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United State of AMD

posted 3/31/2008 4:33:35 PM |
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In the sense of reposting of old blogs, I thought it an appropriate time to recycle this one I wrote 5/28/2007

This was sent to me by the former "Queen of Pervia", some of you will know who that is, those of you new enough to not be acquainted with this fine lady, well if you just gotta know, email me. And it is with her permission that I post this...................

"We, the people of AMD, in order to form a more perfect online community, establish fairness, ensure personal tranquillity and safety, provide for a friendly defense, promote general respect, and secure the blessings of equality, to ourselves and our posterity. Do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United State of AMD!"

It is in honor of her and others that have left that I am posting this. Now in this sense of fairness, tranquility and safety I would ask that each and every member of this site, paying or free, please report all abuse! If someone threatens you or a friend of the abuse. Get a nasty email from someone you've never spoken to the abuse. If someone threatens you physically or sends death threats to you or your friends....REPORT THE ABUSE!!!!

If you are not sure of how to do this, there is a report abuse button on each profile, under each email you receive and there is also a spot in the forum threads for reporting abuse!

Admin usually does a fine job here of making sure that we all play well together and they do remove those that abuse this site and it's members. Now while we all know that the abusers have a tendency to come back in a few weeks (sometimes in a few hours) as someone else......still we have to REPORT THE ABUSE!!!!

Copy & paste to friend: (Click inside box; Ctrl + C to copy; Ctrl + V to paste)

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Mar 31 @ 4:38PM  
Yes ma'am. I will comply. Even though I do it any way I just like saying yes ma'am.

Mar 31 @ 4:41PM  
Awwwwww such good gentlemanly manners! They are appreciated PP!

Mar 31 @ 4:43PM  
I did win sweetest guy. And I haven't changed.

Mar 31 @ 4:44PM  
Which former queen... I'm lost... alot of them have posted these... omg I posted one like that... does that mean I'mma former queen?

Mar 31 @ 4:46PM  
Ms. Sxze, she sent me part of this on yahell last year when she was gone from here and several others were running for cover from the shit being slung about.

Mar 31 @ 4:50PM  
All we are saying is give peace a chance.

John Lennon

Mar 31 @ 4:54PM  
shit being slung about.

Anyone noticed that its cyclical (sp?) in nature?

And it's around spring time?

Mar 31 @ 4:56PM  
It is very cyclical, and not just in Springtime.

Mar 31 @ 5:09PM  
You could be right Boot

But certain things have a way of working themselves thru into a predictable cycle or evolution?

For instance, if I may and I don't mean to hijack your thread but..on full moon nites or just prior to.....very hot summer nites,,,,humans get very ..odd.. Their behaviour becomes irratic and more out of the ordinary than usual. Much more pronounced and yes almost a bit psychotic in nature. And psychaitric patients become just a bit more psycotic than is usual. (sighs not bashing psych pts so dont go there)

So I'm just wondering if that occurs to within chat sites.. Certainly I've watched this occur on other sites and any old farts that have been playing on the net for a while can attest to this odysey as well?

Mar 31 @ 5:09PM  
This is a blog resurrection; in a last ditch effort to quell any revolution and quell the insurrection, and for once it has nothing to do with members who post pictures of erections. I’m marching off to war against the things that cause offense, from positions that there is no defense, so without any ado or delay, I’ll begin and the war can commence.

Article one, paragraph 56 subsection 67
Cowardly men.

These guys who would argue all day with the women, and brake their arms patting themselves on the back because they believe they are winning. Yet for whatever reason, they run from the other men, are they themselves merely pussies, punks and wussies. If not for the drama that the bring, they would not be a worthy thing to waste any time writing, they’re like dogs who just bark, but fearful of biting.

Article 5 paragraph 12 subsection A23
Ex lovers

Somebody tell me, how the ex lovers are finding this place, like Satan rearing his face spewing forth ugly bile, I’d laugh it made anyone smile. I try to ignore them the whole while, yet it’s so damn hard to ignore someone trying usurp the attention whore. I hope this isn’t an attempt to regain their affection, if you take the time to look inside, and do some reflection, you’ll see that you are gaining their contempt. Losing the rest of our respect, though I’m sure you don’t care I suspect. Fuck just go away is all I can say to that.

Article 14 paragraph 69 subsection 4B 14

There are too many drama kings and queens, and those whose genders may fall in between. Are you a grown up missing your mamma? Is that the cause for this drama? Everyone needs to wash their laundry I know, but why hang it up all over this site? Do you feel it puts on a good production? Do you think we all enjoy the show? No one really cares is the trouble with these folks, they just want to give what stinks a good poke.

Article 9 paragraph 12

I’m so sick I could scream, every time I pull up the blog screen. What the fuck is it with these people that don’t read the TOS for bloggy things. These one line horny guys and the blogs that they bring makes me sick because they rob the rest of us of enjoyment, by dispersing the blogs of substance with their ill timed deployment. It’s like weeding through a corn maze on some days, I’m truly amazed by the number of dumb shits who think if they post how bored and horny they are, the pussy will materialize instantly, better than any bar. Not sure what I mean? Well here they are:

1 I’m bored anyone want to see me cum on cam?

2 I’m so horny I need pussy right now

3 Any horny ladies close to me?

Have you tried masturbation? It elevates the frustration, and while fulfills type number one you see eliminates the need to post three and two. Fuck you dumbasses I’m through.

