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Story-Tricks and Treats on Halloweenie

posted 4/10/2008 7:36:37 PM |
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Pam had come back to Chicago to see friends around Halloween and invited me to a costume party being hosted by an old co-worker. She told me she left the kids at her parents and was planning on staying at her old friends house that night so she wouldn't have to worry about driving home after a few drinks and she could also help her friend clean up after the party in the morning.

I was never good at costume parties. I could never seem to come up with a good outfit until after I got to a party and I was wearing some lame outfit and then I would always come up with a great Idea later, so I gave this party and my costume a lot of thought and ended up designing a costume of my favorite Disney character villian, Capt. Hook...and plus pirates were all the rage thanks to Johnny Depp and his pirate movies.

I found a long red velvet pirate capt jacket, black thigh high boots and a pair of blousey pirate pants and lace up tunic shirt at a medieval apparrel shop. This was not just a costume shop, for they supplied outfits for all the resissance fairs around the area and even some outfits for the people who worked at Medieval Times restaurant.

I found a long curly black wig, and eye patch and a great pirate capt hat. I finally looked the part. I found a great fake hook hand that didn't look like I bought it from Target and then I needed to find a sword. All the ones I found were too stupid looking and I really wanted to make a good appearance. I then remembered an old co-worker who collected swords, gave him a call and he agreed to let me borrow a replica pirate saber, with scabbard and all.

As I dressed for the nights party, Pam called me on my cell phone and told me what she would be wearing. She told me to look for the golden haired, busty smiling beer girl...I asked her if she looked like the St. Paulie girl and she just laughed on the phone and said "OH YEA!"

I got to the party and found Pam in the kitchen, pulling out a tray of deviled eggs. She was wearing a very tight german barmaid/wench dresss, with a white frilly shirt that showed a lot of cleavage and it ended around mid thigh with a ruffly bustle underneath. She had added white thigh high stockings with little satin bows on the front and white naughty stripper looking heels.

Pam smiled at me when she saw me and commented on the great outfit I was wearing. I made some comment about hers looking good and Pam just laughed and slapped my arm and replied "You just like the way my tits look in this dress!"

She then hurried off to help out her friend with a "Grey Goose" emergency. Seems they were running out of vodka, but Pam remembered where another bottle was.

As the night wore on, people came and people left until it was getting late and there were just a few people milling around in various places. A little group out on the patio....another 2-3 people in the kitchen and Pam and I sitting on the sofa.

It had been a busy night, but Pam had made it a point of making sure I was happy and not left out, eventhough she knew more people there than I did. As Pam and I sat on the couch, she smiled at me and told me that she was happy that I came to the party and she then leaned over and gave me a kiss and said "If you want to stay with me, here tonight, it's okay with my girlfriend...."

The way Pam said it, left little question as to what she meant. I'm sure Pam and her friend had had some discussion about tonight and it had been agreed upon that if I stayed over, her friend wouldn't mind Pam and I fucking each other in her house.

I leaned in close to Pam and began kissing her. Soft and gentle at first...before changing over to hard and naughty with our tongues roaming each others mouths, nibbling and chewing on each others lips and my hands roaming over Pam's heaving "beer girl" breasts.

Soon the party wound down and all the last guests left, leaving Pam, myself and her friend in the house. The remains of a great party laid strewn across the house.

Pam's friend bid us a good night and left Pam and I standing in the kitchen.

Pam and I stood in the kitchen for a few moments, catching our breath and smiling and flirting with each other. The sexual tension between the two of us was so thick you could see the haze from our lust in the air. I knew she could sense it also. Whenever Pam and I got together it was like prom night all over again. Pam always looked beautiful, whether she was done up in a dress and full make-up or just bumming around in shorts and a t-shirt, and wearing a Cubs hat with her ponytail sticking out the back, Pam just seemed to oooze sexuality around me and we always found ways to sneak a kiss here, a grope there and even that time at the Field Museum when we wandered off from the group and found that deserted stairwell and Pam had me take her from behind as she hung onto the stair railing with her shorts and panties pulled down around her knees for the world's quickest fuck of my life. It was always an adventure with her.

Pam sat her Vodka and Cranberry down on the kitchen island and looked at me with a quirky smile and asked "You ready to rape and pillage me, Capt Hook??? You want my booty for your treasure?"

