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Story-Slot Machine Jackpot!

posted 4/10/2008 7:20:30 PM |
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I was in Atlantic City for a trade show and staying at the Trump World's Fair. It was a nice enough casino, but the time of year, March, made for little site seeing and it was too cold to really enjoy the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk. Only a few restaurants we open along the Boardwalk, plus the shopping mall, which looks like a big white cruise ship pointing out to sea from the Boardwalk.

In the evenings after the trade show, there wasn't much to do except to gamble in the casinos. Now Atlantic City is a little different from Vegas in that there are just about more slot machines per square inch than there are blue haired ladies playing them. Everywhere you looked there were retirees gambling and more coming in daily by the bus load. There weren't many table games open, so I regulated myself to playing a few of the slots myself just to kill the boredom until the next morning and back to the trade show.

It must have been on the third evening, after dinner of the trade show that I was sitting at a slot machine playing video poker, when an attractive brunette woman in her early 40's sat down at the machine next to me and started to play. She started to actually do pretty well and every time the waitress came by, she got another Long Island to drink. After about her third drink, she started talking to me as she played. I found out that her name was Katie and that she was in town for the same trade show that I was, and she was working in one of the exhibit booths.

We continued playing side by side and talking, and I was really starting to enjoy having a little company while I gambled. I felt something rub against my leg and I looked down to see Katie's stocking foot rubbing against my leg. I looked towards her and Katie just gave me a wicked grin and licked her lips before she gave me a wink and went back to playing her game.

A few minutes later, I felt Katie's foot again touching my leg. This time when I looked over at her, Katie leaned towards me and said " Are you ready to come back to my room and fuck me?" I was shocked at first by her offer, but that shock quickly left as Katie cashed out her winnings from her machine and said "Let's go!"

Without saying another word, we got up and quickly left the casino hand in hand, went to the elevator. Once the doors closed, Katie leaned in close to me and kissed me, softly at first, and then increased the force of her kiss until she was kissing me deeply with her tongue. I slipped a hand around Katie's waist and began feeling her sexy ass for the first time.

Katie slid her hand down between us and started to rub my cock and balls through my pants, stopping every once in awhile to squeeze the shaft. Katie whispered in my ear " I can't wait to suck your cock and then feel it in my pussy." The elevator ride lasted only a couple of minutes to get up to her floor, but needless to say it was long enough to get us both good and horny.

As soon as the elevator doors opened, we walked out with her head on my shoulder, holding my arm and my raging hardon, pushing against my pants leading the way to Katie's hotel room. Once the door to the room closed, Katie pushed me against the wall, kissing me deeply, with her tongue swirling around in the my mouth, as her hands worked to get my belt undone and my pants off.

When my pants were finally down around my ankles, Katie dropped to her knees without saying a word and in one smooth motion, she took my cock in her mouth and began to give me one of the best blow jobs I'd had in a long while.

She alternated between shallow and deep sucks, while she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. Katie then began squeezing my balls with one of her hands and slid her mouth up and down like a jackhammer on my cock for about thirty seconds. She then paused to catch her breath and took her mouth off of it and started to jack me off and looked into my eyes and asked "How am I doing?"

I responded " Suck it for about another minute like that and your see how you're doing!"

Katie then got up off her knees and said, " Get on the bed, I want to ride that cock of yours!" I stumbled over to the bed, remember my pants are around my ankles and my shoes are still on, sat down and took my shoes and pants off as quick as I could, while I watched Katie undress at the same time.

She had nice full C cup breasts and her nipples were hard as erasers pointing out all nice and pink, just begging to be sucked on. As she took off her pants, I noticed she was wearing white french cut thong panties, that really looked good on her. Katie noticed me looking at her panties and she commented "Like what you see?" And then she bent over and slid the panties off, revealing a shaved pussy with just a little strip of hair above her lips, trimmed in the shape of a "V".

Katie then walked over to the bed where I was sitting, took my head in her hands and placed a breast in front of me and said "suck" Which I did for about a minute before Katie pushed me back on the bed, knelt down and took my cock into her mouth, gave it 3-4 good sucks and then asked, "You ready for me to ride?" I just nodded up at her.

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Apr 10 @ 7:21PM  
Katie opened the night stand beside her and took out a condom and ripped open the packet and placed the condom on my cock. Once she had unrolled it down my shaft, she took my cock in her hand and straddled me, guiding my cock into a very warm and wet pussy. Katie then started to ride up and down on me and started talking dirty, saying things like "Oh yea, fuck me...Your cock feels good... This is what I need, Fuck me, Shove your cock into me, fuck my pussy!"

I couldn't talk too much, as I was trying to suck on her breasts as she rode me and holding onto her ass as she moved up and down. We must have fucked with her on top for a good 10 minutes before she slowed down after I don't know how many orgasms, and Katie looked down at me and said "Your turn...I want you to Fuck me...Get on top!"

