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Should motorcyclists be required to wear helmets?

posted 4/7/2008 4:41:32 PM |
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Ohio being the stupid state that it is (in my opinion) allows a motorcyclist to go without wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. The helmet law is however required for young motorcyclists here however, just like most states across the country. But yet my state is so damn strict with seatbelt laws. I think they have is assed backwards, and it should be the other way around with helmet laws being applied to motorcyclists, and seatbelts not being mandated here for motorists. I believe the only three states that does not require anyone (that means the young and old) to wear a helmet are Iowa, Illinois, and N.H.

What are your feelings on this issue?

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Apr 7 @ 4:45PM  
Yes, yes yes yes yes yes yes yes did I mention YES? Helmets should be required. Why? Ever see anyone with their brain scattered down the highway? I have.. it's not a pretty picture.

Apr 7 @ 4:48PM  
Sam, I know your state of Oregon (along with California, Washington, and Nevada) has the helmet law out there.

Apr 7 @ 4:49PM  
Nope! Ohio law requires helmets on ALL new riders. Doesnt matter how old you are, the first year of having a motorcylce endorsement you have to wear a helmet. The reason Ohio doesnt require a helmet after that is because WE the motorcyclist rode to Columbus and made OUR voices heard, WE will not be forced to wear a helmet. That means that WE have a choice.

Apr 7 @ 4:53PM  
No, no, no! Having rode literally all my life I can honestly say that helmets can be extremely dangerous! In hot weather the temperature inside a full Bell style helmet can rise to 120 plus degrees! Enough to cloud your mental processes, your reaction times as well. Not to mention the impaired visibility of a helmet. True if you have a wreck with one your brains are a tad bit safer. However they will also shatter if struck on the pavement hard enough, been there done that. Still lost a good portion of scalp and hair that time! Not to mention the danger that the chin strap presents. I've seen more than one person have their throat sliced wide open in a somewhat minor accident by the chin strap. For many years the State of Texas Highway Patrol fought to keep riders helmet free. That should tell ya something!

Apr 7 @ 4:53PM  
Plus I have seen the rider with the broken neck that went through the windshield. Had a helmet on, still dead. Too bad he didnt grab the person on their cell phone by the neck and take them with him!

Apr 7 @ 4:53PM  
Well, F.F., I feel the same way about seatbelts. But to be honest with ya, I really think it's nuts not to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

Apr 7 @ 4:56PM  
I had my bike for 5 years and never once wore a helmet. I definitely do NOT think it should be a law. If the person riding chooses not to protect themself, then that is their choice to make. Not somebody else's. Now as far as anybody riding on the back of a bike I believe they should always wear a helmet. I wouldn't let anybody on mine w/out one. No exceptions!!!

Apr 7 @ 5:08PM  
Darwinism in action.

If you get killed thats one less breeder having stupid babies we as a society have to protect from themselves. Thinking long term here.

Helmet tech could easily reach the point of not imparring your vision or getting hot..we have that tech already, implimentation is the question.

Still I say f-ck em.

Sorry kids, Beefy hasn't been laid in a very long time...hasn't even had a self inflicted orgasm in a day and a half...

Apr 7 @ 5:10PM  
I'm alive today because I had on my helmet last summer......

I was rear ended by a lady (on her cell phone) as I turned into my my office last June. She was traveling about 45 mph and I was at about 25 mph when she hit me. I went over the handle bars and slide down the asphalt for over 150'. The "funny" thing is during the slide I can remember being on my head. After it was over the scrapes and gauge marks on the helmet proves it. I'm certain I would have been killed if I hadn't had it on.

I can understand the arguments for not wanting to wear one and to that I say to each his own.....

I'll wear mine

Apr 7 @ 5:14PM  

If your head hits the ground when you come off a motorcycle your chance of survival is nil

At that time you might want to ask this same question or perhaps as you vegetate in a bed for the balance of your life, having someone else wipe your ass and feed you. If you're real lucky that is

Seatbelts? Save lives. Fact.

I live in Canada.. Both are mandatory by law.

