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Pet hit by car...would you pull someone's pet out of the street?

posted 4/3/2008 11:54:53 PM |
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tagged: animals, cars, pet, straddle

What happened this late afternoon made me think about a blog I did about a year ago on here asking people if they hit a pet with their car, or saw that a car hit someone's pet, would you go pull that pet out of the street, or would you continue driving on, or just ignoring it if you lived nearby. Another dog was hit by a car just right up the street from me. I heard the poor thing yelp a few times when I heard a hit. I finally got to my window and looked out and saw a car slowing down with the dog in front of the car. Other people including the owner was already there. I didn't see the dog, but was told that the dog was someone's pet, actually the people across the street from me owned the dog. The woman who owned the dog had crossed the street on up the was from me to my side of the street, and she knew her little dog was somewhere behind her, but didn't pay attention to her dog when her dog saw where she had crossed, the dog got the idea of crossing where she did. From what I have heard, these people always had a leash on the dog, and it was a happy little dog. I didn't want to go out and see what condition the dog was in since people were already there trying to help it. I have pulled out a number of animals out of the street, dead and alive in front of my house, and it's very upsetting to see stuff like this. From what I was also told, the little dog was partly setting up after the car ran over it and dragged it a little, and was told that he had this look on it's face that maybe it substained brain damage. I really hope that's not the case, and I pray that it can be nursed back to good health, that's if the dog survived. I don't think I really want to know. I'm just hoping for the best. How many of you would stop to pull an animal out of the street if the animal was still alive, even if you hit it or not?

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Apr 4 @ 12:03AM  
I would,I mean its the only right thing to do.Even though its an animal,its still a life.

Apr 4 @ 12:06AM  
Yes poor things...and people who hit and run are asses... If they are still alive there might be something that can be done to help the poor things and if it isnt still get it out of the street, I would hope someone would do that for my dog if that ever happened

Apr 4 @ 12:06AM  
I would stop to help any animal...
I live out in the country and here we end up with alot of stray animals.. That are just dropped off.. been hit by a car. or shot. by hunters..
with the dogs I call the SPCA and have them come pick them up..
now with the cats.. yes I'm bad but I have to keep them.. Right now I have 10 cats..
I even one time found nest of baby birds in an old trailer with no mommy bird .. called the bird sanctuary and they took the little things from us...

Apr 4 @ 12:10AM  
I'd pull someone's pet out of the street without a second thought. We ran a call a few years ago...suburban rolled over & on it's top. 3 cars involved total. 2 people were transported to the hospital with minor injuries....the lady driving the suburban had 2 dogs...Lasa opso....shit, don't know how to spell it. Anyhow, one was trapped between the back seat & the roof - we spent 30min using airbags to get the poor little guy out & transported both the dogs to a local vet. Puppy ended up with minor back injury but no fractures - pretty good feeling on that one.

Apr 4 @ 12:14AM  
I have 11 cats currently. When Kim got here I had more than that. We found homes for some of them last summer, and right before she left this past Feb. I end up feeding stray cats out in my back yard where two momma cats had a litter each. That was a nightmare, but I had to take care of them and feed them nonetheless, along with the two momma cats before both momma cats were killed late last year in the street. I pulled one of them out of the street sept.25. The other one was hit Nov. 6. Barried both of them out back. The two kittens that lost their mom first started nursing off the other momma cat along with her kittens. But those two passed on shortle there after. Then when that happened to the other momma cat, I took care of her three kittens. Well, this past Feb. while I spent the night with Kim it was raining that morning and I got home around 10am and saw one of those kittens out in the street all messed up. I went out there with a shoval and got him. The other two I kept in my basement with my other cats till it came time to find them homes, along with a few more of the cats that Kim had, along with from my basement.

Apr 4 @ 12:23AM  
I have pulled many animals from the street. Dead and alive. I look at it like this, when a pet gets hit by a car, its usually not the drivers fault, and you cant blame the animal. I blame the owner. As a pet owner you have a responsibility for keeping your pet safe. no matter what. JUst like a child.

