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Kids....what's this world coming to?

posted 4/2/2008 3:51:36 AM |
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A group of 3rd graders plotted to attack their teacher ....9 girls including boys in the class brought a steak knife, handcuffs, duct tape and other stuff to do the job....if i remember correctly we had a discussion about an 11 yr old girl being tazered by a cop and someone was talking about the crime rate is down for kids and youth viloence....hahahaha what a joke....if anything youth crime rate and attacks on adults hasn't went down but, up in the past 10 yrs and it's only getting i said in the last blog now adays have no fear of cops or their parents.....if you wanna check out the story here's the link...

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Apr 2 @ 4:00AM  
wow...this world has gone crazy

Apr 2 @ 4:01AM mom and dad would fucking *murder* me,or try to.Seems like people have stopped trying to discipline their kids.Frankly,I don't care what anyone thinks,but spankings aren't abuse.

Apr 2 @ 4:19AM  
Yet the overall youth violence numbers remain down... despite these freak events. ,

We are just keeping better track of things now. Its the digital age. It used to be that freak stories like this were burried in some small town newspaper- unless for some freak reason they sparked due to some national meme.

Put things into actualy perspective and remember what little fucking terrors there were in the 1970's.


Apr 2 @ 4:19AM  
oh i see parents discipline their kids now adays....a smack on the hand or a little tap on the ass and a polite no, you don't do that or you know better than that.....good grief....i got my ass beat by my dad for playing with his shaving cream one time...of course i was like 9 or 10 yrs old but, damn i sure do remember it.....never touched that shaving cream ever again....if i did something like kids are doing now adays back when i was a kid........WOW....i'd tell the cops to arrest me and take me to jail and not let me out till my 18th birthday.....

Apr 2 @ 4:28AM  
"The Chapin Hall report, co-written with Howard Snyder from the National Center for Juvenile Justice in Pittsburgh, found that the recent one-year increase in violent crime would have to be repeated annually beyond the year 2020 for crime rates to climb back to where they were in the mid-1990s." The facts speak for themselves. Its not as bad as it was in the early nineties and it hit a thirty year low in the late nineties. Sorry guys, the kids are alright

Apr 2 @ 4:50AM  
"Some concerns are valid, but it is far too soon to be predicting a coming crime wave."
The report calls for crime prevention strategies that focus on at-risk youth between the ages of 15 and 24
a new report from Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago shows that recent increases are small when taken in the context of crime rates over the last three decades and that predictions of a coming wave of youth crime are premature.
i read both of the links you provided....the first link doesn't include children figures under the age of 18 since they are dealt with juvenile justice system....your second link however ....well, of course the figures are gonna be low when your going back 30 about we compare the crime rate within the past well, lets see....1995 up till now and the compare that with the crime rate back from 75 to 85 and then from 85 to 95.....believe what you want in the media as for crime among youths dropping but, there is a reason for the government saying this....if they said that youth crime rate was exploding beyoung there control and that it will increase over the next 5 to 10 yrs you think that parents will keep their children in school.....hell no....they'll be jerking them out of school....and teaching them at home or a private school....and if that happens well, the state and the government are losing a lot of do you think teachers salaries are paid if there are no students or very few students? when it comes down to it it's all about the money and keeping kids in school....and parents calm and thinking everything is fine and dandy....we've already got kids killing teachers, parents and other students at the middle school, high school and college it's filtering down to the elementary schools....

Apr 2 @ 4:58AM  
O.K. best part of the story... these were special ed kids.

Hey I can say it, I was in special ed .Started in the L.D. program and was moved into the B.D. program in middle school (the counseler said I just wasn't trying and was simply lazy... she based this on my high I.Q. and bad grades...I'm dyslexic).
According to the story some of these kids had far worse problems than simple dyslexia or add-adhd.... So them being this organized is a little weird... also it doesn't reflect the general mental health of children theyre age (what with theyre brains not being "normal" and all).

Short bus riding 3rd graders plan assault... wtf man.

I believe theyre may be more to this story than meets the eye... I've had some bad experiances with special ed teachers (in highschool the b.d. teacher had the para watch the door to a closer she sat me down in - to tell me to consider dropping out of school...I told her to go fuck herself... wound up back in the L.D. program after that incident).

This shit just aint normal.

Apr 2 @ 5:05AM  
That's a pretty sweeping generalisattion Tracker...
Although I think yeah, in western society kids aren't really brought up to respect their elders anymore.
But it's deeper than that...And I will explain my opinion later...because right now i'm too exhausted to think...
Beating upmy elders has a way of taking it out of a girl.

Apr 2 @ 5:06AM  
Its not exploding, its not even as high as it was in the 90s. For fuck sake, its still at a 30 year low. Its gone up a small percentage for the first time in a decade... oh no, everyone panic.

The government says its worse- in order to scare you. Are you scared yet? Better vote republican... they will protect you from those horrible children.

The government released a study that claimed that marijuana was addictive, the released this study despite the american medical assosiation condeming it for its methodology (they used two drugs, one which was simular to marijuana, and one which blocks the drug. Hence causing instant withdrawl... the reason its not addictive is becouse it doesn't leave the system like that... which is why cocain is addictive (it leaves the system in a a rush, hence causing physical addiction, this is why ritalin which has nearly identical effects spare the half life is far less addictive).

"If you can't trust the government who can you trust?"