Check out the damage to the human body as it goes flying thru the air after being ejected and not wearing a seatbelt. If you're really lucky you won't get hit by a passing car (and traumatizing those innocent souls) after you bounce off the nearest object, tree or cement abuttment, and come to rest face down

If you don't want to do it for you, fine. Do it for the poor bastards who find you

Apr 7 @ 5:16PM  
I know my post is graphic and possibly offensive in nature

So is the mess that's left behind. It's called real life. Deal with it

Apr 7 @ 5:23PM  
As for seatbelts, my dad was FDNY so as a kid I got to go to a lot of the fires and cool stuff with the guys. 1 of my earliest memories was my dad and his company trying to cut some old lady out of her burning car because her seatbelt jammed when the car stopped. After a few minutes and not being able to get her out, I watched that woman burn to death because her seatbelt would not release. I also got to see someone decapitated by their seatbelt before I was 10 years old. You think I'll ever wear a seatbelt? I think not!

There are pros and cons to every law like these and most people will never change their minds about them. To each their own I say.

Apr 7 @ 5:30PM  
Texas repealed its helmet law a few years ago. Are you still griping about that ticket?

Apr 7 @ 5:35PM  
Actually, I wasn't thinking about that ticket until you just mentioned it, WoW.


Apr 7 @ 5:37PM  
My Uncle was in a motorcyle accident oh gosh more than 20 years ago, and if he had not been wearing the type of helmet he had on his brains would of been part of the pavement. As it was he was just badly bruised, had a bad headache and a messed up knee for a while. It split the helmet down the middle and they still have it down at the state capital as an example of what can happen if you dont' wear a helmet. I personally have not ridden without a helmet since..

Apr 7 @ 5:37PM  
Texas repealed its helmet law a few years ago. Are you still griping about that ticket?
Never got one Bruce!! Rode there for over 20 years and never wore a helmet either!

Apr 7 @ 5:50PM  
Nawti, you are an EMS, aren't you?

Apr 7 @ 6:00PM  

I use to ride cycles without a helmet on, it feels so good going through the mountains and the air flowing over you.

I have rode bikes in over 20 years, the explanation of what nawti graphically described does not compare to seeing one of your friends in that condition. Fortunately he did not live that long.

All because of not having a helmet on. The bones would of healed, but with your brains splattered on the ground..Well you have the picture

Apr 7 @ 6:05PM  
I do not think it should be a law-not as long as you are of age (21). Same thing with a seatbelt. I personally wear a seatbelt in a car and a helmet when riding. However, it should be my RIGHT to make that decision! Underage is a different story!!

Apr 7 @ 6:09PM  
Str8ngr84u2, I totally agree with you. People should have the right to do that without it being the law.

Apr 7 @ 6:09PM  

If you Don't Ride you don't have the right to BITCH.

It's one of OUR remaining Freedoms. They're already after us for after Market accessories like loud pipes and change of some of the equipment. You can tune a car to hell and back and they won't say a word. PUT LOUDER pipes on your bike so you have a chance of being heard by that person who's riding around with the BASS up so loud you can hear i a block away, with the Cell Phone GLUED to their ear, and laughing with their friends in the car. And you want to make us safer by making us wear a little piece of plastic on our head, EXCUSE ME!!!!

DO NOT blame the biker, It a choice thing, which I choose to do. But down here when the temperaturs are in the 100's guess who'll shed her helmet this summer, once the fine state of Louisianan FINALLY get's RID of their helmet law. HEY and PA did it not too long ago. They laws are being repealed because they are nothing but a money maker law, not a safety issue law. It will be an over 21 law after the first year and you will have to take the Motorcycle safety course.

It's been documented Seat Belts save lives, I wear mine. There isn't a statistic out there that I know ogf that says a helmet does. It's FALSE protection. The best safety we have, is enforcing of the laws on the books that make Motorcyclist EQUALS under in the eyes of the law. But usually Dead Men tell no tales. Nothing is going to protect you going down I-70 at 65 MPH when some YAHOO in a cage talking on a cell phone decides to change lanes in front of you because they were too busy Talking to check they're mirrors.

Staddle you've just hit one of my buttons Sorry boy.

Colorado, Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire No helmet law

Age exempt laws
Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Helmet for under 20 only
Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky (*), Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Texas

Full Helmet law, But some are changing this year.
Alabama, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia.

To and my Brothers and Sisters on the road wave when you go down the street, it just may be me waving back.

Knees in the Wind, Dry Roads ahead, and may the Gremlins leave you machines alone this riding season.

