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Furverts Express Their Animal Passions

posted 4/9/2008 5:46:40 PM |
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From the Naughty American website....

SAN FRANCISCO (TNA)— “Fuck me like an animal” is a phrase the bedroom walls have heard countless times, but today some eccentrics called “furries” are taking it to the next step, albeit an unusual one.

'Furries' are a breed apart from other kinksters and adopt characters -- or 'fursonas' -- to represent their inner personalities.
“Furries,” “furs,” or “furverts” are a breed of kinksters who, while still underground, are quietly establishing their bizarre sexual fetish online.

Simply put, furries are fans of anthropomorphic man-like animals, which possess human characteristics just like the animal characters found in cartoons, comic strips, video games, and science fiction.

Many of these furries are just a bunch of harmless nerds who meet up to play video games, eat junk food, read comics and sometimes draw pictures of girls with big tits and fox heads, but for others it is an underground sex fetish involving orgies and Easter Bunny suits.

Before things get hot and nasty, it is common for furries to be inspired by an anthropomorphic animal and then adapt a “fursona,” which is his or her inner animal self.

Albert, 38, who is known to his furry friends as “Luckdragon,” explains that there are very specific sexual stereotypes that can't help coming out during the furry conventions and meet-ups.

"If a person is dressed as a fox, wolf or husky then they are considered to be very open to hooking up and are known to have a lot of random, casual sex,” says Luckdragon, who works as a real estate appraiser in San Francisco when not letting the fur fly. “Sometimes furs will also wear bondage gear, which suggests they are up for some kinky action after hours."

Typically, online chat rooms are the quickest ways for furries to find each other. However, the places for furs to really develop and explore their fursonas are at one of the 25 fur conventions held each year in the United States.

Furry conventions are like the prom for furs. It's their time to really strut their stuff and be immersed in furry fandom.
Don, who goes by the name “Pan” when being a furvert, claims that the most enticing parts of the conventions are the after-hours activities – the kinky, random sexual encounters he has with strangers in fursuits.

"When I'm getting it in the ass from Winnie the Pooh, it's like my childhood fantasy develops into an adult fantasy,” Pan explains. “I’m in the arms of my favorite cartoon character and I’m cumming."

Another benefit of this type of encounter is that no personality interferes with the fantasy because the fursuit conceals the fur's identity.

"There is no other experience where I can be bisexual, gay or straight. It's just about giving and receiving pleasure," Pan says.

There are also benefits for the giver in the fursuit, according to Warren, a 41-year-old third grade teacher in San Francisco.

His fursona is “Tigger,” and he loves having sex in a fursuit.

"I love the anonymity of it,” he says. “The suit frees me from any hang-ups. It hides my out-of-shape body."

In addition to having a negative body image, Warren also suffers from erectile dysfunction, which has improved dramatically since he starting getting it on in the Tigger suit, which is equipped with a specialized pant zipper.

Furverts who dress up as foxes, wolves or lions have a rep for being into random, casual sex.

Furry fandom is also credited with being a sex-saver for a lesbian couple’s “bed death,” a condition known in the queer community where the sex life literally dies.

Jody, 37, a massage therapist from San Francisco, and Kristin, 41, her art gallery owner girlfriend, hadn’t had sex in their shared queen bed for four months.

“I thought maybe we needed to put some naughty kink in our sex life and one of my friends happened to be a furrie,” Jody says. “After much insistence, I convinced Kristin to come along to a meet-up and hopefully have an open mind.”

“I was really surprised how open and friendly everyone was. I felt pretty comfortable the whole time,” Kristin says. “I even bought a gorilla suit on a whim, just to be silly.”

Well, half of a bottle of rum later in their private quarters, things got pretty kinky in the bedroom.

“Kristen came out in a gorilla suit with strap-on dildo and it was just so hot and kinky. We had the hottest sex we’ve ever had in our seven-year relationship. It was amazing,” Jody exclaims.

However, some furries insist that the group is quite innocent and their reputation as sexual gluttons who like the anonymity of fucking someone while dressed as a pantomime horse, for example, is a huge misconception.

Cesar, who calls himself “Fox,” is very involved in the furry community, and when he's not gluing on whiskers and sewing together fox ears for meet-ups and conventions, he is a 44-year-old computer programmer from Daly City, Calif.

