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The day that pissed me off.

posted 3/31/2008 9:23:54 PM |
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For those who don't know. I'm in a wounded warrior unit. It's a unit designed for soldiers who've sustained injuries that prevents them from returning to active duty, and allows us to get treatment before applying for a new military job, or going to the civilian world. I like the concept behind this unit. I've met some of the bravest men I've ever known here. The cadre that runs the unit is a different story.

So we were told to report to the theater on post for some sort of announcement at 0645. Thise is nothing new for us. We all thought they were going to put out some information or give us a motivating speech.`Wrong! They were getting us out of our barracks in order to search our rooms for alcohol and drugs. They brought drug sniffing dogs through our rooms while we were gone. As our Sergeant Major is telling us this, I looked around at all of my buddies who have been wounded in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. These are kids, 18 years old mostly, who have lost arms and legs. One guy is missing most of his face! Some guys are so messed up that it's a wonder they had anything left to save.

With this in mind, they had to make sure that none of us had any weed. That would be the true horror. God forbid the 18 year old kid with a fake arm uses it to hold a joint.What the hell are these leaders thinking? Why did we spent four hours sitting in a room while our living areas were being searched for drugs that are more weak than the crap the doctors toss down our throats?

I think the army owes its wounded more than this. I joined the army. They sent me to Iraq. I saw horror and the darkest side of what humans could do to each other. I was wounded. And damned if I have a bottle of whiskey in my barracks room!

A few thoughts from the over 21 Aslag.

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Mar 31 @ 9:29PM  

Possibly there was more to it than they actually let on?

Mar 31 @ 9:32PM  
I agree with you, Aslag. The government does treat our returning soldiers like crap, and for that, I apologize. I know that it doesn't mean much coming from me, but I do mean it. And thank you for serving your country and for the sarifices that you have made.

If I could leave more than a green thingy, I would!!

Mar 31 @ 9:35PM  
I visit the VA hospital regularly, just as a visitor for those who need to hold a hand. nothing more.

The country owes a debt to men and woman like you and your comrades. What they are doing with your benefits and now this is just horrible.

Makes me want to cry. I liked the days when the Kind road into battle with his men. Then he had to witness first hand what went on. Actually looking someone in the eye and sending them to their death.

I'll say it again. Thank you for your service. Its weak but I have no other words, and unlike my generation who never heard it. WELCOME HOME.

Mar 31 @ 9:36PM  
Well on behalf of every soldier including yourself I SALUTE YOU SIR, FOR YOUR SACRIFICE

Mar 31 @ 9:38PM  
You sir get a hardy hand salute.

Once we signed our name on that line it seems we gave away more rights then we earned as Americans. While serving in the Navy they once sent the drug dogs to our apartment to sniff for contraband. I was clean but I had suspicions about one of my roomates. We passed and all was good but I felt violated.

Mar 31 @ 9:51PM  
sadly - that's the military
the way it's been - is - will always be
have have the support of family, friends
and damn near all others
those in the past
that is the past
good luck
god bless

Mar 31 @ 10:21PM  
That's pretty bad!

Mar 31 @ 10:42PM  
Thanks for your service. Our government is shameful in it's treatment of many issues, but toward the people that provide the freedom from they mistreat is not only reprehensible, it's self defeating.

Mar 31 @ 11:32PM  
Possibly there was more to it than they actually let on?

Doubtful...I was in the military and was subject to more than one "shakedown". Most of the time they were on the weekends, early in the morning....and we didn't get the courtesy of being asked to leave the barracks...we were rudely awakened by either the 1st Sgt or the Squadron Commander who would knock twice and then use a master key to open the door (checking for overnight guests...). We'd be asked to report to the dayroom, and had to wait there while each room was searched. We were however allowed to be present in our rooms while it was searched...

Mostly they were looking for contraband items...things that weren't allowed like candles, incense...things that could burn the place down...
also weapons of any sort like guns or illegal knives...oh yes...and animals. No Pets Allowed in the Barracks!

Umm...sorry for rambling aslag...that sort of thing used to annoy the shit out of me!

Apr 1 @ 1:08AM  
it was those 4 o clock in the morn piss tests we had in germany that annoyed never stopped nobody from tokin..........sum did it jus 2 git kicked out........

Apr 1 @ 1:27AM  
Damn, I feel a strong need to apologize to you on behalf of the entire United States...your rant is well received.

Apr 1 @ 3:47AM  
i to feel the need to say i'm sorry for the way are men and women are treated for putting their lives on the line for freedoms that are taken away daily anyway.they will bust you for smokin a joint but put harmful additive drugs like oxy in your hands.thank you and may god bless.

Apr 1 @ 7:08AM  
Thank you for your service to this country for going to Iraq and fighting for Freedom and to protect this Great Nation that we do live in. It does has it's problems, many of which I do not agree with but it is the best Country in this world that I know of.

I served in the Viet Nam War Era and saw much that I wished I had never seen, I could go on for hours with this and my feelings the same as you.

On one side of the coin I totally agree with you on this issue of which you and your fellow Soldiers are living with right now and the unexpected searches for any thing that can be found, then on the other side of the coin, it is the Military and the Military Laws are tough, they are not for the Weak. There is a structure that is suppose to be strict and it has its reasons for it.

It makes a Man out of you, A proud Man A PROUD AMERICAN.

Americans should stand up and Voice thier feelings with thier Congressmen, Senators, the ones that we put in office and give them HELL to protect the very people that go to war to protect them to stand here and to live in freedom and make stupid Laws and to treat the wounded as they do.

People of America should get thier ass's off the streets in that Protest and Protest Against the Law makers that allow such shit to happen.

Protect the Military Personel, the Proud Soldiers that give them the God Willing to Live in Freedom.

I will Stop there.

Try not to be Pissed Off, but Be Proud as many of us out here Support you and your Friends in many ways that are not seen.


Apr 1 @ 4:23PM  
I'm with you, they owe you an apology

and my thanks to you, and from all my buddies who would thank you, but who are not here to do so themselves

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The day that pissed me off.