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Wine, Women and Music

posted 3/30/2008 5:36:35 PM |
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Know how they say wine and women get better with age? Seems my ears have too.

When I was young, I listened to rock music. I grew up on Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent and stuff like that. When I was 9, my aunt bought me Kiss:Alive II and when I heard the opening riff to "Detroit Rock City", I was in love!!
From there, I started listening to Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and whoever sounded heavy.
In my early teens Van Halen was the softest thing on my turntable. Iron Maiden, Ozzy and Metallica were my idols.
As I got older, my tastes began expanding. Suddenly I was listening to all kinds of stuff. I had country, classical, jazz,rhythm and blues, and pop records and I guess I just blossomed into a true music lover.
I saw the end of eighties metal, the whole grunge movement and then nü-metal.
Today emo, screamo, and the like permeates the airwaves. Now personally I find bands like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and All American Rejects gay as fuck, but that's just me.
The music might not be so bad if not for that incessant whining they consider singing.
And yes, my blog is open to criticism or anything else as I try to write reader friendly blogs.

These days I might que an old Anthrax cd and then listen to Bach.

What do you guys like now compared to when you were young?
And how do you younger folks feel about older stuff like hair metal and classic rock?

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Wine, Women and Music


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Mar 30 @ 5:40PM  
I still listen to classic rock.

Mar 30 @ 5:50PM  
I'm a child of the 70's and 80's...bands like Supertramp, The Police and The B-52's from High School...then as I got older I started getting into the 'hair' bands like Poison, Ratt and White Lion...and of course Metallica and ACDC...

I started liking country when I was overseas...when the Line Dancing craze hit...but after a few years it all started sounding the same to me.

I guess now I'll listen to pretty much anything...except Rap...blah! But my favorites are still the 80's!

Mar 30 @ 5:52PM  
I like the same thing now as I did when I was younger...everything from the 40's Big Band sound, to 50s Beebop to 60's Hippie culture stuff, to 70s rock and some of the 80's...what was the 80's genre of music called? "Big Hair," I think. LOL.

I always liked Black Sabbath least some of it, but never really cared for head-banging hard-core metal. Music is supposed to be music, not noise, IMO.

I even like some rap...until you start talking about "Fuck da bitch and kill da police." I have no use for disrespectful gutter trash at all.

I like everything from the Bee Gees to Ozzy Osborne, pretty much.

Classical is good.

Opera? Eh. I can take it or leave it.

I love folk music...Joan Baez and others...

About the only music I really don't like is country, and even then there are some songs I think are okay.

Mar 30 @ 6:08PM  
Ahhh finally, a blog I can sink my teeth into.

12-15 I listened to predominently Indie Rock (Butthole Surfers, The Pogues, The Strokes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Society, John Spencer Blues Explosion)...

14-17 were my deathmetal years...I discovered Cannibal Corpse and thought it was the most chaotic, violent yet exilerating music i'd ever heard. I dyed my hair black and red, pierced my face up, wore over-sized metal tee-shirts and discovered the glory of beer.

17-Present day...My Musical tastes have definitely diversified. Loving classic rock such as The Who, The Dead Kennedys (Although i guess that's more Punk than rock but anyway), Fleetwood Mac, old blues like John Lee Hooker, rock guitarists like Jason Becker, Vai and Malmsteen, some classial espescially Vivaldi and Wagner... But that's not even half. Been hitting the ZZ Top an awful lot lately. Muse as well, urge overkill, chuck berry...

BUT my first love which will always be heavy metal, till i'm old and incontinent and talk too loud...I'm over the extremity of deathmetal, although I still have fav bands of that genre. Now i'm a little older, I appreciate a good melody. So Folk/Symphonic/Thrash/Power metal and good old Heavy Metal are my fav genres now...(Listen to Manowar.... *rubs temples* You are now under my control...listen to Manowar)

Regarding the music of today...It digusts me actually. I wish I had been around in the 80s So many good things were spawned in the 80's...Musica stillhad integrity until 10 years ago with the rise of freaking reality tv and all girl and boy bands and manufactured pop music created and controlled by multi million dollar corporations...BAH!

There was none of this crappy whiney emo music which is obviously marketted to appeal to middle class white kids...
At least in the 80s, Music was more about goodtimes then whining over petty b.s...And don't even get me started with modern day Rap and Hip-Hop. Has anyone heard that guy Soulja Boy? What the fuck does "Yarr trick Yarr" mean? Who the hell would spend $30 on his cds? ...The mind boggles...


Mar 30 @ 6:16PM  
80's hair bands, heavy metal, old school hard rock, old school rap. AC/DC, Quiet Riot, Judas Priest, Run DMC, Motley Crue, Led Zepplin, Ronnie James Dio, Metallica, Guns and Roses, AMG, Gap Band, UTFO, EPMD, Helix, Wasp, Fastway, LL Cool J, Fat Boys, Beastie Boys, Krokus, 2 Live Crew, Bon Jovi, Kingdom Come, D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Sugar Hill Gang, Styx, N.W.A., Vanilla Ice, Joan Jett, Warren G., and Prince. This is just a sample. Do you want more?