We switched to the missionary position, where I sunk down into her pussy to the hilt and I began to pump into her. This is where Katie started to really show me what her pussy could do. On one of my inward thrusts, Katie tightened her pussy muscles around my cock, so I couldn't slide out and began to massage my cock with her pussy. Katie looked up into my eyes and said, "Feels nice, doesn't it???" She kept up her massage for a couple of more minutes, before I couldn't stand it any longer.

I told Katie that I was close to cumming and Katie told me to get on my back. I pulled out of her pussy and got onto my back. Katie took off the rubber and she bent over and took my cock back into her mouth and started at the head of my cock and sucked slowly down to the base. She then came back up my cock just as slowly, stopping at the head to swirl her tongue around and that was it. I moaned out that I was cumming and began shooting my load into her mouth, which she took all of it in her mouth. When I was done cumming, she raised her head up off my cock, looked me straight in the eyes, opened her mouth and showed me my cum load and then swallowed it.

Katie then said she wanted to cuddle for a little while and laid down on the bed in each others arms. After a while, we began to kiss and pet each other. We must have kissed for about 20 minutes and when we finally broke for air, Katie suggested for me to follow her into the bathroom so we could really have some fun.

Katie went over to the bathroom counter and bent over, gripping the counter with her hands and pushing her ass out towards me. I didn't have a rubber handy, and told her so. Katie looked at me in the mirror and said "Look inside my make up bag. There's condoms and lube in there...You're going to need both..." I checked in the bag and sure enough I found condoms and a bottle of WET, and I pulled them out and showed them to Katie.

Katie smiled and said "Great, now put the condom on and lube up my ass!!" I put a drop o lube onto her pink puckered ass and Katie moaned as the cold liquid touched her. She looked at me in the mirror and said "Go ahead...stick a finger in there and get it ready..." So I put some lube onto my hand and I started to gently touch Katie. She didn't want any teasing and she startled me by pushing back against me and before I knew it, my finger had slipped into her body. Katie moaned as she adjusted to having my finger inside her. She then began to gently rock back onto my hand and I could tell she was enjoying herself. I pulled out my finger and washed it off in the sink and then put the condom on my now throbbing cock and I got behind Katie and started to run my hands over her sexy ass.

I took my cock and slid it into Katie and gave her pussy a few good strokes to get my cock nice and lubed up with her pussy juices. I pulled out of her pussy grabbed the lube and put another drop onto her ass and firmly grasped my cock and slowly pushed against Katie's asshole, letting my cock head sloooowly squeeze into her just past her ass ring ... I then let go of my cock and let Katie adjust to the feeling of my cock, not moving...but keeping a slow pressure as my cock stretched her. Katie adjusted to me being in her and I now had about 2-3" of my cock in her.

Katie reached back between our legs and cupped my balls, giving me a subtle signal that she was ready. I started to push into her with a slow fucking motion. As Katie adjusted to more of my cock entering her ass, she started to timidly returned my thrusting by pushing her ass back against me. I could feel Katie's body start to loosen up and began to gently speed up my thrusts into her.
Katie loved the feeling and began moaning "Fuck my ass! Give it to me!" I noticed that Katie was looking into the mirror, watching us fuck. It turned me on to watch her face as I pounded into her. Katie started to cum with my cock up in her and as her body tightened during her orgasm, her ass started to milk my cock and I couldn't last any longer and I began to empty into Katie while balls deep in her.

Apr 10 @ 7:22PM  
We both watched the other in the mirror cum. It was incredible. Katie kept telling me over and over how great it was to watch my face and feel me cum inside her at the same time. We cleaned up and I checked my watch and found out that it was 4 AM and I had to be back at the Convention Center at 8AM, so I said my goodbye and went back to my room.

I later on walked past Katie's exhibit booth and she stopped me and asked if I had dinner plans. I told her "I did now!" Katie replied "Great! My husband's coming in to town tonight and I'd love him to meet you..." Katie then leaned close to me and whispered "It's OK...we're swingers and I really want to have a threesome with the two of you guys!"

I just smiled at Katie and said "It would be my pleasure to join them for dinner!" and then I winked at her and returned to walking around the exhibits. I joined Katie and her husband for dinner later that night and what happened after dinner is a whole another story!


Apr 10 @ 7:39PM  
Ok, I really want fucked NOW!!! Damn that was Good!

Apr 10 @ 9:06PM  
and to think...........i jus gave up gambling

Apr 10 @ 10:21PM  
GREAT story!!!

Apr 10 @ 10:21PM  
GREAT story!!!

Apr 10 @ 10:21PM  
GREAT story!!!

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