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Apr 10 @ 7:37PM  
I loved that about Pam...she could be sexy and make stupid jokes like that and enjoyed it when I said stupid things like that also...but then again you can flirt and say very bad pick up lines to someone after you've already seen them naked and eaten their pussy or sucked their cock a half a dozen times like we had with each other....

I looked at me German beer girl and replied "Wench....Prepare to have your beek keg tapped and tapped often...when I'm done with you, you'll be a mess of creamy foam at nights end..."

"God I hope so! I need you to ream me out like you wouldn't believe..."

Pam took my hand and led me over to the couch, where we sat down together and began kissing....kissing hard and long lost lovers, meeting again for the first time....our hands roaming over each others bodies as we pressed our lips tight together.

My hand ran up her thighs, over Pam's stockings and under her skirt. I felt Pam spread her legs wider for me, giving me better access to her honey pot. I ran my hands over her panties and found that for tonight, Pam was wearing some type of lace panties. Thin lace panties. I could feel the heat comming from between her legs and as I ran my hand over her pussy and cupped her mound, I felt her nectar soak my hand....

I rubbed Pam's mound in a circular motion and watched as she laid back on the couch and spread her thighs wide for me. She then bunched up her beer girl skirt around her waist and I saw for the first time that Pam was wearing white lace boy shorts. God I loved Pam in panties that covered her ass...while I loved her in any type of panties and thongs did show off her ass, I had a major weakness for Pam in Tanga bikini panties or boy shorts...I just loved the way her ass was cupped by the panties and they way they showed off her great ass.

I continued to rub Pam's slit in tight hard motions...digging my index finger into her slit and feeling her meaty love button through the material as I ground the lace hard against her swollen lips. The thin lace material did little to stop the flow of Pam's nectar from wetting my fingers, which only made me tease her all the more.

I worked my fingers around the side of her panties and soon I was rewarded with a clear and free enterance into her steaming hot slit. I had never experienced the heat from from a raging volcano, but I would like to think that it might have been close to the heat coming off her pussy.

I drove two fingers into Pam's fuck hole, parting her lips as my fingers invaded her body and Pam moaned out her approval as I began to pump my hand in and out of her body. Her breathing soon changed from a soft gentle almost quiet breathing to a husky labored breathing as my hand worked on her pussy and she became more aroused.

Soon her breathing was mixed with moans as Pam began to tighten her pussy around my fingers and she began to hump her pelvis onto my hand...fucking herself down hard onto the fingers buried so deep up inside of her.

Pam's left hand roamed around my waist and legs until she finally found what she was looking hard throbbing cock. Pam wanted to know and feel that I was turned on by her body and by what I was doing to her.

Upon confirmation that I was rock hard and throbbing and infact had been leaking pre-cum into my pirate pants, Pam took as much of the length of my cock in her hand and squeezed it tight in her palm as I felt her pussy first tighten even more on my hand and she squealed out in orgasm and she cried out as she came from me fingering her.

As Pam's first cum of the night finished pulsing through her body and she regained some sense of reality, Pam reached down and pulled her panties down her tighs to around her knees. Pam had learned and actually enjoyed my way of using her underwear as part of her seduction and arousal, but she was now in no mood to have my access to her pussy hindered in any way and with her panties pulled out of the way, I could really pump my hand in and out of her body.

As we sat there on the couch, in the semi darkness of the room, we had turned out a few lights after the party, so there currently was the light from the kitchen and a floor lamp on in the corner, I could see Pam's pussy juice glisten on my fingers and hand. Talk about a turn look down and see my fingers disappearing into this sexy girl and then to know from eating her just how sexy her pussy was itself really was a turn on....

I added a third finger into Pam's pussy as I continued to finger her, stretching her tight little twat as I stuffed my hand into her. Pam arched her back and wiggled to adjust a little to added finger in her and the new sensation of being stretched even wider down there.

I watched as Pam pulled at the strings of her pheasant girl top as she squirmmed around freed her breasts so they hung out over the top of her shirt and dress top. All Pam had to say was "SUCK" and I lowered my head to her closest breast as she held it in her hand and fed me her nipple to work on.