Apr 4 @ 12:24AM  
Almost forgot to toss you a KUDO good topic.

Apr 4 @ 12:28AM  
Well now xdcfx, that's not always the case. In this case there was no parked cars around on either side and a lot of room between the sidewalk and the street. Now if there were parked cars and the pet came out all of a sudden between them, well, that's one thing. Put clearly the drive this afternoon wasn't paying any attention in my opinion. When I see an animal off along side of a street, I really drive with extreme caution. I have never hit an animal before, and I hope the God I never do.

Apr 4 @ 12:29AM  
I would love to find homes for the cats.. but I have been able on a few of them when we were full of cats one year up to I think it was 28 .... all in my back yard looked like a zoo for cats..
It is hard to let go of the ones I have left here now I feel in love with then all.... I called the spca and sayed hey start keeping an eye out on our street.. I can't keep taking all the cats in..It has been like 3 years since any have been dropped off...

Apr 4 @ 12:35AM  
Themama, watch, some more will be dropped off tomorrow on you after 3 years. lol

At one time I think I had a total of 44 cats all together. Some of my cats gave birth to kittens in my basement, and some momma cats outside giving birth to more kittens. It was a damn nightmare. I finally got it under control. They do eat you out of the house.

Apr 4 @ 12:43AM  
Well now xdcfx, that's not always the case.

Sorry straddle, I still feel, no matter what, I'm sure your town has a leash law, does it not? the leash law is there to protect the animal from just that. if the dog had had a leash on, there is a real good chance the dog would not have been hit by the car.

Apr 4 @ 12:46AM  
Thats not funny straddle.. But me being me will take them in and take care of them....
Wow I thought I had a problem with the cats you had more then I ever have. And yes they do eat you out of house and home....

Apr 4 @ 12:55AM  
I know what you're saying, and I agree with it. But I also see careless drivers not paying any attention. Not only do I partially blame the driver in this case, but the owner of that poor little dog is mostly to blame in this.

Apr 4 @ 1:01AM  
Here is something for you to read.

Aug. 9 -- To the Editor:

In regard to the leash law enactment at Peirce Island:

I read this morning's front-page article regarding the leash law enactment at Peirce Island with a very heavy heart. Peirce Island is (was) one of the few and last places for residents (most often homeowners and taxpayers) to enjoy the outdoors with their dogs without fear of traffic from every direction.

Apr 4 @ 1:05AM  

My Dogs are like my children. Right now they're all I have in my life.
So you know how I feel about things like this.

kudo for your blog Shawn.

Apr 4 @ 1:31AM  
Streets are for motorized vehicles, not pets. I would not risk my life in traffic to pull one out of the street if it was dead.

If it is alive, but injured, you run the risk of being bit. I had the unfortunate circumstance of running over my own dog. She was hopeless car chaser and I didn't notice her cross in front of me. Anyway, when I heard the thump, I got out right away. She was in pain and she did not understand where the pain was coming from, so she was snapping all around to "defend" herself against whatever was hurting her. She died in less than a minute so was not in pain long. About 2 years before that, my son had also hit her with his car. She wasn't as badly injured that time. We took her to the vet to get her fixed up and she was gimpy for quite a while before she was finally good as new again. Oddly enough, she would never chase my son's car again, but all other vehicles were fair game for her.

On two separate occasions, I saw cars that swerved to miss dogs run off the road. One hit a tree and the other one rolled over. People, your life is NOT worth a dog. Slow if you can safely do so, but do NOT swerve out of your lane and do not lock your brakes up into a skid.

Apr 4 @ 1:39AM  
yes I have stopped for a cat or dog that has been run over and pulled it out of the street.

