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sensitive sexual question

posted 4/3/2008 8:47:55 PM |
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ive only posted like 3-4 blogs so far...but ive seen a few that were more embarrasing and of a more sexual nature than this ill post this and hope my blog friends will give me their thoughts as they have in the past... in porn, dirty mags etc.. you read the" stories" about the guy that fantasizes about watching his wife get nailed by another man or even watching there wifes do anal with another is it all that strange that i fantasize about my husband nailing and having anal sex with another woman? i was raised that good girls would never think of things like this.. but im starting to think maybe im not nuts... what do you think?

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Apr 3 @ 8:51PM  
its not that bad run it by your man to see if it interests him... its not like you want him to have sex with another man or for you to fuck him with a strap on... like in some other peoples blogs

Apr 3 @ 8:52PM  
my ex used to tell me that she fantasized about watching me with another girl. She wanted the girl to do all of the things that she wouldn't do just to see my reaction.

Apr 3 @ 8:55PM  
I used to fantisize about my girl with another man - don't know if I would have ever gon through with it, but the fantasy was there. It's "newnormal" not "newstrainge" I don't think you're going nuts at all.

Apr 3 @ 9:08PM  
There is nothing abnormal about that fantasy. We all have fantasies of some sort and those that don't lie. And some of them are really out there.

Apr 3 @ 9:09PM  
Your Obviously a Bad Girl

Apr 3 @ 9:10PM  
you are not nuts.........but some fantasies are best let just that.........a fantasy........completing them is sometimes dissappointing and worse yet.........relationship breakers.........depends on how strong the relationship is........just another thought to consider.......... good luck with whatever you decide.........

Apr 3 @ 9:10PM  
read straddles blogs... those are weird and off the wall... yours is probably among the most normal on here

Apr 3 @ 9:19PM  
Many MANY years ago I thought I wanted to watch my husband with another woman so we tried it...was I in for a took me about 5 minutes to turn raging jealous and stopped it. I really never expected that to happen and it did leave a picture in my head that I wished I never had.

That's just my experience...just be careful what you ask for.....


Apr 3 @ 9:23PM  
that i fantasize about my husband nailing and having anal sex with another woman

newnnormal,deep inside u have lost ur love for ur husband,u want to see him with someone else that way u will feel "unconscious jealosy" to recover ur love...

Apr 3 @ 9:23PM  
I agree with S. Soon EXCEPT I disagree with "it depends on how strong the relationship is."

Speaking strictly from my own personal point of view, I think fidelity is the prime indicator of what makes a relationship the strongest it can possibly be. Anyone can cheat; what's so difficult about that? I just don't get the premise "Let's prove to everyone what a 'strong' marriage we have by fucking other people." Makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. I mean, if that's your "thing," so be it, but I hate it when people try to claim "open" marriages (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) are somehow "stronger" than "closed" ones.

To each his own, though.


Apr 3 @ 9:33PM  
Speaking strictly from my own personal point of view
Makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever

I think that if this is what you and your hubby want, and feel that its something that you both can handle. and you think your relationship is strong enough to deal with it I say do it! Its true that fantasies are fantasies, but this is not a fantasy. This is preference. KUDOS

Apr 3 @ 9:45PM  
The fantasy is nice...but as i have said to many of my exes....we can have a threesome, you can fuck her...but she's not allowed to say a single thing except moan ing and dirty talk. We don't even need to know her name...

That way it avoids any emotional connection he might feel toward her...If he was ok with that agreement then yeah, I'd love to watch!

Apr 3 @ 9:50PM  
Speaking strictly from my own personal point of view
Makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever

I think that if this is what you and your hubby want, and feel that its something that you both can handle. and you think your relationship is strong enough to deal with it I say do it! Its true that fantasies are fantasies, but this is not a fantasy. This is preference. KUDOS

Why did you feel it necessary to quote my reply when posting your reply?

Your opinion is yours and mine is mine. Why you made reference to it by quoting it is a mystery to me...


Apr 3 @ 10:02PM  
I have been asked by more than one couple to be the "other " woman.........what up with that?

Apr 3 @ 10:13PM  
I had a man approach me once with that first I thought "woo hoo!" (before he spoke) because he was absolutely GORGEOUS!

And then he said he was there with his wife and they both wanted me...after the nausea settled (lol) all I could think was "Yeah, as their next 'victim,' prolly." Even if I was into "that sort of thing," which I'm not..I'm afraid I just don't trust people very much..and for good reason, too.

Apr 3 @ 10:21PM  
Hi Honey!

