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Which generation do you think you're from?

posted 4/5/2008 9:57:25 PM |
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tagged: fun, life, quiz, straddle

Over a year ago Ynot and I were over on the regular md site commenting on someone's blog about generation X. One of the comments was from a beautiful blonde headed woman who had commented on that blog about her generation. Well, I posted a comment on that blog correcting her about she was actually in the other generation. She then commented back saying no matter what the dates were, she will always consider herself a gen-X'er. Steve didn't know that either, so he googled it and sure enough it said the same thing I told him. His response was something like, "well, ya learn something new everyday". lol I have noticed that a lot of people don't seem to know what generation their in ranging from the "Grand" generation, to the "Baby Boomers", to "Generation X", to finally "Generation Y". Do you know your generation, and the year each of these 4 generations start and end?

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Apr 5 @ 10:00PM  
No idea...just know that I'm the third or fourth generation of my family to be settled in the USA...

Apr 5 @ 10:04PM  
I'm from another planet
we have neither generations or generators
we're always in the dark
and we like it that way

Apr 5 @ 10:05PM  
I was born near the end of the Baby Boomers 1946-1964

Apr 5 @ 10:05PM  
Generation Swine...

Does Kim know you got a sex change?

Apr 5 @ 10:05PM  
Well, depends on who you ask, because some people differ in opinion as to when the Baby Boomer era was...but I think I'm a "late Bloomer," so to speak. 1958 was when I was born.

And as long as we're bringing up ancestry, my father and his sibs were first-generation Americans.

Apr 5 @ 10:08PM  
I'm a Baby Boomer. I think the birth years are somewhere between the mid 40's and mid 60's. Lots of babies born in those years.

Apr 5 @ 10:09PM  
Very good, VG! You nailed the baby boomer years!

Apr 5 @ 10:09PM  
I'm not certain,but I think a "generation" lasts about 20 years,don't quote me on this.


Apr 5 @ 10:14PM  
Luna, it's actually every 18 years!

Apr 5 @ 10:18PM  
Grand Generation is before 1946

Baby Boomers are from 1946 to 1964

Gen'X'ers are from 1964 to 1982

Generation Y from 1982 to 2000

Not sure what the generation is called for people born after 2000 yet. Does anyone know?

Apr 5 @ 10:20PM  
oh geez
this is scary
look - an empty closet
time ta hide

leave a green thingie and go

Apr 5 @ 10:20PM  
I'm a Gen-X'er (Feb. 1967)! Eat your hearts out, Baby Boomers!

Apr 5 @ 10:23PM  
I'm guessing Y...and since a generation is every 18 years....

Grand - 1928 - 1946
Baby Boomer - 1946 - 1964
X - 1964 - 1982
Y - 1982 - 2000

Right? Then whats the newest generation called? Millennium babies?

Apr 5 @ 10:24PM  
Damn posted the years while i was doing the math least i can still add and subtract in my head

Apr 5 @ 10:25PM  
Why should we eat our hearts out? I wouldn't want to be a Generation X-er. That's known as the "me" generation, if I'm not mistaken. A generation of totally self-absorbed kids who grew up into totally self-absorbed adults.

Apr 5 @ 10:27PM  
Very good, Carrie!

Not too many people know all this. You may be right about Millennium Babies called that after 2000. I think I might have heard that a few times, but not sure if it is right.

Apr 5 @ 10:28PM  
Avenger, yep, that fits me!

Apr 5 @ 10:31PM  
I'm an X ...guess I didn't I have to listen to Nirvana?

Apr 5 @ 10:34PM  
do I have to listen to Nirvana?

You say that like its a bad thing....

What do people say about generation Y....or are we still to young?

Apr 5 @ 10:35PM  
No, BKB, but you do have to listen to Madonna, Pat Benatar, Def Leppard, and Duran Duran!

Apr 5 @ 10:36PM  
Carrie, I think Generation Y has been talked about as slackers....

Apr 5 @ 10:37PM  
What do people say about generation Y....or are we still to young?
Why do they have to be so young & gilrs didn't look like that when I was in school

Apr 5 @ 10:39PM  
Im an "X" just like you straddle, but you got a few years on me

Apr 5 @ 10:39PM  
Madonna, Pat Benatar, Def Leppard, and Duran Duran!
Knock all you want...I'm not coming out!!!


Apr 5 @ 10:40PM  
Hey now, Christine, be nice!

Apr 5 @ 10:41PM  
Carrie, I think Generation Y has been talked about as slackers

I believe it....

Apr 5 @ 10:42PM  
(((Evil Laugh)))

Apr 5 @ 10:45PM  
Well, at least I'm not OLD enough to be a Baby Boomer. Did I mention that my mom is 61 and IS a Baby Boomer?

Apr 5 @ 10:47PM  
I'm a baby boomer and proud of it!!

Apr 5 @ 10:54PM  
Born September 30 1965...I'm an Generation X-er

Damned proud of it too.

Apr 5 @ 10:55PM  
Class A self absorbed Gen X'er here. I didn't know an entire generation could be considered self absorbed though.

Apr 5 @ 10:55PM  
Im a baby boomer too..born in 1962 ...but I dont consider myself OLD!

Apr 5 @ 11:03PM  
I think I'm at the end of the baby boomers and the begininng of Gen-x.

Apr 5 @ 11:17PM  
I'm the begining of generation X.. sorry i'm not a self absorbed adult...and never was one as a kid.... It all depends how every one was raised.. We we rasied to never want for something we could never have.. If that makes any sense?

Apr 5 @ 11:22PM  
I'm a Gen X-er, but I'm not self-absorbed at all. Wish I could be self-absorbed, though!

Apr 5 @ 11:29PM  
Oh and also anything we wanted we had to work it off to get it.. We never got hand outs from our parents.. And we are raising our children the same way..