Oh yeah and God Speed.


Apr 7 @ 6:14PM  

Having rode since the 50's. I say NO helmets.

Apr 7 @ 6:16PM  
Well, I do drive a car, and I will bitch about the damn seatbelt law. I don't care what stats you throw my way about seatbelts saving lives, like Rnj stated, there are pros and cons to seatbelts. And I feel like it should be left up to the person!

Apr 7 @ 6:19PM  
Hey BlueEyes........don't leave out my home state....Texas- now age exempt, over 21 and class completion plus proper insurance, no helmet required!

Apr 7 @ 6:26PM  
I believe that if you get in this sort of accident and it cripples you for life becouse you didn't wear a seatbelt or helmet, then the taxpayers shouldn't have to support your sorry ass.

Hey if this was about gay sex or even drugs then I would have heard this arguement from straddle and the rest of the republicans by now. Why should seatbelts and helmets be different.

Yes I'm in a nasty mood, but my point still stands

Apr 7 @ 6:51PM  
yes yes

Apr 7 @ 7:20PM  
Have to agree with Beefygoblin's last statement. i have seen both save lives, and the absence of seatbelts really mess people up who would have walked away if they were wearing them. I think helmets should be a choice, (vision the right to choose), but if you don't use the provided safety equipment, taxpayers should not have to pay. Also, and this is my opinion, if you choose not to wear a helmet or seatbelt, get a DNR and keep it with you when you ride/drive.

Apr 7 @ 7:23PM  
I have heard horror stories on both having, and not having both helmets, and seatbelts. Personally, I look at it like this, If you are an udult, and want to make a statement, and not wear a helmet, or not wear a seatbelt, because of what you believe is better for you, then they shouldnt make it a "LAW"

Apr 7 @ 7:29PM  
Sorry kids, Beefy hasn't been laid in a very long time...hasn't even had a self inflicted orgasm in a day and a half

LMAO dude I think its time you go rub one out

Apr 7 @ 7:30PM  
I do believe helmets should be worn...and I wear one whenever I ride a motorcycle. However, I also believe it should be the rider's choice whether or not to wear one....

There are alot of equestrians trying to make helmets mandatory while riding on public trails...I've never worn one and never will...although I do make young people wear one whenever I give lessons...

Apr 7 @ 7:34PM  
After reading all the comments here..I myself agree with "it should be up to the individual" whether they wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, or wear a seatbelt while in the car. That's just my .02.

Apr 7 @ 7:41PM  
I talked with an ER doctor who has more experience than most have opinions on helmets. He said, and I quote, "all a motorcycle helmet does in an accident over 45 mph is make you look good in a casket". I work in a hospital, I know. When you hit the side of a car that made a left turn in front of you, and have your ribs pushed through your back, how does that helmet help you? If I am going to die anyway, what do I care what my head looks like? Hopefully when the drivers of the cars see someone splattered all over the pavement, MAYBE then they will get off the phone and pay more attention! But NO they just slow down, and tell the friend on the phone what a shame it is that the guy wasnt wearing a helmet. Sometimes they do save lives, sometimes seatbelts save lives, sometimes air bags saves lives, SOMETIMES THEY DONT. I would much rather be dead than stuck in a wheelchair or bedridden for the rest of my life. What are the chances of the women on this site that think helmets are a good thing, to go and show a guy a good time that is paralyzed because he wore his helmet? Please, if you dont ride, you dont know.

Apr 7 @ 7:50PM  
good blog about this....i know living in Florida we have the helmet law only way for them to get around not wearing a helmet is to purchase a certain amount of life insurance with their insurance.....i can pretty much see why they did this....cuz if your not wearing a helmet and you get in an accident ...your dead...and insurance doesn't pay for your funeral....i think if people are not gonna wear seatbelts or helmets then it should be a requirement throughout the united states that you have a life insurance policy attached to your auto/motorcycle insurance.......i use to ride motorcycles all the time when i was a kid growing up....had quite a few accidents too....i remember one where i ran into a tree head on....thank god i had a helmet on....i flew over the handle bars and my head scrapped the tree....if not wearing a helmet i'm sure i would't look this handsome today......

