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posted 4/5/2008 6:26:57 PM |
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tagged: story, truth, dedication

Beefy Asked:
Have you ever liked someone so much you were afraid to leave the phone for even a second because they might call? Perhaps even to the point of not eating or sleeping for a day.
Ever talked to someone you liked for so long that you neglected to eat, bathe, or otherwise take care of yourself?
Ever ached for someone you have never even met?
O.K. now I'm starting to sound psychotic.
Lets end this thing up tempo.

The Question has been asked, and boy can I relate to this one.

I was new to the site, and the first thing I found were the blog boards. Being the extremely curious person that I am, I decide to sit down and just read some of the thing on line that have happen to be posted that night. As you know, a Newbie can get quite a shock, but there were a number of very good stories going on, and some kind of game had just started. I took it all in trying to get the lay of the land.

Then I found it, a story that grabbed my attention, and dragged me into the middle of it. The story was about a predator lurking in the shadows waiting for his next victim and I was hooked. The tale was very erotic, with a strange twist of events. By the time I read the last words, my heart was racing, and I was fighting for control of my imagination that was running rampant. I was fighting unnecessary feeling and reaching to get back to the real world. I looked at the author of the story’s profile and saw a very interesting name. While reading his essay I found I had some of the same interest as he. I composed a shy but polite note expressing how much I enjoyed his work and ask about something in his profile.

In my wildest dreams, I never expect anything to come from the initial contact, and then the reply hit my inbox. It is warm, witty, and you could tell the person who wrote back took the time actually to read about who wrote him, and what her interests seem to be. Then he made a point of mentioning something he read. A sense of humor showed when he “virtually” presents a courtly bow and answers in 13th Century courtly English. Playing the “rake” he professes to be, and making a “virtual pass.”

I found I was charmed. Someone who seemed well read, had a grasp of the English language, and did not mind having a bit of fun, but never at another’s expense, was more than I could hope to meet. Nevertheless, he was that and very much more. There were regular exchanges of e-mails, almost on a daily basis. Notes about things happening on the boards, or problems he saw coming. His offering of general inside information on the friends he had, and people he knew became a common thing. I looked everyday too see what he might have sent next.

Then on Valentine’s Day, he stated that because of some personal issues he had no Valentine this year. Again, very shy, and with great care I asked if he would like to be mine for the day. I was alone too, in a new place and had no one to share the holiday with. By the end of Valentine’s Day, this wonderful man had me in tears, not from distress but from happiness. He filled my e-mail with cards, and my inbox with notes. How could a woman not adore all the attention he lavished upon her? That night to my delight, and maybe my better judgment, my heart became his.

Things were not all roses from there on out. We have had some very rocky roads. He very gently offered me back my heart for he could not keep it himself. As bittersweet as it was, I could not charge him with any wrongdoing. For all the clues were there that he desired another, I chose to not see them, and for that I could blame only myself.

We managed to find ground where we could exist and remain friends. We talked of life, shared stories we both had written. We talked of the troubles we were having, and joys we could share. I will not lie I shed some tears. However, they were tears of my own doing and not of his.

The fate though decided to smile on us, those devilish Greek goddesses, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, that meddled in the lives of man, sometimes to the point of wrecking havoc, decided that maybe we had had enough go wrong in our lives and brought some things to light. Through all of this, we remained true and trusted friends. For how could I turn my back on a man who I once had given my heart? He was hurt and angry. So I called his friends and sent for help because he needed, I realized, someone more than me.

Since that time, we have found a bond. Our lives and interests are so intermingled it is as though we are joining on another plain. He once again holds my heart in his hands. This time, as before, I know I can trust him to its safekeeping. This man of power, strength, and darkness has become my protector, My Dark One, My Dark Lord, and maybe soon I will call My Master. I am his precious, his little one, his Lady, his cherished one, and maybe someday soon his precious bound submissive. Who can tell when that will be? The road is still long ahead of us. There is much to be taught, and much more to be learned. However, I am always aiming for the day when I am worthy to wear his collar; bound for all eternity, if the Gods so consent. Nevertheless, I do know one thing will always remain constant, until the Gods decree otherwise. I will always be:

Always yours,

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Apr 5 @ 6:29PM  
Wonder who she is talkin about.....

Just teasing...

Come here, you wonderful have touched me to my heart and soul....
*long soft kisses and snugglin good and deep, till she is breathless*

And we are meeting next week.


Apr 5 @ 6:32PM  
A romantic love stroy with a happy ending.

Apr 5 @ 6:35PM  
I guess I'm too jaded. Or ..whatever. Because, no, I can't say any man has ever affected me that way, and no man ever will. Oh, don't get me wrong; I've been "smitten," sure..but not by someone I've just talked to over the internet.

