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Story-Visiting Friends

posted 4/10/2008 2:46:12 PM |
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After a few years of being asked by one of my old college buddies, I finally decided to go out to California and visit him and his new wife. I had been traveling out of the country on business when they got married, so I missed their wedding and in fact I had never met Rick's new wife in person. I had talked to her on the phone and I had seen a few pictures of her via email, but that was it.

The first night I flew out, Rick met me at the airport and it was like old times and as if years hadn't passed since we'd last seen each other. We were telling jokes and remembering stories from our college days and he even reminded me about a few wild times that I had forgotten about. We drove straight from the airport to pick up his wife Wendy at her office in downtown LA and then went to dinner at a very nice restaurant close to their home out in the Laguna Hills area. Wendy was even prettier than her pictures could ever have shown. She was about 5'6" tall and had her chestnut brown hair in a shoulder length stylish cut and the prettiest brown eyes. She also had a nice full chest, which I later learned she was a full 36C, and a sexy heart shaped ass that looked incredible in her business suit. You could tell she was a California girl and that she worked out.

The meal was good and the wine was flowing and soon we were enjoying a great evening of conversation. After dinner we went back to their place and ended up staying up kind of late just talking and rehashing the past! Most of the stories involved our exploits in college either getting in trouble or about our adventures with the girls we dated back then.

Wendy seemed real interested to know and learn this side of her husband, since she didn't know him in college. After spilling the beans about a night way back when where Rick and girl he had just met ended up in the fraternity house shower together, Wendy even chimed in with a story of her own.

We both just sat there listening to her not believing what we were hearing. Wendy began her story, "Well when I was in night I fucked a whole fraternity..."

Rick stopped her and said "No Way! You were a slut in college?"

Wendy just smiled at him and said "Just wait and hear the rest of the story....I was dating this guy and he and I had been dating for just a short time and he wanted to show me off at his Frat party, so he asked me to wear a very short mini skirt and a small crop top that showed my bare tummy and tummy ring. We arrived at his Frat house and I really didn't know what to expect. It was my first frat party and I was a little embarrassed as we walked through the main lounge. There where lots of guys there and they where all staring at me. Some of them even gave wolf whistles. My boyfriend at the time, Paul, yelled hello to some of them as he escorted me straight through them and up the stairs to his room. He wanted them all to think that he was taking me upstairs to fuck..."

"Well, did ya fuck him?" Rick interrupted.

"Of course I fucked him, he was my boyfriend!" Wendy replied. "Can I continue?"

Rick and I both nodded our heads yes.

" The moment we got into the room he was all over me. He pushed me up against the door and kissed me deeply and then we both tore off each others clothes and fell onto his bed. He climbed on top of me and started to fuck me. While he was on top of me, I started to think about all those guys downstairs knowing that I was getting fucked...."

"So where does the gang bang come in?" I interrupted this time.

"I'm getting to it, if you guys would let me! Jesus, I sat here and listened to your stories, you two can shut up and listen to mine!"

"Now where was I??? Oh yea, Paul was pounding his cock into me and I kept thinking about how erotic it would be if all those guys where standing around the bed watching us. The idea of this really turned me on and I started to cum harder than I had ever cum in my Life! My pussy clamped down on my boyfriends cock and made him blow his load into me. He wad was so strong it surprised me and I even screamed out at the top of my lungs 'YES! Baby, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!!'

Rick started to say something, but Wendy gave him a look that could kill and he kept his mouth shut. She then continued...

"I either passed out or fell asleep from exhaustion and didn't hear my boyfriend get up. I woke up and I was alone. I looked around for a minute and realized that my pussy was a mess, with his cum leaking out of me and I needed to clean up, so I got up put my skirt and top back on, I couldn't find my panties and went down the hall to the bathroom and took a shower. I found out later that Paul had taken them to show to his Frat brothers.

After my shower, I went downstairs and found Paul talking to his friends. As I walked over to him he stood up and gave me a big hug and a sloppy french kiss. It sort of embarrassed me and I could tell I was blushing. I broke off the kiss and buried my face into his chest.

As I was hugging him, I felt him lift my skirt and everyone close by got a good look at my naked ass. He tucked my mini skirt up under the waistband so it was 'stuck up' and then me spun me around and lifted up the front of the skirt and showed everyone my pussy! I about died of embarrassment!"

"He showed everyone your pussy?" Rick blurted out. "Were you shaven back then?"

