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Why are women so bad at giving blow jobs?

posted 4/5/2008 10:29:46 AM |
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tagged: oral sex

Why are women so bad at giving blow jobs?

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Why are women so bad at giving blow jobs?
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Apr 5 @ 10:33AM  
You mean, as compared to men?

Apr 5 @ 10:34AM  
I must be mis understanding something here.

Who ever said women are bad at giving blow jobs?

I would not want anyone but a woman to give me a blow Job

Apr 5 @ 10:35AM  
I forgot, excuse me,,, but I enjoy the feel of the breasts bumping up against my balls as I get that wonderful blow job from a woman

Apr 5 @ 10:39AM  
Maybe you’re bad at receiving them.

See this blog.
Receiving Good Head

Apr 5 @ 10:40AM  
You mean, as compared to men?

Damn! Avenger you owe me ANOTHER keyboard...damn, Pepsi hurts coming through the nose...

All I have to say is I have references...

Apr 5 @ 10:42AM  
Oh SNAP, DD!!! Thanks :)

Apr 5 @ 10:42AM  
I thought that was colored jizzm cumming out of your nose, not pepsi...

Apr 5 @ 10:43AM  
Maybe you should try one of those arm floats for children... Someone said they work...

Apr 5 @ 10:45AM  
You mean, as compared to men?

Damn....beat me too it.

Apr 5 @ 10:50AM  
I must say that there is a great deal of variance in the quality and ability to perform. Of the women I have known 10% would get an A, 20% a B, 30% a C, 30% a D, and 10% an F.

If it isn't good, no guy will say so. Even if the performance is mediocre, guys will say it is great simply because the lady was willing to continue until he came. A lot won't and many just go down for two minutes or so to be obligatory as they want the load in the pussy, not in their mouth.

Apr 5 @ 11:04AM  
Maybe you should try one of those arm floats for children...
Well, and hey - they come in different sizes, too!

Apr 5 @ 11:05AM  
Never had a bad one!

Apr 5 @ 11:06AM  
I like the arm float thing............

Apr 5 @ 11:15AM  
You mean, as compared to men?

why would you even bring that up? and i personally can't really complain about a bad blowjob... just like anything else related to sex...

Its like air... only bad if your not getting any

and woman are like that super fresh air, that new car smell , a guy would be like wanting to sniff shit smell...

Apr 5 @ 11:20AM  
So sorry for you man, you must have been depreived big-time.

I've also found it helps make it better just to tell my partner how I like it...communicate.

Apr 5 @ 11:50AM  
If I made a statement like," why does Canu play guitar so bad?" it would seem I was implying that I can play much better.

Damn dude, what's up?

Apr 5 @ 11:53AM  
Sorta like "Why are some men so bad at eating pussy?"

I like to give head. And I've never received any complaints about my quality or ability.....

Apr 5 @ 11:55AM  
You mean, as compared to men?

why would you even bring that up?

Because it's part of my nefarious, sarcastic, yet charming sense of humor; that's why.

And also because I think it's rather odd to complain about that sort of sexual performance because women were not put on this earth to to practically be suffocated by having a penis shoved down their throats..and also because he made a rather presumptuous statement (a VERY presumptuous statement) by saying what he said in the first place.

So if he's run into women who aren't "doing it right," well, maybe they're just not that into him; maybe they're just not that experienced; maybe they don't like doing it. Whatever. But for him to make a blanket statement like that deserves the sarcastic answer I gave him in reply.

Apr 5 @ 12:39PM  
Yeah be sure to let us know how this helped ya out!!

Apr 5 @ 12:45PM  
No personal offense to anyone... but he's from the UK. During my visit to England, I found nearly all the women there behaved prim, proper, and modest. Both the men and women, very tight-lipped. Could it be that, Michealangelo?

Apr 5 @ 12:49PM  
Comes in laughing...
Leaves thinking have you ever found the right one???

Apr 5 @ 1:04PM  
G, if what you say about european women is accurate, then I'm so glad I'm American. Obvioulsy American women take this topic much more seriously...maybe they enjoy it a whole lot more. Hmmmm.

Apr 5 @ 1:07PM  
....I....just...I...*head explodes*

Apr 5 @ 1:29PM  
maybe your just getting them from the wrong women,lol

Apr 5 @ 1:46PM  
Tooting own horn... Ive never got a complaint....I actually leave them thirsty for more!! hehehe

Apr 5 @ 2:11PM  
Alright Gina, no offense takin..but I am also from the UK & I have never had a complaint yet...I am very willing to do whatever he asks to "accomodate" him...chuckle. ;.)

Apr 5 @ 2:31PM  
wow,where you getting your o/j?

Apr 5 @ 2:34PM  
I have never had a complaint...I think you arent getting the right women for the job..

Apr 5 @ 2:36PM  
obviously you have never had one from me!!!

Apr 5 @ 2:48PM  
maybe it's just you. mediocre blowjobs for mediocre people.

i, for one, have never had a problem giving a blowjob.

Apr 5 @ 5:41PM  

I love giving blowjobs and never had anyone to tell me to stop

Apr 5 @ 5:56PM  
I thought that was colored jizz cumming out of your nose, not pepsi...

Colored guys DO NOT have colored jizz! It is white just like white guy jizz!


Apr 6 @ 7:37AM  
because they don't have a dick? oh by that logic men can't eat pussy either then

Apr 6 @ 3:20PM  
Did I say something wrong?

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Why are women so bad at giving blow jobs?