Apr 10 @ 7:38PM  
I took her hard rubbery nipple into my mouth and first sucked just on her fleshy nub, taking it just far enough into my mouth so my lips touched her breast and then I ran my teeth over her nipple...teasing it and making it even harder in my mouth. I then openned my mouth to slowly take more and more of her breast into my mouth, while still continuing to finger Pam's pussy.

I could feel her pussy getting wetter and warmer as I started to suck on her nipples and Pam seemed to tighten her pussy in response to each hard suck of her breast in my mouth. Soon I had so much of Pam's tit in my mouth that she no longer needed to hold her breast for me, so with one hand Pam continued to play and pinch her free breast, adding to her own pleasure as she snaked her free hand between us and found my throbbing cock again in my pants.

This time Pam meant business. She began to squeeze and rub my cock through my pants....grinding her hand into my pelvis as she rubbed my cock...working her hands on my shaft like she was rolling out bread with her hand, pausing to squeeze the leaking throbbing dick head from time to time and feel my pre-cum leak through my pants and onto her hand...

As Pam's hand worked over my cock, I think the whole thing was too much for her. Three fingers working over her pussy, my mouth sucking on her breast, her squeezing my cock through my pants and then her still playing with her free nipple....Pam's body began to quiver...her breathing began short and machine gun like as I felt her pussy throb on my hand and and she began to pant and cry out in high pitched primal sounds.

This was not the sexy prim and proper lady I knew and saw in public, this was the horny cumming hard naughty girl that I loved to make cum in private. And Pam was in the midst of one of her hardest orgasms with me to date. I felt her pussy first loosen and my fingers slide deeper into her and then she clamped down tight on my hand and she just exploded. Instict took over and Pam's body was rocked with wave after wave of orgasm. Her body rolling to the right and left on my hand, her pelvis humping up and down on my fingers, her back arching to shove her tit further into my mouth and her hand locked in a death grip on my cock, holding on for dear life as she came over and over again....

Pam grunted out the last bit of her orgasm as I watched her stomach pulse and her pelvis and mound wiggle onto my hand. My hand was soaked and my fingers ached. Pam had been squeezing my hand so hard, she had cut off the blood flow to my fingers and I slowly pulled them out of her pussy. Just as the last finger passed out of her pussy, Pam moaned out in satisfaction.

I wiggled my fingers a little to start the blood flowing again and Pam grasped my hand and brought it to her mouth. She first breathed in deeply her own scent...her musk covering my fingers as her nectar coated them. Pam's eyes where glazed over in a "fuck high" look as the endorphines must have been firing a mile a minute in her brain, as her pleasure pulsed and flowed through her body.

She stared at my hand and then opened her mouth and tasted herself. Her tongue danced around my hand as she licked and sucked her honey off of my hand, making little moans her and then and then taking deep short quick breaths as she cleaned her juice from my fingers.

Once my hand was clean of all traces of Pam's own special sauce, she looked at me and said "I want to suck your cock..."

I quickly tore through the remaining parts of my pirate costume until I was left with my pants pulled down to my knees, I couldn't take them off without taking off the boots and both Pam and I were way too horny to wait for that and my shirt bunched up on my stomach.

My cock stood at attention...glistening in the dim room pubic hair matted with pre-cum all around the base of my shaft, soaked in fact from all the fingering of Pam's pussy and her squeezing my cock.

My rod ached as it rose parallel from my body...the veiny sides of it pulsed in anticpation of Pam's mouth wrapped around it, as we watched a huge pre-cum bubble oooze out from the slit in my dick head and form my my mushroom headed crown. Pam leaned in close to my cock and exhaled warm breath on my dick and then flicked out her tongue to taste the large pre-cum bubble before it ran over the side of my shaft and down onto my balls. I watched as Pam swallowed the pre-cum down her throat and looked like a woman who had just eaten her first meal in weeks.

After Pam had finished tasting me for the first time tonight, we both stared down at my rock hard pink, almost red from lust cock. I watched Pam's eyes open wide in amazement as another pre-cum bubble formed on the tip of my aching dick head, with the fluid slowly oozing out to form a bubble...getting bigger and bigger with each passing second, until it finally got to big to stay on the tip and it flowed over the pink crown of my cock and ran down the side of my shaft.

