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The laws are stupid

posted 4/8/2008 3:50:44 PM |
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I'm so tired of people on this site ranting about how its a good thing Marijuana is illegal and how laws are there to protect us....well one person in know who you are.

The real reason why its illegal is simular to the reason why vibrators found themselves illegal in texas. It had nothing to do with science or medical facts, it was all about scared little men with small dicks (white people).

The first drug czar was a racist little man by the name of Harry J Anslinger. His testimony before congress went something like this "it makes your women want to f-ck darkies"... O.K. those weren't his exact words. His exact words were "There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and any others." "Reefer makes darkies think they're as good as white men." . Yeah...and those aren't candid recordings, thats what he published in the papers. Couldn't make that up.

More recent arguements have gotten a little more insane, for instance the claim that it just hasn't been tested enough... or that its dangerous and addictive...despite the fact no one has ever overdosed on it and its less addictive than cigarettes...far less. Possible the least addictive drug on earth. Attempts made to claim its addictive properties have actualy earned the scorn of the medical community- for having used downright criminal methodology in order to support the claim. One such "study" gave a synthetic canaboid compound to rats, and then used a chemical to clear it quickly out of the rodents system. The effect was of course withdrawl... which proves that when artificialy clearing out a rodents system with a chemcial compound it goes into the d.t.s . Yeah... the government paid for this "study" and then published it in all the papers.

Anti-drug commercials are only good for one thing, making stoned people laugh. Your tax dollars are going towards my entertainment. What, do you think this is candada? My entertainment shouldn't come at your expense.

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Apr 8 @ 4:03PM  
hey guys,
I am an occasional smoker, nothing wrong with it in my humble opinion, each to their own!
Check this out
Opening credits to my fave show "Shameless"

Apr 8 @ 4:07PM  
Brace yourself for the impending shitstorm,I'll stand back and watch.However,although I don't smoke the stuff,marijuana is not a harmful substance,imo.

Apr 8 @ 4:19PM  
Well like, I mean everyone has their own decisions in life, just because you don't do something or like it it's not the same for everyone.
I think people should be left to their own devices if they are not harming anybody but themselves.

Apr 8 @ 5:06PM  
Like Luna, I don't, but not because I don't want to, simply because I'm not able to anymore. It induces manic panic in my system so.. oh well.. but.. marijuana is a good herb for medicinal purposes and also a pretty good muscle relaxer for most people.. why it's illegal? I dunno.. be smarter and more profitable if it were legalized and regulated.

I don't mind getting shitstormed. Used to it.

Apr 8 @ 5:41PM  
I personally think the wrong drug is legal and I would have to agree about the laws being there to protect us. If that were true then smoking would be illegal the real reason is money. Thats all there is to it really. I believe legalizing it and taking control of the market can take out the dangerous criminal element too. I also happen to think that weed can be a very underrated drug people take it a little to lightly sometimes, I know this from first hand experience. I think anything past recreational purposes is not good but that goes with anything. Hey so anyways what did you mean when you said "Your tax dollars are going towards my entertainment. What, do you think this is candada?"

Apr 8 @ 5:46PM  
What the hell is Marijuana?

Apr 8 @ 5:47PM  
. marijuana is a good herb for medicinal purposes and also a pretty good muscle relaxer for most people.. why it's illegal?

Also its for cosmetics,clothes and can be put in food.I figure its illegal because from an intuitive standpoint,the gov't doesn't want you doing anything that they can't profit from,imo- again.

*uh,hemp- I was implying..

Apr 8 @ 5:51PM  
beefy you're killing me here with this blog

Everyone knows that black men are hung far better than white did you put that again? "scared little men with small dicks (white people)" but I'm not sure how the size of someone's dick has anything to do with smoking dope? Hey..not my country's politics..(but I'm not sure they are completely American either?)

As for pot? I'd rather see someone stoned on a joint any day over alcohol. Pot? Doesn't make you violent-makes you hungry and sometimes horny (I dont see a downside there?)

Pot? Makes people generally pretty passive. (Unlike booze-how many incidents of assault have booze linked to it somewhere?)

I"ve yet to see someone killed because of "Pot Driving"..

nope..they legalized the wrong drug

Apr 8 @ 6:36PM  
Reefer madness anyone?

Apr 8 @ 6:53PM  
Ah the great debate rears its self to the fore again....

Here's a fun fact....experts have rated marijuana to be more addictive than LSD and ecstacy.

Here's another fun fact, all three of these drugs are rated among the least addictive of substances of abuse.


Apr 8 @ 11:00PM  
I do laugh at those commercials. I'd rather people smoke then do alot of other shit that people do that result in...well fuck it. You get my point.

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The laws are stupid