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Clean Pussy vs. Smelly Pussy

posted 4/8/2008 10:27:51 PM |
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tagged: sex, pussy, oral, straddle

Guys, which is actually better, a clean pussy, or a smelly pussy? I would have to say that a pussy with some scent on it drives me wild. Don't get me wrong, I like both a clean pussy and a smelly one, but I can't understand what seems to be a majority of guys just liking a totally clean pussy without too much smell to it just to suck on and lick. Now when I say a smelly pussy I'm not talking about a woman that hasn't bathe in like over a few days, I'm talking about a natural smell of one after a full day.

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Apr 8 @ 10:33PM  
I'm going to take the Conservative road on this one and stay with a clean pussy, actually I will clean it myself.


Apr 8 @ 10:38PM  
lol...I'll clean the pussy too, but there's got to be something to clean up.

Apr 8 @ 10:40PM  
If most didn't know,the vagina is supposed to have a certain natural scent to it.Douching and other feminine products only ruin the inner flora and actually make it worse.The vagina cleans itself,it doesn't really need any aid,really.

Apr 8 @ 10:43PM  
I go by the smell. There is a certain raunchy smell I CAN'T resist. But I've smelled a couple that make even you, Straddle, gag.

Apr 8 @ 10:48PM  
PurpleP., I don't think that would be possible for me to ever encounter a pussy that smelly.

Apr 8 @ 10:53PM the stuff men sit around and talk about? And I thought women were bad.........

Apr 8 @ 10:54PM  
Mine is always clean and shaved. I don't care how much ya whine and beg....I can't give anyone a dirty pussy, that's gross!

Apr 8 @ 10:57PM  
DesertS., this is pretty mild considering what a lot of guys talk about in groups.

Apr 8 @ 10:58PM  
Hey Staddle, I just came up with an idea. Pussy oder detectors. We can help the women to ensure they are ready to go out for their dates.

Apr 8 @ 11:00PM  
Wow this topic really STINKS!!!!!!!!!

I am an equal opportunity poster so I would like to add that a clean and well groomed penis is far more tasty then one that has not been aquainted with a bar soap. We should all do our best to make our happy zones a happy place to visit

Apr 8 @ 11:07PM  
I love a cock that has been housed in his briefs for a day and even after a work out or ru. There is something so sexy about the must right in that little space between the cock and the balls...Just love it.

Apr 8 @ 11:08PM  
PurpleP., why the hell would I want to see something like that, I love a woman with some scent, remember?

DovesT., I keep mine clean at all times, just ask Kim. Well, except for that time she sprayed whip cream all over my cock and suck it all off.

Apr 8 @ 11:09PM  
Yep one of your good classic straddle blogs...
Men and their topics....
got to love them......

Apr 8 @ 11:57PM  
I will just leave this comment with some thing my stepbrother told me a long time ago when I shared with him the fact that I was bi....

If it smells like fish, eat all you wish,
If it smells like cologne --leave it alone!



Apr 9 @ 12:03AM  
The natural sent of a woman drives me wild. It can be clean and still have a nice female sent. Not smelly, not unbathed. Just natural. And anything other than soap and water, and you can give yourself and infection. And nobody wants an infected pussy...

Apr 9 @ 12:04AM  
Odd that you would say that, Monkeywoman...from what I have seen, most guys try to avoid that "fish" smell on women. Now for me, I have never known a woman to smell fishy.

Apr 9 @ 12:05AM  
Ya know Straddle I'm kinda surprised at ya

You KNOW that all pussies have a "scent"..some just stronger than others

And if they don't have a scent?

RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN cuz that aint no pussy you got your face in honey


Apr 9 @ 12:09AM  
Well duh! I'm talking about where the scent is covered up mostly by soap and perfume, or whatever she may use to cover smell. I say leave the natural smell for the guy to enjoy, ladies!

Apr 9 @ 12:16AM  
OMG! Only two guys have posted comments on here, and yet 9 women posted comments. And this question was meant for the guys.

Apr 9 @ 12:17AM  
I have never known one to either, Straddle.

That's just something my brother said. I think what he was trying to emphasize was the fact that if she's covered it up with lotions and sprays, why does she feel the need to do that? Is the smell that bad? If so, isn't something wrong?


Apr 9 @ 12:18AM  
Ohhh THATS what you meant!!

Of course..that "scent" drives men nutzzzz.. in fact a smart woman will put her fingers in her pussy..just a little..and then dab that behind her ears so when her lover hugs her

he'll smell her "scent" and start craving her

always works for me

Apr 9 @ 12:19AM  
Monkey ..depending on how open your parents were about sex..the woman might not realize its completely normal to have a scent..

Apr 9 @ 5:38AM  
It all boils down to what a couple of women stated here, natural is the best. A woman with good hygeine will have an erotic natural aroma to her. I said aroma not odor. It can be very erotic and is to me. I prefer not to taste soap of some strange douche. Besides all that stuff ruins the natural flora and can cause more problems and odors in the long run.
So going down on a woman to me is the next best thing to breathing.

Apr 9 @ 6:59AM  
Yummm, a womans natural scent

Apr 9 @ 7:33AM  
Mmm I love the natural scent of pussy. Making me hungry just thinking about it. Think I'll see if I can find someone to eat.

Apr 9 @ 7:50AM  
after a full day

I'm with ain't gettin' it after a full day, give me a few and I'll have 'er cleaned up and ready to roll.


Apr 9 @ 9:09AM  
When it is smelly it is called a hamfish

Apr 9 @ 9:59AM  
I'll take clean.

Apr 9 @ 10:12AM  
If it smells means the woman's daily hygiene is lacking...and could mean an infection of some kind....

But there is nothing to compare to the natural "musky" smell of a woman...after all, it is the original "Eve's Perfume"

Apr 9 @ 11:01AM  

all natural for me.

Apr 9 @ 11:25AM  
I personally tend to stay clean and shaved. But thats just me.

Sep 3 @ 10:54AM  
Thanx for reposting Stratt. I didn't get enough hits on mine. I'll try mine again here soon.
Some of you miss understand this question . Not really "smelly" I don't think that what Stratt ment.
Some take "smelly" as like "dirty", " unbathed", poor hygine . But no. What we are trying to ask is do you like the "NATURAL" scent of a woman? NOT dirty, that is gross!!
Sunshine, I wouldn't expect you to serve me dirty, just the natural scent your "girl" gives is a turn on to most of us who love eating! ( Im sure she smells tasty! )
So no, I will not ever eat a unkept box. If she showered & I get to it a few hrs later, awesome! I love the scent natural scent of a woman. (Not dirty) My ladies scent drives me absolutly crazy! She has the sweetiest scent my olfactory nerve has ever incountered.(Yes she shaves, bald!) Let me put it this, way she has had to pull my head up for me to get air because, I will not move, I just keep eating!! She climbs the headboard before I'm done & then I still don't really want to stop!
That is the kind of scent we are talking about. Sweet natural aroma of a woman. Thats scent is supposed to be there, it has endorphans in it that attract male. ( Well women too because I have heard of women who love the scent of THEIR own pussy! They have said it makes them horney) My wife is bi so I know she loves that scent.
That & the words "scent" or "aroma" sounds so much better then "smell" lol! Fish? OMG eww.

Sep 3 @ 1:55PM  
i agree that there must be some smell to the pussy. I was with a woman earlier this year who didn't have much of an odor to her vagina until she was f***ked 5 or more times. It was an odd experience. (sniff sniff )

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Clean Pussy vs. Smelly Pussy