I blame the owners of pets for not taking care of them.
It's true every once in awhile an accident does happen to a pet of a watchful owner.
But too many times I've seen cats and dogs left out in 0 degree weather.. Or people move away and just leave their cats or dogs to fend for themselves... This is so unfair to a pet who has been fed by humans let into the warmth of a home and then all of a sudden his doesn't get fed or sheltered.
Last winter I sheltered such a cat, I put a heater in a shed and a cat condo, and food and water out for him everyday... Then a neighbor told me he belonged down the street. These people left him to defend for himself all winter long, like they were living in FL or AZ mild temps states..
I have 3 cats they are all spayed. they have their shots and trips to the vet if necessary.


Apr 4 @ 2:06AM  
This happened to me to my cat who I was so very attached to. I had raised her from the minute I watched her birth and helped dry her off.

I was doing yard work on my lot near the road. Normally my cat is roaming around the yard and never went near the road. The neighbors german shepard was running loose and chased my cat down onto the road in front of oncoming traffic. I watched in horror as I heard a screech of brakes and a metallic blue VW, one of the new ones hit my poor Spaz. I rememeber my hands going to my face and screaming as the driver, a businessman in a dark suit looked me in the eye and kept on driving. I couldn't believe he looked at me and did not stop. I dropped everything and ran out into oncoming traffic to scoop her up in my arms. I could tell her back was broken and that even if she could be saved she would suffer so I needed to get her put to sleep as fast as possible.

I jumped in my car with her in my lap... I was covered in her blood and drove as fast as I could to the local vet and ran in telling the receptionist that I needed someone to put her to sleep so she wouldn't suffer anymore right away. At that point all movement just stopped and she died in my arms. I took her home and layed her in a box then I went to to the nursery down the road and bought a "Silk Tree" Albizzia splendens, one of my favorites.

I then called some of my friends who knew how much she meant to me so they dropped what they were doing and came over at once. Then we had burial and planted the tree on top of her so I could enjoy her as part of my living tree in years to come then we went at sat at the bottom of the garden and had an irish type wake and drank wine the rest of the afternoon.

The hardest part was being outside in my front yard and wanting to hurl rocks at that car everytime I saw it drive by because that driver did not stop.

Sorry for rambling on Straddle... but this one hit a nerve.


Apr 4 @ 2:19AM  
I hit a cat a few years ago. It ran in front of my car without warning, and there was no way I could avoid it. I stopped the car, took the cat to the side. It was not in good shape. A neighbor told me which house it belonged to. Rang the bell. The owner said they weren't feeling great, and couldn't take it to the vet. Then she said that it was mostly her son's cat, and he would be really upset. It was pretty obvious that she didn't care about the cat at all. Nor was she too concerned about her son. She just took a quick look at her cat, and went back inside, while I and the person with me tried to calm the cat down. It died within a few minutes, and it's only comfort was us, not the owner.

I felt horrible about it for weeks, and still drive pretty cautiously in that neighborhood.

Apr 4 @ 2:48AM  
And I wonder...... if a car swerves to miss your pet, runs into a parked car or tree...... how many would run out there and say........ OH, that was MY pet........ send me your hospital bill and car repair bill and I'll take care of all of it.

Apr 4 @ 3:08AM  
Slohand, the chances of a driver stopping is slim to none. There are people who will actually stop, but not many. Besides, who's to say that weren't on a cell phone, or happen to turn their head at the right time when they weren't paying attention in the first place? I think if people drove defensive at all times that would cut down on 75% of it.

Apr 4 @ 3:39AM  
I would do that in a heartbeat.

I also took my neighbor's cat, who's chest had been ripped off and had multiple puncture wound injuries from a dog attack, to the pound that's just about a mile from here, so they could euthanize her. (she was far too injured to save, and, as a matter of fact, while I went into the place to see if they could help me, by the time I came back out a minute or so later, she was already dead. But I couldn't sit there and let her suffer. I had to do something, and I couldn't kill her myself. That is a nightmare that'll haunt me for a long time to come. And she is one of three cats so far that I've witnessed die from dog attacks around here; all three belonged to my neighbor. And the last one that was killed was by a pit bull, whose owner deliberately let the dog off the leash for the sole purpose of getting to the cat, and he sat by and laughed (along with some kids who were waiting for the school bus) while the dog tore it to shreds. Sorry ass bastard...he still walks that dog around here..and he never got prosecuted because people are afraid of him. Like hell. Had it been my animal I'd have probably killed the son of a bitch myself. GRR.

