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Pink or brown Nipples?

posted 3/30/2008 12:44:17 AM |
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tagged: nipples, tits, breasts, straddle

I know a lot of you guys love womens breasts, and ladies, I know a lot of you love nipples on a guy, so my question to all of you is which would you prefer, pink nipples, or brown nipples, and what color nipples do you have? Me, I have pink ones. Kim loves to suck and chew on my right nipple. Now, Kim has brown ones, but she loves pink nipples on guys.

This is another Straddle classic blog that I wanted to repost from late last year for the newbies. Everyone including the older members that have posted on that blog are always welcome to comment again.

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Mar 30 @ 12:46AM  
This may be my last blog before my announcement in the next couple of nights.

Mar 30 @ 12:55AM  
I have pink ones...And I prefer pink ones.

Mar 30 @ 12:59AM  
Come on you pervs, I know a lot of you have a preference!

Mar 30 @ 1:01AM  
I have brown and I prefer brown

Mar 30 @ 1:04AM  
how many are lifting up their shirts (or not wearing one ) and looking?

Mar 30 @ 1:07AM  
Now BKB, people should already know what they have, besides, you didn't answer the question...

Mar 30 @ 1:09AM  
Mine are as pink as my cockhead.

As far as my preference... well I'm just happy to see, feel and taste them... I'd prefer it if they weren't hairy.


Mar 30 @ 1:11AM  
I got into trouble the last time we had a post on nipple colors so I'll abstain.

Mar 30 @ 1:15AM  
(hanging his head) ...sorry, guess I wouldn't discriminate but if I had to

(lifting his shirt) think mine are pink Better??

Mar 30 @ 1:19AM  
Thenewguy, I had to go check out my blogs on page 17 of my blogs dating back to last May to see what your comment said. You said something about you had thought that pink ones on women was before they had kids, and having kids they would turn brown. OMG! that comment cracked me up at that time now that I remember seeing it again. lol You also stated pink was your favorite.

Mar 30 @ 1:22AM  
i gots pink ones with metal through metal a color? lol

Mar 30 @ 1:41AM  
<<----- lifting shirt....NOPE, not hairy!!

Mar 30 @ 1:46AM  
You're kidding me, right? Who the hell cares what color nipples someone has! Boy, you are in serious need of a life. LOL.

Mar 30 @ 1:48AM  
color Spunky...color
Just trying to keep you from getting in trouble like I did

Mar 30 @ 1:51AM  
thanks babe!!

Mar 30 @ 2:10AM  
i have pink ones
i dont have a preference though

Mar 30 @ 3:23AM  
Purple. I'm down for purple.

Mar 30 @ 3:23AM  
Mine are round and brown, kinda like a hershey's kiss on top of a reese's cup.........
I like cherry red ones....(they turn this way after my tongue lashing.......) yum!!

Mar 30 @ 4:15AM  
Big,brown areolas and small nipples...strange for breasts this big.I'm not picky about nipple color on anyone.*shrug*

Mar 30 @ 4:53AM  
mine are brown but i really don't care what color a mans are

Mar 30 @ 6:29AM  
i like a distinct color change bewteen boob and nipple so i guess i prefer brown..........and mine are brown.........

Mar 30 @ 7:53AM  
As long as they're on a woman, I'm okay with either.

Mine are pink.

Mar 30 @ 8:16AM  
Mine are pink, and I don't really care what hers may be, since they would taste wonderful whatever color they were

Mar 30 @ 9:00AM  
Mine are pink. I don't really have a preference on the color of a guys' nipples just as long as they aren't too big

Mar 30 @ 9:23AM  
Mine are pink, although a color blind friend of mine insists they are brown....because I have brown

I'm Irish and pale....they are pink and I love them!!!

Mar 30 @ 9:27AM  
Alright BKB you caught me i was looking...they are pink straddle & I don't care what color as long as they are suckable & kissable :>)

Mar 30 @ 9:37AM  
Pale pink.

My mom had dark brown, so when I was a little girl I thought my would turn dark too when I was older,,um, yanno, when they got ripe.

Mar 30 @ 10:36AM  
After shox, isn't it amazing what kids think chuckle. :>)

Mar 30 @ 12:26PM  
mine are brown with large nipples - on a guy I like them to be perky or perky after I've nibbled and licked them - color isn't that important as long as they ain't green or some other zombie color.

Mar 30 @ 1:59PM  
I have no preference my tongue is color blind!

Mar 30 @ 2:30PM  
hahah I actually had to check just now.
I don't really pay much attention, I just like to flick them =)
But mine are pinkish pale.
People tell me that mine are like perfect Not to boast

Mar 30 @ 2:41PM  

Pink or brown doesn't matter, long as they're in my mouth.

Mar 31 @ 12:16AM  
I hope I'm not stereotyping here but brown nipples seem to be bigger then pink ones. I prefer little brown nipples and the big pink ones. Especially if they are on boobies.

Mar 31 @ 11:47AM  
Pink.....brown......don't care.......shape, size, color.....they are all good.

BTW......mine are brown little stabbers.....and just love to be licked, sucked and played with. The nerves in them are connected right to my penis. Start with them and the penis comes to immediate attention........

Who wants to test that theory today......???? Wanna fuck...........??

Mar 31 @ 1:39PM  
BTW......mine are brown little stabbers.....and just love to be licked, sucked and played with. The nerves in them are connected right to my penis. Start with them and the penis comes to immediate attention........

Who wants to test that theory today......???? Wanna fuck...........??

That's just amazing Harley..mine are connected directly to my clitty and they love to be licked sucked and played with.

Mine are currently brown but are pink when not tanned..and I dont care what color they are as long as I get to suck or be sucked..

Apr 9 @ 11:49AM  
brown here.. I like both though

Apr 23 @ 12:30AM  
I like them all but brown is my fav. =) ( o )( o ) You should make a blog about nipple size too! =)

Jul 22 @ 8:45PM  
Mine are brown, but I really don't have a preference on a woman as long as she lets me kiss em, suck em and tug em.

Aug 31 @ 2:27AM  
We both have pink. Don't really matter to us. Pink is pretty tough!

Nov 17 @ 7:59AM  
Im a tan guy mine are brown but on a girl i prefer pink, and not to tiny either

Nov 17 @ 8:48AM  
Doesn't matter to me as long as there is a boob at the end of them...and mine are brown.

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Pink or brown Nipples?