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Can someone help me understand ???

posted 4/7/2008 8:08:37 AM |
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tagged: condoms, wife, girlfriend

Why is it that after I have been having sex with someone for a while that they start wanting me to dump my wife when it is suppose to me a no strings relationship and they are attached?

Another thing... I meet this woman a couple of weeks ago and we hit it off, had sex a few times and now she has decided we can not have sex unless I stop using a condom. I do not want any diseases, so if condoms are a problem for you, don't contact me.

I just do not get this... Anyone want to comment?

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ok... try not to judge...
Can someone help me understand ???


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Apr 7 @ 8:14AM  
confirms my belief that there is no such thing as no strings sex...SEX HAS STRINGS! you stick your dick in...there are consequences and need to realize this!!!!!

Apr 7 @ 8:21AM  
If your cheating on your wife maybe you should consider "dumping" her instead of having her find out your cheating and causing her the pain. It sounds like either this woman wants to take the affair a step farther. Be careful not to fall into a trap though.
If the woman your cheating with wants to stop using condoms then she must feel safe with you. If you have doubts about her having any diseases then why are you having sex with her? If your having oral sex don't you think you can get something from that? Fucking isn't the only way to get a disease

Apr 7 @ 8:25AM  
1. There are consequences to every choice we make in life. Sex is not ever "just sex." There are always emotional components to it; I don't care how much you may argue that to the contrary.

We are human beings and, as such, we have emotional needs as well as physical ones. To me, it is simply not HUMAN to have "just" a sexual relationship (especially one that lasts for a while) and not expect someone to develop feelings for the other person. I've gotten this from men a lot (no, not married men...I wouldn't date a married man for anything, because it's WRONG..duh? And two, because it's STOOPID.) But they seem absolutely perplexed that I actually care for them and have feelings for them and want the relationship to progress. That used to be the natural order of things. Now, if a person starts having feelings of love for someone they're sleeping with, they're considered a abnormal and a freak.

It amazes me that so many people are scared of love, and yet they won't hesitate to get themselves involved in all kinds of activities that, in the long run, will do nothing but harm them..or someone else..either physically or psychologically.

The woman/women agree to it, I surmise, because she knows it's the only way you'll agree to see her and maybe her intentions at first are to remain unattached, but NORMAL people create emotional bonds, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

My question to you is, don't you have a conscience? It would seem not, because 1) you don't give a damn about your wife and 2) you don't give a damn about the emotional feelings of the women you're screwing. You're not alone, though; many men do this.

Which brings up my next point..I know not all men are devoid of conscience and the ability to feel love, but since a great number of them are, I wish someone would explain to me why this is.

Primarily I believe it's part of the horrendous injustice that society does to men and women by raising boys to think it's perfectly okay to screw a woman and then throw her away; it all boils back down to women being objects and nothing more than an outlet for men's sexual pleasure. Emotions be damned. "Who CARES what she thinks or feels, long as I'm getting mine!"

As far as the condom goes, I can only speculate but it would seem pretty obvious to me that, considering what you said, she might be trying to get pregnant and (at least in her mind) force you to leave your wife...or at least, force you to remain in hers because you would have a child together.

This may or may not apply; I don't even know your ages.

Bottom line?

1. You're married. You're not SUPPOSED to cheat.

2. If you do, you have to be mature enough to deal with whatever consequences might transpire from it.


Apr 7 @ 9:30AM  
Maybe because you took it past the relationship stage... more than three sex dates

Apr 7 @ 10:22AM  
if u have a wife..why the fuck do u need a girlfriend

Apr 7 @ 12:08PM  
You are probably going to take a lot of heat for this considering you are married and screwing around. No one here knows your reasons but they are yours alone and I am sure you thought carefully before stepping off the curb.

As to women wanting a realtionship...well if you are seeing a single woman it is only naturual for her to want to take things to the next step. Women form emotional attachments quickly and to expect otherwise would, I think, be foolish. Know what you are getting into before you leap.

Regarding the condom issue, well that one sounded alarms in my head. Do you hear the clanging? If she is not willing to enjoy the relationship with that little ounce of prevention then I would move on and quickly.

I am sure others have mentioned that it is much nicer to let the comments automatically approve rather than wait. You do tend to get more comments this way.


Apr 7 @ 12:36PM  
Why is it that after I have been having sex with someone for a while that they start wanting me to dump my wife when it is suppose to me a no strings relationship and they are attached?

You answered this yourself "they are attached"

now she has decided we can not have sex unless I stop using a condom

since when does one person decide for both? just saying

Maybe she wants a never know. Well that's not true. If you have sex and aren't using protection.....

Not to mention diseases

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Can someone help me understand ???