Apr 4 @ 5:27AM  
A few years ago when I was doing road construction we saw a dog ( a stray ) get hit by a car near where we were working. We took it to a vet and a few of us chipped in to pay the bills to fix him up ( was over $800 ). My friend still has that dog today

Apr 4 @ 5:56AM  
I agree with this statement completely.. You wouldnt let your kid run wild, well..loll you shouldnt and your pet is no different

As a pet owner you have a responsibility for keeping your pet safe. no matter what. JUst like a child.

Apr 4 @ 6:04AM  
I agree, even though a lot of people watch their kids, so many people mostly slow down when kids are near a street anyway....more so than they would for pets and animals.

Apr 4 @ 6:35AM  
I totally agree, which is why my two cats (and the remaining one of my neighbor's) stay inside 24/7 and my two dogs are fenced in and are never allowed to roam. Before, I spent hours and hours repairing fence boards and reinforcing the bottom of the fence to make sure my overly enthusiastic Lab and her devoted partner, the GR, wouldn't get out..I used to spend an hour or two looking for them when they would make their getaway. Now, I've fixed the fence so that there's no way they can get out..unless she remembers she knows how to climb a six-foot wooden fence. Fortunately she's getting a bit older and since I had her spayed has lost interest.

But having said that...getting hit by a car was more likely than not an accident.

And in the case of the cat being killed by the dog, that was no accident; it is an extreme act of cruelty and violence and in no way was the owner responsible in this case (in fact, the cat was on her property and was on its way up a tree when the dog lunged at it and was able to grab it by the tail and drag it out of the tree).

But I totally agree, though...if you love your animals, keep them safe!

Apr 4 @ 7:48AM  
Yes straddle, I would stop to help any time I see an animal...I will even help wild animals if they could die from the injury.

Apr 4 @ 8:32AM  
I would and have pulled people's pets out of the way, I even shot a dog my friend had run over a few houses up.

And to those who just like to crab on something, I would have shot you too if you looked like that dog.

Apr 4 @ 9:01AM  
This is a very good topic and it deserves more than just one Kudo, that is for sure.

My last realtionship, we accumalatted over 15 cats and 4 dogs. We would occasionally go to the pound and pick out one and try to find a new owner for it.

I will always stop on the street to help an animal.

Pet lovers are World Wide and those of us, which is a large group of people all have the gift to take care of an animal and cannot understand why some don't.

I lived in Atlanta for 28 years, and was always a Falcon's Fan. My point is this:

If any Foot ball league ever has the thought of Taking back Michael Vick, They will suffer deeply and they should. You cannot upset the hidden world of animal lovers!!!!

Apr 4 @ 9:38AM  
would and have pulled people's pets out of the way, I even shot a dog my friend had run over a few houses up.

And to those who just like to crab on something, I would have shot you too if you looked like that dog.

If an animal is in great pain and rehab isn't an option why allow it to suffer?


Apr 4 @ 9:43AM  
Yes, I would have stopped and at least made sure no one else did the same thing twice. My own cat came inside yesterday unable to stand well on his rear legs. He wasn't supposed to be outdoors. Nothing looks broken... but who knows. I have to take him to the vet today :(

Apr 4 @ 10:16AM  
Me thinks the people that won't stop for a to help a pet are the same ones who won't help a woman being sexually assaulted, or answer a call for help, or stop a guy who's just snatched a purse.

When i lived in florida, i stopped for every turtle i saw stranded on the road, trying to get accross. Including running across three lanes of I 95 to get one, once.