I would happilyhelp fulfill someone elses fantacy. I had a firlfriend that wanted to go on a vacation when I could not go at that time and would have missed her very much while she was away. She was very considerate- She had two of her girlfriends cover for her doing the things she would do for me if she were home with me.

Apr 3 @ 10:22PM  
Doesn't sound strange to me...are you looking for a volunteers???

Apr 3 @ 10:28PM  
I don't think it's strange, I only wish more women felt the way you did and wanted to experience their fantasies. In a way it validates your own choice and decision that you think your man is attractive.

I'd say go for it!

Apr 3 @ 11:06PM  
I think it comes down to what ever makes you feel comfortable...if you don't have a problem with it I wouldn't worry about it ok? :>)

Apr 3 @ 11:11PM  
nothing strange at all with it

Apr 4 @ 5:26AM  
There is nothing at all with the fantasy. Fatasies are just that. When you turn them into reality just make sure it is something you can live with.

It is hard to tell what you will think 10 years down the road but that day will come and you will be a different person.

When you live out a fantasy it is reality. Some are good, some are bad.

As long as you are willing to live the reality and be happy, enjoy yourself.

Apr 4 @ 9:49AM  
My wife Sally has muliple orgasms and loves it when I'm with our girlfriend and she's watching us! I used to think she was getting so wet because of Carol's unique ability with her tongue but it was actually being able to see me cuming inside another woman at the same time!

Apr 4 @ 10:44AM  
Interesting that you ask. It is normal for women and/or men to fantasize about their partner being wiht someone else sexually. It is the image of watching what they do to you to someone else so you can see what is actually happening. There is nothing wrong with fantasizing. Unfortunately, where the problem lies is when the fantasy is acted upon and becomes reality. Majority of couples that bring another person into the love making usually do not last long together. So, fantasizing is ok, but acting on it comes with a high risk. The option is yours now.

Apr 4 @ 8:28PM  
I am watching this blog with interest.. I am considering a threesome with a couple where part of their fun is that she likes to watch her hubby with another woman.

Apr 5 @ 2:06AM  
Lets try it baby and see what you think. If I was able to be with you after than I would do whatver you wanted

Apr 7 @ 1:18AM  
Freudian viewpoints aside, it's a good thing I think.

The best girl I've ever had sexually thought of stuff like that and would basically do almost anything for me sexually. My moral values, and knowing how she was emotionally though- I never took the offer (whereas most guys would without second thought).

See, that's the problem with being young, even at my age (or rather our) I know that she didn't really mean that, and she really was only saying it to turn me on.

For your case though, I think it's a good thing. It really just means that you're a very sexual person and like to please your man. In which case, good for you both.

I think you should seriously consider the reality of it first though. Sometimes the transition between a fantasy and reality don't always work out the same, and I wouldn't want something to happen to your relationship because of something like that. Also, make sure he's okay with it too (though being a man, I'm assuming he probably will be interested in this new experience).

Well, I hope that helped some. Good luck to you!

Apr 24 @ 8:33AM  
Good girls don't fantasize about things like that. Guys call girls that fantasize about things like that "keepers". Guys like Ben and I are lucky. We get to have our "pie" and eat it to.
When we first got into the lifestyle almost 5 years ago (man time flies..LOL) after 20 years of marriage we thought watching each other was the ultimate. We started out going doing the single guy threesomes. I wanted her to be totally comfortable before we took the next step bringing a lady into the bedroom. I also had to challenge myself that I could stand to see her with another man. It was suprisingly easier than I thought it would be. After a while I got tired of the threesome thing and we would go to local bars and pick-up single men. I would send them to the bedroom and let them have fun. Some of the best times were when she thanked me for letting her "play" with a 18 or 19 year old...LOL Once we met a 19 year-old defensive lineman from UofL on line, Rochelle had fun, I'll have to tell you the story sometime. Anyway after a while the threesomes got old and we both wanted to do something different. So we accepted an invite to our first house party.....
At our first house party we ended up in seperate rooms and had a blast. She was on one side of the wall screaming and I was on the otherside of the wall moaning. I have to honestly say that was hotter then actually watching. Like I said the other night, we prefer seperate rooms. It lets us be ourselves and give all of our attention to who we are with. We usually don't play with couples in the same room but did for the first time in a long time saturday night and had a blast, go figure..LOL
Just enjoy the lifestyle. Enjoy growing, sharing and exploring...Don't be suprised though that you'll soon grow tired of threesomes and what to try something else. Judging from what you said the other night and what I've read here, you already have.

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sensitive sexual question