Apr 5 @ 11:33PM  
the current generation is M...

Apr 5 @ 11:55PM  
Yeah, not sure why the "hippy" generation thinks us Gen-Xer's are selfish and greedy.

Btw, just kidding about the hippy thing, even though so many Baby Boomers grew up in the late 60's. lol

Also, that blonde woman I was referring to from that blog over a year ago was born in 1961 I think, but she said that she still considered herself to be a Generation X'er. I kid you not about what she said.

Apr 5 @ 11:58PM  
I am a genX . Not sure of the exact dates but I think genX starts at 64...

Apr 6 @ 12:00AM  
Guess I should have read all the comments first duhhhh

Apr 6 @ 12:15AM  

Damn I'm a Grand. How did that happen.

Apr 6 @ 12:17AM  
@ Chuck

Apr 6 @ 12:19AM  
The hippy generation...LOL..
Yep wish that is when I was born but was second in my

Apr 6 @ 12:23AM  
lol...The summer of love was back in 1967. I was only a few months old. Wow, what a year to be born!

Apr 6 @ 12:30AM  
Yep same with me...

Apr 6 @ 12:36AM  
I always thought it went like this

Baby boomer (1943-1946) ā€“ (1957-1964)

Generation X (1958-65) ā€“ (1975-81)

Generation Y (1981-2001) ā€“ (1995-2001)

Good blog, heres a KUDO for you

Apr 6 @ 12:39AM  
i love the blog!!paid my due with a kudo

its good to have nonsexual blogs:)

and i am a crystal kid dont know my generation:P

Apr 6 @ 12:42AM  
we just had this at work, and I'm a gen x, my parents were baby boomers and my grandparents were what was known as traditionalists. They went over this because of the different work ethics each group has and how it affects your work environment. Really interesting stuff.

Apr 6 @ 12:45AM  
Well Straddle,this baby boomer is "Still Alive and Well" "Old Enough to Know Better,Still to Young to Give a Fuck"

Apr 6 @ 1:18AM  
Ok so Iā€™m a Boomer... but I can still Rock and Roll.

Apr 6 @ 3:57AM  
Damn, must of been half asleep...think I read Larry's comment wrong earlier. lol I think we're all too young to give a fuck!

Apr 6 @ 5:09AM  
I'm a baby bommer...I was the first hippy in Canada...if ya can dig my head space...

Apr 6 @ 7:08AM  
Well, at least I'm not OLD enough to be a Baby Boomer.

Do you think that because you're YOUNGER you have some sort of advantage over those of us who are older? Do you think you're more attractive? Or intelligent? LOL.

Nothing wrong with growing up in the '60s...and I can assure you, not everyone was a part of the Hippie culture, although nothing particularly wrong with that, either.

At least back then kids weren't quite so deranged and trigger-happy as they are now. And teen pregnancy, though of course it occurred, wasn't so prevalent as it is these days. And not just that, but these days people seem to embrace bad behavior; they consider it entertaining; they consider the weirdest sexual deviations "normal." They see nothing wrong with blogging about the most disgusting things...and what's even more disgusting is that they actually have an audience! They have people who tell them that their shit (pun intended) IS actually funny! At least hippies were about something; at least they were demonstrating for a worthy cause.

Nowadays, kids kill each other over a stupid pair of sneakers or just because someone made fun of them. Even 8-10 year olds plot to kill their teacher! How many times do we hear of a school shooting in the United States these days? A LOT. And we sure didn't hear of it that often back in the '60s...and I lived in Los Angeles County, where it would have been more likely. We had the Watts riots and stuff, but that was pretty much confined to one area. We didn't have elementary school or high school students showing up to school with AK-47s murdering several innocent people before blowing their own brains out, that's for sure.

And as far as being self-absorbed, of course that doesn't apply to everyone but it is very much a prevalent attitude these days. It is evident in a lot of the blogs that are focused on the writer. Like how wonderful they are, or how everyone else is out to get them or who is lucky enough to get to screw them, or how hot they are, yada yada yada...

Anyway...not sure why, as a rule, so many Generation X'ers are the way they are, but I surmise Ritalin and lackadaisical parenting, among other things, might have something to do with it.

Apr 6 @ 7:15AM  
Avenger, take a deep breath and relax. Most everyone knows that I was kidding in my comments. I love to tease some of my friends on here who may be a little older as far as this topic goes, and sometimes they tease back. It's all good nature fun. This blog is suppose to be all in fun and informational.

Apr 6 @ 8:52AM  
Well does it count i wasn't born in america? But I am a generation x...and I LIKE PAT BENATAR SHE ROCKS!!! chuckle...great blog straddle as always. ;>)

Apr 6 @ 10:10AM  
Born in 73..generation X is what I am...though I dont conform to the "rules" of that. But always will listen to the awesome hair bands of the 80's...LOL

Apr 6 @ 7:36PM  
Ummm. I wasn't "not relaxed" when I wrote that, Straddle; I was just pointing out some facts.

Apr 6 @ 7:47PM  
tell us ^^^^ how you REALY feel .....jeez

Apr 6 @ 11:45PM  
Yeah jeez.. give it a rest ... What did all that have to do with this blog any how?????

and to let you know since you brought it up again... "avenger" I grew up in good old Cleveland OHIO... And there sorry we had the same problems in schools and eveytthing else going on with kids now adays,, That is one reason why our parents sent us to a catholic school...
It's just it never made it in the papers or on the news that often as the things today are...There will always be children that for some reason do the things they do I will never understand it..


Apr 7 @ 6:04PM  
@ Ynot's and TheMama's comments.

I couldn't agree more with you two!

Apr 7 @ 11:33PM  
Thank you... Thank you...

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Which generation do you think you're from?