Apr 7 @ 7:54PM  
I know a guy who had a bail metal bail (they use a paper bailer for softer metals, in order to smush them into small packages for transportation) explode on him and litteraly send him flying. He broke a rib. Shouldn't have been alive, but all he did was break a rib. If he hadn't have worn his safety equipment... well he'd have most likely be missing both eyes (he's now missing one due to a fight he got into in prison...this was well after that he's "found jesus" too). Point is, safety equipment does save l iives, and getting into a motorcycle accident at 45 miles per hour might not kill you. It all depends on how you land, and how you hit it on impact. Physics is a bitch.

We've already heard one testimony on this site from a guy who's brain was saved. What more do you need?


Apr 7 @ 7:57PM  
Sorry I meant to say that he had the metal bail explode him him. It threw him 20 feet. Big guy to. We used to call him shrek becouse of the way he looked.


Apr 7 @ 8:02PM  
i have a question for all of you that has commented on this blog and for any others that would like to add their 2 cents....would you being the adult riding a motorcycle and having a passenger ride on the back lets say your kid someone under the age of 18 ...would you require them to wear a helmet?

as for myself i would answer yes, i would require any person under the age of 18 to wear a helmet....and if it's a child then defenetly yes....please if your gonna take chances with your life don't take chances with your kids life or someone under the age of 18.....

Apr 7 @ 8:23PM  
Most definitely, and I do think that seat belts should be mandated for vehicles as well..and why you wouldn't I'm not sure...unless you think there's something extra exciting about your head smashing through a windshield before your skull cracks all over the pavement.


Apr 7 @ 9:01PM  
Maybe becouse we don't like being told how to live and die.

As I said before, as long as I don't have to pay for your stupid behavior, have at it. I say we make your insurance pay to clean your ass of the pavement (couldn't be worse than cleaning up after a deer gets hit realy).

I say f-ck em.

No way the government should be allowed to regulate such things. Its simply not theyre call. Its up to the people to live theyre lives, otherwise its not a life to live.

Apr 7 @ 11:06PM  
Just so you know, yes I have lots of life insurance. Enough to get my sorry ass in the ground and also enough to keep my loved ones comfortable for quite some time. So being a "burden" to tax payers is not an issue. On the other hand, helmets are constructed to protect the head. But they are not designed to break on impact. They bounce like a ping pong ball. End result, broken neck. Lucky me survived an accident with head injuries at 65 mph. I was told that had I been wearing a helmet, I would have been dead. Unless you pay 500-600 for a professional racing helmet that is designed to break on impact, you are buying into false hope. Then again I say, unless you ride, it shouldnt be your right to force your opinion on those who do. And that is exactly what you do when you vote yes for a helmet law.

Apr 7 @ 11:47PM  
I say yes... And that is because if a very good friend of ours was not wearing one he would not be with us today...He is very strick on everyone that rides with him to have a helmet on...

Apr 8 @ 12:41AM  
As a long time rider in California where helmets are mandatory, I can see both sides of the argument. Helmets, even the best, offer limited protection but in some cases can save you from serious injury assuming it's a low impact crash.

What I always find unequal is the person driving a convertable car and not being required to wear a helmet. I can guarantee you when that car flips the first thing going is his head.

The laws are not equal and MC rights advocates will continue to fight for freedom of choice. At the same time the advocates are fighting for increased education for new riders. Statistics, I believe, will show more fatality to younger hotshot riders as opposed to expeirienced riders.

Everyone ride safe and keep it rubber side down.

Apr 8 @ 2:20AM  
REQUIRED...hell no.
I have ridden since i was 14 years old. I wear one when its bad weather, or im going off road riding. Otherwise, no.

Like has been said, there's good and bad facts about it. More bad, from what I have read. Chin straps cutting your throat or asphxiating you. Impaired vision. The wind noise alone at 55 mph is louder than a small jet and can cause deafness. Impaired hearing is another issue itself. Why are earphone radios and ipods against the law in most states while driving, yet they encourage a helmet which nearly deafens the rider just by wearing it? If it's so safe, why dont they require other vehicle type drivers to wear them?

And for those who dont ride. Borrow a helmet. Wear it for a solid 2 hours. Preferably on a hot day. See what your view is then.