"The conventions are not for sexual encounters as people would like to think," Fox counters. "To the white-bread Christians, seeing a bunch of people dancing around in fursuits and scratching each other like cats and rubbing noses may appear a little eccentric, but it's actually not a big deal."

According to Fox, a typical convention will sometimes have classes on how to make fursuits and anthropomorphic accoutrements, and also provide a place for fur fans to network, exchange ideas and enjoy the latest video games, comic strips and anthropomorphic art.

Although some furries insist their hobby is mostly innocent, others make no secret that they're out for some tail.

The concept of furries and the accompanying fandom emerged during the early 1980s when a new wave of science fiction was bringing nerds together from around the country to convene at science fiction and comic strip conventions.

According to fandom historian Fred Patten, it was drawings from Steven Gallacci's "Albedo Anthropomorphic," published in 1983 by Antarctic Press, that really separated the tail-waggers and head-scratchers from the nerd pack.

The term “furry fandom” was being mentioned for the first time in fanzines the same year, although some fur fans believe the movement started even earlier with the 1965 Japanese anime series "Kimba, the White Lion," created by Osamu Tezuka and published by Gakudosha.

Although Jovino, 42, a part-time furry who has no fursona, is referred to in the community as a fuzzie, he does not participate in wild costumed sex romps. He claims that furries fall into two categories: the innocent types who don't get off on those in scantily clad fox suits, and those who have wild fur orgies but usually don't talk about it.

Jovino, who got involved with furry fandom because of his Internet-based fursuit business Bunnywarez, says furries come in all shapes and sizes but all share a desire to keep their kinky interests secret except on a need-to-know basis.

"I know people w

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Apr 9 @ 5:57PM  
Wasn't it L4E and the panda man? I can't remember anymore.

Apr 9 @ 6:08PM  

Jovino, who got involved with furry fandom because of his Internet-based fursuit business Bunnywarez, says furries come in all shapes and sizes but all share a desire to keep their kinky interests secret except on a need-to-know basis.

"I know people who work for the government, for public education, and various other public service jobs, and I know for certain that if their alternative lifestyles reached the ears of their employers that they would be on the streets in no time flat,” Jovino explains. “That's why most furries won't talk about their sexual exploits."

Apparently, even non-furries have a hard time talking about it. The term 'furry fandom' originated in 1983, but some fur fans claim the movement was inspired by the 1965 Japanese anime series, 'Kimba The White Lion.'

Jen Brodzik, a non-furrie massage therapist from Gainesville, Fla., was introduced to the fur community because of her now defunct online comic strip "Hackles," which featured a cast of cartoon animal characters that developed a small fur fan base.

Brodzik must have been inadvertently exposed to the furvert category because when The Naughty American asked her about them, her look of shock and embarrassment forced an end to the questioning.

Finally, after some insistence and once out of public earshot, she confessed what she knew.

"They act like animals. They scratch each other, hump each other and make weird animal sounds, which eventually leads up to wild sex," Brodzik whispered discreetly.

For San Francisco-based sex expert Midori, author of “Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink” (Daedalus), talking about furries is old hat.

Midori contends that the concept of sexuality involving animals with human characteristics is nothing new.

"Every culture has a history of this type of imagery, starting as early as Greek mythology," she says. "When a person is exposed to an image that causes sexual feelings, that can have a lasting impact and can often plant a seed for a future fetish to develop."

That’s an opinion that Fox agrees with.

"We are all human and we like to fuck, whether we call ourselves furries, furverts, fuzzies, or furs,” he says. “Beyond the fur and the whiskers it's really just about the sex, but the fur certainly helps."


Apr 9 @ 7:39PM  
Fur Real? lol I've heard about these sci-fi furbie conventions.

In another forum somewhere a second wife was bitching about their civil rights, because a judge ordered her husband to stop participating in and chairing furrie events if they want continued joint custody of his kid. Apparently the judge was not too pleased that the child is being exposed to furry people.

Apr 9 @ 9:13PM  
Saw something like this on C.S.I. someone hacked the bunny.
It was a huge sex party going on and everyone was dressed up as
one animal or another.....A little strange....but not too bad.....I'm gonna go as an owl and dress like a Hooters girl!

Apr 9 @ 9:43PM  
I knew there would come a time where I could use this picture :D

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Furverts Express Their Animal Passions