Pam's eyes followed this pre-cum escapee as is ran to freedom down my rod until about half-way and then she leaned over close to my cock, flicked out her tongue and let the pre-cum stream flow off my shaft and onto her tongue. Pam then slowly took her tongue and licked up the side of my cock, following the same path that the pre-cum bubble she had watched take in reverse until she reached the top of my cock.

Apr 10 @ 7:39PM  
Pam paused for a second to look, almost seemed like she was admiring her handy work at getting me so hard and aroused, and watched as another HUGE pre-cum bubble formed from the slit on my dick and then Pam opened her mouth just wide enough to take barely the tip of my cock against her lips and barely into her mouth she pulsed her lips against my crown.

It almost felt and looked like Pam was using my cock like a straw. Pam had her lips glued to the tip of my dick and she started to suck the pre-cum out of my cock like she would a coke from McDonalds.

I lean my head back against the top of the couch cushions and just let myself enjoy the sensations of Pam’s mouth teasing my cock....

With her mouth still pulsing on the tip of my dick, Pam slid her hand down between my legs and cupped my balls and began to massage them. She first cupped them both in her hand and rubbed each ball in a gentle circular motion. Pam felt their full cum weight in her hand, and she had to know that they were full of cum just for her.

Pam parted her mouth a little more to allowed her tongue to dart out and lick the top side of my swollen crown first and then she slowly swirled her tongue around the entire circumference of my cock...running her tongue just under the lip of my dickhead and then she raised her head up off my pulsing, aching member to look at her work so far.

The head was crimson from Pam’s sucking....the skin on the tip of my cock looking a little wrinkled from being made so hard by her mouth. Pam could clearly see the bulging vein running down the underside of my shaft all the way to my balls...along with the other throbbing veins in my cock....

Pam smiled as she looked at the curve of my cock if for the first time. Pam had told me that she loved the way the curve felt when it was planted deeply inside her pussy...hitting all those good spots, taking her to orgasm....or the ease at which the curve helped Pam in swallowing me down her throat as if the curve just seemed to follow the natural shape of Pam’s throat, as she took my cock balls deep in her mouth without gagging.

As Pam looked at my aching, throbbing starved for attention cock, another pre-cum bubble formed from my dick slit and she took her tongue and slurped it up and then she teased me terribly by sticking her tongue tip into my dick head, teasing....flirting...begging me to leak more pre-cum onto her tongue for her enjoyment....

I placed my hand on the back of Pam’s head, giving her the hint that I liked what she was doing. Pam slowly opened her mouth just the width of my cock and began to lower her head down onto it. Pam’s lips and teeth teasing me terribly as she took more and more of my cock into her mouth. Pam’s tongue tickling the side of my shaft as she tasted every inch invading her mouth.

I tried to watch Pam swallow my cock, but soon all I could see was the top of her head..but I could feel her tongue..that damn tongue....dancing around my throbbing aching shaft. Tasting all the pre-cum that covered my pole and then she stopped, as my crown hit the back of her throat. I was now balls deep in Pam’s mouth. She pulsed her mouth a couple of times around my entire cock, swishing the mixture of pre-cum and saliva around my manhood in a very slutty, teasing way. And then Pam sucked really hard on me and cupped my balls and gave them a good squeeze and she moaned out as I must have done what she wanted and leaked even more pre-cum into Pam’s mouth.

Pam began her slow torturing journey back up my shaft, slowly...very slowly letting more and more of my cock out of her warm furnace of a mouth..letting my soft, yet rock hard skin slide through her teeth and over Pam’s lips until she was back to my mushroom dickhead and then Pam sucked hard on my pink helmet as she flicked her tongue back and forth in her mouth and swished the fluid around my yearning to cum cock.

Pam then pulled up, with great suction..tugging my cock...stretching it with her mouth momentarily until it fell out of Pam’s mouth with a great "PLOP" as the suction was broken.

Pam looked up at me and ran her tongue around her lips, tasting me...and smiled at me. the vision I saw was sexy and slutty and angelic all at the same time. Pam’s sexy blue eyes were glazed over in fuck lust...her face soft and gentle, smiling at me because she knew she had just given me great pleasure and then there was a string of saliva running from her chin back to the base of my shaft and to my balls....

