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The Stupidity of People

posted 11/8/2006 10:39:21 PM |
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Here's an email message that I received today:

I read your profile and your essays twice....laughing really hard the second time are one fucked up want your cake and eat it too. You are very dysfunctional it sounds, and a cheater from the word go....holy shit.

My question is... who the hell asked him for his opinion anyway? My profile wasn't added to this site with the intention of pleasing all who read it. It simply amazes me that some pompous prick considers himself so godly that he feels the need to cast judgment on everyone else around him. Who died and made him God?

Not that it matters, but I am perfectly content with my life, and I am far from ashamed of my actions. My fiance' is fully aware of my bisexuality, including my quest on this site. I am completely honest with him, and he has no problem with anything that I am doing. With this being said, why the hell would some lonely individual (probably suffering from ED) take a moment from his pathetic life to bash me? Oh wait, I got it!!... After reading my profile and realizing he had no chance in hell from the beginning, he lashed out to make himself feel better... Aww.. the poor pitiful FOOL.

Some people really should consider getting a life of their own...

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Nov 8 @ 11:30PM  
Since this is something I've seen a lot on here recently, let me send off a lightbulb for people to put over their heads.

Monogamy: A committed relationship between two people, homosexual or heterosexual.

Polygamy: A committed relationship between more than two people.

Open Relationship: A relationship where one or both partners is permitted to have sexual relations in addition to the partners committed to the relationship.

Swinger: A person who feels that love or relationships are not a prerequisite to sexual fulfillment and seeks others of the same mindset.

Cheater: One who claims to be in a committed relationship, but engages in romantic, sensual or sexual relations outside of the relationship without the partner's knowledge.

So labeling someone a cheater isn't usually accurate unless you know the person is going around behind their partner's back. There are a lot of people here who are polygamous, polyamorous, in open relationships or simply swingers. Some people just want someone to talk to, others are looking for a laugh. Don't be so judgmental of other people's ways. If they have found a way to happiness, provided it doesn't hurt someone else, then good for them!

Nov 9 @ 12:48AM  
*giggle* Don't hold back, sweetie - just say what's on your mind! Kudos to you!

Nov 9 @ 1:23AM  

Nov 9 @ 7:18AM  
Yeah the idiot's probably suffering from a bout of sour grapes; joke's on him. Ignore him and those like him; they're just pathetic people abusing online anonymity. Nice profile by the way.

Nov 9 @ 9:13AM  
No, how do you REALLY feel? Welcome to my world darlin.

Nov 9 @ 2:42PM  
Kudos to you're not alone out there. I've had some nasty responses from posts that I made. Its amazing how easily people cast negative opinions on people because they are upfront and honest about what they want. Yeah some people just want to get laid...thats ok....some people want to have a 3 some....who cares??? I thought the point of this site was to have open forums and a meeting place for people that wanted to explore the "adult" encounters and relationships. If they are that offended by it why dont they just hit the cancel button and move along? Oh well I'm giving ya Kudos for standing up and calling this asshole out!

Nov 10 @ 12:26AM  
Question: How do you find the idiots on the web?

Answer: Give them a place to share their narrow opinion.

It's none of nobody's (yeah that's muh poor grammar) why you are here. Though being honest, open, intelligent and articulate, makes me want to welcome you to the site, the number of idiots rising, is cause to hesitate...

Jan 10 @ 2:35AM  
To be fair (my one vice: seeing it from the other side :), aren't you making the same error he is, Angel?

Based on your essays, he made an assumption about you.

Based on his email, you made an assumption about him (i.e., the erectile dysfunction).

Just to be fair. :)

Now for my non-devils-advocate opinion: With regard to your lifestyle, he should remember this: it's YOUR life. If no-one is getting hurt, he should just butt the heck out.

Jan 21 @ 10:53PM  
Fuck him and his pathetic existence.

Feb 6 @ 11:37PM  
You hit the nail right on the head!

May 23 @ 3:22AM  

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The Stupidity of People