They're God's creatures, and you should always help. I M H O

Apr 4 @ 11:04AM  
Yes, I would and have.. I think it is inconsiderate as can be for the ones who hit an animal and not even stop to see if they can help it. At the least, most have cell phones, call the police and tell them about it.

About 8 years ago I was driving on a back road, very little traffic and not many houses. It was raining like crazy. Out of nowhere a dog ran out in front of me and I hit it. I tried to stop but couldn't. I just slid on a wet gravel road.
As I felt the thump I had closed my eyes tightly hoping I would miss it.

I cautiously got out of my car to see how bad it was. The dog was not there. And since it took me a few seconds to open my eyes and get out I didn't see which way it had went.
I pulled my car off the side of the road and started looking for the dog. I went to the few houses in the area and asked about anyone who might own the dog. No one knew the dog, but a few called neighbors further down the road to ask.. We came to the conclusion it must be a stray.
Which made me more determined, it couldn't even go home for help.

I spent almost two hours in the rain going to houses, looking around yards and gardens and in barns and garages for that injuried dog. It got too dark to look anymore.I never did find him/her.
I felt so bad when I finally did give up. I knew it had to be hurt badly.

oops, sorry, Shawn..didn't mean it to get so long.


Apr 4 @ 1:40PM  
You know..... a buddy of mine got a ticket once for hitting a cat. He was driving through town, following a station wagon with kids sitting in the back, playing with their cat.... and the window was down. Anyway...... just driving along and all of a sudden the cat jumps out the window. He had no chance to swerve and hit the poor thing. They both pulled over and got out. The kids were crying and he really felt bad so he offered to pay for the cat. The lady says..... sure, it was a pure bred minx show cat and it was worth $300. My friend says....... look...... it wasn't even my fault..... if the window hadn't been down...... I'll give you $25 to get one from the animal shelter.

As they were standing there arguing... a cop pulled up, got out, and asked if there was a problem here. Well, my buddy told his side of the story..... and the lady told her side of the story........ and the cop says to my friend....... I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you a citation. My friend says........ for WHAT? Hitting a cat?!?!?

The cop says....... no....... not for hitting it.

It's for soliciting the purchase of pussy!

GOTCHA ! ! !

Apr 4 @ 4:30PM  
Our little puppy got hit by a car a couple of months was at night and he got out of the house and ran out into the dark street...I heard him but couldn't see where he was...I was so upset I had to get Canu to go and get him, I couldn't even look at him to see how bad off he was (he didn't make it...). But the lady who hit him came back to see if he was ok...and she felt horrible. But I know it wasn't her fault, there was no way she could've seen him in time to stop.

I've never hit an animal...but I would probably stop and see if it was ok if I did...try to find the owner or take it to a vet if it was injured...if there was no way to save it and it was in pain I would find a way to put it out of it's pain.


Apr 4 @ 8:17PM  
Oh definitely I would pull over, especially if it were me that hit the poor animal. And, if still alive, I would take it to the vet...and hope the owner would reimburse me, but if not, at least I will know the animal got help. Owning 5 dogs of my own, I would hope someone would do the same if any of mine ever got out of the yard. I think people who hit an animal and just leave it are cold hearted assholes.

Apr 4 @ 8:23PM  
On two separate occasions, I saw cars that swerved to miss dogs run off the road. One hit a tree and the other one rolled over. People, your life is NOT worth a dog. Slow if you can safely do so, but do NOT swerve out of your lane and do not lock your brakes up into a skid.

Sorry Slo..but to is life, and I will brake, swerve, to avoid hitting an animal...that's just who I am. lol...I even brake for squirrels....damn! Where is Nacho for a line like that?

Apr 5 @ 8:43PM  
I have seen several pets hit and the aftermath with everyone standing lady said when I asked her for help to get the pup in my car...:I ain't touchin that nasty dawg"...I proceeded alone and took the pup to the do what is necessary to keep them alive and hope the rest foolow suite, but it isn't often from what I have seen.

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Pet hit by car...would you pull someone's pet out of the street?