. You worried she's going to peek. Next you're going to tell me that when you take a shower with her you've never peed. It's normal, isn't it?

Apr 11 @ 1:53PM  
Never tried golden showers.

Apr 11 @ 1:56PM  
smelling? sounds like ya got some stinky poopie going on there...aren't you the one who was asking about skid marks? Do you have a doodie fetish?

Apr 11 @ 1:57PM  
I'm not talking golden shower. Just a little tinkle by the drain when she is behind you.

Apr 11 @ 2:02PM  
Some people are touchy about this... there are two types of people those who are private bathroomers and those who are not.... I wouldn't wanna take a big ole stinky shit in front of Sunny.... but maybe drain the bladder drop my boxers and step in da shower too...

Apr 11 @ 2:03PM  
Peeing is okay either way, and if she really has to poop while I'm in the shower, that's cool.
Myself, I haven't done it yet, but like everyone said, if ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

And then it would be quick and painless.

You damn sure come up with some interesting blogs, Straddle.

At least they're fun. Fun is good.

Apr 11 @ 2:05PM  
Yeah, I love my privacy while taking a bath or shower.

Apr 11 @ 2:08PM  
I can dleal with a pee, but anything beyond that is just rude. Hey now...some lines we don't cross!

Shawn, where DO yo come up with these thoughts??? Wait! Don't answer...

Apr 11 @ 2:08PM  
As you grow older with each other that is something you should get used to. It is a normal body function that we all have to do and if you are afraid to do it in front of the one you love or they are afraid to then somewhere down the road of life there could be a severe problem.

When you get older and sick and need the help of your loved one (and it does happen) I do hope you are close enough that you have gotten passed that.


Apr 11 @ 2:11PM  
Oh hell, If ya gotta go, well then ya gotta. I wouldnt want anyone to bust a gut, or a bladder just because I was in the shower. So let'er rip!

Apr 11 @ 2:15PM  
I'd poot in front of him,but I'd rather not have him there in the shower while I dropped a deuce.For some reasons,I don't like damp bathrooms when I go do my business...its weird.

Apr 11 @ 2:21PM  
Not an issue for me. I have two bathrooms and have since the seventies. But I will say this, If I am visiting a lady, I NEVER use her bathroom if there another one available.

Now once when Carter was Prez, this woman I was dating lived in an apartment with one bathroom and I took what I call a shotgun shit. You know the one, it is a small turd propelled by a powerful fart. One of two things happen. It either fires off with enough force to splash the water back on your ass, or it freckles the back of the toilet bowl and stays there no matter how much you flush. Well, in this case it was the latter and in the morning she made me scrub the toilet.

Apr 11 @ 2:22PM  
X - there's a difference between caring for someone and ruining my sacred shower time. I have no problem acknowledging that happens - it's a natural thing, to be sure - but that doesn't mean that I should have to forfeit the pleasure I get out of taking a shower because someone couldn't wait 15 minutes. Now, in an emergency, that's different...Of course, around my place we have to offer the bathroom to everyone before taking a shower. I take my shower-time very seriously - almost as seriously as I take my tanning time...and my tanning time is serious business!

Apr 11 @ 2:26PM  
I don't care if she pees or takes a dump while I'm in the shower, I'll have the vent turned on for my shower anyway, so I shouldn't smell anything. The shower will be running so I won't hear anything except her talking (hope she doesn't fart, though), and the curtains will be drawn so I won't see anything. I like having someone in the bathroom with me to talk to and I might be able to talk her into the shower with me, we'll be too busy getting dirty to be getting clean. :)

It was hit or miss with my SO's, my first wife didn't care if I took a crap while she was in the shower, some have been upset that I came into the bathroom at all while they were showering. My last date was really cool, we talked while she was showering, but she wouldn't let me sneak a peek even though we had done more than that a few minutes earlier ;). I didn't even want to try using the bathroom while she was there. She even let me talk to her while she dried off, I had to turn around. Of course ten minutes later, both of our clothes were off, so it was really moot.

The worst thing is if your plumbing is sensitive to flushes and you get scalded or chilled when she gets rid of the evidence.

Apr 11 @ 2:29PM  
Do you have an evil twin? Because it's hard to believe this blog is coming from the same guy who calls himself "Straddle my nose" and asks such questions about sniffing skid-marked underwear sans comments about proper etiquette and so forth.

I have no problem with using the bathroom while my boyfriend is taking a shower or vice versa...but would use (and expect) proper discretion during "certain functions."

Apr 11 @ 2:36PM  
@ Bruce's comment. Talking with Tom (OMG71) over the phone right now and I read Bruce's comment to Tom over the phone and we both couldn't stop laughing.

Apr 11 @ 2:40PM  
Doesn't matter to me. There is such a thing as air freshener. If he was in the shower I would definitley join him in there!

