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Should mentally retarded death row inmates be executed?

posted 4/10/2008 3:32:30 AM |
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tagged: sexual, crime, law, straddle

Should mentally retarded death row inmates be executed, or should they stay in prison for the rest of their lives? Seems like defense lawyers are always going this route anymore to get their clients off the hook whether they're mentally retarded or not.

What about this one....

Would you execute a "mentally retarded" person if they sexually abused a child and killed her/him afterwards, or keep their sorry ass in prison for the rest of their life?

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Should mentally retarded death row inmates be executed?
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Apr 10 @ 4:00AM  

I think in the last case scenario you presented, being retarded they could not learn the errors of what they had done. Therefor they are a detriment to society.
And should never be allowed out in public.

Apr 10 @ 4:59AM  
We had a case last year about that here in Florida. The defense laywer had the guy coloring pictures and talking to himself at the table. He tried to say he was retarded. Makes you wonder how these lawyers sleep at night. Anyway back to your question. I think that if they really were determined to be retarded let them stay in jail.

Apr 10 @ 5:06AM  
If they killed a child, absolutely!!! There is no excuse for killing a child. Children don't have the capacity to defend themselves like adults can.

Apr 10 @ 5:20AM  
Should anyone be put to death, considering the number of innocent people on death row...west memphis three anyone?

On another note, NO DEFENSE ATTORNIES ARN'T ALWAYS GOING THIS ROUTE. You have to have a client thats mentaly retarded to go this route. There has to be a history of mental retardation, its not like you can just ask for an I.Q. test and fake it. That wouldn't fly.

Turn the channel off fox news for five minutes and do a little research.

For fucks sake man.

Apr 10 @ 6:59AM  
I would say it depends on how severe the retardation is. What needs to be determined is if he knew and understood that what he (or she) was doing was wrong, whether the act was planned out with malice and aforethought, etc., etc. Mental illness doesn't always exonerate someone from receiving the death penalty.

In any case, anyone who is capable of killing someone (besides in self defense) who is reasonably sane deserves to be put away for life, at the very least, if not executed.

IMO, you take a life, you should be willing to forfeit your own...if not literally, then at least symbolically, meaning that you no longer have the right to enjoy any of the freedoms that a life offers...and even then you're getting off easy, because, after all, you're still allowed to breathe, whereas your victim is not.

I have zero sympathy for criminals of any kind.

Apr 10 @ 7:37AM  
There is no excuse for killing a child. Children don't have the capacity to defend themselves like adults can.

If they are mentally deficient?Then they MIGHT have the capacity OF a child?

Hard call Straddle.. Hard call

Need more info than just that and I think case by case is where it's at. Can't do "all the same yardstick' on that one

Apr 10 @ 8:38AM  
No, end of story.

Apr 10 @ 9:13AM  
If they are on death row for the crime there should be no exceptions for any conditon, be it retardation, mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, temporary insanity, depression, anger management issues etc. I realize that mental retardation is different, but where do you draw the line? Many other conditions I listed make people retarded if only temporarily. If they were put on death row, execute them, or eliminate capital punishment totally.
I'm not for capital punishment but some people have to be separated from society for the rest of their lives one way of another for what they have done and will probably do again if they are released.

Apr 10 @ 9:40AM  
Oh yes lets kill people who are mentally ill. Good plan. It is ridiculous and immoral. But I forget, there are many who think they are God and can decide to operate natural selection. No, I do not advocate returning them to society. I do advocate pompous conservatives stop trying to be God and kill people who can not help their mental condition, and that condition needs to be absolutely proved to exempt them from such a punishment.

Apr 10 @ 9:40AM  
For me, this would be a real tough call. Life without parole would be a fair solution

Apr 10 @ 9:44AM  
I'll start this in Missouri, first of all, no not all attorneys go this route to save their client. Secondly, when they use dim cap (diminshed capacities) as a defense, first the defendant is sent for mental exams. These are not to just any doctor the attorney chooses, they are sent to a state facility. There they are examined throughly to see if they truly are diminshed in their mental capacity. A report is then prepared and sent to the court where it is distributed to the judge, the prosecutor and the defense counsel. Depending upon the findings the defense attorney may request a second exam from a different doctor that must first be approved by the court. IF after all this testing the defendant is found incapable of assisting their counsel in their defense then usually they are housed in a state mental facility until such time they are deemed capable. If they are never deemed capable, that's where they stay. As for death row, any defendant found guilty of a crime and sentenced to death may appeal that sentence, should the appellate court find them incapacitated their death sentence is then overturned and they are commuted to life without parole, or remanded for a new trial. Either way in my opinion it depends a great deal upon the crime and the severity of their disability as to whether I believe they should be executed or not. I believe it should be decided on a case by case basis, not just for retarded but for all death sentences.

Apr 10 @ 10:06AM  
Would you execute a child if they sexually abused a child and killed her/him afterwards, or keep their sorry ass in prison for the rest of their life?

The line between child and mentally retarded is most of the time only distinguished by their bodily development.

Also, criminals are given a battery of psychological tests to dtermine if they are competent to stand trial, like LBS said, and lets just say that over 99% of people won't be able to trick the professionals who give these exams, so faking it won't fly.


Apr 10 @ 10:41AM  
I'm hard core on this one. Certain crimes like murder, rape and selling massive amounts of illegal drugs should get the death penalty, instantly after proven guilty. The crime rate will go down without a doubt.

Apr 10 @ 10:07PM  
BG, this has nothing to do with Fox News. I also said in my blog that it SEEMS like defense lawyers are always trying to go this route. They are known to get their clients off if anything possible. Try to read my blog more clearly next time.

Btw, with the fucking A.C.L.U., that group will try to free every criminal possible in my opinion. Thank God they're a minority of people like that in America!

Apr 11 @ 7:13PM  
If ya did the crime... you should face whats comming to you. to many people get off for the "oh i'm just a little touched in the head" bit where they aren't actually or they went to a theropist like the week before then killed somebody and said they had a history of mental instability...

i think the whole country should be more like texas... instead of abolishing the death penalty.. put in a express lane... if 5 or more people saw you do it then its undenible. and if you confess to it you should get your own pick of how you go...

hey as the next blog you should put up "if you survive the letheal injections do you get to go free or what" theres more and more people surviving it

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Should mentally retarded death row inmates be executed?