Article 127 paragraph 13 subsection 9.0003
Where the fuck do they come from? Why the hell are they here? Are they realy so lifeless as to find meaning in with their heads in their rear? I’m tired of their stupid trouble making ways, I can throw stones back at ‘em, and do this shit all day. Though, there’s never a clear winner, so lets just go separate ways, you go post your cock shot and leave the rest of us alone, we’ll be cuddled to warm bodies, while you’re just jerking it on the phone.

Article 16 paragraph 1
Stupid fucking males

If you’re the type who gets insulting to my friends whom I’m cavorting and consulting, you’ll find yourself in a position, where there really is no switching, once you’re painted in a corner, just give the fuck up and go home, leave these good people the fuck alone. If a woman tells you no thanks, I’m not interested in you. There’s no use in getting bitchy just for something else to do. I’m tired of hearing about you whiny bitch boys who just think, you’re all that a bag of chips and the kitchen sink, you’re not god’s fucking gift, you may think and even wish. Just take the no in go stride, go jack off and nurse your wounded pride. Better still, I’m back now, go running off to dry and hide!

This is a remix of my war declaration, I’ll hang up right here as some decoration, I got a chip on my shoulder the size of a boulder. I feel like shit outta luck, so I just have to ask, hey wanna fuck? (Remember that one?)

Mar 31 @ 5:25PM  
damn I forgot how good my old shit was....

Mar 31 @ 5:26PM  
Yeah I remember lots of stuff 'round here! As I told you earlier!
Good one Canu, I'd give you a shiny green thingy here if I could but since it's my blog it wouldn't add to your count anyway! How about a fat free rice cake instead?

Mar 31 @ 5:31PM  
does that mean I'mma former queen?

You mean you aren't the current one?

Mar 31 @ 5:36PM  
I miss that silly squirell but my nuts are getting better. Oh and canu you will always be queen in my eyes.

Mar 31 @ 5:44PM  
We are amused then!
We shall carry on!

Mar 31 @ 5:56PM  
Canu,fucking post that in the announcements forum or the introduction forum..something! I like that document,its very on-point.

Mar 31 @ 6:05PM  
We the AMD community members, have had more than enough, dealing with spiteful hurtful insulting members. If your soul reason for being here is to be insulting, disparaging, or just down right mean spirited, we will block you! If you are of the opinion that “no thank you” means you the right to be insulting, you will be blocked and reported. If you can not understand that there is a reason you are not well received and seek to take your frustrations out on other members, you will find your words ignored. We will no longer have OUR site held hostage to the negative energy you bring. We will no longer be hesitant to report you, block you and ignore further attempts to garner attention, through your ugly bitter ways. If you e-mail insults to me, I will report you and block you. If use my blog comments to start unnecessary name calling, I will report you and block you. If you post blogs with the intent of singling out one member in particular, you will be reported. There are far more of us decent folk, than there are of you, we will flex our strength in numbers bot to drum people off the site needlessly, but to keep the insulting, bitter, mean spirited name calling at bay. We will stand together united in our desire to bring about a positive change. We will not stand for this anymore.

Mar 31 @ 6:19PM  
get on your mark,,,,,,,get set,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Mar 31 @ 6:22PM  
Laugh all ya want Richard. I'm tired of the fighting, the blog "stalking" and the insulting emails. If enough people report them they do eventually get removed.
But thank you for posting.

Mar 31 @ 6:26PM  
I try not to get in the middle of stuff, I haven't been here long enough to know many people well enough to choose their side in a contoversy. If you do offend my friends, you've offended me. Nor do I worry about people threatening me or talking smack. You can't do anything from that page.

I do see all this as an effort to make this a more enjoyable site, and if I see something I find bad enough to report, I'll absolutely report it.

That was a great post Canu, like a blog within a blog, with some good stuff. I didn't find any of it offensive so I guess none of it really applies to me.

Nice blog, I think I have one kudo left.

Mar 31 @ 7:22PM  
Jc yo.. hometown....

You have the right to be offended.... I'll get into that later..... we're reposting OLD as fuck stuff because right now we are all fried from all the constant fighting

it is constant
it is fighting
it is constant
blah blah blah

I was da queen! Yay ME!!!!!!!!!

Wait who I be nowsadays? And who be me nowsadays?

Mar 31 @ 7:49PM  

Mar 31 @ 8:03PM  
Ok Ok Ok ...I promise not to do it anymore was an fingers slipped from the KY jelly...

Mar 31 @ 9:36PM  
nice boobies........scooter........

Mar 31 @ 10:46PM  
Yeah, before tonight I had reposted a couple of Straddle classics from last year.

Apr 1 @ 1:04AM  
do i git 2 repost sum moldy oldies???? which 1 do ya hate the most greeny thingy 4 u

Apr 1 @ 3:01AM  
Are my sayer pessimists or proponents of the fighting? That is the question .... It has been on my mind for a week.....

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