Apr 11 @ 2:43PM  
I picked up a girl that wanted to blow me but she took a shit right in front of me before she did me.
It stunk but she sure could suck

Apr 11 @ 2:48PM  
Just me, but....
Bodily functions are bodily functions. We all have them. Pissing, shitting, farting, not to mention the dreaded "curse." Not that I'd make a point of it, I would hope they would not either, but ya gotta go, ya gotta go, like others have said.

And I have IBS. Holding it could possibly cause me instead 3 or more days of distended abdominal pain from being constipated from doing such. I wont suffer that for any matters of decorum.

Have to admit I am surprised like some others. Someone who likes mixing honey with *TMI* feels twitchy about someone using the shitter?

Apr 11 @ 2:53PM  
Not something I would do early in a relationship but my not an issue later.

Apr 11 @ 3:29PM  
Peeing is allowed while one's partner is in the shower, just better not flush the damn toilet!

Apr 11 @ 4:10PM  
been there, done that.....

Apr 11 @ 4:47PM  
Yeah Shawn, you would think that technology today would be advanced enough for a turder to have a nonstick surface. Maybe a teflon turder or something.

Have you ever taken a leak at a woman's place where you raised the seat and everything, and in the middle of the piss, the damned seat falls down because she has one of those carpeted seat covers or something on it.

I learned a long time ago, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. In other words, when at a woman's house, sit down to pee.

Apr 11 @ 4:55PM  
We never hesitate about letting a guest pee when we are in the Jacuzzi or the walk-in shower. Most women visiting with my wife and I love to spread their legs, invite us to at least watch and when through let one of us wipe their pussy. That's just good manners with a weekend house guest!

Apr 11 @ 4:55PM  
I have taken a leak while she was in the shower, then I jump in the shower with her

Apr 11 @ 5:07PM  
I remember this blog...didn't someone make a comment to the effect of not wanting to watch his SO go reminded him of a downhill skier...

Peeing doesn't matter either way...but poopin with someone else in the room is just rude IMO...

Apr 11 @ 5:07PM  
We've been married so long, the bathroom door hinges have rusted open......

Apr 11 @ 5:14PM  
i grew up with 8 people in a house with one bathroom...wasnt unusual for one to be in the tub, one on the pot and one brushing their teeth...

Apr 11 @ 5:18PM  
My ex and I had partied pretty heavily one evening and had more than a good buzz going. She went into the bathroom to tee tee, did not turn on the light, then I heard her scream. She was a petite little thing at the time and failed to check if the seat was down. Yep, she had gotten stuck in the toilet as both hip bones had slipped under the rim. I went and got some cooking oil, and worked it in, then popped her out. But she had the cutest purple stripes around her hip bones for a week. I called them her racing stripes. It was all my fault for not putting the seat down.

Apr 11 @ 5:48PM  
I used to do it to my ex all the time

Apr 11 @ 5:52PM  

I don't care if your in or outta the shower or shaving at the sink....I DON'T CARE!!!

Apr 11 @ 6:24PM  
He's welcome to come in and take a pee however he has to get the door unlocked first. I grew up in a household where privacy was something that did not exist. I decided i had to have some privacy and as a mother the bathroom was it. My son wasn't supposed to interrupt me in the bathroom unless it involved blood or death.

Apr 11 @ 6:33PM  
What Gina Said.. heck yeah.. I'm sorry.. reality over fantasy.. if I gotta go.. I might even chase you off the pot.

Apr 11 @ 6:58PM  
if ya gotta ya gotta, but i'd not go outta my way to share.....unless she don't let me buy us a house with 2 baths or atlest 1.5


Apr 11 @ 7:08PM  
if i just have to pee... then yeah i'll go... depending on how long she was in there for me to intrude and have to take a dump. then yeah if she has been in there for a while and/or has like fallen asleep in the bath tub then yeah i will be joining you for a sit down session...

Straddle where do you come up with shit like this?

Apr 11 @ 8:55PM  
This is just me, but if I am that in love with my partner, and he with me, then everything is game!! Nothing to hide, share everything!! Now THATS true love! But remember, thats just my opinion, to each their own!! Have a great evening!

Apr 11 @ 9:48PM  
Sooner or later we're gonna have to smell each other's shit. Try sharing a bed with someone who farts in their sleep all night. I seriously considered talking him into trying out a butt plug.... but then I realized it might backfire and blow another hole into me.

Apr 11 @ 9:57PM  
...then I realized it might backfire and blow another hole into me...

Now THAT is some funny stuff right there!

Apr 12 @ 4:05AM  
Poop has always frightened me

Apr 12 @ 4:15AM  
but is it okay to pee in the shower while you are sharing it with someone?

Sunny and I were talking about that while we were in the tub

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Would you go to the bathroom while your lover was taking a shower?