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27 Dollars????????

posted 3/30/2008 9:48:20 PM |
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tagged: rant

I hadn't even used HALF a tank of gas on my was still a bit above the half mark when I decided to fill it up...and it cost $27 damn dollars!!!!!!! WTF?? That's a rip off I'm tellin ya! I can remember when it would have cost $20 to fill up from EMPTY..not almost half.

OPEC keeps getting richer....and my wallet sure as hell is losing weight a helluva lot quicker than I am!

Ok...just wanted to rant a little...go back to your play.

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Mar 30 @ 9:56PM  
The news last year reported that the gas companies reported a 200 millon dollar profit. If they are making that kind of money why is gas SO FUCKING HIGH ! ! ! !

Mar 30 @ 10:00PM  
the more return on their investment the shareholders see
the more likely they are able to afford the gas they've invested in
200 mil seems pretty low - that must have been for the month of
(fill in the blank)

Mar 30 @ 10:00PM  
Ask the boneheads in Washington who aren't doing anything about it?

Mar 30 @ 10:03PM  
My F150 big block used to cost me $80+ to fill

Mar 30 @ 10:04PM  

Mar 30 @ 10:06PM  
Yep.........$70 buckaroos to fill up my truck

Mar 30 @ 10:06PM  
Investors keep investing, driving the price higher and higher.

Mar 30 @ 10:07PM  
Be Thankfull You Don't Drive A SUV....Takes Me 40+ To Fill A 12gal Tank. IT's Funny That The Oil Companies Are Always Complaining About Making Higher Profits....Where Is The Money Going?

Mar 30 @ 10:07PM  
Don't feel bad; it costs me $80 to fill mine up and I get roughly 15 mpg in the city.

Mar 30 @ 10:09PM  
the boneheads in washington are pocketing too...

Mar 30 @ 10:10PM  
200 billion seems right
blame the cokeheads on Wall St.
or Bush and his buddies
choose your evil
there is no lesser of the two

Mar 30 @ 10:11PM  
the boneheads in washington are pocketing too...

Exactly DB....and that's why I doubt we will ever see the prices go down.

Mar 30 @ 10:12PM  
Also the dollar isn't worth what it used to be, so that is not helping. What about the production of oil in Iraq, crank it up! Cheney said that is going to pay for part of the war. They are not saying anything about that.

Mar 30 @ 10:14PM  
It's not just OPEC that's getting richer. Here are three oil companys and their 2007 oil PROFITs, not sales. Not that all of these are billion with a B and not a M.

Exxon $39.5 Billion

Shell $40.6 Billion

Chevron $17.14

Mar 30 @ 10:17PM  
You're right isn't just's all of them.

Mar 30 @ 10:18PM  
Hey Swyeter! Good to see another Viking on here man! You're right. the oil companies are getting rich too and the middle class is disappearing! This country is about to be a whole different place to live!

Mar 30 @ 10:40PM  
As The Old Saying Goes..."The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get FUCKED"...Or Something Like That

Mar 30 @ 10:53PM  
yeah I hear you sugar I cry when I gotta get gas

Mar 31 @ 12:47AM  
I call it consensual rape. I think it's going to get much, much worse. Dave2 is right, America will be unrecognizable before long. The middle class will be reduced greatly and it's going to be rich or poor. And nobody's doing shit about it. Americans have become the most misinformed and convoluted country on earth.

Anybody know the latest on Paris? How about Brad and Angelina?

Who cares about gas prices when Brittany is having a crisis?

Mar 31 @ 12:57AM  
they want us to buy toyota... and deal with going really slow but using less gas...

what happened to when all these gas prices should have had a cap on them... rather then send us a check to help with gas and misc things... put a cap on how high gas prices can go.. because at this rate within another 10 years we will be like $10 a gallon and exxon could buy china outright

Mar 31 @ 2:00AM  

I had a little over a quarter of a tank and put in $40. and it didn't even fill it.

Mar 31 @ 2:27AM  
Oil will be the hot button topic by November. I already predicted that.

Oil companies want tax dollars to build refineries btw how do you guys feel about that?

Mar 31 @ 8:42AM  
If you bother to look at the sales figures as well instead of just the profits you will see that the oil companies are making around 10% profits on average. The way I look at it......if I have a business that isn't making a 10% profit I'm gonna find a new business.

Mar 31 @ 8:46AM  
With all the focus on alternative fuels an oil company has little incentive to invest in a new refinery. With all the red tape and environmental issues it would take more than a decade to complete........and could very well be obsolete upon completion.

Mar 31 @ 9:20AM  
If you bother to look at the sales figures as well instead of just the profits you will see that the oil companies are making around 10% profits on average. The way I look at it......if I have a business that isn't making a 10% profit I'm gonna find a new business.

Wal-Mart makes 3.2-3.6% profit. It is all about quantity. The small business owner cannot make such a mere amount. However, a large corporation can and normally does make much less than 10% profit.

Mar 31 @ 9:37AM  
Just filled my Hemi up yesterday and it took $81.00.

Mar 31 @ 9:56AM  
Hey Max.......get a Ford and it will only cost you $80.

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27 Dollars????????