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posted 3/31/2008 10:11:48 PM |
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tagged: sex, gender, life, straddle

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX This blog may contain strong material and may not be suitable for some. Has anyone ever gone through life never actually being happy and felt empty inside and try to pinpoint what that was? Well, I have felt this way for the past 20 years, and I fina;;y decided to do something about it a few months ago. I started exploring this option and realized it's not that long of a road for my goal to become a woman. About two weeks ago I started some female hormonal shots. I can see a little difference already in my appearance, such as perky boobs right now, and I'm very excited. Don't get me wrong, I will always be attracted to women, not men, so I guess you would have to call me a lesbian after I have that surgery in November. Kim and I have talked about this and even though it was hard for her to accept that, well, she has accepted that and we both plan on staying together living as "lesbians". I had a long talk with my daughter about this right before I started the hormonal shots and she can't get passed this. Well, you know how kids I'm not making that much of a change to my name, just add an "a" at the end of my name right now and it's Shawna. The rest of my family do not know this, and I will tell them over time. I know this may be somewhat of a shocker to most of the people here, especially to my friends. But I have always felt like a lesbian stuck in a male's body, and this is a dream come true for me now.

APRIL FOOLS!!! (For Tuesday)

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Mar 31 @ 10:15PM  

Mar 31 @ 10:17PM  
Comments are welcome about this blog! I didn't want to tag this blog with humor, that would have given it away.

Mar 31 @ 10:18PM  
lol Smartass!

Mar 31 @ 10:20PM  
Damn, I was gonna ask if you wanted me for threesome.

Mar 31 @ 10:22PM  

Damn; And I was just starting to fall in love.

Mar 31 @ 10:22PM  
Good one. I was reading that with a open mouth astonishment. Thanks for reminding me about April Fools Day. I gotta go grab a helmet.

Mar 31 @ 10:25PM  
Damn that was good.. You got me good.....

Mar 31 @ 10:32PM  
Damn you messed me up!

Mar 31 @ 10:35PM  
I can't believe you guys actually fell for this.

Btw, 5 minutes after I did this blog Meagan had to go post a blog with "April fools" in the title. Damn, she's going to blow my blog surprise!

Change your title, Meagan!

Mar 31 @ 10:36PM  
Wow, I totally forgot about April Fool's Day.

I don't know you but I was totally supporting you, in my head. Ha!

Mar 31 @ 10:42PM  
This fool fell for it hook, line and sinker Geez I worry about me!

Mar 31 @ 10:47PM  

Mar 31 @ 10:47PM  
Im sorry.....

Mar 31 @ 10:50PM  
Thank you, Meagan!

Mar 31 @ 10:50PM  
Shawna! Now that was funny, I don't care what anyone says!!!

Mar 31 @ 10:51PM  
I was joking about the threesome thing too.

Mar 31 @ 10:52PM  
Sure ya were, Purple. P.

Mar 31 @ 10:56PM  
Nope, you didn't get me

I kept waiting for the punch line cuz I knew one HAD to be coming.

Good try though

Mar 31 @ 11:13PM  
Sorry StraddleMyNose....This has nothing to do with your Blog....But, there is just something about the way that Aslag sits in that DAMN chair that makes me wanna sit on his LAP...Hmmmm...Can I...? Do you still have the chair Aslag? Do tell.

Here`s a kudo StraddleMyNose for using your blog to hit on Aslag.


Mar 31 @ 11:32PM  

Good, great prank

But not FUNNY.

Maybe we should just keep calling you Shawna, paybacks are heck, you know that don't you.


Mar 31 @ 11:57PM  
Shit ...I was gonna send you a pair of my nicest panties...

Apr 1 @ 12:01AM  
That's okay, Borty, I have my own collection of panties.

As for the name "Shawna", damn, it might as well be my name, some stuff that I get in my snail mail list me as "Shawna" on them. Got one today as a matter of fact.

Apr 1 @ 12:12AM  
OMG you are naughty....too funny..

Apr 1 @ 12:14AM  
Nice try, but no dice. Didn't fool me for a second ....probably because I'm very well aware of what day tomorrow is thanks to an important appointment I've been reminding myself about for the past week.....but anyway, if this Freudian "joke" of yours ever takes off, I know some people who know some people who can help ....

Apr 1 @ 12:50AM  
thats no fair teasin all the married bi ladies on here they were thinkin they were finally gunna have those 3 sums they have been whining about not gettin

Apr 1 @ 12:54AM  
K....can someone come over with some snips & get this fucking hook out of my cheek? I'll be shiting the line and sinker out in the morning & I'll be glad to send them if you want them back!
Nice joke....ASS

GAWD I'm an idiot

Apr 1 @ 1:44AM  
Got me too..........

Although.... I kept thinking it was a joke and I was watching for the punch line...... Long time ago I heard a joke about a guy who has been out of town for years and comes back and looks up his buddies....... to reveal to them he is now a woman. After they got over the shock..... they started asking him questions....... the biggest one being..... did it hurt to have his..... organ removed. His reply went something like this.....
Well, there were a number of surgeries and they were difficult to get through...... but the most painful part was when they stuck this tube in my ear and sucked half my brain out.


Apr 1 @ 1:52AM  
geeez ... you nearly got me ... great idea

Apr 1 @ 2:14AM  
I almost bought into it...*this close*

Apr 1 @ 2:28AM  
we knew you were weird... but wow that was kinda believable

Apr 1 @ 2:42AM  
Ummm Hate to break it to ya... we thought you were a little umm you know... so a sex change would fit....
April Fool's back at ya!

I saw that coming!

Apr 1 @ 3:01AM  
As if he cut off the important part I would have anything to do with him any more...yeah right ok well maybe for a few 3-somes

Apr 1 @ 5:33AM  
I was wondering if you were gonna try out for the WWE Diva Search next year

Apr 1 @ 7:51AM  

I don't know about the Diva search. But canu is looking for a Midget.
He may be interested in HornSwaggle

Apr 1 @ 8:39AM  
The minute I saw the headline knowing the date, it was given away.

Apr 1 @ 5:39PM  
Shawn (a)-
You KILL ME! I was reading along, knowing how far-fetched you can sometimes be, thinking, "This doesn't surprise me at all!"
Then come to find it's a hoax! LMAO
You sure fooled me!

Apr 1 @ 7:24PM  
OMG! I can't believe most of you guys fell for it. Kim couldn't believe it either.

Apr 1 @ 8:00PM  
I am going to admit I was freaked out reading it. I hoped it wasn't really true. Glad you are okay the way you are.

Apr 1 @ 8:31PM  
awwwwwwwwwwwwww damn!!! And you could have been a gorgeous woman too.

That was a good one!

Definitely worthy of a kudo.

Apr 1 @ 9:01PM  
Thank you, Sugar. I would have made one hell of a pretty sexy chick!

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