Pam reached out and took her finger and broke the salvia trail and then took her finger and sucked it clean.

Pam tilted her head to the side and looked at me and finally spoke "What should I do next?"

My cock was standing at attention between us....harder than it had ever been in my life...veins bulging, pulsing involuntarily, making it wiggle and all I could feel was it aching and throbbing, my balls tight and full of cum and all I knew at that moment was that my life depended on my cumming and cumming soon and I wanted Pam’s to help me cum....

I looked at Pam and told her “I have to fuck you…I want you to bent over…”

Apr 10 @ 7:40PM  
Pam stood up and went to the side of the couch and bent over the puffy padded arm and waited for me. I made my way over to her, with my pants down around my knees and lifted up her beer girl skirt. Damn there was her sexy ass. I never grow tired of looking at Pam’s sexy full ass. It’s a work of art and one of the entrances to heaven.

I took my cock and rubbed it up and down her slit. I could feel how wet and hot Pam was from sucking on my cock and I knew I could tease either of us for too long. I placed my aching cock head against Pam’s swollen moist pussy lips and pushed into her. I felt my cock penetrate her and part her lips and I was immediately surrounded by the warmest, wettest pussy I have ever been in. I pushed deeper into Pam and then just held onto her hips as I throbbed inside of her enjoying the feeling of her body wrapped around me.

Pam’s voice broke the silence as she looked over her shoulder at me and said “FUCK ME…FUCK ME NOW!”

I started pumping into Pam and began rubbing her sexy full butt cheeks while I took her from behind....squeezing and parting Pam’s ass with each stroke into her cock going deeper and deeper into her as her pussy got wetter and wetter and more relaxed as I fucked her. I pumped deep into her...feeling Pam’s moisture surround and cover my my dick head tickled those good spots inside her pussy....

I loved the feel of Pam’s full hips in my hands as her soft and sexy ass flesh mashed against my pelvis on my inward thrust into her.....

Pam arched her back as she leaned down hard onto the couch arm, forcing her ass up and back towards me even more so I could get deeper into Pam’s…....

“I won't last long” I told Pam as she moaned for me as I pumped deep into her pussy. Pam began to talk dirty to me, encouraging me to go faster...harder....DEEPER.....

I felt Pam’s body tighten around my shaft...making my soul quiver and I felt the cum starting to rise from deep inside my balls....slowly moving into my rock hard dick head started to itch in that familiar good Pam’s pussy rubbed on won't be long now....

I felt my balls start to tighten....the cum is now rushed up my shaft and my body shook and I lost my breath as my cock erupted inside of Pam....I've lost all cock firing rockets of cum into Pam’s warm inviting pussy....

1....2....3......three hard deep cum sharing thrusts into cock all the way to the hilt buried inside of her....I held Pam’s hips in a death grip in my hands as I smashed my pelvis against her ass and now throbbed for what seemed hours as my balls emptied their contents into Pam’s warm tight body, until the gentle last spasms of my orgasm pushed the last drops of cum into Pam.....

As my breathing returned to normal and my brain functions started to process, I realized this whole time Pam had been shoving her ass back hard onto my cock, welcoming and inviting me to go deeper into her....urging me to plant my load firmly inside of her and bathe her inner walls in the reward she so desperately wanted and needed....

I had given Pam part of my soul, through our body tingled with the release of the pent up orgasm....I now realized that it is a little cool in the room as all my nerves are alive b/c of our fucking.....

My now flacid and shrinking cock, once the center of Pam’s pleasure for the last hour or so, was now a wilted worn out thing....Pam smiled at me, knowing that in only a few minutes and after a little stroking with her hands and perhaps some oral encouragement that my cock would soon be a raging dripping throbbing testament to manhood, ready to pleasure her over and over again until her body has done it's job again and she felt the sweet release of my cream into her body again for you pleasure and enjoyment....

The night was young, we still had hours to fuck before we slept.

Apr 10 @ 7:52PM  
Damn Bend Me Over!!!

Apr 10 @ 7:58PM  
Rape! Pillage! Plunder! Rinse.... Repeat!

Apr 10 @ 8:01PM  
Ladies...Need a little Capt in you, do you???

Apr 10 @ 9:14PM  
I love the Captain!

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Story-Tricks and Treats on Halloweenie