Apr 2 @ 5:08AM  
comparing 1995 to now is a bigger slide downwards in juvinile crime. Your comparing the direct dip (you dip). I just realised that. Your comparing the high to the low at that point. Its a 30 year low, as in it hasn't been this low in 30 years... going back further makes it better for your side of the arguement, not worse.

Apparently you just don't understand teh statistics.

Apr 2 @ 5:17AM  
And beefy, yes the government says alot of things in order to scare people...

Because a scared society is a submissive and far more maliable society...I often question the stats that we'rew dished out by the popular media, because no matter how many sides of the story they profess to be showing you, in reality they're still only the sides they want you to see.

Apr 2 @ 5:29AM  

Then one must simply study the methedology of these studies and make your own statistical charts and outcomes based on the givin infromation...yeah...good luck with that...jk

Your a student in a medical field correct... so you know how to dig for the data. If you ever worry about a statistic, then you have the tools to learn more and come to a more solid conclusion than the rest of us dunderheads.

Hell tracker believed that by going back 30 years then this being a low was somehow more likely to accure - as opposed to less. I don't believe you would make that mistake givin your training...hell it took me a minute to even catch how backwards his logic was. That reflects poorly on me. But then I have a G.E.D.... not a college degree.


Apr 2 @ 5:48AM  
blah, no point taking sides or insulting anyone based on their views. never got the world anywhere. nice.

Apr 2 @ 6:01AM  
I'm not about views, just truths. My reality doesn't change to suit me... which could explain why I'm always depressed...yep, there is that.

Point is, I hate it when people base theyre beliefs on illogical nonsense like that.

Maybe its from having gone to a highschool that didn't teach me evolution (they weren't even allowed to mention the age of the earth in "earth sciences"... had to fastforward the part of the tape that talked about how the grand canyons formed)...and this was a public school. I'm from kansas.

Its not an oppinion to say that violent crime amougnst youths is greatly down from 20 years ago, its a fact backed by solid data (that is unless theyre just getting realy good at not getting caught).

Numbers don't lie, statisticians and politicians do.

Apr 2 @ 6:32AM  
These are bad times. Problem is times were bad way back when, too. People didn't pay attention as much. The information highway wasn't so readily available. It's not that our children or the world are all of the sudden going down hill faster than we can run it... It's that we are FINALLY aware because it is in our face. We no longer have an excuse to wear blinders. Terrible things have always happened. Look at history.

Apr 2 @ 6:40AM  
Comparatively, kids are much worse than when I was kid! There is no discipline in there lives!! And whose fault is that?? You put your child in a corner or his room for a while, and its child abuse. I'm not saying beating your child is acceptable, oh hell no! But the parents need to have some kind of control over there children, so they won't end up as a statistic in a blog arena!!!!!!!!!!

Good Blog T!!!

Apr 2 @ 6:51AM  
The main thing I remember from the 1970s was certain kids calling in fake bomb threats or pulling the fire alarm in order to get out of class for a while.

In the '60s, to even talk back to a teacher was almost unheard of. There were some exceptions ..children with serious behavioral problems, who would smart off to the teacher, and the rest of the class sat there with their mouths hanging open in amazement.

Once in a while you'd hear about kids/young adults really going off the deep end (like what happened at Kent State in Ohio) and other "sniper in the library tower" type events, but it's NOTHING like it is now..every time you turn around some kid is shooting up or threatening to shoot up their classroom, or threatening their teacher, etc.

My NDN kid (16 y/o girl) was telling me she's going back to live with her mother (currently stays here with her grandmother) ...because two or three girls at school have threatened to bring a gun to school and kill her because she doesn't agree with their political views. She said she thinks they are serious with this threat, because they are involved in a gang. Maybe, maybe not, but who wants to take that chance?

I think most of us at one time or another have said, "I hate you! I'm gonna kill you!" and of course didn't mean it. Nowadays, that's not such an idle threat anymore.

Many kids' behavior is totally out of control these days and much more so than the 70s ever was.

Apr 2 @ 8:05AM  
I saw that briefly in the news last night. Thanks for posting the link.

It's absurd. I'm just glad the children didn't enact their plot or that no one got hurt. So far I think the school is taking appropriate action and I'm certain once they weed out the most seriously disturbed plotter(s), those children will probably be reassigned to different schools and/or get extensive counseling.

It's not unusual for kids that age to succumb to peer pressure, fear, and popularity issues. Whether they were special ed kids or just regular students has nothing to do with their behavior. In this case, it's their ages throwing everyone off. Had they been preteens 11-13 in middle school, less people would be shocked.

Apr 2 @ 8:56AM  
That less people would be shocked if they were preteens 11-13 speaks volumes in and of itself. Anyone, much less any child, who would actually plot to harm another human being, specifically to the point of having collected the items they intend to hurt them with, is a very seriously mentally disturbed individual. And all they get for punishment is suspension? WTF???

"Hey, I'm bored."

"Yeah, me too."

"So you wanna go rollerblading?"

"Nah; we did that yesterday."

"Yeah. Hmm. Well, we shot hoops at the playground the day before."

"So what do you wanna do?"

"Hey, I know! Remember how Mrs. Tucker kept us after school the other day for talking during class?"

"Yeah, the bitch. How DARE she!?"

"Yeah, we should get her back! The bitch deserves to die!"

"Yeah, let's kill her!"


Now, maybe it's just me being an old fuddy duddy..but WITNOG is WRONG with THAT picture???

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Kids....what's this world coming to?