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Apr 10 @ 2:47PM  
"No! Remember that was the late 80's and landing strips were the in thing, so I had pubic hair...Will you let me finish?"

"I knew that they could see my pussy. My heart was pounding, and I could feel the juices seeping out of my pussy and running down my thighs. I looked around and saw all the guys staring at me. Most of them had their cocks in their hands and where playing with them as the looked at me. A couple of them started to walk towards me and my boyfriend Paul just lifted my little top up and flashed them all my tits. This sent me over the edge and I felt my pussy tingle and I started to cum without anyone touching it."

Rick interrupted Wendy again and said "You came by just having guys watch you?"

"Yes....I was so turned on that just the mere thought of all these horny guys looking at me sent me over the edge! Now let me finish!!!"

Wendy looked at me and gave me the look of death, making me stay quiet.

"Paul sat me down on the couch and two guys sat down on either side of me, their hands slid up my thighs, across my belly and fondled my breasts. They then leaned down and started to suck on my nipples. I was in heaven and I closed my eyes as they worked on my breasts. I then felt my legs being opened and I opened my eyes to see a naked college boy with his cock in his hand smiling at me.

The cock he had in his hand was bigger than my boyfriends, and I licked my lips as I watched him lean close to me as he began to stroke his cock up and down my pussy lips, each time going further between them. As I felt it stroke my clit I just couldn't hold back from another climax. 'Aaaaaagggghhhhh!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!'

He kept stroking it up and down as I came back to reality. Paul was beside me saying 'Let him put it inside you. You'd like that big cock in your pussy, wouldn't you?"

Wendy paused to take a drink from her beer and she just smiled at Rick and me, as we were now speechless and totally interested in what she had to say.

"I felt my legs being lifted by the guys that where either side of me, so that I was now spread wide open. 'Let him put it in.' Paul was still saying. 'It's all right, you'll like it. Just lay back and let him do it to you.' I was so turned on by now that I didn't care who or what they did to me... but Paul was still saying 'Let him do it to you.' It was then that I realized that Paul was asking for my consent, for my permission to let this stranger fuck me.

I screamed out 'Yes! Yes put it inside me. I want it in me. Do it!' I watched mesmerized as this big cock slowly started to disappear between my pussy lips. God it was huge. I had never had a cock that big before in me. I screamed out as it felt like it was spliting me in two... My eyes flew wide open as I almost sat up straight from the shock of it, as the guy shoved the rest of that huge cock right up my pussy. It went deep and it spread my pussy wide open.

'Aaaaaaagggghhhh!!!' I screamed as another climax ripped through my body. He only took a couple of thrusts and he came himself, shooting his hot wad deep inside of pussy. This caused me to climax again. 'Aaaaaggghhh!!!! Don't stop, don't stop!' I was shouting as I felt him pull his cock out of my hot horny pussy. But just as soon as big cock was out of my pussy, another guy immediately took his place and I had another strange cock working into my pussy.

I don't know what came over me, but I was now a wanton slut. I became a screamer and kept shouting 'Yes! That's it! Deeper! Deeper! Harder! Fuck me harder!' as these frat boys all took turns fucking me one after the other."

Rick stopped his wife's story and asked "So how many fucked you that night?"

Wendy paused for a second and said "Are you sure you want to hear this?"

Rick shook his head "YES" in response to the question.

Wendy took a deep breath and then answered "10...I fucked 10 Frat boys that night...and most of them more than once...."

"God, you were a slut in college!" I blurted out without thinking.

"That was a fun night....." Wendy smiled and winked at me as she answered.

I sat there on the couch trying to hide the fact that Wendy's story had left me with a huge hardon in my pants from my cock straining against my pants. I told Rick and Wendy that I was getting tired and I should go to sleep. Wendy showed me to one of the guest rooms, right next to their room. I'm sure she could see my hard cock pressing against my pants as she turned on the light and said "You should be comfortable in here." In fact, I swore she looked down and checked out my cock and then smiled before she left the room to go into her own bedroom.

Apr 10 @ 2:48PM  
I feel asleep right away, but woke up to a knocking sound. It sounded like as if someone was tapping on the wall or something. I got up to investigate... I opened my bedroom door and heard a muffled voice saying "YES! YES! FUCK ME!"

I went further down the hall towards Wendy's and Rick's room and stopped dead in my tracks when I heard Wendy cry out "Fuck my ass!"

