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****This just in from TKI Labs, important PSA***

posted 3/31/2008 4:09:32 AM |
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Attention, attention....We at TKI are always on the alert, protecting our home ground of Pervia and always working to uncover all new facts and evidence to futher that cause......DEETDADADEETDEET....
Shocking news revealed today, as the scientists at TKI labs have uncovered yet another mutation of Troll.....DEETDADADEETDEET...Vital information to follow....

The Contrarian Troll. A sophisticated breed, Contrarian Trolls frequent boards whose predominant opinions are contrary to their own. A forum
dominated by those who support firearms and knife rights, for example,
will invariably be visited by Contrarian Trolls espousing their beliefs
in the benefits of gun control. It is important to distinguish between
dissenters and actual Contrarian Trolls, however; the Contrarian is not
categorized as a troll because of his or her dissenting opinions, but
due to the manner in which he or she behaves:

– Contrarian Warning Sign Number One: The most important indicator of a
poster's Contrarian Troll status is his constant use of subtle and
not-so-subtle insults, a technique intended to make people angry.
Contrarians will resist the urge to be insulting at first, but as their
post count increases, they become more and more abusive of those with
whom they disagree. Most often they initiate the insults in the course
of what has been a civil, if heated, debate to that point.

– Contrarian Warning Sign Number Two: Constant references to the forum
membership as monolithic. "You guys are all just [descriptor]." "You're
a lynch mob." "You all just want to ridicule anyone who disagrees with

– Contrarian Warning Sign Number Three: Intellectual dishonesty. This
is only a mild indicator that is not limited to trolls, but Contrarians
display it to a high degree. They will lie about things they've said,
pull posts out of context in a manner that changes their meanings
significantly, and generally ignore any points for which they have no
ready answers.

– Contrarian Warning Sign Number Four: Accusing the accusers. When
confronted with their trolling, trolls immediately respond that it is
the accusers who are trolls (see Natural Predators below). Often the
Contrarian will single out his most vocal opponent and claim that while
he can respect his other opponents, this one in particular is beneath
his notice.

– Contrarian Warning Sign Number Five: Attempts to condescend. Pursued
by Troll Bashers (see Natural Predators below), the Contrarian will
seek refuge in condescending remarks that repeatedly scorn his or her
critics as beneath notice – all the while continuing to respond to them.

– Contrarian Warning Sign Number Six: One distinctive mark of
Contrarian Trolls is that every thread in which they dissent quickly
devolves into a debate about who is trolling whom. In the course of
such a debate the Contrarian will display many of the other Warning
Signs mentioned above.
Like with any breed of troll, do not attempt to apprehend, immediately dial TKI labs, and we will dispatch a trained crew of professionals to do the job for you. Kids dont try this at home.
*****This has been a Public Service Announcement from TKI Labs*****
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Mar 31 @ 4:24AM  

I love it my friend. Great blog. Greeny for you.

Mar 31 @ 4:47AM  
Did you write all those in the link?

If so I'm very impressed.

Mar 31 @ 4:54AM're up early...or late...not sure which one...

Mar 31 @ 5:00AM  
Well its 4 oclock here, so it could be either... I haven't slept, but that doesn't mean I'm going to sleep... kinda an insomniac. I got an hours shuteye. Now I'm just waiting for morpheus to come for me.

Ahh, to tired to hit on pretty lama girl... must try...future depends on it...

Mar 31 @ 5:03AM  
I'm still up working on the same assignment...Grr, can't be bothered doing anymore...will finish it tommorow morning. 4am!'ll get bags under those beautiful eyes of yours!

Mar 31 @ 5:12AM  
Insomnia... tried all the convential cures... only thing that seems to work is the golf channel...

So what time is it where you are? Whats your assignment all about?


Mar 31 @ 5:15AM  
I haven't seen any classic trolls in a while. Either I'm losing my perception or theyre a dying breed (apparently evolution doesn't always favor the more intellegent, but rather those who are simply more fit for a givin envirement), all I've seen lately are the Contrarians and the vulgars.

