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My favorite fetish!

posted 4/6/2008 5:17:41 PM |
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tagged: sex, tits, fetish, bras

Well, since everyone else on here seems to be doing it, I thought I'd join the wonderful world of the AMD blogosphere too. Might be interesting to see what-if any-comments I get from the things I post. I do blog on another adult site, plus I also have regular non-sex related blogs on Blogger, so blogging isn't something new to me-I've been doing it for about 2 1/2 years now. One caveat, though-I'm definitely someone who has certain opinions on stuff, and while I try to be diplomatic about expressing them, I also don't believe in beating around the bush, either! That being said.... :)

My first blog post here is going to be, as the title suggests, about my favorite fetish. What is that, you ask? Well, it's a fetish that I've had for close to 30 years, but only recently (within the last 10 or so) found out I was far from alone in, namely I love to cum all over a woman's bra while she's wearing it.

Now in this particular fetish I am somewhat picky. Just as I prefer large sized women over slender ones, and prefer large, natural breasts over little A or B cup ones, so too the bras that turn me on to see a woman in *aren't* the skinny-strapped, one or two hook jobbers; no what gets me hot is a good old fashioned 3, 4, 5, or ever 6 hook, white or beige (though colors are cool for a change of pace) heavy-duty, "industrial strength" everyday bra, filled with it's owner's bounteous breasts. I don't know why I find this such a turn on, I just do.

As far as the cumming part goes, there are many ways I've experienced this, and I can think of many ways I've yet to, but would like to one day. The simplest and most obvious one is to just straddle my partner just below her breasts/bra, or kneel/stand to one side and masturbate to the sexy vision of her and her hooter holder (even better if she's jacking herself too at the time).

Another way that turns me on to do this that I've experienced is to stand while she's sitting in a chair or again straddle her midsection and place my hard dick between her breasts and outside her bra and let the sensation of the sweet nylon fabric, skin, and body heat rubbing against my cock arouse me until I climax. Yet another variation on this is to put my hard-on under the bottom band and jerk myself with her tits.

A further way I've climaxed doing this is to let her take the reins and jerk me, rubbing the glans of my penis against the cups of her bra in a fashion similar to someone spreading paint with a paintbrush. The only bad thing about this is that I tend not to last very long before cumming. I've also done this jerking myself. Something I fantasied for years about and finally had come true a couple of years ago with a FWB I met on another site was having her take off the bra, wrap it around my dick, then jerk me off with it onto her tits.! The feeling of the warmth of her hand and the silkiness of the bra on my cock was incredible! Did I ever bust a HUGE load from that!

There's a lot of other ways I can think of that I haven't tried yet but would like to. I'd love to have my partner sit in front of my, naked but for her bra, have her pull the shoulder straps down and lower the cups, and let me jack off and cum into them, then have her pull the bra back up and revel in the feeling of my seed both warm against her skin, and also saturating the bra. There's several other variations I can think of, but I'll save them for another time.

I guess the thing that has surprised me the most about my fetish is just how many women I've done it with, and the fact that though most had never had any guy do it with them before, they were willing to try it, and most of the ones that tried it found it to be a powerful turn on-enough so that in the case of a couple different FWBs in the past, me jacking off and cumming on their bra became almost a mandatory part of our sexual activities when we'd get together!

So what do you think? Is my favorite fetish something that turns you on too? Or is it something that you think would turn you off? Am I weird for having such a fetish? Or is it pretty tame as those things go. Let me know!

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My favorite fetish!


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Apr 6 @ 5:33PM  
Why has no-one posted already?
I don't think its weird........I have come across a less aggressive form of it in my ex. Walking through the lingerie section would give him a savage hard on, particularly when there were lacy see through dainty things on display, I don't think he really did the heavy duty bra thing.
I think it's really interesting but I still don't really don't understand what the big deal with boobs are, not to mention a bra cuming fetish.
I also am not surprised that most women you have been with are willing to try it, nothing quite like it in my opinion.
Although never every get a professional spray tan and let your man come on your boob area. And if you ever screw up your fake bake, get some instant liquid remover from your guy, I learned the hard way that it works.
Anyway, tangent! Nearly time for bed!
Good blog.

Apr 6 @ 6:24PM  
to each his own...seems harmless to me...

Apr 6 @ 6:26PM  
I've never heard of this before, but I don't think it's a strange fetish. It sounds quite interesting! Something to put on my "To Do" list!

Apr 6 @ 6:47PM  
Mmmmm....sunshinegal, too bad you don't live closer-I'd LOVE to have the chance to personally be the first to introduce you to the joys of that particular fetish!


Apr 6 @ 7:19PM  
Sounds pretty hot to me...I don't think it sounds wierd at all. Always concidered myself an ass man but the last girl I dated loved to see what she could do to me with her breasts....mmmm what she could do

Apr 6 @ 7:19PM  
Doesn't seem to harsh to me either, oh well, welcome

Apr 6 @ 8:36PM  
Thanks, everybody, for the great comments I've gotten so far, as well as the warm welcomes (or should that be well-cums? )! Sounds like a great buncha folks on here! (Oh, and whisperingcomet....definitely loved the one bra pic you have on your profile....VERY sexy!)


Apr 6 @ 10:19PM  
Yes, honestly, got me a bit hot reading it!! Nothing weird about it, I have never had that done with me, but sounds intreguing!! Good blog!

Apr 7 @ 12:59AM  
Smile ok all I could think of is the industrial bras the lunch ladies wear.. actually for people of over 35 40ish I did not look at your profile it would not be strange to like this kind of bra, Marilyn wore one as did many of the women until the last 25 years. Madonna made industrial bras a huge fetish thing she toured in them.. Smile so no your not a weird as you may want to think LOL...

Apr 7 @ 5:10AM  
I think this is pretty standard and nothing to kinky about it. Most men I know love to stick their cocks between a woman's breasts in some capacity.

And I certainly enjoy that sensation

Apr 10 @ 2:04PM  
Sorry for not responding to the new comments until now (work and home life have a tendency to do things like get in the way of blogging, y'know?). Anyway, I wanted to say thanks once again for the great comments from all you folks! I think that's probably the part that's the most fun as far as blogging goes. Certainly is for me.

Now, on to a few additional comments....

loveableone: Wow-glad to hear my blog entry managed to get you a bit heated up! Again, too bad you live too far away....would LOVE to get the chance to the first person you ever tried it with (esp. since from your pics it looks like you probably have some of the exact kinds of bras I'm talking about!). Ah well....if you ever do try it with someone, you should post a response here and let us know if it was as much of a turn on as you thought it would be.

redbronze: Hey, I Like those "lunch lady" bras! In fact, those are some of my favorites. I mean stuff like bras from Bali, Glamourise, Goddess, Sarong, Playtex 18 Hour Bras....all the ones like that! 4-5-6 hook, posture bras, front hooks, midriff's all good! It's precisely the stuff that gets me "hard and a leakin'" the most! And your right about bras like that having once been "the norm", though I think it was closer to 40 years ago than 25. I recently bought It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World on DVD, and noticed for the first time that Spencer Tracy's character's secretary in the movie, played by the late Madylyn Rhue, was evidently wearing just such a bra! Wow-made her chi-chis look like a couple of missles, all set and ready to fire!

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My favorite fetish!