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I'm so upset tonight!!!!!!!!

posted 4/3/2008 12:24:43 AM |
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Ok I don't rant here often but I need to tonight...

Need to get this of my little ol'e chest.. See My oldest brother who lives in Columbus was on his way to work monday morning on the highway..Going around 65.. He relized to late that a car was stopped in his lane with no flashers on....
He seen the people from the car on the berm... and a truck was on the left of him so he had no choice but to hit the car... He totaled his truck(it is 3 feet shorter in the front now). Shashed his head in to the wind sheild. Bruised his chest on the steering wheel. and bruised his pinky finger..
I was so relieved that his injuries were minor...

Ok now onto the rant.. what the fuck were they doing stopped in the middle of the highway.. Who knows.. My brother found out there was nothing wrong with their car they were just stopped..So Why didn't they just pull off onto the berm.. Or just I don't know had your damn flashers on..

Again this proves that people her in Ohio are stupid......God I hate living here sometimes.....

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I'm so upset tonight!!!!!!!!
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Apr 3 @ 12:39AM  
I'm so glad your brother is alright!!

Drivers amaze me....I have to fight road rage all the time, I just want to throttle people who have no business having a driver's license. I had a lady a couple of days ago who did use her turn signal to turn into a business off the busy highway but just as she turned she came to a complete STOP...her poor car had to go up over a 3 inch curb and I guess she didn't want to hurt her car..... I nearly hit her in the ass the dumb bitch! Then it woulda been MY fault. I learned a long time ago not to follow too close, people....they're CRAZY!!!

Apr 3 @ 12:41AM  
ya, u meet people like that sometimes.

Apr 3 @ 12:44AM  
shhh '' hate to tell ya but their like that almost everywhere......."

glad your brothers ok....

Apr 3 @ 12:52AM  
Some People Just Have No Common Sense....Thats Why As A Driver You Always Have To Think About What The Other Drivers Are Going To Do Before They Know....It's Terrible Luck That Your Brother Had No Chance To Do That...Glad He Is OK Though

Apr 3 @ 12:55AM  
Thank you so happy he will be ok.. He is my big brother who has always been there for me..
Yes they are drivers like there everywhere.. But just damn did one of those stupid drivers have to be there that time of the day?????

Apr 3 @ 12:58AM  
...The fundamental attribution error is the tendency for people to over-emphasize dispositional or personality-based explanations for behaviors observed in others while under-emphasizing situational explanations.

(From Wikipedia)

I recall from my social psychology class the definition was similar.

Apr 3 @ 12:59AM  
yes we are glad your brother is ok... but peeps are stupid everywhere... we are in a truck (big truck) we do oversized loads all the time and you wouldnt believe what peeps do ... hope it helps...

Apr 3 @ 1:04AM  
they do that in arkansas too...I am glad that your brothers okay...hopefully the insurance will take car of his bills and truck.....

Apr 3 @ 1:08AM  
Yep I'm hoping to.. They should take care of everything.. He is just waiting on them to say the truck is totaled...

Apr 3 @ 1:12AM  
I am so glad your brother was not seriously injured, though I am sure he is hurting like hell right now.

Living here in Palm Springs, the retirement community of So. California we have the same problems with the elderly retired folks. They stop without warning..they turn into oncoming traffic and pretty much drive in a spaced out condition. So much so the local police departments have instituted a new criminal code. DWO - Driving While Old !!

Apr 3 @ 1:14AM  
Goes to show you anything can happen, especially stupid things like that with stupid people stopping out in the middle of a highway for no reason. That's Ohio for ya.

Apr 3 @ 1:18AM  
Thank you desert.. DWO.... No that is just funny

Yep straddle that is ohio for ya....Some stupid people....

Apr 3 @ 1:48AM  
defensive driving:
drive as if everyone around you
is a homicidal moron.
Stay as clear of them as you can.
Let the world pass you
as you trail the vehicle ahead of you
one car length for every 10 mph of speed.
use truck signals while changing lanes or passing:
turn signal and horn.
Plan to get there 10 minutes later.
Start out 10 minutes earlier.


Apr 3 @ 1:56AM  
I agree, defensive driving is key. I was taught that at 16 and have been doing that since. Best thing one can do!

Apr 3 @ 2:02AM  
Ahhh yes defensive driving is the key.. I wasn't with him so I don't know what all happened that morning....

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I'm so upset tonight!!!!!!!!