Mar 31 @ 5:28AM  
Oopsie Dk, sorta may have kinda hijacked your blog there...
Anyway nice one, made for good reading. I'm off to bed now, ciao!

Mar 31 @ 5:46AM  

Mar 31 @ 6:35AM  
Love it good one DK. Greenie for you too.

Mar 31 @ 7:06AM  
deet da deet da deet dee--blah blah blah...BULLSHIT...

Hey, if the foo shits...

Mar 31 @ 7:12AM  
I ordinarily don't like to read "Copy & Paste" information blogs.. but this one had exceptionally good information. I had no idea such a sophisticated classification system for trolls existed.

Will you be educating us on the other varieties as well?

A well-earned kudo for this one!

Mar 31 @ 7:21AM  
Did I walk into an episode of "Love Connection",here?

Mar 31 @ 7:26AM  
Basically what this boils down to is "Internet Bully Defense and 'Turn-the-Tables' Tactics."

Anyone can CALL anyone a troll; doesn't make it true. Typical clique mentality to attempt to not only control WHAT they say, but HOW they say it? LOL. That's a good one!

Starting blogs like this(especially without provocation; from what I've seen things were fairly calm around here) are inflammatory in and of themselves and are definitely signs of a troll.

Calling people out (something that happens here on a regular basis) whether by name or simply by some other reference, is definitely being a troll.

Making antagonizing blogs for the sole purpose of eliciting hate and disagreement among members is trollish behavior.

Not being tolerant of people with diverse opinions and resorting to attacking the individual personally, rather than debating the topic of discussion, is being a troll.

A troll in a hero's suit is no less a troll; in fact, they're the worst kind. And neither are his idiot mindless subjects who drool all over and suck up to and brown-nose him as though he is gallantly defending their honor.

Mar 31 @ 7:46AM  
Very nice mr DK. :>)

Mar 31 @ 8:06AM  
Well DK, your bait worked.

Mar 31 @ 8:58AM  
Jeebus jumping up and down on a unicycle in a fucking sidecar.......(did I blend all those right?) No names are mentioned and yet someone automatically thinks it's all about them??? Damn get a fucking grip folks.....some things are just written for humor and entertainment. If you read something you find somewhat inflammatory and automatically believe it's about you......perhaps you just have a guilty fucking conscience!???
Shiny green thingy to ya Rod.........and my spurs are at the ready for ya!

Mar 31 @ 9:22AM  
I hate trolls....

Mar 31 @ 9:28AM  
Nooooo, no one said anything about it being about anyone in particular. I was making a general statement, no more, no less.

Mar 31 @ 9:34AM  
You actually have a secret message within your message to draw out trolls and get them to reply to your blog. Your a damn freakin, troll smashin genius. Abslolutly amazing!!!

Mar 31 @ 9:35AM  

Mar 31 @ 9:44AM  
Wonderful my Dark One. Very informative. Now I see what you're doing when we're not talking. I should let the great Troll Hunter do his job once in awhile, or we just might get inundated.

and a Kudo


Mar 31 @ 10:47AM  
If 2 people are in an elevator....... and one of them farts........ EVERYONE knows who did it.

Here we have an informative blog...... that does not target any one person..... and yet ONE person seems to have taken offense at the content. Sounds (and smells) like elevator syndrome to me.

Mar 31 @ 11:01AM  
It must be that clique called Uuuuhhhh damn what do we call ourseves again?.....uummmmm oh yeah "The Internet"

Mar 31 @ 11:03AM  
Oh yeah almost forgot your KUDO

Mar 31 @ 11:41AM  
Interesting blog and classifications.

Mar 31 @ 1:30PM  
All trolls are like moths all their attention goes to light. Rod, you have turned on the light. KUDO to you my friend.

Mar 31 @ 2:47PM  
let the MOD;s do the police work,,
Everyone seems to be looking for a fight,...
, it to quite and peaceful


Mar 31 @ 2:56PM  
Throws brick in crowd and avenger jumps up.

Avenger, youve just signaled yourself out as a breed of troll.


Mar 31 @ 3:43PM  
I got a full plate.... I'll get back to ya on this topic...