Favorite songs: Hells Bells (AC/DC), I Wanna Be Some Body's Fool (WASP), Straight Outta Compton (NWA), Paul Revere (Beastie Boys), Rock You (Helix), Rock Me (Great White), Bitch Betta Have My Money (AMG), Still Loving You (Scorpions), Every Rose Has It's Thorn (Poison), Get It On (Kingdom Come), King Of Pain (The Police) and Say What You Will (Fastway).

...and this is who I am.

Mar 30 @ 6:25PM  
Prophet, you sound like a man after my own heart.
I haven't heard some of that stuff in years!

Jason Becker? One of the true tragedies of rock music. A phenomenal guitarist. You know he's crippled with, I forget what exactly, but he still composes. Cacophony? Forget it!!

Mar 30 @ 6:25PM  
Judas Priest, Run DMC, Motley Crue, Led Zepplin, Ronnie James Dio, Metallica,

PP you rawk!
LOVE Judas Priest!!
Saw Dio last year and boy has he still got it. Funny, he's 65, older than Ozzie, yet Ozzie just a withered old husk of his former self these days.
Old Metallica is mint, they were definitely at their best during the 80's...


Mar 30 @ 6:27PM  
Haha J you know who he is?!
Yeah he has Lou Geraghs Disease (spelling...)....Check out my vids, I have a few JB ones up.

Mar 30 @ 6:38PM  
Is that it Devious? I knew he couldn't play anymore, hasn't for years. I love music, and if you like JB, have you heard Greg Howe? Richie Kotzen? Kotzen played for Poison but everybody fucks up!

Thanks for the comments guys. I don't know who keeps pushing my blogs to the back page, but I wish they would stop.

Mar 30 @ 6:40PM  
Yup, have em on my pc and haven't listened to em in months, so thanks for the heads up, I think i'll cue em up on my winamp and take a trip down memory lane.

Mar 30 @ 6:42PM  
Oh and re: JB, yeah he's now completely immobile. I watch a doco on him a few weeks back and he's now completely unable to speak. He's devised a system where he communicates using a series of different eye signasl...He composes all of his music that way now, and what's crazy is that he can't hear how it actually sounds until he gets someone to play him the finished product! INSANE!

Mar 30 @ 6:45PM  
PP: Fastway? I love that album with the checkerboard cover.

Say what you will, and you will.

Fucking rocking!!!!

Mar 30 @ 6:46PM  
Aerosmith, Queen, The Stones, Pink Floyd...and all the rest of the classic rockers are all high on my list of what I listen to today. But let's not forget the girl rockers of the 80's - Pat Benatar, Chrissy Hines, Patty Smythe...I listen to all of them still.

Still, I also love my country music - and again, more form the 90's than today - and I was raised on oldies and Motown...I'll take some Marvin Gaye over any of today's R&B performers, ANYTIME! I guess I like it all - from reggae to disco, oldies to pop.

Why do you wanna fuck?

Oh yes, and Elvis Lives!!!


Mar 30 @ 6:52PM  
Yea JC. I saw Fastway open for Krokus and AC/DC on the "For Those About To Rock" tour. When they lowered the bell for Hells Bells and you can hear the gong sound it was enough to give me chills.

Mar 30 @ 6:53PM  
Oh, hey Devious, you know who's originally from New Zealand and plays a mean ass guitar?

He plays country music. Married an Australian actress.

Marvin Gaye is the shit Sxze!! I definitely want to fuck. To some Marvin Gaye?

Mar 30 @ 6:56PM  
I Grew Up Around The Same Time And
Iron Maiden, Ozzy and Metallica were my idols
I Feel The Same. I Go From One Side Of The Scale To The Other. I Either Listen To The Old Heavy Metal Or I Listen To Country. But No Matter What We Listen To Music Is One Thing That All Humans Have In Common. I Don't Think There Is A Person Alive That Doesn't Listen To One Form Or Another.

Mar 30 @ 6:57PM  
He plays country music. Married an Australian actress.
Keith Urban??

Mar 30 @ 6:59PM  
Today I am in a very Jamie Cullum mood....

Mar 30 @ 7:05PM  
I’m a Rock and Roll baby, I love Rush, Led Zeppelin, Heart, ELP, Alan Parsons, Kansas, REO Speedwagon, Supertramp, Styx, Pink Floyd, Montrose, Aldo Nova, Ozzy, The Who and the Rolling Stones, Triumph, Tomita and many more. From this millennium I like Evanescence, 3 Doors Down, Yellowcard, 30 Seconds to Mars, Buddahead, BB Mak, Anberlin, Finger Eleven, Snow Patrol and My Chemical Romance
(yes I like several of their songs).

Mar 30 @ 7:06PM  
Keith Urban is a killer guitarist, but country isn't known for shredding. What people don't realize is that a lot of country guitarists are virtuostic players.