Apr 8 @ 2:40AM  

Motorcycle helmets save lives and taxpayer dollars. That's why legislation signed in
1991 created a universal mandatory motorcycle helmet law. Every state that has
adopted mandatory motorcycle helmet laws have also found this to be true.

Vital Statistics

• California Highway Patrol statistics show that in the first year the helmet law was in effect the number of deaths attributed to motorcycle riders dropped 36 percent while the number of registered motorcycles dropped only 9 percent.

• The number of people hospitalized for motorcycle crash injuries fell 27 percent
during the first year that California’s law was in place and an additional 9 percent the second year.

• Hospitalizations for brain injuries attributed to motorcycle accidents decreased by 55 percent during the first year and an additional 27 percent during the second year.

• Head injuries are financially draining. The average hospitalization cost for a
motorcyclist with a head injury is more than $43,000.

All Motorcycle Riders Must Wear Helmets

Requiring helmets only for motorcycle riders under the age of 21 does little to reduce the financial impact of injuries. In California, 80 percent of motorcycle injury costs occur with riders over the age of 21.

Research conducted by the National Highway Traffic Administration demonstrates that states with age-restricted helmet laws have motorcycle death rates comparable to those with no helmet requirements.

Health Factors

• Less than half of the cost of motorcycle injuries are covered by private health
insurance organizations, meaning state taxpayers and health care providers must
pay for the remainder of costs.

• Taxpayer expenditures for motorcycle injuries covered by the Medi-Cal program
dropped by over one third — from $28 million a year to $18 million a year — after
the mandatory helmet law took effect. Helmets

I think it's pretty self-centered to believe that a mandatory helmet law shouldn't take place just based on one individual's perception that it "isn't fair" because he doesn't feel he should be told what to do or because, in their personal experience, they "might have been killed" had they been wearing one.

Statistics across the board prove wearing them is safer than not wearing them, just like statistics prove wearing seat belts are safer than not wearing them. The reason these laws have had to become mandatory is for the protection of those who are either too stupid or too stubborn (or both) to not use them of their own accord.

Apr 8 @ 2:51AM  
Do you ride, Avenger?

Apr 8 @ 3:27AM  
Per the DMV, California has 40% less bikes registered today then in 1992 when the state enacted its helmet law! And of those that continue to ride... they ride less often. The math: less bikers riding less often = less targets for cars to hit, which therefore = less accidents.

A quote from Snell, who manufactures helmets:
"A helmet that can take one of our headforms through these 2 impacts unscathed could probably handle a single impact somewhat greater than 17.3 MPH, but certainly no more than 23 MPH." - Snell

Several other manufacturers response to the question: "I would like to know which of your helmets will give me the most safety and impact protection at highway speeds. Do you have a list or chart by impact rating so I can buy the safest one?"
Their answers

Oh, and the ones who stated they comply with DOT standards, here is the standards.DOT standards
Which I am no engineer, but I can read well enough to see that the bulk of their standards consists of making sure it fits, and doesnt crack or melt in extreme conditions. Applicable data consists of dropping a weight on it from 3 feet and a pressure test. Not much stress testing on the helmet itself, in my opinion.

Oh, and this site also addresses all the statistics directly as well.Source website

Since you quoted California, heres a review of their UCLA helmet study:UCLA Helmet Study

One example of just how factual the study done by the government itself has been flawed and incomplete in the past, why should it be any different now...NHTSA Codes

And an interesting comparison between states, concerning wether they had mandatory helmet laws or not.
Mandatory vs. Non mandatory states statistical comparison

Apr 8 @ 5:33AM  
there is your BM greenie Straddle hon

Apr 8 @ 7:45AM  
Do I ride? No, not now.

But I have ridden them before, as a passenger. And of course I wore a helmet every time I did. What's that got to do with anything?

Apr 8 @ 9:25AM  
OK straddle I am posting this in your blog as well...I feel it should be up to the individual whether they want to wear a helmet &/or fasten a seatbelt, not up to the government we do live in a free country after all dont we? JMO.