And, of course, to each his or her own, but speaking strictly for myself, hell would freeze over, thaw, and freeze over again before I'd ever EVER call any MAN my "master."

But if that works for you, hey...that's ...umm..wonderful.


Apr 5 @ 6:40PM  
Well umm...thanks. Anything else you would like to piss on today? There's some rose bushes next door need watering.

Apr 5 @ 6:41PM  
i STILL carry my phone everywhere to make sure i'm there if she calls

Apr 5 @ 6:45PM  
i have to agree with Avenger.

Apr 5 @ 6:50PM  
i wonderfully happy tale...........blueyes and dkw..........may it always be that way...........

Apr 5 @ 6:55PM  
i have but one kudo i can give you..........but a little tear did trickle from the corner of my eye...........

Apr 5 @ 7:07PM  
And we are meeting next week.

wow...see what happens when ya work all da time/? ya get left in da dark....ya'll have GOOD TIME of luck to ya both from US

Apr 5 @ 7:10PM  
Next WEEK??? where? in Loosianne or in Idaho? Damnit I wanna meet toooooo...

Apr 5 @ 7:10PM  
Thanks guys. Both for the well wishes, and the kudos.

As for our little "detractors."

As if it wasn't plain enough, this was a dedication. Fuckin DUH. If she had wanted to debate it, I truly think she would have added it to the DISCUSSION blog started by beefy. I dont see anywhere it invited debate. But of course, I actually read the whole thing before I make comments. Oh, im sorry...there has never ever been any kinds of dedications ever here before. My mistake. No good news, ever ever. Damn, even the RULES say it, too...
You may blog about any subject you like, perhaps a current event or an epiphany you had today.

So...every blog does not invite debate or discussion. Imagine that.

Take your discussions and negativity to a discussion blog or the forums. This is a dedication and news to our FRIENDS and well wishers, of a wonderful event.

And have a nice day doing that.

Apr 5 @ 7:12PM  
Sorry to hi-jack this,but it seems like it's already been done. I see no reason for the comment by DKW. It's stuff like that ,that stirs the pot.

Apr 5 @ 7:17PM  
Good luck and all the best to you both!!!

Apr 5 @ 7:20PM  
till I cry @ DKW's second comment.

And oh yeah, you lovebirds find a nice nest to cuddle in.

Apr 5 @ 8:45PM  
That was absolutely the most beautiful dedication I have heard in a long time...good luck to you both, with this new & budding relationship maybe we can all hope to find that special someone in here after all. Tease.

Apr 5 @ 8:58PM  
Alls I can say, is some day when the moon turns pewter, and the waters indigo, will I have affected someone in this manner. I'm teetering the cliff of insanity, and just giving up, but my strength has yet to wein.


Apr 5 @ 9:17PM  

Apr 5 @ 9:42PM  
Take your discussions and negativity to a discussion blog or the forums.

But no,its really is.Couldn't of happen to two nicer people.

Apr 5 @ 9:44PM  
wow. Sure are a lot of people hooking up here lately.


Congrats you two

Apr 5 @ 9:45PM  
Oh, I'm sorry...I didn't realize considering some "man" a "Master" was cause for celebration. My bad.


Apr 5 @ 10:44PM  

I thought it was a very nice dedication and I am very happy for the both of you.
I wish you both nothing but the best in everything.

Apr 5 @ 11:49PM  
Boy this avenger chick sure is a thorn in each ass that has the misfortune of seeing her.

Aren't there some militant lesbians that need avenging?

Apr 6 @ 11:00AM  
When one has made the submissive lifestyle choice, then yes, finding the man or woman one can trust with their body, mind and heart is cause for celebration.

The comments above me were obviously written out of ignorance of the subject. Again, I say, if you are going to make a blanket statement ... get your information straight first.

Av.. you've hurt BlueEyes feelings and I believe you owe her, heartfelt or not, an apology.

Apr 6 @ 7:51PM  
I go away for a day and I missed this coming

You know I am glad for the both of you and I hope it is truly even better than it is now, or than you could ever imagine. I hope you find your happiness together. The Dark Knight and his Fair Lady...

Good luck and best you both.

I agree with Sexpet...sure are a lot of happy people getting together lately....

Apr 7 @ 2:01AM  

Sorry I missed this I spent a day with a soldering iron and a screw driver.. a musicians work is never done...

You two deserve to be happy.....

Apr 7 @ 11:39PM  
I say to hell with the two deserve to have some fun and happiness!!
Hugs to both of you!

Apr 11 @ 1:48PM  
Blue Eyes sorry I missed this blog but I wish to add belated Congratulations on here to you both!
My you both find the joy, happiness, love and sex you both deserve!!!


Apr 11 @ 2:20PM  
You guys know how I feels about the two of you.... and I've talked with both of ya... and you've talked to each other, and Sunny.. we all had group sex!

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