PP: I was on my way to see AC/DC and never made it, but I think Yngwie Malmsteen was opening. I ended up with some chick my friend had told I was a porn star!!!!
I should be so lucky!!

Mar 30 @ 7:12PM  
That's okay DD, I still love ya!!!
It's just that singing. It makes me want to slap somebody.

Did you know Rik Emmett from Triumph died not long ago?

Mar 30 @ 7:18PM  
I admit that country music guitarists are good...but...I can't really get into it. I appreciate the musicianship, but it lacks balls...although each to their own.
Maybe if you get back to me in another ten years, my musical tastes will have broadened another step or two...


Mar 30 @ 7:23PM  
It's funny had this conversation last night (very early this morning) on the phone. Yes to all of the above. And Like some I don't like ghetto Rap.

But now and again, you can't beat a little Mozart. Speaking of which, I need a little fix.

thanks for the blog.

Mar 30 @ 7:26PM  
Today emo, screamo, and the like permeates the airwaves. Now personally I find bands like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and All American Rejects gay as fuck, but that's just me.
Thank you...someone had to say it,shit. Oh yeah,and one more- Lincoln Park...shudder.

My mom and dad love Motown and most older R&B so I'm familiar with JB,Marvin,Smokey Robinson,The Temptations,Jackie Wilson,The O-Jays,Teddy Pendergras,Earth,Wind and Fire,Jackson 5,etc. Most of them are on my playlist,lol

As a kid and teen it was Chicago,Elton John,Boyz II Men,Michael&Janet Jackson,and Madonna..

Today,still a little inane pop for guilty pleasure but its also stuff like Muse,Radiohead(who I got into late but I'm glad I did b/c they're brilliant),Daft Punk,Broken Social Scene,Bloc Party,older Bowie,The Beatles,NIN,Queen,The Who,etc...

I think I'm backtracking musically: 80s,70's,60's,50's and 40's because the shit today makes no gd sense.Who the fuck are the Jonas Bros?! Miley Cyrus? I'm also with Devious- FUCK Soulja Boy! My little sister listens to that garbage.I'll go and listen to some classical or old jazz stuff,thanks.

Yanno,I thank my lucky stars for having the internet because its so much exposure to different music and artists,terrestrial radio is dead to me because of it.

Mar 30 @ 7:30PM  
Country music: balls? No.

Get so drunk I can't walk? Definitely!

Mar 30 @ 7:39PM  
Charlie Daniels Band is country but they can sure rock.

Mar 30 @ 7:41PM  
I love Motown and R&B, Luna. I actually liked Linkin Park at first, the one song anyway. The one that goes "shut up when I'm talking to you, shut up".

They started broadcasting from the closet after that.

Mar 30 @ 7:46PM  
That's true PP. Charlie Daniels is from my homestate of NC.

I saw Travis Tritt on CMT playing a live concert, he rocked some Charlie Daniels and Skynyrd songs.
Garth Brooks is a huge Kiss fan.

Mar 30 @ 8:26PM  
Very first rock song I can remember hearing was Detroit Rock City by KISS and I was hooked on metal ever since. Loved Cat Scratch Fever by good ole "Uncle Ted", (most Nugent fans in Michigan call him "Uncle Ted" ), Highway To Hell by AC/DC...a must have! Black Sabbath...Mob Rules..loved that album. And yes...I loved the 80's "hair bands"..especially Motley Crue. 90's...I like Godsmack, Linkin Park, KoRn, and I loved Alice In Chains. I listen to a little country..Shania Twain, Brad Paisly, Toby Keith...I did like The Black Eyed Peas, and then some of Fergie's (Peas) solo stuff. I did like Sir Mix A Lot's "Baby Got Back"...the song had a catchy beat to it.

Jazz, opera, soul? Nope, just could never get into it.

Mar 31 @ 1:52AM  
I actually liked Linkin Park at first, the one song anyway. The one that goes "shut up when I'm talking to you, shut up".

I have a confession to make...I have a few Linkin Park songs(I realized I spelled the name wrong,lol)please feel free to stone me.I also have *one* FOB song and one All American Rejects song. *runs away from the blog in shame*

Mar 31 @ 2:39AM  
Stoned? Someone's getting stoned? Not without me.

As long as we're getting down to the bone honest, I have to say there's a couple more Linkin songs and even one Fall Out Boy song that I like okay.

I'm drawing the line at All American Rejects though. Swing Swing made me want to destroy public radio.

** runs after Luna thinking she might have the stuff to get stoned with**

Mar 31 @ 3:19AM  
I find most FM radio rock generic and lacking soul...

Then again in all genres you find copy cat cookie cutter bands trying to sound like everyone else in that genre.

Mar 31 @ 7:56AM  
I pretty much still listen to the same music...But i also enjoy opera, classical,jazz, country, & can no longer tolerate heavy metal like I did when I was a teenager. :>)

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