My mind was racing, my breathing was short and fast, my heart pounding and my cock throbbing in my shorts as I stood outside their bedroom door wondering what was going on inside the room. I put my ear up against the door and heard Wendy through it scream again "FUCK MY ASS!"

My curiosity got the best of me and I tried the door knob. It wasn't locked....I knew it was the wrong thing to do, but I slowly turned the knob and gently opened the door. I looked through the open door and and watched as Rick got behind Wendy and started to slip his cock into his wifes ass.

I stood there and without thinking, I began to stroke my cock as I watched them have sex. Rick pulled out of Wendy's ass and got on his back and Wendy got up and stradled Rick, with her back to him as she sat down on his cock. She looked up and smiled right in my direction. I realized immediately that I had pushed the door open further to get a better look at them, there I stood, with my dick in my hand, stroking it, watching their show. Wendy locks her eyes to mine and just smiles at me as she rides up and down on her husbands cock.

I didn't know what to do, should I stay or leave? Wendy made the decision for me as she began to lick her lips at me and rubbing her pussy and kept fucking her husbands cock in her ass. I was so focused on watching Wendy that I didn't know if Rick knew I was standing there. Wendy stick a finger deep into her pussy and then pulled it out and held her hand out towards me a wiggled her finger in a "come here" motion. I could see her pussy juice glisten from the moonlight coming through her window.

I shurgged and I told myself "What the hell!" and I walked into the room and got up on the bed. Rick looked up at me and smiled and said "Have fun buddy!" Wendy leaned back onto her husband, giving me an open shot at her pussy. I took my cock in my hand and fed it into Wendy's pussy. She was dripping wet and I slid easily into her body. Wendy took a deep breath and adjusted to the feeling of having us both inside her.

Once Wendy adjusted to being stuffed full of cock, she began to set her own pace. I just tried to stay inside of her and not fall over. Wendy screamed with excitement and worked the rhythm. She clamped down around my cock with her pussy and I could only imagine how her ass felt around Rick's cock.

Rick yells out that he's going to cum and I let Wendy know that I'm close also. Wendy screams out "Not YET! This such a fantasy of mine, I want to taste you guys and have you shoot on my face!"

I pull out of her pussy and Wendy lifts herself up off her husbands cock and she leans over and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck me off. Rick pulled out a wipe from the nightstand and clean his cock off, getting it ready for his wife and once he was done, Rick knelt on the other side of her head.

Wendy began to alternate between sucking on Rick and myself. I thought to myself, "Man this girl loves cock!" She continued to alternate between us for about a minute more and then Wendy took my cock into her mouth and looked me right in the eye. I lost it, and pull my cock out of her mouth as I started to cum and shot my first blast of cum right onto her face. Rick had been working on his cock with his hand while Wendy blew me, soon followed with his own wad on her face and the amount of cum he shot onto Wendy's face was unreal, leaving her face covered.

Wendy smiled at us, while trying to keep her eyes closed and said "Rick, Take a picture of my face so I can see what you guys did to me!" Rick pulled out a camera from the nightstand and took a picture of his wife. I looked at him and nodded towards the camera and Rick replied "Wendy likes to pose for naughty pictures...So I keep a camera close to the bed..."

Wendy reached out and took my hand and asked me to lead her to the bathroom so she could clean up her face. I left her in the bathroom and walked back into their bedroom and for the first time I wasn't sure what to say or do and I felt a little strange. I had just fucked one of my college buddies wives and I wasnt' sure how he'd respond now that we had both gotten our rocks off and we were now coming down from our "horny high."

Rick broke the silence by asking "Wendy's pussy is great isn't it?"

I nodded and smiled and said "First class pussy..."

Rick nodded and Wendy reappeared in the room and smiled at us both and said "What are you guys talking about? Giving me round 2?"

Rick and I looked at each other and laughed and then smiled over at Wendy...

Wendy could tell that she had said what we were thinking, but that we hadn't discussed it yet, and then she said to Rick "What type of hosts would we be if we only let him fuck me one time??"

Needless to say, I spent the better part of my visit with Rick and Wendy between Wendy's legs.....

Apr 10 @ 4:38PM  
Ahhh crap.. I've got to retire to the other room for a bit.. have a cookie.

Apr 10 @ 7:21PM  
damn, I'm melting here....that was fucking hot!

Apr 10 @ 7:28PM  
Makes ya wanna jump in the middle of a 'manwich' don't it?

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Story-Visiting Friends