Mar 31 @ 4:17PM  
Playing devil's advocate here:but whatever happened to a person having an opinion without everyone dogpiling on them? I don't agree with most of what you guys say,but I figure if I don't like it,I know where to go.I'm not apart of the mob,so to speak and if I'm wrong then call me out on it...damn stupid scatterbrained memory.

Mar 31 @ 5:38PM  
Its a catch 22 Lunanegra....

One person disagrees... everyone has to weigh in their opinion causing original dissagreer to restate opinion... causing complaints of dogpiling... causing complaints of beating a dead horse....

I got a new 'tude... no it ain't "join my side or I will harass you" that name was taken.... (I tried adding numbers at the end but they are squatting on that too)

I'm going to be unapologetically ME ..... if people don't like it.... I got one finger on the mouse and another for them.....

Sorry D.K. I just jacked yer blog!


Mar 31 @ 6:03PM  
We the AMD community members, have had more than enough, dealing with spiteful hurtful insulting members. If your soul reason for being here is to be insulting, disparaging, or just down right mean spirited, we will block you! If you are of the opinion that “no thank you” means you the right to be insulting, you will be blocked and reported. If you can not understand that there is a reason you are not well received and seek to take your frustrations out on other members, you will find your words ignored. We will no longer have OUR site held hostage to the negative energy you bring. We will no longer be hesitant to report you, block you and ignore further attempts to garner attention, through your ugly bitter ways. If you e-mail insults to me, I will report you and block you. If use my blog comments to start unnecessary name calling, I will report you and block you. If you post blogs with the intent of singling out one member in particular, you will be reported. There are far more of us decent folk, than there are of you, we will flex our strength in numbers bot to drum people off the site needlessly, but to keep the insulting, bitter, mean spirited name calling at bay. We will stand together united in our desire to bring about a positive change. We will not stand for this anymore.

Mar 31 @ 6:58PM  
Starting blogs like this(especially without provocation; from what I've seen things were fairly calm around here) are inflammatory in and of themselves and are definitely signs of a troll.

A troll in a hero's suit is no less a troll; in fact, they're the worst kind. And neither are his idiot mindless subjects who drool all over and suck up to and brown-nose him as though he is gallantly defending their honor.

There's trolls and there's OGRES. fum.... I smell the blood of a troll's cum

Hells bells, give me a troll any day over an ogre.

Mar 31 @ 7:02PM  
I know everyone's talking about Avenger here,let's not be so subtle.Anyway,imo *I think* she's harmless,as I've spoken to her and she's not that bad.

We claim to be an open-minded and welcoming community,well,I'd ask we at least have some insight to why a person is like they are before we summon the lynch-mob...just saying.

Everyone has a story...

I probably done pissed someone off,and so I'll go back to my own little stoop and chill.

Mar 31 @ 11:55PM  
I wasn't going to touch this one, but decided to post a comment saying that I agree with Luna on this one.

Apr 1 @ 2:51AM  
She enjoys debating points to the point of arguing... simply hit the iggy button freeze people you do not want commenting on your blogs out...
...follow up by not reading their blogs they post n their own...

Delete comments you do not approve of... whining to me that you have a troll in your blog will get you cussed out after all... if the troll is still there, it is your fault....

I'm tired of going toe to toe with everyone ya'll label a troll... and getting bashed for it in the process.

I tried to bring ya'll peace... the thing that is so widely claimed to be wanted.... only to get a spork in my back... I've got the spork out who wants it?

Apr 1 @ 6:03AM  
When I first read this blog, I wasn't sure this blog really was pointed at just one person at AMD I may have had someone in mind when I read it... the warning signs did fit alot of my recent experience. It was useful for me to understand things in a broader context.

Things really have been calm and civil lately, I have seen a lot less contrarian troll behavior. And that is a very good thing. Probably because ppl are taking Canu's advice.

I am human, and still feel like I am tiptoeing on eggshells because I know what kind of abusive language some people are capable of. That is my problem at this point, but it is still a problem. I resent having to feel that way.

I am tolerant of many things except intolerance. Contrarian trolls revel in posting comments of intolerance, just because it is their "right".

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