Apr 8 @ 9:39AM  
So the major objection is how your tax dollars are wasted keeping someone alive?
Since you are so concerned about the waste of your tax dollars, what are YOU personally doing to stop the pissing away of tax dollars by our Congressmen and Senators? I'm sure the medical cost are fractional compared to the way they waste our hard earned tax dollars, $750.00 toilet seats etc. Plus riding on the back a couple of times does not constitute an experienced rider, just an inexperienced passenger at best. If you want to look at the stats, take the careless automobile drivers out of the equation and what do the stats represent then? Plus none of the stats take into consideration the other injuries sustained in the accident. So they are speculative. They also conviently ignore the stats on how many deaths and/or injuries were caused by the helmet. Statistics can be generated to support any point of view, pro and con. Most of the people I see on the side of choice ride, most opposed to freedom of choice dont ride. That being said, how about you give up that big SUV because if you hit me in my little Mustang, my chances of not sustaining life threatening injuries are slim, at best.

Apr 8 @ 9:42AM  
conveniently, so sue me.

Apr 8 @ 11:27AM  
Wearing a helmet is just common sense. So is not smoking and fucking with a condom....... but I don't like laws that mandate common sense.

You can't idiot proof the world. A safe rider without a helmet can go his whole life without an accident. An idiot on a crotch rocket going 130mph between lanes of traffic, with the best helmet in the world, can still splatter himself all over the highway.

It's not the helmet, it's the operator.

Besides......... we really need the organ donors.

Apr 8 @ 12:24PM  
I would like to thank the gentleman who not only called me an idiot, but by proxy said my children are as well.

There are times and places for everything. As Slohand mentioned 130 a helmet is pointless, you will jam your head down on your spine anyways..

Now a cruising strip such as Myrtle Beach... Daytona... well even Stratford road in Winston "back in the day" when traffic is more stop than go...

It should be a choice, so should type of lid... many states are mandating no more hat they term "novelty helmets" which pretty much means you can't wear a military helmet... go figure huh?

Now please people stop to think of how your words may be taken by others... I am far from an idiot... and my children are no where near it either!


Apr 8 @ 2:01PM  
So the major objection is how your tax dollars are wasted keeping someone alive?

No, that's just one objection. My other "objection" is simply just presenting an argument for why it makes sense to wear the damn things.

And as far as your comment about stats, facts are typically ignored by people with no real logical rebuttal.

That being said, how about you give up that big SUV because if you hit me in my little Mustang, my chances of not sustaining life threatening injuries are slim, at best.

When you explain to me how that comment has anything whatsoever to do with the discussion about the mandated use of motorcycle helmets then I'll answer you in more detail.

No one is saying to give up riding a motorcycle! So your comment makes no analytical sense whatsoever.


Wearing a helmet is just common sense. So is not smoking and fucking with a condom....... but I don't like laws that mandate common sense.

You can't idiot proof the world. A safe rider without a helmet can go his whole life without an accident. An idiot on a crotch rocket going 130mph between lanes of traffic, with the best helmet in the world, can still splatter himself all over the highway.

It's not the helmet, it's the operator.

Besides......... we really need the organ donors.

Very, very true...and I did comment earlier that, in lieu of mandatory helmet laws, that those who refuse to wear them should be denied all insurance claims and, now that you mention it, maybe they should be required to sign an organ donor card as well. Although, they won't be allowed to donate their brain because a) it'll be too damaged to use and b) who wants the brain of someone who was too dumb to wear a helmet in the first place? lol


Apr 8 @ 2:39PM  
Gotta agree on that, there are those who post comments on here that could use a brain transplant. Especially those that ignore points made, because that ruins their argument. Run Forrest fun!

Apr 8 @ 2:40PM  
fucket-buckets this shit cross threaded... I ain't re-reposting shit twice... go read what I said on the other one....

Apr 8 @ 2:48PM  
That should read.....RUN FORREST RUN!!!

Apr 8 @ 2:59PM  
don't lite the fuse on any tampons while I'm gone....

Apr 8 @ 7:18PM  
Why the hell is this so wide?

Apr 8 @ 7:21PM  
Good question, Canu.

Btw, I just might light a used tampon up when I get to Washington this summer.

Apr 9 @ 12:33AM  
why is this so wide?
Illinois' law will change soon enough
haven't read the abate newsletter lately but
off road helmets were the battleground
with membership in motorcyclist rights groups dwindling
freedoms of the past are just that
in the past

Apr 9 @ 8:42AM  
helmet laws of the states

Here is a link of the helmet laws..
I posted it in the right blog....

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Should motorcyclists be required to wear helmets?