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I am a right bastard.

posted 4/3/2008 5:55:58 PM |
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I was talkig to a highschool friend of mine on the phone today. We we good pals for a long time and were catching up when he started talking about an event that has made me feel bad for years. So I thought I would share this shame with everyone.

My senior year of high school was my laid back year. My photography studio was finally turning a respectable profit. I was single again after two years. I was also the battallion photographer for my JROTC unit. All was right with the world. Then, our drill team had a competition that I needed to attend. I didn't like drill team competitions because there was always a bit of a competition between the ROTC special teams. Namely between the rugh and tough teams like the ROTC answer to the army rangers which was the raider team and the geeks of ROTC embodied in the drill team. I was a raider. So watching these kids spin rifles around for the whole day was not my cup of tea, but I sucked it up and was doing my job.

I was in the middle of surveying the competition floor when a little girl who looked like someone's younger sister walked up to me and started talking.She seemed increadibly smart for her age and I enjoyed talking to her until it became evidant that she was flirting with me. I pretended to take no notice as she began to flirt even harder. Finally I said, "Hey, no offense, I think you are a nice girl that shouldn't have any trouble finding guys your own age, but I prefere to date women that are close to my age or older." As I said this, she burst into tears and ran off, leaving me stunned at this display of preteenage angst.

I went back to my work and took action shots of our color guard and IDR male drill team. Then two adults came walking up to me. They looked pissed. The father starts in angrily asking what I had done to make her daughter cry like that. I told him the story; thinking that if I were in this guys shoes, I sure as hell wouldn't want some older guy dating my daughter. Then the parents drop the bomb on me. The girl I had been talking to had a medical condition much like dwarfism. She was the same age as me but looked really damn young. She was competing from another school's team and I had made her feel so bad that she dropped out of the competition and drove home. They stomped off with an "I hope you're happy!" and I felt like an ass. I chalked it up to the short-sightedness of youth, but I still feel like a bastard even all these years later.

So, time for everyone else to pony up. Does anyone else have a similar story where you unwittingly commited some social no-no?

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Apr 3 @ 6:06PM  
I don't think you should feel bad at all. Yes it hurt that she was your age but how are you suppose to know that she had this illness.

In today's age and time one has to be very careful because of the dangers of young children and the predators that are amongst us.

Could you of handle this differently, Of course, Did you do anything wrong -- NO

The parents should be more aware of her condition and shame on them for making you feel this way.

I think they are the ones that should be walking away feeling bad and not so much you.

You are a respectable person.

You are a Great American for what you did in the army.

Another Kudo for you from Me.

Apr 3 @ 6:10PM  
Don't feel too bad...while the parents were probably trying to help the girl live a 'normal' life by pretending she wasn't different...she was. You had no way of knowing that she had that a young man she probably did look like a much younger girl. The parents should have realized that and not took it out on you...

Unless of course you were like...really mean and told her to go play with dolls or something...

As for me...I was the one who got picked on in school...

Apr 3 @ 6:30PM  
Way to many for me to list

Apr 3 @ 6:42PM  
How were you to know..?

And yeah, i do it all the time. My foot lives in my mouth.

Apr 3 @ 7:09PM  
I stopped asking women when they are due... to many weren't preggers.....

Apr 3 @ 8:12PM  
If you thought she was younger, chances are so would have most other people. Her parents should have recognized this; SHE should have recognized it; and they should have taught her to deal with it appropriately when situations like that arose ...which they were bound to do...and did.

I would bet you that's not the only time someone made reference to her not looking her age, but you have absolutely no reason to feel bad. It's hard to tell what tone you might have had at the time but, judging from your words alone, seems to me you were polite. If she had been taught to deal with it, then she would have just laughed and said..."Well, guess what?" ..yada yada..

This is pure speculation, of course, but since she burst into tears, it makes me think her parents were extraordinarily overprotective of her, and perhaps even somewhat ashamed of her/her condition. Otherwise, why would she have been so oversensitive about it?

I have always been told I look younger than I am...and still do..but not quite as often. When anyone accuses me of being younger these days, I burst into tears, too ...OF JOY.


Apr 3 @ 9:32PM  
There was this girl from highschool who hit on me (fairly randomly) at a gas station the summer of my junior year... I was realy hung over, and while I normaly would have jumped at the opportunity she was realy bouncy (litteraly bouncing on her toes while talking to me... I thought I was going to hurl) so when she said "remember me" I said "yeah..unfortunatly"... there were only thirty people in the school.

Well long story short, I still feel bad about having done that. Firstly for having turned down a hot cheerleader, and secondly for being an intentional asshole.

The only good thing that came out of that is knowing how you girls feel when guy hits on you while your having a rattlesnake case of pms.

Why do they always wait for the worst possible momement to approach you?

I have just about never been approached while having a steller day. It's like they have to wait till my dog dies or something.


Apr 3 @ 10:23PM  
You did nothing wrong, and you shouldn't feel bad. I feel bad for her having that problem, but she really should have stayed there and and explained to you instead of running off the way she did.

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I am a right bastard.